I knew there was a sound medical reason I drink all that coffee after my weekly 12-hour gin benders... It turns out coffee may help prevent cirrhosis.

In a study of more than 125,000 people, it was shown that 4 cups of coffee a day cut rates of the killer liver disease by up to 80%.? The same study found coffee drinkers had healthier results on blood tests used to measure liver function.

As the killjoy scientist points out in the article, the best way to avoid cirrhosis is to not drink, but that's also the least fun way to live your life, so it's a wash.

NorthWest Florida Daily New: Coffee reduces risk of cirrhosis from too much alcohol

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We here at The Feed are committed to bringing important men's health issues to the spotlight in order to better server you, the reader, and keep you healthy and happier for longer. For guys, that means keeping your pesky prostate in working order and to do that, you need all the latest prostate news.

Today's prostate news is tasty! A chemical found in Hops, one of the main ingredients in Beer, may help prevent prostate cancer in men.

This is awesome news, but?strap on your?drinking hat, because researchers say you'd have to drink a minimum of SEVENTEEN beers in one sitting to see any type of benefit. Maybe they'll find a way to put all that?prostate helping?goodness into a pill. Or maybe they'll make it so you could drink seventeen beers in one sitting and not wet yourself. Either way!

KOIN.com: Beer Could Prevent Prostate Cancer

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Paparazzi Gets Speared


Posted June 12, 2006 - By F M

A photographer claiming Britney Spears' mother, Lynne, drove her black SUV over one of his feet nearly two years ago filed a lawsuit against the singer last week in Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking unspecified monetary damages for injuries suffered to his "head, neck, back, trunk and extremities, all of which have caused and continue to cause plaintiff great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering." He says he fell to the ground after Spears' mother drove "so as to proximately cause their motor vehicle to collide" with him. Paparazzi scumbag...er...snoop Cullen Reavley also claims that his alleged injuries "will result in permanent disability," so he's naming Spears, her mother, and the singer's company, Britney Touring, Inc. as defendants in the lawsuit.

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Double Secret Probation

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Posted June 9, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

They went one step too far when they sent?Flounder in to shoot the horse.

The realife frat house that inspired the Deltas in the 1978 film Animal House is in trouble. First of all, the house is at Dartmouth.?Who knew? Anyway, this week, the Alpha Delta house was raided by police as the culmination of a two-year investigation of the (in)famous fraternity.

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Me So Flipper

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Posted June 9, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

Jessica Alba is a super hot human being, but apparently she isn't just super hot to human beings, dolphins also find her ravishing.

While shooting the television show "Flipper," which she starred in several years ago, Alba was constantly being poked and prodded by horny male dolphins and their male fish love parts.

I wonder if she ever considered it.

Fametastic: It's not just humans: dolphins aroused by Jessica Alba too

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Well, well, well Heather Mills ex-McCartney, look what we have here. Not only did she lose a leg in a freak run in with a police motorcycle, but she also posed for hardcore German porn when she was younger.

From the looks of the pictures, she thought that she was trying out to be a backup dancer on an Olivia Newton-John video, but got suckered into taking off her clothes. Yikes. ?

The Sun Online: Lady Macca's porno past

You know how you often, obnoxiously, try and explain away picking up food from the floor and eating it by swooping down quickly and declaring "5-Second Rule" when really you're just doing it because you're too cheap/too lazy to buy/get another one?

Well guess what? Science is backing up you bull sh*t.

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A recent study found that 17 percent of kids at two Ivy League schools--Cornell and Princeton--had at sometime practice some sort of self-abuse...you know, CUTTING.

People are astounded that kids at these prestigious universities would be prone to such disturbed behavior. I am astounded that people would be at all surprised. To me, it makes perfect sense.

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Pigs on Scooters


Posted June 1, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

No, it's not a reality show on Fox (not yet anyway), it's the Chicago Police Department! They've purchased a whole bunch of Segway scooters to tool around the city on.

They also got scarves and assless chaps to match.

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More like Fruit Club


Posted May 31, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

The dudes in the above picture are participating in something called "The Gentleman's Fighting Club."

Hey,?here's a newsflash for you?grown nerds: if you want to start a fight club-type organization because as an ineffectual modern male you feel like your pituitary gland is screaming for attention and that LL Bean catalogue just ain't cutting it anymore, do not DO NOT wear fruity-ass printed pattern shorts and A HELMET while beating the crap out of some other idiot.

The first rule of Silicon Valley Fight Club is don't LET SOMEONE TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU and write an article about it on MSNBC (of all places).

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Borat's Junk

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Posted May 25, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

You would expect the?great thing about Sacha Baron Cohen's character Borat appearing in public in a strange, over-the-shoulder G-String,?would be?the pictures.

However, you wouldn't expect the best thing to be that his ass?has clearly, CLEARLY, been waxed while the rest of his body remains monsterously hairy.

But, turns out, that's definitely the best thing.

SkyShowbiz.com: Whose Doddgy Trunks?

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Five states got a big fat "F" on the first ever Prostate Health Report Card. I hope you're happy Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi and Wisconsin--you've earned a free trip to prostate summer school.

Turn and cough, everyone!

Forbes.com: 5 States Get Failing Grades on Prostate Cancer 'Report Card'

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Posted May 18, 2006 - By Dana Leahy

Perhaps they will find him this time.

Doubt it.

ABC News: Feds Digging for Jimmy Hoffa's Remains

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Let these people keep the lion.

Someday soon "Kitty" will get hungry and then their local Wal-Mart will need a new greeter and the Tire Depot will need a new stock boy.

Also there's this: "That's my kid," said 22-year-old Melissa Collins, a married mother of three, as she pet Kitty through his 300-square-foot chain-link cage.

MyWay.com: Kentucky Family Fights to Keep Pet Lion

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