If you think you're about to use a blackjack card-counting program on your iPhone in Nevada, you're going to get hauled off to jail if their Gaming Control Board has any say in the matter.

While card counting isn't prohibited in Nevada, using such a device is considered a felony. The device came to the attention of authorities when an Indian casino in Northern California caught players.

You can download the program off of iTunes. It applies differing strategies on a "stealth mode."

Cell phones have been banned at race and sports books since last year. Harrah's Entertainment even temporarily suspended the use of iPhones at their World of Series Poker. You can still use iPods and MP3 players, but cell phones are entirely forbidden.


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Attention loaders, stoners, heshers, potheads and burnouts: The Obama administration might go a little easier on people who smoke the icky than past presidents. Word on the street is R. Gil Kerlikowske, the chief of the Seattle Police Department, may be the president’s choice for head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. In Seattle, the government focuses on marijuana harm reduction as opposed to punishment. That means intervention, treatment and a reduction of problems drug use can cause instead of locking people up for smoking weed. While it wasn't Kerlikowske idea, he didn't stand in the way of the more-sane drug policies of the city.

“What gives me optimism,” Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance told the New York Times, “is not so much him per se as the fact that he’s been the police chief of Seattle. And Seattle, King County and Washington State have really been at the forefront of harm reduction and other drug policy reform.”

Here in California, we have medical marijuana laws so prescriptions for weed are easily and legally obtained (if you have a medical reason to smoke it), but that doesn't stop the Federal cops from occasionally busting a pot dispenser. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Because of this story, G4's Eugene Morton and I have been amusing ourselves by throwing antique drug slang back and forth: "I'm gonna get some 'ludes and some bennies then blow a lid of grass, man." "Dude, you got any of those goofballs? I was flying like the Jefferson Starship last night!" Add your own in our comment section, if you wish..


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Police in Colorado Springs are looking for the nerdiest robber in human history. This awesome cad knocked over two 7-11 stores while wearing a mask and wielding a Klingon "bat'leth" sword.

The Klingon suspect is in his 20s and wore a black mask, black jacket, and blue jeans. Police didn't say this, but we guess he weighs about 250 lbs. and wears a neckbeard. Also, he has weird-looking craters and divots in his forehead.

Good thing Kirk doesn't work in a convenience store or he would have set the phasers to "kick your ass" and taken care of this outer-space thief. Then he would proceed to mop the potato chip aisle.


There's this new iPhone program called "Crackulous" that allows jail-broken iPhones to download and use applications from the iPhone Apps Store for free. 

Sounds good, right? The issue is that it's probably illegal and it's certainly not fair to the developers to steal their programs.

Plus, a lot of apps contact Apple automatically, so you'd risk getting kicked from your iPhone program and locked out. But hey, whatever. It's your life. Go be a pirate; see if I care. Strap on a wooden leg and an eye patch while you're at it and don't forget your parrot, matey.


Behold, the power, speed and majesty of the Internet:

Yesterday, Batman actor Christian Bale freaked out, and by this morning there's a techno remix on YouTube guaranteed to fill you with mirth!

I'd embed the video, but the audio is incredibly not safe for work, so click the below link only if you're 18 and don't mind cussin', Bale-style.

Christian Bale Freak Out: The Remix

Update: Oh, The Internet, how I love you. Here's a not-work-safe mash-up of Bill O'Reilly and Bale both freaking out!



Obviously, you and I love technology, but sometimes it's good to be reminded of the downside of the world's reliance on computers for every aspect of our life.

Case-in-point: Heartland Payment Services, a huge credit and debit processing company,  announced yesterday that it was the victim of a "highly sophisticated" attack. Up to 100 million accounts may have been compromised. 100 Million... That means, yeah, probably yours.

Hackers apparently installed malware on Heartland's systems that allowed them to capture card account numbers and expiration dates -- in 20 percent of cases, the customer's name, as well.

"We found evidence of an intrusion last week and immediately notified federal law enforcement officials, as well as the card brands," said Robert H.B. Baldwin, Jr., Heartland's president and chief financial officer, in a statement. "We understand that this incident may be the result of a widespread global cyber fraud operation, and we are cooperating closely with the United States Secret Service and Department of Justice."

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You know what's happening right now in Florida? I'll tell you: A rhesus monkey is running riot! The adorable little scamp is "known to throw feces when mad" and was last spotted in Clearwater. Authorities have been trying to capture the monkey since Tuesday, but he has thus far evaded them, escaping a bucket truck and a tranquilizer dart.

The Florida State Congress, eager to capitalize on the fame of their new simian mascot, adopted a new, official motto for the state:  "Florida: If monkey sh*t hits you in the face, you're home."


If there's two things I love, they are eroticism and video games! I'm a sexy guy like that. That's why I'm happy that web series Bleep Bloop has presented a guide to nudie video games. And, as an added bonus, Michael Ian Black guest stars!

Check it out yourself and get totally eroticised!

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Microsoft's Surface, the touch-sensitive, light-sensitive display scheme that will soon rule our lives, has many uses, but the newest one we've heard of is the best: It will get you drunk.

Specifically, if a saloon has a SurfaceWare table or bar, it could keep track of how much liquid is in your glass in real time, and send a waitress over when you're a quart low. That way, you need never face the unbearable heartbreak of an empty Rock 'n' Rye ever again. Our hearts say "rad," but our livers say, "Oh, no!"

Check out how the thing works in the video below:


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If you're anything like me, your every waking thought is consumed with worry over the impending economic collapse. I mean, what are you supposed to wear for a Depression? Of course, after our money becomes worthless, we'll all have to re-acquaint ourselves with the barter system. That's where College Humor comes in. The site has compiled a handy guide to the post-modern barter system. Take this example:

Two hundred beaver pelts for a PlayStation 3...seems pretty reasonable. Check out the rest!

In a move that will be greeted with excitement from anyone who has ever been cussed out over XBox Live, Microsoft has patented a method of censoring certain words in real time.

Not only will this be a great help to anyone who doesn't like being cursed out by 12 year-olds, it will also help TV networks hoping to avoid FCC fines.



A nefarious super-villain walked away with the titular gun from 1974 James Bond flick The Man with the Golden Gun.

The prop was boosted from Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, England (which hosted the filming of multiple Bond films), and police are reportedly searching the world's volcanic islands for signs of an underground lair and/or an army of atomic super robots bent on world destruction.

In the film, the gun is used by the world's best assassin, and is made out of a lighter, a pen and other small items. But they're all gold, see?


Remember David Kernell? He's the guy who supposedly hacked into vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo account and took a look at her email. Well he was indicted and charged for the "hacking," and has pleaded "not guilty" to the crime.

He was released with no bond, but until this matter is settled, Kernell is not allowed to use a computer for anything other than checking email and doing schoolwork.

Trial is set for Dec. 16. Kernell faces a maximum of five years in prison, a $250,000 fine and a three-year term of supervised release.


Google's corporate motto has always been "Don't be evil," but today they're going above that calling toward the truly good and preventing an epidemic that has be-deviled our nation since at least 1997. I'm talking, of course, about drunk emailing.

The problem of sending messages while under the influence is a common problem, but until now, no workable solution has been employed to keep you from going on a bender and sending an email to that girl you had a crush on in fifth grade. But Google has done it.

Mail Goggles is active late at night on weekends, and prompts you to answer math questions before you dash off that email to your boss. It also asks "Do you really want to send this?"

A good start, but we won't be truly satisfied that this drunken email scourge is solved until all computers come with a mandatory Breathalyzer.

Let me throw it open to our commenters: What was the dumbest email you ever sent, and would Mail Goggles have prevented it?


Awesome scientist Raul Cano uncovered an ancient weevil trapped in amber in Burma 10 years ago. He extracted a colony of yeast that had laid dormant for 45 million years, then, in a move so heroic it makes us cry, he re-activated the yeast and brewed some beer. That's what we call "Science!"

With his Fossil Fuels Brewing company, Cano brews barrels of pale ale and German Wheat brew from the ancient yeast taken from a long-dead weevil. Beer tasters have declared the brew "smooth and spicy."  Yeah, spicy because the yeast is 45 million years old!


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