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NFL Blitz

Arcade football fans gather 'round, the Blitz is back and it's back hard. We got to check out NFL Blitz in action to find out what this game is all about. Hint: It's about punching a defender in the face.

"On top of the legions of sports gamers who’ll welcome this franchise return, HD no less, the simplicity of the control scheme will surely gain a new following as well. In the context of the media event where I got hands-on time with the game, I held my own against industry colleagues with just knowing the hike, throw, turbo, and juke buttons, so learning additional moves came easy. There’s certainly a high level of pacing you don’t get in Madden; you even have the option of trying for the extra point with a single button press without actually seeing the play unfold, just like in the original titles."

Check out our full NFL Blitz preview for more.

Asura's Wrath Preview

Asura's Wrath follows the story of a perpetually pissed-off guardian general on his quest to save his daughter. In our latest preview, we got to check out not only some of the game's new massive boss battles, but also some smaller-scale fights too.

Getting through a battle doesn't always involve just wiping out every enemy, though. Momentum is key. Sometimes the only way to progress through a fight is to fill up your Impact Meter. Once filled, you'll be able to trigger an interactive cut scene where Asura does something decidedly bad ass. That's really the crux of Asura's Wrath: watching him get really angry, Hulk out, and demolish the crap out of anyone within a square mile.

Read the rest of our Asura's Wrath preview for more info on the game that we're calling a mix between God of War and The Time Machine.

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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is the next spin-off in the Resident Evil series and it treads in to a territory that isn't too familiar within the franchise yet. With an action-heavy third person shooter style mixed with classic Resident Evil zombie-killing fun, Raccoon City is looking good.

"Players in Operation Raccoon City take on the role of the Umbrella Security Service. Your primary objective? Destroy any evidence of Umbrella's wrongdoing. Yes, that includes killing anyone that stands in your way. There are six members of the USS squad, including recon experts, heavy weapons specialists, and assault team members. Players can pick from any of the six as they may their way through the campaign, earning experience to unlock new weapons and abilities."

Check out our full Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City preview.

 Resident Evil: Revelation

If you've purchased a Nintendo 3DS system since it launched, you're probably pretty psyched for Resident Evil: Revelations. After all, nothing shows off the power and flexibility of a system quite like the Resident Evil series, right? G4's Russ Frushtick got his hands on the title at Capcom's recent Captivate event, and brings back a report that reads, in part:

Resident Evil: Revelations features a hefty single-player story, detailing an outbreak on a massive cruise ship. In additions, Revelations will ship with something called Raid Mode. For all intents and purposes, it's co-op. But it exists separate from the main game, unlike Resident Evil 5's co-op.

In Raid Mode, two players can play together over local wireless or over WiFi and take on missions from the campaign together. Pretty standard stuff, but Capcom has layered in depth. For one thing, Raid Mode has its own form of currency. Killing monsters and completing maps will earn you cash to buy ammo (which carries over from mission to mission), guns, upgrades, and even new characters.

Check out the entire Resident Evil: Revelations preview.

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Mass Effect 3

Perhaps you heard that Mass Effect 3 would feature multiplayer? Was your reaction excitement or trepidation? Perhaps Miguel Concepcion's Mass Effect 3 multiplayer preview will set your mind at ease. Check it out:

"Honestly, it would just be too hot to have a foursome of Shepards (FemSheps or otherwise). That's why no one on the multiplayer team gets to play as the commander. Instead this is the time to illustrate how much the outcome of the war doesn't rest solely on the shoulders of Shepard and his squad. Now gamers get to play as non-humans, trying out familiar species like Salarian, Turian, and Asari, just to name a few. From our hands-on time, it was not surprising that the more diverse the team make-up, the better. A sample squad of complementary members is one with a biotic who uses a warp ability to toss up an enemy hiding behind cover, leaving that foe helpless to the firepower of your tank-like Krogan team member."

Read the rest of our Mass Effect 3 multiplayer preview.


The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Fire Temples in Zelda games are like guns in Call of Duty - they just have to be in there, and the upcoming Skyward Sword is no different. Our very own Nikole Zivalich got the chance to go hands on with the game recently, and she closes her three part preview with her approach to the Fire Temple.

"Link headed back to the temple where he found Fi to see if the ruby adorned stone would have a similar affect. Sure enough, it did. A fiery orange beam of light shot through the sky. I'm no rocket scientist, but this was a pretty good indication that we were heading to a fire temple. Link and his Loftbird flew over the orange portal back to the land below. I pushed dive and Link fell, landing at the entrance of Eldin Volcano."

Be sure to check out the rest of Nikole's adventure in part three of our Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword preview. And in case you missed them, make sure you read part one and two first.

Saints Row 3

Jake "Hood Rat" Gaskill is from the streets, so the gangs and guns of Saints Row The Third appeal to his inner need for chaos and/or destruction. He got his hands on the game recently and checked out hours of the story, but was most drawn to the self-directed, just messing-around possibilities of the game. Here's a taste of his preview:

"After playing a couple story missions, we decided to just goof around a bit, something SRTT could not value more. It started out with us catapulting each other out of the cannon strapped to the top of a vehicle known as the Manapult. It has a Professor Genki-licensed, cat-shaped vacuum on the front that can suck up several people at a time and then you can shoot them to their deaths. Then we decided to check out the various customization features, which include not only the ability to personalize your character (including the option to increase/decrease the size of your breasts and/or dong to raise/lower your sex appeal), but also your cars and even the members of your gang, from their outfits to their gender."

Check out the rest of our Saints Row 3 preview.


I'm sure you've read Nikole "Brontosaurus" Zivalich's hands-on Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim preview at least a dozen times by now, but perhaps you'd like a different perspective. How about the perspective of Jake "Raptor" Gaskill? He played Skyrim as well. As always on TheFeed, the first taste is free...

"I made my way towards Whiterun, which was a healthy distance away. Luckily, the hefty trek gave me plenty of time to soak up the ambient noises of wind whipping through the trees, crickets chirping, animals howling, and all the other wonderful audible details that bring the world of Skyrim to life. Coming around a bend, I happened upon some fellow Imperial soldiers escorting a prisoner. Clicking on the prisoner brought up the option to free him, but not knowing the circumstances, and given my lowly level 1 status, I declined. The prisoner then told me about something called the Stormcloak rebellion, and that I should go into town to find out more about it (side quest number one)."

... but you need to click to read the rest of Jake's Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim preview.


For our latest hands-on look at Skyrim, Bethesda gave us three hours to do whatever we wanted. In part 1, Nikole "Godzirra" Zivalich heads south towards the town of Falkreath, getting into all manner of trouble along the way. Here's a sample of her adventures.

"There wasn’t a clear path to my destination. There were mountains, rivers, and an abundance of wolves who always attacked me no matter how much I stayed away. I went into this game knowing I was going to “national geographic” it; meaning I would just watch the wildlife AI from afar. Maybe it was because I was a cat, but those wolves were d*cks. Overly aggressive or not, I appreciated their programming. From a distance, I could see them find prey, stalk it, hunt it down, and then howl to call other wolves."

Check out the rest of our Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim preview.


Has it really been that long? Next week marks the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III, one of the landmark games that literally changed everything for gamers. At the New York Comic Con, Rockstar tried hard to ensure that you’ll want to indulge in the open world mayhem of GTA 3 all over again – on iOS devices like the iPad2 and the iPhone 4S.
With all the stunning new games being offered every week, why would gamers want to revisit the old game? Aren’t those graphics ancient now, so much so that the game should be nothing more than a wonderful, salient memory of a time gone by? That kind of thinking makes sense. But if you saw what I saw, you’ll probably be psyched to play those classic courier missions all over again.

Read More »

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded

Look, we're all freakin' nuts about the idea of playing GoldenEye 007: Reloaded when it comes out. That's a given, if only for the nostalgia factor. Miguel "License To Kill" Concepcion has actually played it. And he brought back an awesome preview. Here's a bit of it for you:

"I was one of those who enjoyed the re-imagining of GoldenEye 007 on the Wii, at least in terms of the story. This retelling took liberties with a number of minor plot points from the N64 game as well as updating Bond to the Danial Craig character model. It was easily accessible as it accommodated the Classic Controller, so it’s of little surprise that Reloaded controls just as well on these other two consoles. Reloaded has also optimized GoldenEye in terms of frame rate. While it's clearly in HD, one downside is that the graphical textures aren't the most detailed for these consoles. At least it is a noticeable improvement over the Wii version."

Read the rest of Miguel's GoldenEye 007: Reloaded preview. Then, take a look at the just released video footage from the game. It's pretty boss.


Assassins Creed Revelations

Our ace-writer Miguel "The Obliterater" Concepcion got a chance to play the single-player portion of Assassin's Creed: Revelations at a recent event, and while his experience revealed a lot about the historical connection between Ezio and Altair and other juicy details, I'll bet you want to hear about the new hookblade most of all. Here's a description of the deadly-but-useful gadget:

"It is a multipurpose device that extends the user’s reach, adding a bit of ease to much of the game’s climbing and ensuring those building-to-building leaps go smoothly. If you’re using it as a personal zip-line, you can end your ride early and take out unsuspecting foes from above. If you’re making an on-foot getaway, you can use this to acrobatically flip Ezio over guards’ backs. The one capability of the hookblade that stood out for me was how you can use hanging lamps to open up new options for traversing buildings and structures."

Read the rest of our Assassin's Creed: Revelations preview right here for more on Ezio, Altair and the dreaded hookblade!

The Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta has been going strong, and while players have been limited to only the "Operation Metro" map, PC gamers got to test out a new battle ground - "Caspian Border." This PC-only map is exactly what gamers have been asking for. It's big enough for 64 player matches and includes the vehicles that the Battlefield series is known for. Check out our gameplay video for "Caspian Border" below.


Battlefield 3 Beta "Caspian Border Map" Gameplay Video »


The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Nintendo always makes waves whenever they release a new Legend of Zelda game, and Skyward Sword looks to carry on that tradition proudly. Our very own Nikole Zivalich got the chance to go hands on with the game recently. She continues to pass on her knowledge to you in this second part to our three-part preview.

"I flew my bird closer and closer, until it seemed like I wasn't even progressing anymore. Then I finally saw in the right corner of the screen I was being prompted to dive. Okay, Nintendo, I'll take that leap of faith. And so I jumped off my bird into the green light and fell, spiraling through the air. For a moment I saw nothing but clouds, but soon the green, leafy land below came into focus. Like I mentioned in my previous preview, your Sailcloth will save your ass throughout this game. Before I hit the ground, I quickly held down B to gracefully float to the ground."

Find out what horrors await in the Skyview Temple in part two of our Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword preview.

Battlefield 3

We recently got our hands on Battlefield 3 before it hits store shelves in a few weeks on October 25. In our latest preview we got to check out the first three chapters of the game's single player campaign. Rest assured that the game is looking as amazing as ever, but will it go "above and beyond the call?" as EA has been proclaiming? Check out our Battlefield 3 preview to find out after this tease about your AI squadmates:

"One minute they’re dealing with a single enemy threat--and very tactically I might add--and the next minute you might be taking on a small army; thankfully there are a couple 50 caliber machine gun turrets to mow down the latter."

For more on Battlefield 3's single player campaign be sure to read our full Battlefield 3 hands-on preview.


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