Mission: Metallica
is the band's newest artistic project. It includes DRM-free downloads and free access to unreleased material. In researching their new project, Lars Ulrich and Metallica followed closely the steps of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails who have had wildly successful internet release models pan out in good fortune and good fan mojo.

But fans and unfans do not forget so quickly. It was Metallica after all, that squashed Napster and got all this DRM nonsense started back in the day, the day being less than 10 years ago.

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Gambling is illegal in Texas and we know the off-shore internet gambling sites are coming into some trouble, but there's always going to be those companies that walk the line and dare Johnny Q. Lawman to step in and put the smack down.

Yesterday, 9 gaming centers run by Aces Wired, based in Dallas, were raided by Texas officials on suspicion that gambling for real was going down. No word yet on what they found or if any machines were confiscated but some arrests were made at the Copperas Cove location so you know something's up.

On a personal note, my high school football team traveled to Copperas Cove, TX to play them my freshman year and they were gigantic and they pounded us. Just FYI.

kdhnews.com: Gaming Center Raided in Cove

Dava Tunis, the Judge who presided over the Florida Bar Trial for Jack Thompson has recommended that he be found guilty on 27 of 31 misconduct charges and now the Florida Supreme Court will have to decide his ultimate fate.

Judge Tunis wrote:
After considering the arguments presented by the Florida Bar and the Respondent (Thompson), observing the Respondent's demeanor during the nine-day trial proceedings, and carefully reviewing the record consisting of four volumes of exhibits totaling 1700 pages and approximately 2400 pages of transcribed testimony, the Court finds that the facts, circumstances and evidence presented regarding the Respondent's conduct, supports a finding of guilt as to certain Florida Bar rules...

Most of these misconduct charges come from his crusade against mature videogames, some from other bonehead moves. Hit the jump for a detailed list of the Bar offenses perpetrated by Thompson.

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A New Mexico suit filed by our favorite moral crusader, Jack Thompson, has been thrown out. It called for a $600 million payment from Take Two and Sony for releasing GTA Vice City, the impetus of which was a triple homicide committed by a teen who fancied the Vice City.

After being dismissed by a New Mexico court for not having enough of a legal basis for claiming wrongful death, Thompson had 30 days to submit his appeal. That didn't happen, so the case has been thrown out, which we can only assume is way worse than being dismissed. We are not lawyers.

Nice try Jack, but no, sir.

gamepolitics.com: Jack Thompson's GTA Vice City Lawsuit Tossed Out by New Mexico Appeals Court

A judge in Brazil has pulled a bully move of his own banning the sale and distribution of Rockstar's Bully: Scholarship Edition citing that it's unacceptable "that everything in the game takes place inside a school.” Retail outlets as well as web sites that sell or promote the game will have 30 days to follow the judge's order.

It's a little odd to hear that in Brazil, a country where people are practically having sex in the streets, a videogame that features people beating each other up could get banned. Of course, if you know anything about what goes on in virtually all of South America, you know this is just going to put the bootleg machine in full attack mode. You can get just about anything on the streets of the major cities, from dvds, cds, games, even books. Remember those?

If I were Rockstar, I would be pissed for a lot of reasons. Not only do they lose international sales, but they're going to have big piracy issues on their hands.

Boo on Brazil.

gamepolitics.com: Brazil bans Bully


Jean Pierre Orlewicz of Michigan, who beheaded an acquiantence back in November when he was 17, is changing his plea from self-defense to "video games made me do it." It's a classic swerve.

The good news is the "rock music made me do it" defense has never held up and while it brings heat to the accused industry, it never really effects what gets released. Anyway, this idiot is claiming he was "under the influence of Hitman", as if it's some kind of substance.

Further damaging Orlewicz's case are a slew of witnesses who recount that before the murder happened, Orlewicz would say things like, "I want to commit a crime… and not get caught and be able to get away with it." Oh, also there was a guy who watched him do it who has already pled guilty to second-degree murder. Oh, and Jean Pierre looks like Jean Lafitte.

This guy is totally screwed and we're okay with that.
gamepolitics.com: Video Games Made Me Do It

Jack Thompson Sanctioned


Posted March 20, 2008 - By TylerColfax

The Florida Supreme Court is tired of being stalked by Jack Thompson. He's calling all the time, sending in inappropriate material, begging to be heard, etc.

Well, they've had enough and after warning Thompson on several occasions, they've finally had to sanction him. If he sends in any more filings with the Supreme Court of Florida, they're going to find him in contempt. At least then he'll be able to appear before the court.

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A Tempe, AZ man who had planned a shooting spree at last weekend’s Super Bowl in Glendale, AZ is in custody under suspicion of mailing threatening communications following the alleged dispersal of his 8-page manifesto to media outlets.

Kurt Havelock, upset at having been denied a liquor license for his bar, “Drunkenstein’s” (we can see where that might pose a problem), revealed in his manifesto that he targeted the Super Bowl in order to “shed the blood of the innocent.” That’s after he decided that his original target, the Desert Ridge Marketplace, was unsuitable because it’s too near Scottsdale, which Havelock described as being full of “scum and villainy.”

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Amy Fisher Has a Sex Tape


Posted January 4, 2008 - By jrmylmb

Amy Fisher has a sex tape and she ain't shy about it. It surfaced recently during a divorce with her husband, with whom she has patched things up, and if it’s anything like the 17 made-for-tv movies that came out when the whole Buttafuoco scandal erupted, it will be boring, too long, and still somehow manage to leave me wet.

You gotta hand it to her, she knows how to make dough off her mistakes and roll with the punches. She’s written books about her sexual exploits, shot her lover's wife in the face, sold her story to TV, and now instead of battling the company that will be “distributing” the tape, she taking a six-figure settlement. Some would call that taking money for sex. TheFeed calls it the entertainment industry.

Your mom calls it Tuesday.

Yahoo: Amy Fisher Promotes Sex Tape

David B. Thompson, a Portland, Oregon prison guard is being investigated for bragging about abusing prisoners on the official City of Heroes message boards. On a place usually reserved for discussing strategy for the game, Thompson, posting under the names "Trafalger" and "Deadwalk" bragged about the enjoyment he got from using his taser on inmates and crushing one man's eye-socket.

Possibly not realizing that anonymous internet message boards are not totally anonymous (the IP address of the posts originated from the prison), Thompson made comments such as, "Seeing someone get TASER'd is second only to being the guy pulling the trigger. That is money. Puts a smile on your face." Thompson averaged around 13 posts per day while on the job, and eventually the Portland Tribune was tipped off by a forum user.

While we understand prison is a extremely rough and volitile place, over the top comments and actions like this are what often gives members of law enforcement a bad reputation. It is also ironic that Thompson was posting on the message board for City of Heroes, as there is nothing heroic about his actions.

Portland Tribune: Jail Worker Investigated

Real Life Snakes on a Plane


Posted August 12, 2007 - By juster

A man in Egypt tried to board a plane with a bag of snakes.  And baby crocodiles.  And chameleons.

The crack x-ray crew apparently noticed some "odd readings".  You mean all of those squirming reptiles? Yeah, that's probably not somebody's tube of chapstick in there.

TheFeed is strugling to come up with the best 'Snakes on a Plane' reference for this story.  They all kinda work.

The Seattle Times: Man tries to take crocs, snakes on plane


Sometimes Rolling Stone magazine is still relevant! Case-in-point: The article in the current issue on California's burgeoning medical marijuana business.

There are 200 quasi-legal weed stores in L.A. County!

TheFeed does not condone drug-taking activity of any kind. We realize that someone who smokes tea one day will be stealing cars the next, but if we did want to smoke grass, all we would have to do is visit a doctor and get a scrip and it would all?be perfectly legal.

Hey, people who live in other states: Ha HA!!!

(Also, we like calling pot "reefer," "tea," "grass" and any other outdated slang term. Leave you favorite in our comment section, stoner!)

Rolling Stone: The Great California Weed Rush


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How NOT to be a Player:

Step 1: Be a Dutchman

Step 2: Join a skydiving club to target some extreme, adrenaline-craving Belgian skirts.

Step 3: Begin an affair with one of your skydiving partners, a married mother of two.

Step 4: While carrying on with the married chick, begin another affair with your other skydiving partner, the married woman's best friend, who also happens to have a history of vehicular assault against a former boyfriend.

So goes the back-story of the surname-less, ageless, enigmatic, plane-jumping heartthrob, Marcel and the other vertices of this X-TREME love triangle, 37-year-old Mrs. Els Van Doren, and 22-year-old Ms. Els Clottemans.

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Hey, Michael Vick: TheFeed knows that you're feeling down and all after your incident in Miami last week. So, to help you get over it and back to the very serious business of coach-killing, we're going to pass along this story of an even more bone-headed air travel stunt pulled by an Australian ass-clown at Melbourne's airport.

Reports say that Allen Jasson is shocked and chagrined and considering taking legal action against Qantas airlines because the airline would not allow him to board a flight from Melbourne to London while wearing his hip, stylish "George W. Bush # 1 Terrorist" T-shirt.

Even better: the likely descendant of criminals had already been denied the right to board a domestic flight days earlier for wearing the very same shirt.

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Amsterdam to Honor Hookers


Posted January 16, 2007 - By juster

For Those About to Get Paid to Hump....? We Salute You.

Amsterdam's famed Red Light District will be receiving a bronze statue dedicated?to prostitutes around the world.

The statue represents a self-assured woman, her hands on her hips, looking sideways towards the sky, and standing on a doorstep, according to the Dutch Agency ANP.

Looking up?? Do they get a lot of johns parachuting in?? That would be awesome.

Breitbart.com:?Amsterdam to get statue to world's prostitutes

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