Batman: Arkham Asylum Voiceover Actor Kevin Conroy Interview »

Ever want to talk to Batman? Well, now you can…sorta. Check out this interview with Batman voice talent Kevin Conroy at Comic-Con where he speaks about Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) and voicing the caped crusader on Batman The Animated Series.

Arkham Asylum will be released by Eidos on August 25.



Comic-Con 09: Playboy's Shannon Twins Love Ice Cream »

What better way to spend a hot, sweaty Comic-Con afternoon than hanging with Playboy’s Shannon Twins as they hand out free ice cream cones to their adoring fans?

Yes, Kristina and Karissa Shannon were kind enough to hand out copies of the latest issue of the magazine (the one with G4’s own Olivia Munn on the cover!) along with yummy ice cream cones and even found time to chat with G4 about such important issues as what is their favorite flavor of ice cream, their favorite videogames, and exactly how hot Olivia Munn really is.

Yes, it was just that kinda of day, folks. Sometimes life is good.


Batman: Arkham Asylum Writer Paul Dini Interview »

Everyone is talkin’ about the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Batman game. So we went straight to the source at Comic-Con 09 and chatted with writer Paul Dini about what makes this Bat-game so darn special.

So take his (and our) word for its awesomeness…or find out for yourself when the game is released by Eidos on August 25.


Comic-Con 09: Sideshow Collectibles Tour »

Production Manager Scott Klauder of Sideshow Collectibles gives G4tv a tour of their massive Comic-Con booth. You’ll see figures, masks, weapons and props from movies such as Iron Man, Alien vs. Predator, Lord of the Rings, Hell Boy, Star Wars and much more.

Plus, dig this sneak peek at a character and collectible from James Cameron’s upcoming, much hyped film Avatar. Pretty darn cool…


Comic-Con 09: Prodigal Sunn, Kel Mitchell And Kwame »

You know Prodigal Sunn as one of the MCs in Wu Tang Clan’s group Sunz of Man. You heard him on the soundtrack to Afro Samurai. You’ve seen him in his on-demand TV series The Grindz and on G4’s Freestyle 101.

But now Prodigal Sunn is here to play G4tv host as he hits the floor of Comic-Con and introduces his posse, which includes Nickelodeon star and frequent Attack of the Show comedy sparring partner Kel Mitchell (Good Burger) and fellow New York rap vet Kwamè. This trio chats about what they are up to, why they are at Comic-Con, and what you can expect from them in the future.

And go pick up Prodigal Sunn’s new album Hood Chronicles at www.myspace.com/prodigalsunn.


One of the simultaneously great and terrible things about Comic-Con every year is the massive amount of cosplay that goes on there, with people of all shapes and sizes dressing as characters that run the gamut from the most popular to the most obscure in the realm of popular culture.

Our investigative reporter Dana Vinson decided to try and get to the bottom of the phenomenon by donning a costume herself, and hitting the floor to figure out what was so appealing about grown folks dressing up in costume. The result? A whole lot of people in strange costumes talking about what they're wearing and why. Did we come to any conclusions? You're going to have to watch the video to decide.


Dana Vinson Investigates Comic-Con Cosplay »

So, you couldn't make it to Comic-Con 2009...or maybe you did, but you couldn't get into the Attack of the Show panel because of the line of hundreds of fans waiting outside. You didn't think we'd let you miss it, did you? Of course not. Here, now, in its entirety, is the AOTS panel from Comic-Con, including interviews with Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, Blair Butler, and the executive producers of the show, talking about a typical workday, taking questions from fans, and giving some surprises to the crowd in attendance.

There's also a nerd rave. Yeah, it's exactly what you think it is. Check it out.

If you're having a problem with the video player, please just hit play and pause and let it buffer for a while. Then go make a sandwich. It's a big file. Thanks.,


Attack of the Show Panel from Comic-Con '09 »



Comic-Con 09: Murs Talks Nerds And Comics »

Living Legends rapper Murs, he of Fresh Ink Online and Freestyle 101 fame, chats nerd life and comics at Comic-Con 09.

Check him on the Rock The Bells Tour this summer!!

And dig that crazy hair!

Read More »


Fresh Ink Online: Marc Guggenheim Comic-Con '09 Interview »

Writer Marc Guggenheim chats with Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler about his work on Resurrection in this special  interview at Comic-Con 09. 

Is a film version of Resurrection in the works? Tune in and find out!

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Comic-Con 09: MC Frontalot And MC Lars Talk Web Comics »

You've seen them on G4's rad TV promos. You've checked them spitting dope rhymes on our multi-platform hip hop series  Freestyle 101. And you've heard their amazing music.  Now watch nerdcore rappers MC Frontalot and MC Lars chat about web comics and hip hop at Comic-Con 09. These guys know their nerds!

Read More »


Comic-Con 09: Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cast Interview »

Hey, is that Always Sunny In Philadelphia cast members Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney hanging at Comic-Con? It sure is! So we turned the camera loose and let them go, go, go!

Watch them riff about Season 5 of the controversial FX show, the ins and outs of working with Danny Devito, and their favorite letters in the alphabet. Yes, this interview could even be considered educational, kiddies! (Not really)



A few of us at Comic Con 09 were lucky enough to get a chance to check out the fully realized recreation of Flynn's Arcade on 6th street in downtown San Deigo. What some of us didn't know was the opening of Flynn's was preceded by a Tron Legacy ARG that lead Tron fans to a scavenger hunt, forcing them to find black-light hidden clues on "Flynn Lives" posters scattered across the city. Clues that led them to the grand re-opening of Flynn's. But let's be honest, you only wish you could have been there for the chance to play those classic arcade games. They were all set to free play.

Tron Legacy ARG and Flynn's Arcade at Comic Con 09 »

host Blair Butler takes you on a floor tour of Comic-Con 09.

From the wild masks and models at the Prop Store of London, to the art of DC Direct, to the comicy wonders of Artists Alley, Blair leaves no stone unturned!

Fresh Ink Online: Comic-Con 09 Floor Tour »

Fresh Ink Online

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You've probably already watched all 9 episodes of our 48 hours with Olivia Munn series, but in case you missed it, here's Day 1 and Day 2. Well we shot a lot of footage over those two days, and obviously most of it didn't make the cut. Well we took the time to dig through all those hours to find even more gems of wisdom from the great Olivia Munn. Enough to make two more pieces in fact. Check out the Deleted Scenes and Bonus Footage from our 48 Hours with Olivia Munn!

48 Hours with Olivia at Comic Con: Deleted Scenes »

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Comic-Con 09: Director Park Chan-Wook Talks 'Thirst' »

Hey horror fans!!! Check this out. Famed director Park Chan-Wook, he of Old Boy fame, chats with G4tv.com at Comic-Con '09. He talks about his upcoming vampire flick Thirst and the worldwide success of Old Boy. You will not want to miss this exclusive interview with this elusive master filmmaker.


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