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Check out my Hawken preview. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the indie-mech-fighting sensation at E3 2012, and found the experience very enjoyable.

Here's a taste of my Hawken preview:

"For E3 preview purposes, we played team deathmatch in a ravaged, future-dystopia city, filled with crumbling buildings and metal obstructions. Hawken does a good job making you feel like you’re in a vehicle, without it being annoying--the game moves differently than a typical FPS. There’s weight to your mech. When you lumber around, the ground seems to shake beneath your metal feet."

Check out the rest of my Hawken preview from E3 2012.

Star Trek

We've got a Star Trek preview for you to enjoy, focusing on the co-op.

Even back in the 1960s, Star Trek was a co-op experience: Kirk and Spock, the perfect team, hot-headed, passionate captain with his logical, emotionless science officer -- perfect dramatic symmetry. Both Kirk and Spock are playable in the upcoming game.

Here's a taste of how the two work together from our Star Trek preview:

"The game is a third-person cover-based shooter, though the setting is hopefully novel enough to infuse some flavor into the tried-and-true. The buzzword at E3 2012 seemed to be "asymmetric", and Star Trek follows suit. For instance, Kirk and Spock do not play identically. Though both were involved in firefights, Kirk generally took the lead, and Spock used his scanner to identify weak points and tactical advantages in the environment."

Check out the rest of our Star Trek preview.

Darksiders 2 Creative Manager Jeremy Greiner talks next installment of the Darksiders franchise in this gameplay video from E3 2012. In Darksiders 2, we join Death on a quest to right wrongs from the previous game.

Whereas playing as War in the original Darksiders had been a strong and hearty experience, here Death is more agile and nimble. Players will be able to wall run, bounce, and grab in Darksiders 2 as they traverse a harsh landscape. Returning players will also be happy to hear that Death gets his mount right off the bat, making travel much easier.

Darksiders 2 is set for release on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on August 14, 2012.

Official E3 Preview of Darksiders 2 »


Metro: Last Light, the Russian post-apocalypse FPS, gets a gameplay video for E3 2012. The game continues from the cliffhanger of Metro 2033, and the world is no less hostile in Metro: Last Light. Everything in the world is hostile, including the air, which players can't breathe without filters that deplete over time.

The survival horror has improved stealth elements for dodging new enemies and will be release early 2013 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

Official E3 Preview of Metro: Last Light »

Castlestorm gets this gameplay demo video for E3 2012. The castle vs castle RTS has its roots in tower defense games, but also has an Angry Birds element to it. Players fire arrows, ballistas, and other projectiles at enemy castles, and deploy troops to take down opposing armies in this lighthearted knights vs vikings war story.

But that's not all for Castlestorm. Although deployed troops engage in combat independently, players can summon a special hero, called Sir Garreth, which they can control.

Castlestorm has co-op and multiplayer modes, too. The game will release on Xbox Live Arcade later this 2012 year.

Official E3 Preview of Castlestorm »



I am a one-man advocacy group for the greatness of ZombiU. Based on my brief time playing it at E3 2012, it delivers tons of chills, new controls and a creepy, scary atmosphere that just might revolutionize survival-horror.

Here's a little taste of my ZombiU preview:

"The main use of the extra screen is as a backpack. This means you’ll have to look down, away from the action on the main screen to perform inventory tasks… and that tiny little change to playing a survival horror game is enough to make every encounter more terrifying as you try to desperately switch the right weapon while deadites are coming right for you. The word “immersive” is overused by everyone in the game industry in describing games, but eff it; it makes the game more immersive."

Read the rest of my ZombiU preview.

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Quantum Conundrum creator and Portal co-creator Kim Swift joins G4 for an E3 2012 gameplay demo of the new inter-dimensional puzzle game.

Players use an Inter-dimensional Shift Device (an ISD) to switch between four dimensions--fluffy, heavy, reverse gravity, and slow-motion--to solve puzzles in an ever-shifting mansion. What's cool about Quantum Conundrum is that the models and artwork change depending on what dimension is active.

You can preorder Quantum Conundrum on Steam now. There is no official release date set for Xbox 360 or PS3.

Quantum Conundrum E3 Gameplay Demo »

Outernauts, the upcoming Facebook game, is featured in this E3 2012 gameplay demo with Insomniac Games CEO and President Ted Price. Outernauts is an adventure RPG where players travel through dozens of worlds capturing, training, and battling beasts. Each beast has a special set of abilities they can unlock as they evolve.

Players are encouraged toward co-operative play in Outernauts, too, due to some otherwise inaccessible dungeons and challenges. Friends can also combat one-vs-one.

Outernauts is due for release on Facebook in the coming weeks.

Outernauts E3 Gameplay Demo »

NBA Live 13

Just as videogame football is dominated by the Madden franchise, videogame basketball is similarly controlled by the NBA 2K series; however, Electronic Arts is trying to change that by reviving its much-maligned NBA Live franchise. Things aren't going too well, it seems, as the demo we saw at E3 2012 for NBA Live 13 was, well, concerning. 

From our NBA Live 13 Preview:

"Unfortunately the story has continued into this year’s E3, as EA dedicated a small room and a paltry build to what may turn out to be another project that never quite gets off the ground: NBA Live 13. Full disclosure; during my hands-off first-look preview, I was only shown the opening animation of a game, followed by the first two plays. My intention isn’t to sound snarky, but to express concern about whether or not the title will actually be ready in four months.

To their credit, the team at EA Tiburon has taken on the less-than-desirable project with excitement. The studio members I spoke with mentioned that one of their goals is to create responsive gameplay with smooth animations to match. They also hope to improve the basketball IQ of AI players. One interesting feature I saw in a skeleton build of the game is the ability to change your mind at the top of a shot and pass it to another player."

To get the whole story, read our whole NBA Live 13 Preview.

In this Medal of Honor: Warfighter gameplay video, Kristoffer Bergqvist, Creative Director, gives us the latest details on the upcoming entry in the popular franchise. Medal of Honor: Warfighter's multiplayer is clearly the focal point of the the game, allowing the player to play as units from all around the globe.

Official E3 Preview of Medal of Honor Warfighter Multiplayer »

One of the more interesting new features in Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the implemetation of a "fire team buddy," a new concept pairing you together with a friend to compete against other duos online. The developers had access to actual operatives from different units throughout, so many of the missions are drawn from the real-life experiences of these soldiers. Get ready for some international first-person shooter action, coming October 23rd!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is introduced by Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis in this E3 2012 gameplay demo. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an RTS and has two major gameplay modes, as explained in the video. Players build their own base in XCOM to research new items, weapons, vehicles, and units. Each room can have its own benefit in or out of combat, too.

XCOMEnemy Unknown requires strategic unit placement in this turn-based combat system. Group tactics are also key to victory, says Garth DeAngelis. The game is set for release for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 9, 2012.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown E3 Gameplay Demo »


This Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC is the third in five expansions for the hit first-person shooter, featured here by Executive Producer Patrick Bach in this gameplay demo. Bach explains the Armored Kill DLC brings the biggest maps to Battlefield 3, all set in a region near the Caspian sea. There are six new vehicles in Armored Kill, including an ATV, two mobile artillery vehicles, two light tanks, and an AC-130.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill introduces a new game mode, too, which, for now, is being kept secret. The DLC will release in September 2012.

Battlefield 3 DLC "Armored Kill" E3 Gameplay Demo »

Dead Alive 5, the highly anticipated fighting game, is back in this E3 2012 video preview with Team Ninja Product Manager Marko Bursac.

Dead or Alive 5 is a technical fighting game for hardcore players, with an enormous combo list and totally destructible arenas. The roster includes originals from Virtual Fighter, in addition to a few newbies.

Dead or Alive 5 is set for release on September 25, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Dead or Alive 5 Floor Report E3 2012 »

Medal of Honor Warfighter

Medal of Honor Warfighter is a follow-up to 2010's reboot of the Medal of Honor series. Warfighter exists in the competitive market of first-person shooters, but developer Danger Close aims to set the game apart for its competition by focusing on the multiplayer this time around.

We got to take the revamped multiplayer for a spin at E3 2012. From our Medal of Honor Warfighter Preview:

"Whether or not the single player will make serious innovations or changes is yet to be seen. However, the multiplayer seems to be where Danger Close is focusing the majority of their energy. Featured heavily is the attention to detail and variety of Special Forces you can choose to fight as. Warfighter gives the player the unprecedented ability to choose to play as operators from a dozen different countries including Poland and Australia.

Among these, players can choose one of six classes, all with different abilities—some active and some passive.One class has a tank feature that allows additional armor when taking damage. Another does 20% more damage with bullets. My favorite class’ ability is simply a noob tube. And though I didn’t see it, I was told there would be extensive weapon customization. This is furthered by the fact that many countries use unique variations of common guns. Also, I got to see some badass ordinance, including a spider-mine that operates like a spider web version of a claymore, and a UAV-guided mortar."

To find out the rest of the specs, read our Medal of Honor Warfighter Preview!


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  • Videos
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Hawken producer Jason Hughes was at E3 2012 to discuss this free-to-play, first-person mech shooter coming to PC on December 12, 2012. In this gameplay demo, you can see mechs go head-to-head in siege mode, though there are many multiplayer modes available in Hawken, including king of the hill and team deathmatch.

There are three classes in Hawken, heavy, medium, and light weight. Heavy mech, which are featured in this demo, are larger in size, have thicker armor, and can fold into themselves to become turrets and provide cover. Hawken has many customization options for players, including a wide variety of weapons and secondary weapons, such as missiles and sniper rifles; as well as camoflauge, skill trees, and unlockable special abilities.

If you're a fan of free-to-play multiplayer shooters, then check out Hawken!

Hawken E3 Gameplay Demo »

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