You couldn't buy the publicity that psycho videogame Manhunt 2 has been showered with since it was determined that the ESRB gave the title an "adults only" rating. Although the controversy will certainly cost the company a pants-load of money, Take 2, the game's publisher, vows to make sure it hits shelves.

"We don't see ourselves in the Adults Only business," Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelman said recently. "Having said that, if we find ourselves in the Adults Only business, it would be because we have a title that we consider art and entertainment, that we consider if appropriately labelled AO, and that we would like to bring to market."

Zelman had some choice words for the ratings themselves: "What is the purpose of a rating if it means effectively that a title cannot be released?...Having a rating that we don't think is appropriate is one issue, obviously, and a separate issue would be if we feel the rating is appropriate and we can't bring it to market…that seems somewhat nonsensical."

GameSpot.com: Take-Two: Manhunt 2 will be published

When Will Ferrell puts out a video where he talks to that adorable Pearl, you know we have to share.

Remember the good times?This weekend in Santa Monica, home of all things strange and celebrity, Britney Spears purposely drove her car by a hotel where Mandy Moore was doing press, in an attempt to take attention away from her ex-rival popstress.

Apparently the frenzied paparazzi were so busy trying to get a good shot of Brit, they forgot all about little Mandy. And Spears gave photogs exactly what they wanted, driving by once and then doubling back for another go.

The end was harried, however, when Spears got more attention than she initially bargained for. The stunt ended up with her and her bodyguard fighting off photographers and taking refuge near the hotel pool.

Mandy Moore and Britney Spears? We're dubbing this "The Battle of Who Gives A s#&t '07 Live!"

IMDB News: Chaos As Britney Stages Hotel Drive-By

We all know Lindsay Lohan is a little bit of a rascal, but who knew she was something ripped straight out of Pulp Fiction?

Lee Weaver, Lohan's recently resigned bodyguard, is running his mouth to a British tabloid, chronicling all of Lohan's wild awesome behavior.

According to Weaver, Lohan is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more into partying than we thought and even has a "death wish" going on drinking and drug binges and cutting herself with knives. The bodyguard also mentioned several lesbian trysts and Lindsay beating down her dealer after he shorted her.

The dealer had a gun, but Lindsay had her fists and rage. Guess who won that fight? No puny handgun can stop the vicious force of LaLohan. This is new feminism, biatch.

WWTDD: Lindsay Lohan is a Hardass

Customs officials at the Cairo airport on Thursday had to thumb deep into their training manuals to the rarely-used section on what to do when Sam Jackson isn’t around and a passenger tries to bring live snakes onto a plane in his carryon luggage.

After asking the man to open his bag, the officials informed him that he would not be bringing those motherf’ing snakes on that motherf’ing plane… so to speak.

Thanks to the highly-trained officials’ expert execution of their duties, the Saudi-Arabia-bound flight was light some 700 serpentine stowaways, including 2 poisonous cobras.

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He-man is one manly cat! Dig those muscles and that awesome surfer haircut and fur bikini! Manly? Hell yah! Soon, if all goes well, you'll be able to enjoy Mr. Man on the big screen in the form of a new, live-action He-Man movie.

Warner Bros. Pictures are developing the movie and are currently in talks with Mattel to acquire the rights to He-man. Screenwriter Justin Marks, who recently co-wrote prison movie "SuperMax," has been brought on board to write the thing, although, it will basically write itself.

Put in some sword battles, a few "By the power of Greyskull!" some CGI effects and cast a hot chick to play She-Ra, and you got it. Now give us the money for having written the movie, pls.

DarkHorizons: New Live Action "He-Man" Planned

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Check out the Nintendo House from Carnegie Mellon's spring carnival. Wouldn't you want to live there?

It's been making the net rounds all morning. We picked it up from Destructoid, but got some extra skinny from Dana Vinson, an alumni of that respected institution.

The pics were taken at the annual Spring Carnival. This year's theme is "Small Things Made Big," hence the Nintendo house, built by Sigma Epsilon fraternity.

"Carnegie Mellon is a buncha nerds, so there's always f*cking videogame sh*t," The foulmouth Vinson told TheFeed. "One year they re-built the Death Star for carnival. And there's intricate soapbox derby races. You know, nerd crap. "

"CMU is mainly engineering and architechture students, and they work on the carnival houses all year long. They're really structurally sound."  Vinson added. She went on to express admiration for the school's policy of giving students two days off to "drink beer and get laid... well, maybe most of them don't get laid, and if they do, it's nerd sex and that's gross."

More pics under the cut.

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Oh, Man! We’re gonna need to make some extra room in our luggage for the return trip from this summer’s Comic-Con. TheFeed’s collective cubicle décor is about to get a whole lot hipper thanks to these freakin’ sweet limited-edition UNKL toys based on American pop geniuses, Wilco.

The cooler-than-us kids at Pitchfork note that the toy versions of Jeff Tweedy and his band of Chicago rock superstars will make their debut at the Con in San Diego this July. This strikes us as a somewhat odd venue for the unveiling as we’re pretty sure TheFeed constitutes the entire cross-section of fans of both comic books and Wilco. But we shall, as they say, see.

One thing’s for sure: we’re much more comfortable with these babies than the Pete Doherty and Bon Jovi toys.

Pitchfork: Wilco Become Toys!

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Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is planning on writing a children’s book, following in the footsteps of other celebrities that think people wants their kids reading their BS such as Madonna, Joni Mitchell, Leann Rimes and Billy Joel.  

Halliwell’s tome is being described as “Raiders of the Lost Ark-meets-Alice in Wonderland” and will “follow the adventures of nine-year-old Ugenia Lavender, a spunky, bright English girl who goes to school just like any normal kid but at the same time harbors a talent for solving mysteries and working her way out of sticky situations.”

Halliwell's daughter is named Bluebell Madonna, by the way.

Poor kid…

YahooNews.com: Geri Halliwell Spices Up Children's Lit

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Spice Girls Reunion?


Posted March 22, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

A week after swearing it would never happen, former Spice Girl Melanie “Sporty” Chisholm is saying there is indeed a Spice Girls reunion in the works.

"I've spoken to all the girls and yes, we'll do a one-off reunion for a big enough occasion or cause,” Chisholm told the UK press this week.

Apparently when she first brushed off the idea, she was angry with the band's creator, Simon Fuller, who accused her of delaying a comeback because she is still trying to start a solo career. But it seems she changed her mind about reuniting with girl group….

…presumably after a large sack of cash was dropped on her doorstep by a mysterious stranger named Señor Moneybags.

Starpulse.com: Melanie Chisholm Changes Her Mind About A Spice Girls Reunion

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NewsFlash: Wear G4 on yo' feet.

We ran across these super-rare kicks on the eBay machine. Make a bid.



"Thread Heads" is an internet TV program about people who make and/or mod their own clothing.

We think that's cool. We think it's cool they used a G4 shirt to demonstrate a t-shirt transformation technique as well.

We have a crush on the female host and want her to?visit our heavily armed compound and do handy-crafts all day while we sit and watch.

Check it out:




Posted March 12, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Yeah, these shoes are old, like from 2001 old, but?I would be remiss if I didn't share them with you.

Also: I will punch you if I see you wearing them.

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TheFeed may have found the myspace page of Ashley Miller and Heather Johnston, the?Barbie Bandits, those two teenagers in expensive sunglasses who are accused of robbing a bank in Atlanta. (We're like online Encyclopedia Browns or something.)

?Here's our evidence.

  1. The girls at this myspace page look a lot like the girls in the bandits mugshot. (The right is mugshot, left is the myspace)
  2. They have the same names and are from the same place.
  3. All their friends'?comments on their site are like, "OMG! You totally robbed a bank!":

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Lisa Nowak, America's most Dependable astronaut, is back in the news.

The Orlando Sentinel has linked to the email coorespondence that might have driven Nowak over the edge and sparked her?969-mile odyssey last month.

"First urge will be to rip your clothes off," reads one of the notes from Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman to Nowaks's love interest, astronaut Bill?Oefelein, while he was aboard shuttle Discovery in December. "But honestly, love, I want you to totally and thoroughly enjoy your hero's homecoming."

The emails highlight just how inane and not-funny our astronauts are in unguarded moments. We, as a nation, deserve more comical, interesting?astronauts. Would a rainbow-wig on a shuttle helmet kill NASA? We think not. Nowak should be a shining example for our brave space-heroes, and should not be on trial.

Orlando Sentinel: E-mails, notes add details on triangle

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