Marvel held an unscheduled screening for their one-shot short film Item 47 at Comic-Con 2012, and now they've released the teaser for everyone to watch. Item 47, featuring Lizzy Caplan, Jesse Bradford, and Maximiliano Hernandez, tells the story of a young couple who find one of the alien weapons from The Avengers. After it becomes functional again, the two go on a crime spree, which of course, attracts the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. Check out the teaser below.

Marvel One-Shot: Item 47 Clip Preview Video »

Item 47 in its entirety will be included with The Avengers Blu-ray and DVD sets, releasing on September 25.

Sons Of Anarchy Season Five Sneak Preview From The Sons of Anarchy Comic-Con 2012 Panel

Comic-Con closed out its show in 2012 with a panel celebrating the fifth season of outlaw biker series Sons of Anarchy, and although five years is a long time in TV, the series looks very far from jumping the proverbial shark.

The panel kicked off with a look at several minutes of footage from season five, a Comic-Con exclusive, in which the season is set up, at a glance. Jax is now the head of the Sons, and Clay has been reduced to something like a biker file clerk. He’s lost everything: His power, his wife, and his leadership of the club. Jax, having finally assumed the leadership role, will be put to the test by having to run the club. Now that Jax has what he wants, what will he do with it?


After the video, the cast and creator of Sons took the stage. Series creator Kurt Sutter, Katey Sagal, Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff, Kim Coates, Ryan Hurst, Tommy Flanagan, Mark Boone Jr., Dayton Callie, Theo Rossi and Comic-Con legend, Ron Perlman all were reppin’ SAMCRO at the Con-- there was a lot of testosterone and denim in Hall H.

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The legendary Joss Whedon joined us at Comic-Con 2012 and boy what a treat it was. The director of The Avengers let us in on what's coming up next in his comic book series', how he feels about doing another Firefly project, and more in the video below.

Joss Whedon Interview On Comics At Comic-Con 2012 »


Your Silent Hill Nightmares Return In Theaters & Halloween Horror Nights In Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Comic-Con 2012 Panel

Inside the Silent Hill: Revelation 3D panel at Comic-Con 2012, it was clear that we won't be sleeping easy after this Halloween. Wait, I take that back. I probably won't like being alone in the dark after what I saw in Hall H, where attendees were given a first look at footage from the film.

The two scenes featured star Adelaide Clemens being chased in a creepy factory by an even creepier mannequin spider monster, as well as Kit Harington (Jon Snow!!) trying to escape a room of stabby nurses. You know what this means. Silent Hill is back!

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Hello Kitty Street Fighter Plushies Coming To Hot Topic

The amazingly adorable Hello Kitty Street Fighter plushies that debuted at Comic-Con 2012 are coming to Hot Topic stores according to a Capcom spokesperson. Sanrio fans will be able to get their hands on Hello Kitty Ryu, M. Bison, and Chun Li soon, as they're coming to "as many stores as we can get them into," said Capcom.

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Halo 4

With 343 Industries taking over one of the largest franchises around, we were eager to get our hands on Halo 4 at this year’s Comic-Con 2012. Given a chance to finally get our fingers around Spec Ops mode and the virtual reality training, War Games, we couldn't help noticing some of the differences with 343's take on the new Master Chief. 

There’s a bit of heft behind his actions as he dashes away in his armor, and although it’s been a while since we’ve seen our friend in action, Master Chief has picked up a couple of tricks along the way.

“Physically, your spartan can now sprint by clicking on the left thumbstick, which is a nice addition as previously you had to slot in the Sprint armor ability to boost your ground speed. Melee attacks also have a lot more oomph to them, and you can launch people quite some distance if you time your strikes right.”

To find out more about the changes to the Chief, make sure that you check out our full Halo 4 Hands-On Preview from Comic-Con 2012.

NTSF: SD: SUV's Paul Scheer and Children's Hospital's Rob Corddry were on hand at Comic-Con 2012 Live to talk with Candace Bailey about the weirdest things they saw at the convention and the upcoming seasons of their Adult Swim shows. Check it all out in the video below, and make sure not to dress your dog up around Paul Scheer.

Adult Swim with Paul Scheer and Rob Corddry at Comic-Con 2012 Live »



Comic-Con 2012 isn't just about the comic books anymore. Nowadays, the biggest Hollywood blockbusters are making an appearance as well. In the video below, Matt Mira and Jessica Chobot catch up with stars Jodie Foster, Matt Damon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, and Mila Kunis from Elysium, Looper, and Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Oz: The Great and Powerful, Elysium, and Looper at Comic-Con 2012 Live »


The man you’ve come to know and love as Luke Skywalker and the voice behind Joker, Mark Hamill, now has a movie unlike any of his other projects before, Sushi Girl. In this dark mystery, Hamill plays Crow, a sadistic creep with horned-rimmed glasses. And of course, we couldn’t let him leave without talking about some experiences with Star Wars and some of the items he’s kept from the films.

To find out more about Sushi Girl and learn what one Star Wars item Mark Hamill keeps in his house, check out the video below.

Sushi Girl with Mark Hamill at Comic-Con 2012 Live »


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. Coming to XBLA, PSN in August

Capcom has announced JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD will release on PlayStation Network August 21 and Xbox Live Arcade August 22.

The HD update of the manga-inspired brawler from the PlayStation and Dreamcast era will feature the option to play in either the classic arcade style as well as in “Arcade SD Mode,” which will be pixel art-y like the original games.

The game will revive/support online play that will include the ability to filter opponents by location and connection speed, similar to the systems seen in Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Fans of lobby fights will be pleased to hear that the game will introduce a new eight-player multiplayer mode where players can compete (while waiting to compete) for a chance to compete in the final showdown. Losing isn’t just shameful; it also means you have to watch the person that beat you play their next match. Brutal.

For those players who love showing off their skills to the world, you’ll be able to do just that thanks to the game’s new video sharing feature, which lets you save a replay of your fight and post it online.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD will set you back $9.99 on PSN and 1600 on XBLA.

Academy Award winners Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx were on hand at Comic-Con 2012 to talk about Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Civil War-era revenge flick Django Unchained, and we were on hand to find out what it’s been like bringing Tarantino’s uncharacteristically stylized, violent, and dark humored tale to the big screen. Like any sensible Tarantino fan, you better believe I'm counting the minutes until his latest bloody epic hits the theaters in December.

Django Unchained Floor Report Comic-Con 2012 Live »


Iron Man 3, Ant-Man First Look & More At Marvel Studios Comic-Con 2012 Panel

Marvel Studios closed out the Hall H presentations on Saturday night at Comic-Con 2012 with a slew of announcements and first looks that probably elevated the spirits of fans everywhere. You can't go wrong when it comes to Robert Downey, Jr. charming the crowd, a look at an early production test for Ant Man and the release dates for all those Marvel sequels you've been waiting for.

Here's what we learned:

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The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Man of Steel & The Campaign at Warner Bros & Legendary Pictures Comic-Con 2012 Panel

It's a good time for monsters and superheroes right now, if the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures panel at Comic-Con 2012 have anything to do with it. Inside a packed Hall H with moderator Chris Hardwick, fans were treated to a first look at films like The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, Godzilla and Man of Steel, along with surprise appearances for The Campaign.

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True Blood actress Janina Gavankar roams the halls of Comic-Con 2012 to find everything that is amazing at the convention. From sitting on top of KITT with David Hasselhoff to full contact LARPing, Janina does anything and everything you want to being doing behind the doors of Comic-Con. No one has ever had so much fun in so little time.

To follow all of Janina’s exploits, you’ll need to check out the video below.

Janina Gavankar Floor Report Comic-Con 2012 Live »


Joss Whedon On Dr. Horrible 2 And Much Ado About Nothing At Comic-Con 2012 Panel 

What happens when you throw Joss Whedon on stage with a mic before a thousand diehard fans? That's exactly what his panel was about at Comic-Con 2012 where people were given the opportunity to ask The Avengers director (almost) anything. And if they couldn't get to ask anything, they were happy to sit back and listen.

Whedon first spoke about having just finished the post production on his new film, Much Ado About Nothing, which he said was "one of the greatest experiences" for him and was "so proud of everyone in it," a shoot he described as watching "people you love rocking Shakespeare so hard." Aside from taking on one of literature's greatest, he also announced that the movie would feature his first film score.

And if it's terrible? "Well, then. It was my first."

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