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Dead Space is exactly what I want a next-gen John Carpenter's The Thing game to be, though with more people being tied to chairs and forced to give blood samples. Of course, a great nerve-wracking game needs an equally terrifying sequel, so the good lads at Visceral Games gave us another taste with Dead Space 2.  Harold Goldberg got his hands-on the latest demo, which lucky Comic-Conners might be able to try for themselves if they're sneaky about it.  Here's what he found:

"For the three people I saw play the third person survival horror demo, The Puker was too much for them. They died miserably before finishing the level. So did I, when I was attacked by two Pukers. I did get one in the head before it got too close. I watched that head roll away on the floor, a brief moment of satisfaction before my demise."

More info awaits you with our Dead Space 2 hands-on preview here.  And if you're cosplaying as a Puker at Comic-Con, please stay away from the G4 booth. We'll take your picture outside.


At first glance, Spore was pretty awesome. On second, it bored the heck outta me. Now years later, Maxis is leveraging what they learned and developing an action RPG, Darkspore, using some of the characteristics of Spore, like the famed creature creator, as well as game mechanics that make games fun. Whew. Harold Goldberg got his first look at Darkspore at a recent EA event, and found it quite monstrous:

"You’ll create hundreds of monstrous-looking heroes by choosing from thousands of body parts. There seem to be just as many non-playable characters in the game against which your squad of three will use some really inventive powers such as sending your enemies into a dimensional rift."

Squad-based action with monstrous heroes? I'm game for that. See if you are as well with our first look Darkspore preview with new screenshots and the teaser trailer. Expect to hear more about this game from the Maxis panel at Comic-Con 2010 later this week as well.

Harmonix has officially gone mental. A keyboard peripheral, an actual Fender that doubles as a controller, and pitch correction so that people listening to you sing don’t have to keep coming up with inventive ways to cover their ears? What more could you ask for from music game? Good question, and here’s X-Play’s Morgan Webb is here with the answers, and a preview of Rock Band 3.

Rock Band 3 X-Play Preview »

E3 2010: Animal Crossing 3DS Preview

Reggie Fils-Aime was on Jimmy Fallon's show on Friday night, and revealed the release date of the Nintendo 3DS. "It's coming out next year," Reggie said, while engaged in a game of Donkey Kong Country Returns with Fallon... but was he mistaken?

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Kinect Adventures

Microsoft's Kinect launch at E3 was a big production in which no expense was spared. The company had Cirque du Soleil perform a specially-written show in the first of their two launch events. There may have been elephants to trumpet the arrival of the new controller-less controller, there was one thing missing: price.

Last week, Microsoft's store listed the price at $150, but that is not official. Here's how Albert Penello, director of platform marketing for Xbox, described the situation to Gamasutra:

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E3 2010: Rift: Planes of Telara E3 Trailer »

There certainly is no shortage of fantasy-themed MMO’s on the market, but Trion Worlds appears to be doing their best to make sure Rift: Planes of Telara stands out from the pack. How do I know this? Because Joe Rybicki said so in his preview.

“Though it carries a fantasy theme, Rift does some interesting things with it, injecting steampunk-ish technology into the mix for what the designers call 'a Moroccan Jules Verne theme' for one of the game's two main factions.”

Find out more in Joe’s full Rift: Planes of Telara E3 2010 preview.

Saw 2

G4's writer Joe Rybicki is into all things dark, twisted and macabre, and so his take on Saw 2 deserves your attention. Here's the entire video game summed up in one sentence:

"If you imagine Silent Hill with considerably more brutality, you'd be on the right track"

This is a track I would like to continue upon, please. For more detail about this game, you'll want to check out Joe's entire E3 2010 Saw 2 preview.

Company of Heroes Online Debut Trailer »

The only thing better than killing virtual Nazis in RTS fashion is killing virtual Nazis in RTS fashion...for free. And that’s why we had Kevin Kelly take a look at Relic’s upcoming Company of Heroes Online during E3.
"Other than the upcoming Starcraft II and Civilization V, the RTS playing field is fairly bare. Company of Heroes Online is a welcome addition, especially if you're tired of the shooter genre, and want to mix it up in historical battles in a different way."

E3 2010: End of Nations E3 Trailer »

Futuristic warfare, check. Massively-multiplayer real-time strategy action with a cinematic spin, check. A list of compelling game elements followed by a check, check. Now that the silly quota has been met, here’s a taste of Joe Rybicki’s preview of Trion World’s upcoming strategy title End of Nations:
"With so much of MMOs relying on individual player advancement, it'll be interesting to see if End of Nations can lure in the traditional MMO crowd...or if it'll end up creating an entirely new audience of MMO players."
Check out Joe's full End of Nations E3 2010 preview for more.

Epic Mickey

At E3 2010 last week, G4's Eric Eckstein went to M-I-See Disney Epic Mickey, the Wii-only action-platformer starring the world's most famous mouse. Seems like a can't miss idea... but how does it play? According to Eckstein, quite nicely

"Controlling Mickey is easy enough; the nunchuk handles movement while the Wiimote aims and shoots either paint or thinner. Paint creates environmental elements, such as platforms when trying to climb up to a treehouse, while thinner can remove those platforms or hollow out mountains to locate secrets. Waggling the Wiimote causes Mickey to spin, which is used to break objects or jiggle jars to uncover e-Tickets, the currency within Disney Epic Mickey."

Check out the rest of our E3 2010 Disney Epic Mickey prevew right here.

The Sims 3 Hitting Consoles

The Sims are coming to the 360 and the PlayStation 3! The Sims 3 isn't just a straight port of the PC version; the console version of the game includes some noteable changes. Kevin Kelly played it at E3 2010, and commented on the console Sims 3's Karma system.

"New to the console version is the addition of Karma powers. You earn Karma by fulfilling various goals in the game, and once you've built up enough Karma you can trigger different levels of Karma powers. Our demonstrator used "Get Lucky" to give our Sim a fantastic shot at making "Woo Hoo" with a woman at a party. He succeeded."

Read the rest of Kevin "Woo Hoo" Kelly's E3 2010 Sims 3 preview right here.


Exclusive Jumpgate Evolution Octavius Faction Trailer »

Who doesn’t love exploring the vastness and harsh splendor of space and along the way blasting the living hell out of massive space stations and hundreds of squirrely spacecrafts in intense galactic dogfights? I’ll tell you who: no one! But actually doing it is pretty impractical, not to mention impossible, and that’s why we love video games. Case in point, Net Devil’s long awaited space MMO Jumpgate Evolution. I saw it at last year’s E3, and saw it again at E3 2010, and, like last year, I’m liking what I’m seeing from it.

"One of the most memorable moments of last year’s demo was the absurd grandness of the game’s presentation of space, and this was still very much one of the primary attention grabbers this year as well. Planets loom large in the distance as the sun gleams through asteroid belts as massive space stations and hundreds upon hundreds of spacecraft engage in battle against the backdrop of an endless universe."

While you're waiting to jump to lightspeed, be sure to check out the full Jumpgate Evolution E3 2010 preview.

E3 2010: Time Crisis: Razing Storm E3 Trailer »

The long running on-rails, cover based, light-shooter series Time Crisis returns to the PlayStation 3 in the form of Time Crisis: Razing Storm. This time around though the game is getting the PlayStation Move treatment, and based on Joe Rybicki’s E3 impressions, it sounds like the combination is as successful as it is natural.
"This is the first Time Crisis game with destructible environments, so the screen is constantly filled with random debris flying off from wherever your bullets happen to land. As with other Time Crisis games, the action in the main game takes place on rails; players raise or lower a shield by holding down the Move button on the controller, and blast the crap out of anything that gets in their way with the trigger on the underside."
Pop out of cover for a second, and check out the full Time Crisis: Razing Storm E3 2010 preview.

Power Gig: Rise of the Six String

Power Gig: Rise of the Six String is that other music game with a real guitar... but it also has "air-drums" and a different feel from Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Sterling McGarvey says this of the drums:

"I also got my first hands-on with PowerGig’s drums, which seems built expressly with apartment-dwellers and traveling in mind. They’re around ¾ of the length of Rock Band’s drums, they’re set in a lower position, and they’re designed to be tossed in a backpack and taken around with you. The big bonus? They use light sensors to detect your hits, so you’ve got quiet drums that’ll keep your landlord from kicking you out. Well, at least in theory they work. I’ve been told that the drums are something you’ll need to adjust and play with a lot to find your sweet spot."

Check out our E3 2010 Power Gig: Rise of the Six String preview!

E3 2010: Deathspank Preview

If you want gamers’ undivided attention, all you have to do is say “Ron Gilbert” (The Secret of Monkey Island) and “new game that features forbidden bacon and drunken leprechauns.” As such, we took a look at Gilbert’s upcoming downloadable adventure/RPG title Deathspank during E3 last week, and if Alexandra Hall’s following description of the game doesn’t spark your interest, we’re going to have to talk.

“Gilbert’s back to his game-making ways with Deathspank, which might best be described as Monkey Island meets Diablo. Or maybe Diablo with giggles. Or Monkey Island with bloodletting. One of those.”

Check out Alexandra’s full Deathspank E3 2010 preview for more.


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