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Hitman Absolution

Cue our Hitman: Absolution hands-on preview starring everyone's favorite cueball assassin, Agent 47. Despite the fact that this is a reboot of the series, Eric reports that there will still be multiple ways to do away with your enemies in this Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game. In fact, developer IO Interactive seems to be coming up with even more creative ways to get the job done.

"The Hitman series has always been about multiple paths to victory, and after our E3 2011 demo, we were worried, but now we’re happy to say that Hitman: Absolution looks no different than previous titles. In this case, there are plenty of ways to win. For one, you could poison his food, but to do so, you’ll need to acquire a chef’s outfit in order to get closer to the food cart. This means taking out a chef out of plain sight and hiding the body (a conveniently placed dumpster will do the trick) to even start that path."

Check out more examples of how Agent 47 will eliminate his targets in our Hitman Preview.

This E3 interview with Star Wars: 1313 Visual Effect Supervisor Kim Libreri and Creative Director Dominic Robilliard unveils long awaited insight into the game's development. Intended for a mature audience, Star Wars: 1313 takes players into the criminal underworld of Level 1313 below the sands of Coruscant. 

The identity of the main protagonist of 1313 remains a mysterious, but we know he is bounty hunter with a plethora of weapons at his disposal in this cover-based third-person shooter.
There's no release date yet for Star Wars: 1313, which will be released for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, but the stunning graphics of the short preview we get and the mature audiences tag ensure that the game is well worth the wait.

Star Wars 1313 E3 Gameplay Demo »

Tomb Raider

We've got a Tomb Raider preview for you .The return of Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider game is a cause for celebration, but rather than returning as the an overpowering figure as large as her legend, Croft is now much more vulnerable... and the more realistic take on the franchise probably means she won't be wielding dual-pistols with unlimited ammo.

Here's how Eric Eckstein described his time checking out the game:

"The demo I was part of took place early in the game; Lara's on her own, cold, starving and unsure how to proceed. She's not agile; losing her footing as she attempts to cross a log over a ravine, she's not the adventurer we're familiar with. Instead, she and the player are forced to figure out their next move. With some careful searching, you'll spot a bow and arrow hanging from a corpse above you. With the bow in hand, you can hunt the local wildlife, gutting a deer for survival or fighting off wolves that want a piece of you."

Check out our Tomb Raider preview.


G4 sat down with God of War: Ascension Game Director Todd Papy for this gameplay demo of the next installment of the God of War franchise.
Papy introduces us to Kratos' weapons, including his chao blades and kunai, which he uses to tether foes before lobbing them into other enemies. Kratos can also bend time, allowing him, in this demo video, to reverse the destruction of a structure so he can climb it to the next area.
God of War: Ascension is a prequel to the God of War triology and follows Kratos on his journey to becoming a demi-god. The game will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

God Of War: Ascension E3 Gameplay Demo »


The Elder Scrolls Online comes to PC and Mac in this official teaser trailer from Bethesda. With dramatic, foreboding drums, The Elder Scrolls Online teaser features a warrior king in his palace; a female wizard among her apprentices; and a ranger wih his hunting pack as they are summoned to war with either each other or a common enemy. Let's just hope that enemy doesn't come with a pricey monthly fee.

The Elder Scrolls Online E3 Teaser Trailer »


Pikmin 3 returns to the exciting world of Pikmin in this official trailer from E3 2012!

In Pikmin 3 for the Wii U Gamepad, Olimar and Louie are missing, and it's up to you and your army of Pikmin, including the newly added pink Pikmin and stone Pikmin, to take down icy insectoids and dirt walls that block your path to freedom! 

So pick a copy, gather your Pikmin army, and get ready for the most adorable combat sequences ever!


Pikmin 3 E3 Trailer »


Scribblenauts Unlimited reinvents the original DS game in this gameplay demo from Nintendo for E3 2012. Coming exclusively to the Wii U, Scribblenauts Unlimited is Nintendo's take on LittleBigPlanet, allowing players to draw any object and use it in-game to solve puzzles and complete challenges.


Scribblenauts Unlimited E3 Gameplay Trailer »



We've got a SimCity preview for you that proves civic planning can be adorable. SimCity, powered by the GlassBox Engine, promises to provide many carefree hours of urban simulation fun, but unlike previous SimCity games, this one won't take place in a vacuum -- you'll have to deal with neighbors, and all the crime, pollution and unpleasantness that implies.

Here's how Eric "Extra" Eckstein described a meeting with the folks who live next door:

"Our favorite moment of the demo was when a van with flames painted upon it rolled into town. Heavy metal blaring from the car stereo; we knew this guy was trouble. This is the Arsonist, and he likes showing up at buildings, hopping out and setting fires. We watched him do just that before tearing off out of town, our problem was that we didn’t have our fire station set up yet!"

Check out the rest of Eric's SimCity Preview.

Nintendo's press conference at E3 2012 showcased a Zombi U gameplay demo. The Wii U-exclusive third-person shooter uses the Wii U Gamepad's screen in conjunction with your television. Players searching their inventory, for example, will see on their Wii U their list of available items, while on their television they will see their character rummaging through a bag.

The gamepad adds additional features to Zombi U gameplay, including sniping, door hacking, and shake free, which frees you from the grasp of zombies by shaking your Wii U (just don't shake it too hard, lest we hear of airborne Wii U smashing TV screens!).


ZombiU E3 Gameplay Video »


Metal Gear Rising

Our favorite cyborg ninja returns in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and I got to get my hands on this hero as he strides out in his own game. Put away those little guns. We're taking a sword into this fight. Revengeance lets you slice and dice just about anything that gets in your way, from nasty watermelons to helicopters.

"The free slicing mode allows you to take your time and enjoy every little cut as you prove that the sword is mightier than just about anything else. On a secluded beach, I got to test out my skills against some rather vicious watermelons. Entering free slicing mode brought up a translucent orange line, showing exactly where the sword will slice. Even after making the first cut, staying in the mode allowed for additional cuts until I had something that resembled a smoothie."

Check out my full hands-on preview of all the action right here.

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This Skylanders Giants official trailer from E3 2012 shows off more of the adorable, collectible monsters that have been sapping our wallets since Skylanders Spyro's Adventure!

Skylanders Giants will be released for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii on December 31, 2012. Just in time for those Christmas gift returns!


Official E3 Preview of Skylanders Giants »



Nintendo is back with Just Dance 4 in this E3 2012 press conference video, featuring four amateur dancers onstage mimicking moves coreographed to Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger." In this demo, the dance moves are chosen by a player on the Wii U gamepad, though Just Dance 4 will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.
The Ubisoft-published game features such songs as Rhianna's "Disturbia," Nelly Furtado's "Maneater," and Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass."
Oh. And Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Seriously.

Just Dance 4 E3 Gameplay Video »


Gears Of War Judgment Revealed

While we couldn't be more excited about the announcement for Gears of War Judgment, finally getting our hands on it turned out to be a close second. In this preview, we take a look at the new Overrun mode that once again pits you against another team looking to claim victory, but as always, there's a twist to this tale.

"Overrun is essentially Gears of War 3’s Beast Mode and horde mode smashed together with a sprinkling of class-based characters. For one round, we played as humans defending a power generator, and for the second, we played as various Locust variants trying to destroy the generator. Pretty straightforward stuff."

Check out the rest of our complete hands-on preview to learn more about classes and objectives as we head out to the arena yet again.


The Autobots return for all-out war in Autobot City in this next installment of the Transformers franchise, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, previewed in a cinematic trailer for E3 2012. Set for release on the Xbox 360 and PS3, Fall of Cybertron features fan favorites, including Metroplex (known as Scramble City when transformed), who absolutely dwarfs all over Autobots when Cybertron awakens him at the end of this trailer.
The video doesn't show any of the gameplay we'll experience in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron--actually, the whole thing has a kind of Michael Bay feel to it (as in, we have no idea what's going on... stuff's just blowing up)--but if it's any indicator for how action-packed this game will be, we can expect it to have about as much combat as Dynasty Warriors.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron E3 Cinematic Trailer »


EA's mantra in their Official Battlefield 3 Premium trailer revealed at E3 2012 is: "own more and own it now".  This tantalyzing service boasts exclusives such as: two weeks early access to expansion packs, greater customization, 20 new weapons and over 10 (um, 11 then?) new vehicles.

The 5 expansion packs included in the Battlefield 3 Premium package are: "Back To Karkand", "Close Quarters", "Armored Kill", "Aftermath", and "End Game".  Each one promises a unique battle experience to bring the reality of the battlefield to your living room without the accompanying PTSD.

Battlefield 3 Premium E3 2012 Trailer »

Own More or get owned! 



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