E3 2010: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Screenshots

If there's one thing I like more than superheroes, it's watching them fight one another. Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds scratches that itch perfectly, which made liveblogging their Comic-Con panel all the more appropriate. Here's the details:

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds The wait is over! After a decade of demand, Capcom delivers with Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds! Learn all you need to know about the characters, levels, storyline, fight moves, and combos from producer Ryota Niitsuma and special advisor Seth Killian of Capcom, along with TQ Jefferson, director of games at Marvel Entertainment, and Frank Tieri, storywriter for Marvel Comics. Then show off your fighting game skills as audience members are chosen for some spontaneous challenge matches to win exclusive MVC3 prizes, followed by a Q&A session.

For more on the game and the panel itself, dig into our liveblog of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Comic-Con panel.

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E3 2010: Twisted Metal Screenshots

We're so happy to see a new current-generation non-portable Twisted Metal game; we can barely contain ourselves. So of course we made sure to hit the "Twisted Metal Returns" panel at Comic-Con 2010.  Here's what we expect:

Car combat returns to the PlayStation 3. Meet game directors David Jaffe (God of War) and Scott Campbell (Downhill Domination) as they introduce the demented characters of the new game, share some early looks at the game's twisted end stories, and show concept art of the PS3 Twisted Metal that never was!

To check in on the liveblog and hear what Jaffe has to say about the game, come on inside!

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BIG Marvel Movie News: 'Spider-man 4,' 'Thor,' 'Captain America,' 'Avengers'! 

If you're dying to know more about Marvel's line-up of video games, you'll want to check out the Marvel Interactive: A Look at Marvel Video Games panel from Comic-Con 2010.  As described by Comic-Con proper:

Learn all about Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Super Hero Squad Online, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Thor and and other new games via exclusive trailers, surprise reveals, and Q&A with the game creators, as well as the Marvel writers working on the next wave of Marvel Games from some of the industry's top publishers.

Jump in to learn about new features, exclusive bonuses, and more on your favorite Marvel games from the developers themselves.  Hit the Read More to participate!

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Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

The cosplayers of Comic-Con are among the most fun things to see at the convention, and there are so many of them, from painstakingly handmade to costumes that advertise. Check out these amazing, fun and in one case, funny, cosplayers we saw yesterday. For more Comic-Con 2010 cosplay photos you can easily click here or if you want to see sexy, cute, and weird women cosplaying you can click here.

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G4 Exclusive - Flynn's Arcade

Greetings late night Feed readers. I have literally just made it back from the Tron Legacy Comic-Con party. If you follow Attack of the Show on Twitter, you might have been reading my live blog updates from there. This was the destination for Tron fans, who have been playing the upcoming sequel's ARG since Comic-Con of last year! This was their endgame so to speak. Derez yourselves and come check out our pictures from the party.

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Infamous 2

People love the Uncharted games, but as far as I'm concerned, inFamous, is the best game to ever have been released on the PlayStation 3. Clearly, I'm going to want to know more about its sequel, and thankfully, this Comic-Con panel has the details:

Sucker Punch Productions, the developer behind the critically acclaimed PS3 summer blockbuster inFamous, takes you behind the scenes in the making and evolution of superhero Cole MacGrath. Unlike most superheroes, Cole and the inFamous universe were designed from the ground up as a video game, rather than as a scripted linear book or show. Key members of the Sucker Punch team discuss how this video-game-first approach affects every aspects of the creative process -- including character designs, super powers, architecture, morality, and the narrative structure. Additionally, attendees will get a first look at the 2D graphic cut scenes from inFamous 2, as well as have an opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A.

To get in on the superhero-infused action, hit the read more to see our liveblog in progress.

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Halo: Reach Screens Illustrate Multiplayer Mayhem

Bungie's last Halo is also its most anticipated, so we've strapped ourselves into our seats for the Halo: Reach panel at Comic-Con 2010 where we hope to hear more about the game from the masters themselves. As far as what will go down during the panel, expect an in-person look at the campaign mode and a debut of some exciting Halo: Reach news.

We have you covered with our Comic-Con live blog, so if you want to know more, hit the Read More to come on inside.

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Would it be Bond without an awesome credits sequence? I dare say not.  On the heels of an initial roll-out for Comic-Con, Activision has released this credits trailer that should (hopefully) mark the opening of the newly announced James Bond 007: Blood Stone. I'd tell you to enjoy, but then I'd also be telling you that the sky is blue, or that water's wet, or that it's sunny outside the G4 offices in LA on a Thursday afternoon.

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The Anti-Heroes of Showtime Liveblog with Dexter's Michael C. Hall, Californication's David Duchnovy and More!

Fans of anti-heroes everywhere should tune in for our current liveblog with Dexter's Michael C. Hall, Californication's David Duchovny, Weeds' Mary-Louise Parker and more.  For info on the panel, here's Comic-Con's take:

The 21st century anti-hero has become one of the driving forces in recent pop culture. When it comes to the television anti-hero, Showtime has the winning formula. Hear firsthand from the showrunners, creators, and actors who have helped define this phenomenon. Dexter's Michael C. Hall and showrunner Chip Johannessen (24) delve into the phenomenon of Dexter Morgan, the serial killer you can't help rooting for; David Duchovny and Tom Kapinos of Californication discuss why Hank Moody is the "bad boy" we love despite his obvious shortcomings; and Mary-Louise Parker and Jenji Kohanof Weeds interpret pot-dealing soccer mom Nancy Botwin's moral decisions, as the line between right and wrong is not always as simple as black or white. Plus: Nurse Jackie -- despite a little pill-popping along the way -- is a smart no-nonsense nurse, who if you're ever taken to the hospital, you had better hope she's the first person you see. With heroes like these, who needs villains? Breaking the occasional promise, law, or commandment is all in a day's work, and one thing's for sure -- Showtime heroes never let doing the right thing get in the way of having a good time.

The stars are all live and on stage now, so come on in with your comments and insight for our liveblog.

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Comic-Con. To some, the word invokes sheer terror into their souls. To most, it brings love, joy and excitement. And to a very select few, it simply means now's the time I can spill out of my costume and no one will judge me... to my face.

Whether you are in San Diego or not, G4 is dedicated to bringing you the best info flowing from the show. You already saw the line-up of events happening on-air and on-site, but on G4TV.com, turn to us for your breaking news, game previews, trailers and gameplay clips, cosplay photos, video interviews and live blogged panels. 

To see the panels we'll be covering (which include TRON: Legacy, Thor and Captain America, Harry Potter and more), it's as easy as looking below or checking out our main Comic-Con 2010 site. As a bonus feature, sign up to be reminded when the panels start! Good luck, we're all counting on you.

GoldenEye 007

Golden Gun Mode. I don't know about you, but it was the cause of many an argument over a decade ago on my Nintendo 64. Activision brought back GoldenEye 007's perennial friendship-killer at Comic-Con, and Steve Johnson was there to jump in. Thankfully, he and Kevin Kelly are co-workers and not buddies, so they're still forced to hang out even after shooting one another in the face repeatedly. Steve's pretty positive that the nostalgia factor's working in favor of GoldenEye, per this snippet from his hands-on time:

"While online shooters can be seen to provide a 'better' gaming experience to players who are really into their kill/death ratios, if you're more concerned with games being fun than hardcore, split-screen multiplayer is the only way to go. GoldenEye will offer 'modern,' fully online multiplayer, but the split-screen is better--Until last night, I'd almost forgotten how much more awesome it is to trash-talk in person as opposed to over a headset. Suffice to say, there was a lot screaming, good natured cursing, laughing and 'did you see that?' coming from our section of Activision's press event."

Plus, Oddjob's been properly nerfed. Sound like a deal? Read Steve's anecdotes from his play time to learn more.


Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

I knew there was something about Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions that reminded me of 2005's diamond in the rough Ultimate Spider-Man. Lo and behold, amidst the four different Spidey personas, Activision has unveiled the final Spider-Man you'll play as in this tale of parallel universes, and it's Ultimate. Steve Johnson jumped into some hands-on time with this newly revealed playable Parker, and here's a glimpse at how he'll play:

"If Spider Man Noir is kind of wimpy when he's not hiding in the shadows, Ultimate Spider-Man is the opposite. He takes on enemies full-on, dispatching swarms of bad guys with powerful attacks in a God of War, beat-em-up style. Ultimate has a rage-meter that allows him to unleash special attacks, as well as the ability to string together devastating combos. The controls are smooth, and while it's a bit button-mashy, that's the intention, and like in God of War, it works very, very well."

So he's like Kratos, minus the high blood pressure? Color me interested. And if you're a shade more intrigued, check out Steve's hands-on impressions from Comic-Con 2010!


Fempire Strikes Back: A St*r Warz Burlesque Show »

You remember Courtney Cruz and her burlesque troop Devil’s Playground from our cover age of St*r Warz Burlesque Show a few months back and their Video Game Girls show last year, don’t ya? Well, the saga continues as Courtney presents Fempire Strikes Back, the next chapter in her racy take on the Star Wars series. You’ll meet such characters as Bubble Fett, Slaya, Slobba, Darthy, Juan Cholo and Crunchy, L3F0 and R2TuTu, Stormy, and more. We caught them at the Music Box in Hollywood, but you can see them at Voyeur as part of San Diego Comic on July 24, 2010 at 7pm. Visit www.courtneycruz.com for more details.

Fresh Ink Online: Batman: Lock and Key, X-Files »

It’s the week before San Diego Comic-Con and Fresh Ink Online host Blair Butler is rocketing through two weeks of floppies before we head into the maelstrom! Reviews this week include Batman and Robin, Scarlet, Shadowland, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, Demo, Casanova, The X-Files: 30 Days of Night, Superman, Widow Warriors, My?tery Society, Sweets, Officer Downe, and Locke and Key: Crown of Shadows. Whew! See ya in San Diego, kiddies!

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 The Best Comic-Book Video Games

Everyone knows that one of the quickest ways to doom a game to the bargain bin is to slap the words "Based on the movie!" on the front cover. For some reason, almost every video game made from movies are immediately cursed to suckitude. But thankfully, that's not always the case with comic books. In fact, some upcoming titles based on comics (or their world) look particularly droolworthy. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions has excited across multiple dimensions, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is all over our charts. Then there's Comic Jumper, which is looking like a day one pickup.

So below are some of our favorite comic book video games for you to enjoy or berate us over. And while we're talking comic books, don't forget we'll be working hard from preview night through Sunday covering Comic-Con 2010, live-blogging your favorite panels, schmoozing with the stars and bringing you a little taste of San Diego for those trapped at home. Plus, on July 24th, G4 will be running 4 hours of live coverage from Comic-con, making Saturday the ultimate geek day to remember!

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