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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Confirmed: First-Look Preview

The great Adam Rosenberg is on the floor at E3, kickin' back, playing games and knocking out previews for your reading pleasure. Rosey (as I call him) had a chance to check out Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and found the game and enjoyable mish-mash for a bargain price. He digs the weird weapons the most. Here's a taste of the preview:

"Of course, the big innovation from Dead Rising 2 is back in Off the Record: combo weapons. While the full list wasn't in the game's menu, we're told that all of the old ones are there plus, of course, a bunch of new ones. The Pegasus is a fun one, a toy horse head mounted on a stick with bottle rockets duct taped to it. Impale a zombie with one and watch it fly off. There's plenty of time to whip out Frank's camera and snap a photo, which scores some good PP in the Outtake category."

Check out the rest of our Dead Rising 2: Off the Record E3 2011 preview!

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The NFL might not have football this year, but Madden 12 will.  At EA's E3 2011 press conference we got a rousing portrayal of the great Vince Lombardi by The Wonder Years' Dan Lauria, and then EA Sports GM for Football Matt Bilby was joined on stage by NFL stars Ray Lewis, Peyton Hillis, and Clay Matthews.  Bilby also teased a coming online experience that will change the way people compete at sports games.

Madden 12 Video From EA Press Conference E3 2011 »

Prey 2 just launched a new cinematic trailer for E3 2011. For those of you who think noir films and sci-fi are practically like chocolate and peanut butter, strap on your best fedora and prep your rocket launcher and check the latest installment from Bethseda Software!  Intergalactic bounty hunting has never looked so good!

Official Prey 2 Cinematic E3 Trailer »


To get more insight, check out this recent interview with Prey 2 project leader Chris Reignheart after the jump!

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El Shaddai

I admit it: Until late last week, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron was below my personal gaming radar, but when I heard that the creator of cult favorite horror game Deadly Premonition was behind this platformer, it shot from "Never heard of it" to "interesting" in 3.5 seconds. Then, I read Adam Rosenberg's preview and the needle hit "must have!"

Here's a taste:

"If you think the title of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is bizarre, wait until you get a look at the game. The 2D/3D action platformer comes from Ignition Entertainment, creator of the delightfully weird (and unashamedly broken) cult favorite, Deadly Premonition. There was nothing broken about our hands on time with El Shaddai last week, however. The weird is on full display in both the art direction and story, but the game itself – released late last month in Japan – is silky smooth and fun to play."

Check out the rest of our El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron preview.

Star Wars the Old Republic

G4's Miguel Conception spent several days immersed in Star Wars: The Old Republic in order to give you the inside word on the ambitious MMO. Today's preview takes a look at TOR's player-vs-player combat, because it wouldn't be an MMO without PvP, am I right? Here's a taste:

"When you spend several hours in a  'immersion day,' one would think that there would be time to diverge from the espionage and bounty hunting for some old-fashioned PvP. That’s just what I and several other game writers did recently, and while BioWare has not had a deep history of experience with the PvP format, there are a lot of reasons to stay optimistic that this mode of play in The Old Republic will hold up well alongside the game’s PvE."

Read the rest of our Star Wars: The Old Republic PVP preview.


infamous 2

While Sucker Punch's inFamous 2 may be all about its main character Cole McGrath, a hero can't really be measured until he's pitted against an enemy who equals his power. Luckily, according to our enemies preview, the baddies in inFamous 2 are really, really bad, including the dreaded Behemoth. Our previewer, David Rudden, faced the beast:

"The “Behemoth” is, by far, the largest creature to ever cross Cole McGrath’s parkour path. Resembling the Leviathan from Resistance 2, the Behemoth laid waste to the streets of New Marias with Cole’s powers serving as the only way to stop the carnage. At a height nearing the city’s biggest skyscrapers, the Behemoth was too much monster to handle head-on as his offensive repertoire included moves to grab Cole with its disgusting oral appendages, to blow him away with power waves of noxious gas, or the old giant creature stand-by—crushing the hero underfoot."

Check out the rest of our inFamous 2 preview!

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L.A. Noire Screenshots Demonstrate Proper Interogation Techniques

This May, the gaming world will finally get to experience Rockstar Games' much-anticipated crime-and-fedora simulation L.A.Noire. In the last of our L.A. Noire previews, Adam Rosenberg put Noire through its paces at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

It's a spoiler-heavy preview, so keep that in mind, but if you don't mind, check out Rosenberg's L.A. Noire preview.

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Sonic Generations

The existence of Sonic Generations, the next big Sonic game, has hardly been a secret--we brought you news a few weeks ago with a video--but this morning it's officially official. Sega has announced that Sonic Generations will be out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 during the holidays of 2011.

We've also played the game. The hook of Generations is that it pays homage to the legacy of Sonic by bending video game conventions in order to place Sonic in his old, 2D platforming stomping grounds but also features three dimensional Sonic. Here's how our previewer, Adam Rosenberg, explains the game's unique perspective:

"The '2D' and '3D' tags are largely just for reference, as neither play mode really sticks to a single perspective. In Sonic's 2D runs, the camera will move dynamically during certain sections of each level to better highlight the action. At one point during the GHZ level, Sonic reaches a point where the stone walkway he's running along twists into a series of loop-the-loops; here, the camera pulls in and angles slightly to the left, offering a better view of Sonic's footwork."

Speed on over to read the rest of our Sonic: Generations preview.


We're certain The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will be a massive game so our first-look preview of the game will be massive as well. Jake Gaskill was the lucky one who got to check out the game in person and his preview goes way in-depth on the RPG. So in-depth, it's in two parts! Here's a taste of part one:

"As The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Bethesda Game Studios' latest iteration in its critically acclaimed fantasy-RPG series, appears on the giant movie screen in front of us, one fact makes the scene all the more poignant: the spectacular, sun-drenched vista laid out before us, filled with countless trees, rolling hills, a flowing river, and towering mountain ranges in all directions has been five years in the making."

Check out the rest of Jake's The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim preview, where you can watch our exclusive interview with developer Todd Howard, and don't forget to check back tomorrow for part two.

Gamescom 2010: Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One First Look Preview

Ratchet and Clank games have always been fun, but a game can't be super fun until you share it with your pals! Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One allows up to four players to cooperatively conquer the evil plans of a secret enemy but that's not all. See what we learned in our hands-on with the game, some of the preview is below:

"Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One isn't just about having four players that can each do their own thing. It's about co-op, co-op in the sense that everyone on your team has strengths, weaknesses, and a role to play when solving puzzles."

Read the rest of our Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One preview to uncover even more details!

Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Details Revealed

The announcement of Street Fighter X Tekken at the last Comic-Con sent shockwaves and Hadoukens through the gaming world, and last week at Capcom's Captivate day, we got our hands on the game, as well as a ton of details on what gamers can expect. From our preview:

"At base, we're looking at a tag team-based fighting game that brings in characters from both universes. The 10 fighters on offer in the Captivate demo all appeared in set pairs -- with two notable exceptions -- but players will ultimately get to outfit their two-person teams in whichever way they choose. The pairs revealed/confirmed at Captivate are: Ken/Ryu, Kazuya/Nina, Guile/Abel and Marduk/King. Chun-Li (Street Fighter) and Bob (Tekken) are also confirmed fighters, though who they partner up with won't be revealed until E3 in June."

Check out our first-look Street Fighter X Tekken preview right here, and don't miss our Street Fighter X Tekken screenshots gallery!


Hamilton's Great Adventure First Look Impressions --

In addition to bringing us “delicious” Swedish candies whenever they are in town, the developers at Fatshark continue to surprise us with their creative efforts. We dug the hell out of the Western multiplayer shooter Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Old West, and after seeing the team's latest effort,  the brain-twisting, Pixar-ish puzzler Hamilton’s Great Adventure, we are equally impressed yet again. We recently had a chance to play through a few levels, and here’s a taste of what we saw:

"In case you aren’t familiar with Hamiltonian paths (and don’t feel bad if you aren’t), it works like this: you create a large circuit consisting of various pathways, and you have to navigate from a starting point, through the circuit, and back to the start by using each path just once. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, when it’s expanded out in the context of a puzzle game (minus the return-to-the-start requirement), this seemingly straightforward principle leads to some incredibly challenging and brain-paining situations."

For more details on one of the year's most unique titles, check out our full Hamilton's Great Adventure hands-on preview.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Three of G4's favorite writers (Leah Jackson, Nikole Zivalich and Eric Eckstein) got their lucky hands on Star Wars: The Old Republic at PAX East 2011 and really put the game through its paces. Here's a taste of their impressions:

"Our job was to take out the leader of the Tarval V Imperial research facility, as well as his jungle beast pet, Ripper. Before we got to the facility, we had to traverse the vibrant jungle terrain filled with enemies and littered with devices we could blow up to help with our mission."

Check out the rest of our Star Wars: The Old Republic preview.

id Confirms 2011 Release For Rage

PAX East is in full effect, and we're on the ground, trying out a ton of upcoming games. One of the most anticipated is, no doubt, first-person shooter Rage. Created by John Carmack, the father of the entire FPS genre, Rage boasts an amazing pedigree. But the point of the PAX presentation was to look at its equally impressive scenery.

"The point of the session was a tour through the wasteland, and you start off at the top of a lonely, windy gorge, part of an area called 'Ghost Territory.' A couple of statues topped with Longhorn skulls dot the immediate landscape, and the howling winds tell you that this probably isn't a friendly place. You're tasked with a quest to 'Retrieve Buggy Parts,' so you can fix up your ride. There is a buggy nearby, one of the Class One (the lowest level) vehicles, and you can drive on to your next location, noticing a towering, decrepit freeway looming overhead."

Check out our Rage preview, right here.

Volition Reflects On Red Faction: Guerrilla And The Casual Difficulty Effect

If PAX East is about one thing, it's about playing games, baby, and G4 is playing a lot of them. Eric Eckstein got his hands on Red Faction: Armageddon, and was among the first to play the just-announced Ruin mode. Here's how Ecks describes it:

"Ruin mode is a fast-paced score-based challenge mode that pits players against the clock to rack up points by destroying everything in sight. At start, you pick which of your weapons you'll bring into the map and then you'll have a limited amount of time to get the high score. The more things blowing up at once, the higher the combo modifier to earn the big bucks."

Read the rest of our Red Faction: Armageddon Ruin Mode preview.


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