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E3 2010: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit E3 Trailer »

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was big enough for EA to open their E3 2010 press conference with the new trailer. Sterling McGarvey was able to learn more about the Autolog feature that brings a more social aspect to the game.

"Autolog is all about connectivity, and it seems more designed for interaction between you and your friends than with the greater global community. It seems like a game that’s constantly about staying connected to the Internet, but minus the unfiltered elements that have made online gaming a bit less savory."

Learn more about what Autolog can do in his Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit preview from E3 2010.

A kingdom has been torn asunder, and you're responsible for rebuilding the great Legion. Jake Gaskill was able to check out the amazing graphics in Dungeon Siege 3 at E3 2010, as well as two new features of integrated maps and co-op gameplay.

"Two of the biggest features Obsidian focused on for the demo were the idea of vistas and the game's jump in/jump out co-op. Vistas will play an important role in the game by serving as a way to orient players as they explore each new area...The co-op play was a nice surprise, and worked exactly as you'd expect. Whenever a friend wants to jump into the game to lend a hand, just hit a button, and poof, they're in."

Check out his E3 2010 Dungeon Siege 3 preview.

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Bulletstorm has been described as "Burnout with guns," but when TheFeed's Sterling McGarvey got his hands on the game at E3, he discovered something else:

"I’m not as sure that I agree with “Burnout with guns” as a descriptor. The irreverent (bordering on juvenile at times) humor, combined with score-based killing feels like a wedding of Serious Sam with The Club, and a measure of MadWorld thrown in. During an introductory video, a narrator broke down the fundamentals of Bulletstorm’s play with the sort of semi-enthusiastic delivery that we’ve all seen in EA games past and present."

Click here to read the rest of Sterling's E3 2010 Preview of Bulletstorm!

E3 2010: Portal 2 Review - 1

GLaDOS is still alive! Jake Gaskill witnessed the new features in Portal 2 at E3 2010, such as the new multiplayer option. MULTIPLAYER. PORTAL. AHHH.

"Speaking of companions, Portal 2 will also feature a co-op multiplayer mode that stands as a completely separate experience from the single-player portion. It tells the story of two robots trying to make their way through Aperture Science just like Chell."

Check out his E3 2010 Portal 2 preview.

Attack 2

The classic arcade game is coming back, just in time for its 25th anniversary! Joe Rybicki played Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot at E3 2010 and found a game that would satisfy any action adventure fan.

A slick little game that mixes platforming elements with straight-up combat, with a few stealth elements thrown in. Using the Unreal Engine, Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot puts players in a side-scrolling world with multiple levels and branching pathways, and if that brings to mind Shadow Complex you're probably not far off.

Check out his E3 2010 Rush 'N Attack: Ex-Patriot preview.


E3 2010: Dance Central E3 Gameplay Trailer »

Not gonna lie. If there's one thing I like to do in the privacy of my own home, it's dancing badly in front of the television. Microsoft's Dance Central for Kinect fulfills that passion and Patrick Klepek gave the launch title a whirl on the dance floor himself.

"Dance Central smartly ditches the idea of having the game's avatar represent your own dance moves. The avatar on the screen is doing the moves right, making it look cool. Since the avatar isn't you, when you're flailing around in front of the camera, you don't feel as self-conscious."

Sounds perfect! Read the rest of his Dance Central preview from E3 2010.

Kinect Joy Ride

Who needs an actual car when you've got Microsoft's new motion controller Kinect? I guess, you can't actually go anywhere like you can in a car, but that's a minor detail, because with Kinect Joy Ride, you can race without anything in your hands!

Jake Gaskill previewed Kinect Joy Ride at E3 2010:

"Microsoft first announced Kinect Joy Ride at E3 2009, but it wasn‚t until this year‚s E3 that Microsoft really showed it off. Despite the game looking awfully similar to United Front Games' kart racing title ModNation Racers, Kinect Joy Ride is using the motion sensing power of Kinect to separate itself from traditional racing titles. And based on my brief time with the game, it's definitely a unique experience."

Click here to read the rest of the preview!

If like us you've fantasized about rampaging feudal Japan, then perhaps you'll want to try your hand at Creative Assembly's strategy sequel, Shogun 2: Total War. A glimpse of war from our preview:

This all takes place on gorgeous, hilly, wooded battlefields, each one rendered appropriately for the season (since each battle -- that is, each turn -- is assumed to take a full season). And it throws ridiculous numbers of characters at the player; Brigden says the game has a "theoretical maximum" of 56,000 units on-screen at once.

For even more ridiculousness, read our E3 2010 Shogun 2: Total War preview.

Sand is an unlikely friend in Spec Ops: The Line, as Patrick Klepek discovered when he played the shooter game at E3 2010.

"In one instance, I watched a well-placed bullet upend a structure and send a pile of sand on top of several guys. They were no longer a problem. 2K Games said the reverse situation is possible, as well."

Assuming you don't mind a little sand in your eyes, check out our Spec Ops: The Line from E3 2010 preview.

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E3 2010 Live: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Demo »

If it's Star Wars, we'll play it, even that crappy Republic Heroes game. Thankfully, there's balance in the Force with good games. The first Force Unleashed may have been a pain to play, but it was gorgeous to look at.  What's improved with the sequel, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II?

He has the same Jedi abilities from the first game, along with a few new tricks. Specifically, Jedi Mind Trick. Using this power will cause an enemy to turn into a lemming and leap off a ledge, if he's close enough, or he'll turn around and start blasting away at his comrades.

Read more in our first look Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II preview.


Do you like Tigers, but are afraid they might rip you limb-for-limb in real life? Kinect to the rescue! Jake Gaskill got his hands on Kinectimals, Microsoft's virtual pet game, at E3 2010.

From his preview:

"Microsoft's Kinect-based contribution to the storied virtual pet genre, Kinectimals, teaches kids that it's totally fine to be friendly to baby tigers, panthers and other highly dangerous felines. Still, there's no denying the cuteness factor of this title, and I can definitely see it being used as a training tool of sorts for parents looking to test the responsibility level of their kid before throwing down money on a new family pet."

Click here to read the rest of the Kinectimals Preview!


Wii Sports? What's that? Sony is offering their own version of a motion controlled sports theme game and Joe Rybicki discovered that actually playing Sports Champions with the PlayStation Move calmed any doubts that the peripheral would be hard to use.

"When playing table tennis, for example, the paddle moves in time with your hands, with only the most infinitesimal delay. Moving toward or away from the screen moves the paddle forward or back across the table, which will be necessary if you're competing against an opponent who's learned how to drop shots just over the net."

Sounds like something I may need to pick up. Damn you, E3! Check out his full preview on Sports Champions from E3 2010.

Sega Announces Wii MotionPlus Support For The Conduit 2

SEGA and High Voltage are headed back to conspiracy country with the sequel shooter, The Conduit 2, and lo and behold, everything is much improved:

Not only does The Conduit 2 support Wii MotionPlus, it also sports a bunch of graphical upgrades, from lighting to weather effects. The designers promise improved AI, with enemies who will take the initiative more often, creating their own cover by knocking over tables or hunting you down to flush you out if you've done the same.

Check out our E3 2010: The Conduit 2 hands-on preview to see what other newness has come to the Wii franchise.

Quantum Theory No Longer PlayStation 3 Exclusive

If you liked Gears of War, then you won't be disappointed with Quantum Theory. At least, that's what Joe Rybicki discovered at E3 2010.

"That's what you get from Quantum Theory, a third-person shooter from Tecmo that takes cues from Gears and adds a layer of additional strategy: You have a computer-controlled ally who can aid you in attacks, and you'll need to take care with where you take cover, since the tower can morph in real time to remove your protection."

Read his full preview for Quantum Theory from E3 2010 now!

Kinect Adventures

Kinect Adventures is a collection of mini-games designed to highlight the awesome versitility of Microsoft's new motion controller, Kinect.

TheFeed's Jake Gaskill got some time on the floor of E3 2010 with Adventures:

"Kinect Adventures features 20 different mini-games, all designed around the idea of heart-pounding excitement and, well, adventure. My time with the game was spent playing Reflex Ridge. If you've seen any Kinect footage from E3, you'll know this particular mini-game as the one where you ride a platform on mine-cart rails and dodge and jump over obstacles as you try to collect coins."

Click here to read the rest of Jake's Preview of Kinect Adventures from E3 2010!


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