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Red Shirt Guy Gets an NPC!

The infamous "Red Shirt Guy" from last weekend's Blizzcon has become a nerd celebrity. Blizzard not only added the missing council member, Falstad Wildhammer, to the game, but also gave Red Shirt Guy his very own NPC dubbed "Fact Checker"! These NPCs aren't currently in the live version of the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta, but Alex Afrasiabi, a.k.a. the moderator at the Lore panel, confirmed the NPCs are indeed real via the Cataclysm beta forums. Yay for Red Shirt Guy!

Trailer For The Social Network Debuts

"You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies."

The first full trailer for the upcoming geek-age drama The Social Network has made its debut today. It's a wistful tale that hearkens back all the way to the year 2003: A time that is now all too alien to us since records back then remain sketchy at best, as they were preserved in makeshift hieroglyphics. What started on the campus of Harvard University as an attempt to create a simple student directory for a "Hot or Not?" website would evolve into a billion dollar industry that helped solidify the world-wide cultural phenomenon of social networks. It's full of smart-ass wiz-kids, sex, betrayal, and it even has some of the future faces of Marvel Comics cinema in the new Spider-Man Andrew Garfield and the X-Men's new Banshee Caleb Landry Jones.

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The Campaign To Cast Donald Glover As Spider-Man

It successfully got Betty White her SNL hosting gig, but can the power of Facebook and Twitter have enough behind them to cast the next Spider-Man? For Community and Mystery Team star Donald Glover, there's certainly no harm in trying. Right now, he's riding a wave of fan-generated Internet buzz that thinks he's the right man to put on the red and blue tights to be the new wall-crawler in Marc Webb's upcoming reboot film.

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The Best of AOTB

Epic April has come to an end, but that doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying the epic content that has kept a smile on your face all month long. Go ahead and treat yourself to another helping of the best items at the AOTS buffet, including the Star Wars Charity Car Wash segment with Playmate Sara Jean Underwood and the very steamy Star Wars Charity Car Wash Photo Gallery, as well as the three part tour of Skywalker Ranch and ILM (and if you like Star Wars, you'll love St*r Warz Burlesque Presented by The Devil's Playground)!

There's also a great discussion about Bungie's Deal with Activision, A Nightmare on Elm Street preview, an interview with the film's star, the new Freddy Krueger, Jackie Earle Haley, and a review of the killer new HTC Droid Incredible phone!

Plus, for you inquisitive folks who enjoy looking behind the curtain, there're behind-the-scenes interviews with Community's Danny Pudi and the aforementioned Jackie Earle Haley. That's not to mention the Attack of the Staff interviews with comic book expert, Blair Butler, film reviewer Chris Gore, the cheater we all love, Kristin Adams, gadget guru Chris Hardwick, the beloved jokester Blair Herter and G4's fearless field correspondent Alison Haislip. That should keep you busy for a while!

TONIGHT: Kimbo Slice Fights On 'The Ultimate Fighter'

There's a big showdown set for tonight! (Okay, technically, it took place months ago, but we finally get to see it tonight.)

Amid a barrage of media hype, we've known for some time that the infamous Kimbo Slice would be participating in this season of the The Ultimate Fighter reality show, which in actuality, has become THE proving ground of the sport itself, that has generated some of the most successful and highest-ranking MMA fighters in the world. Slice, the Internet Fight King, is sort of a pardox, in that he simultaneously holds reputations as both a tough-as-nails street fighter, AND as a running punchline due to a disastrous loss which may have exposed his lack of professional MMA skill.

It is currently four days from the one year mark of the 2008 EliteXC MMA event that aired live on CBS network television, in which the heavily-promoted main event was to have Slice fight waning MMA legend, Ken Shamrock. However, fate would see it differently, as a last-minute injury forced Shamrock to withdraw, leaving Slice to face semi-obscure former Ultimate Fighter contestant Seth Petruzelli. (Who, after being cut from the UFC in 2007 after losses, was fighting on the undercard of the event.) Kimbo had been knocking out brawlers and greats who were well past their prime, and was being promoted by EliteXC as an unbeatable fighter. Slice SHOULD have ran right through Petrezelli...but he didn't. In fact, it took merely 14 seconds from a trained "average" MMA fighter to knock Slice out cold. The KO was not only a personal embarrassment for Slice, but a financial stigma that the fledgling promotion could not bear, as they quickly folded altogether in the aftermath of the fight.

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GameStop has sanctioned the infamous Rooster Teeth machinima team to create a new Red vs. Blue series based on the upcoming Halo 3: ODST.

In the debut episode below, the ol' gang is back to check out their new ODST competition. Hilarity to ensue. God I love these guys.

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Felicia Day And Legend Of Neil Cast/Crew Interview »

Hangin’ on the floor of Comic-Con, stars Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible) and Tony Janning, plus director Sandeep Parikh, chat about Comedy Central/Atom Films’ Legend Of Neil, the delightfully sick and twisted series about a man who masturbates his way into The Legend of Zelda. Good stuff, folks!

Soulja Boy is my favorite person. He's a gamer. He's maybe the biggest Internet celebrity in the world. And he will almost certainly "Superman that hoe." What's not to like?

G4 caught up with Soulja at this year's CES and brought back this exclusive interview where Soulja describes how he became famous, as well as when his cartoon series airs. He even gives some hints about the upcoming Soulja Boy video game. (Spoiler Alert: It's coming out in 2009.)

Check it out below. 

Soulja Boy: Exclusive CES 2009 Interview »

Are you planning on playing the Soulja Boy video game?

For more, drop in on Soulja Boy's internet kingdom.

Funny or Die found itself quite a niche during the election season with a plethora of targets with which to satire politically. Tons of celebs drop by to participate in their professional big-budget virals, putting them in place to be the Channel 101 of 2008. (And perhaps '09.)

However, they do more than just hide the heartworm pill of Hollywood politics in the bacon of comedy. In this recently posted masterpiece, Rebecca Romijn reprises her role from the X-Men films as Mystique, torturing her husband Jerry O'Connell with inappropriate shapeshifts.

Jerry O'Connell rubbing the feet of comedian Jerry Minor = Worth the price of admission.

Oh Jack, even after you've been disbarred you still bring us countless hours of entertainment.

On Friday, Game Politics reported that our old friend Jack Thompson is planning to lead a stock-holder's revolt against video game publisher Take-Two, in hopes of taking down their chairman, Strauss Zelnick. Sounds like the usual crack-pot idea that Mr. Thompson regularly pulls out of his crazy ass. But that's not the funny part.

Game Poltics staff member Dennis McCauley had a rather hilarious e-mail exchance with Jack Thompson where he claimed that the recent drop in Take-Two's stock prices were an act of God and His retribution. You've got to read the whole thing for yourself, it's just too good to pass up. Hit the Read More link to check out the entire conversation.

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Martial-arts expert, world-class runner, and thespian extraordinaire, Steven Seagal is currently in production on a reality show for A&E.

Now, let's approach the story's elaboration a bit differently. I'm going to pretend to tell you a joke by pitching a ridiculous premise, and you conversely, will either laugh or just snidely think that I took the joke too far. Ready?...Okay:

So here's the pitch: We take Steven Seagal and put him right smack-dab in the middle of post-Katrina New Orleans. THEN we make him a fully-commissioned deputy for the NOPD, where the cameras will follow him around as he fights crime in real life. lulz reins supreme! SNL might actually have an idea for a funny sketch (seeing as Lorne Michaels hates him.) Well, I really must break it to you that the above pitch is FOR REAL.

Yup, this is not a joke. Remember that episode of The Simpsons where they had the "spinoffs" parody and Principal Skinner left Springfield to fight crime as a P.I. in New Orleans alongside Chief Wiggum? THAT sounds less ridiculous than this.

The show will be entitled Steven Seagal: Lawman, and is indeed taping at present. The show is scheduled to premiere late in 2009. Frankly, I don't see how you can NOT tune in to see this.



In a move that is either a sly marketing strategy, or penance for years of countless on-stage, diva-like bailouts, Guns N' Roses (well, really Axl Rose) has debuted the 14-year in the making album, Chinese Democracy a few days before its Best-Buy exclusive November 23 release date, fully streaming it on the band's MySpace page.

So head on over there and give it a listen. The reviews have overall been, while not terrible, lukewarm. I suppose it's only natural that expectations will kill you when you wait 17 years for a follow-up album and spend 14 of those years hyping said project.

What's fascinating here, is the way that Chinese Democracy has been marketed. While fans are certainly not expecting "Appetite 2," it's reasonable to assume that its release would be a big deal. It may be a tribute to the fact that the record company felt that it was not profitable to sell this album as a physical copy in ALL stores that truly cements the beginning of the end of an era where people go to the store to buy some physical form of music. Its exclusive release with Best Buy almost seems like a rare bonus, or an exception to the norm (which would be purchasing the download of the album.)

With huge artists like Nine Inch Nails and Prince (just to name a few) experimenting with releasing albums exclusively online, the fact that you can't walk into your local Wal-Mart and buy a copy of the first new Guns N' Roses album in 17 years, is a huge statement to how the music industry is attempting to adapt to the changing world.  If Chinese Democracy had hit just 10 years ago, it would have been hugely hyped on television, with aisle displays in every store across the country, and even huge online hype. Now, it seems we have the "grassroots" strategy of selling music in a time when purchasing it seems to have lost its directness. 

Director Uwe Boll has been ordered by a court to pay $2.1 million to Fantastic Films International per the judgment of a breach of contract and libel claim filed by the company. It has been found that Boll broke worldwide exclusive rights owed to Fantastic Films by either taking away the agreed rights, or outright not paying them for their cut of the distribution returns from 45 countries. 

Included in the part of the judgment for libel, was a $200,000 payout to Fantastic Films owner Roxane Barbat for e-mails that Boll sent to potential buyers which apparently made false claims about the company.

You know what? Sure, the man takes video games, puts them in film, then butchers them into mediocrity. But in a way, Uwe can be viewed as the world's most powerful conceptual artist. This is but a price one pays for one's art. Think about it. Much like the defiance of the conventional by the Dadaists of the early 20th century who stood on the brink of a newly-branded mechanized destruction at the hands of the First World War, Uwe is an anti-artist. He somehow takes "good" concepts of the world that are non-tangible, "abducts them" through media, and makes them "un-good." It's his artistic stamp, his mustache on the Mona Lisa, if you will. He is giving the cruel world a proverbial (and often literal) middle finger. One day, original film cells from House of the Dead will grace the Louvre. 



Has Twitter become a breeding ground for terrorists to coordinate? According to a new report from the US Army 314 Military Intelligence Battallion, it's possible.

The micro-blogging capabilities of Twitter supposedly allow terrorists to communicate in real time without direct risk. The report lays down three primary scenarios as to how this may occur:

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Exclusive Video

Nerdcore rapper and hacker supreme YTCracker is well known for his skills on the mic and the mouse. He's also a fan of TheFeed and was kind enough to record and perform an awesome theme song for us, which we featured here awhile back.

In fact, we loved it so much we set up a webcam interview with the mighty YT so we could chat with him about his burgeoning style of hip hop and hacking the NASA site (which he did, by the way). We also got him to film a lil' music video for the Feed theme song, which appears here at the end of this clip. The video even features appearances by some of your favorite Attack of the Show hosts and TheFeed web writers. Pretty neat, eh?

Now go watch and enjoy...click image above....bi-atch....

Download YTCracker ? "TheFeed Theme Song" mp3

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