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In just a few moments, attendees at the 20th Century Fox Films panel at Comic-Con 2011 will be treated to a first look at the company’s upcoming slate of movies. I don’t care what anyone says, Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks rad, mainly because WETA is behind the CGI and the apes look quite badass. I’m sure the panel will address a number of other films besides this one, but I wouldn’t complain if it didn’t.

Head over to our 20th Century Fox Films Comic-Con 2011 live blog now to make sure you get a good seat, virtually speaking of course.

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Game Of Thrones At Comic-Con -- Check Out The Panel With Live Blog!

Game of Thrones on HBO had a stellar first season. Talk of bloodlines, wolves, houses and lords now float through nerd and pop culture alike, and it's easy to see why. But, just in case you haven't caught the Games fever, now's your chance to learn more about what you're missing. Or if you're a fan already, stop by to catch a glimpse into the making of the epic series. Moderated by George R. R. Martin himself, this panel is sure to be a treat. Make sure to get in before the panel starts at 3:00 p.m!

Check out the Game of Thrones panel at Comic-Con live blog here!

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Street Fighter Third Strike Release Date Revealed

At its Comic-Con panel moments ago, the company announced that Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition will be available for PSN on August 23,  and  on XBLA beginning August 24 in North America. You'll be able to practice in the game's "Trial" mode, and upload memorable fights directly to YouTube.

Check out our Live Blog of the panel for more on this and other Capcom fighting games!

New Darkstalkers Game Announced During The Street Fighter X Tekken Comic-Con 2011 PanelA new DarkStalkers game was just announced during Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken Comic-Con 2011 panel. Details surrounding the game are very slim; we don't know any projected release date or system availability, only that the fighting game series isn't dead and Capcom is working on another one. Cool!

UPDATE: According to the twitter account of Capcom's Wes Phillips, the company has not announced a new DarkStalkers game, in spite of seeming to at their press event. Here's the tweet:

"We have not announced a new Darkstalkers game."

Well, there's both sides of the story for you; make up your own mind!

Click here to check out the Street Fighter X Tekken Comic-Con Live Blog

Would you be willing to throw down for a new Darkstalkers game? I love me some Morrigan.

The Darkness 2 Announced; Features

According to the The Darkess 2 panel from Comic-Con 2011, there is a live-action feature film version of The Darkness currently in development. Mandeville Films, the studio behind the Academy Award-winning The Fighter, will produce. According to Darkness creator Marc Silvestri, the film will be a full-blown, true Hollywood movie. "This will not be a watered down version of The Darkness," he said.

For more information from The Darkness panel at Comic-Con, head on over to our The Darkness Comic-Con 2011 panel write-up.


Street Fighter X Tekken Panel At Comic-Con -- Check Out The Live Blog!

Street Fighter x Tekken is at Comic-Con and we've got live blog coverage of the panel! Be sure to tune in (you kids can do that with your fancy computer boxes these days, can't you?) and catch all the details from Yoshinori Ono from Street Fighter and Katsuhiro Harada from Tekken. The showdown starts at 2:00 p.m. today.

Follow this link to our Street Fighter x Tekken at Comic-Con panel live blog!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

At the game's Comic-Con panel earlier today, Kingdoms of Amalur's art director, the legendary Todd MacFarlane, said the game will be out in the early part of 2012.

"It's scheduled for February, unless EA tells us otherwise." McFarlane told the assemblage of gamers, nerds and geeks.

It seems the creative team who made the game will be finished their swork relatively soon, placing the release-date-ball squarely in EA's court. For the rest of the goings-on, news and excitement from the Kingdoms of Amalur panel, check out our Kingdoms of Amalur Panel write-up. It will be up soon!

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Checking In On What We Know

EA, along with unveiling the three editions of Star Wars: The Old Republic, have also announced that there will be closed beta test weekends starting in September for the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role playing game. "These weekend play sessions will be open to selected players worldwide and create an opportunity for fans to get a sneak peek of the epic stories, worlds, quests, battles and characters in the game," said EA in a statement.

As the SW:TOR beta has been going on for a while now, the weekend addition must mean they're getting very close to finishing their product. Many fans of the game are predicting an October release for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Will you be trying to get in to the weekend beta tests by signing up via SW: TOR's website?

Also, you might want to consider pre-ordering the game if you're interested in getting a copy. The Collector's Edition is already sold out on EA's digital distribution service Origin. The Force certainly seems to be with this MMO.

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Oh those French and their Rayman Origins. Slap, slap, slap! The kooky, limbless hero made waves at E3 2011, and now the team at Ubisoft has seen fit to reward the little guy with their own "Best of" badges. What kind? Well, "Biggest Butt" is on there. What more do you need to know? Check out the trailer below!

Rayman Origins Comic-Con 2011 Trailer »

Slap slap! Rayman Origins smacks its way into your home later this year!

A new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released at Comic-Con 2011. The trailer may look similar to the one from E3, and that's because it's basically an extended version of that trailer. It features the full Goddess statue, an adorable penguin thing, and a Goron!


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Comic-Con 2011 Trailer »

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is coming out for the Nintendo Wii this holiday season.


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  • Videos
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Capcom has released a new Street Fighter X Tekken trailer from Comic-Con 2011 confirming Poison, Steve Fox, and Yoshimitsu as playable characters. You can check out the freshly announced characters in action below.


Street Fighter X Tekken Comic-Con 2011 Gameplay Trailer »

Also, don't forget to check out X-PLAY Live tonight at 7 PM ET where they'll be featuring the first live gameplay footage from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.



Twilight Panel At Comic-Con: Check Out Our Live Blog!

It's Twilight time, people. We all need to take a break and enjoy the magic of the series' sensual vampires. 

Summit Entertainment will be presenting the panel which will offer fans details on the final chapter of The Twilight Saga, and should feature some of the stars of the series. It starts at 11:15 AM today, and if you can't be there, you'll want to read our live blog. Up to the minute info on the attractive vampires and werewolves of the Twilight-verse.

Twilight Panel at Comic-Con live blog! Check it out!

X-Play's Comic-Con Panel: Check Out The Live Blog

Hey, gamer... whatcha doing right now? I have something better. X-Play's annual Comic-Con panel is going to happen at 11 AM today, and we'll be covering it, as it happens, with a Live Blog! 

Join Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Blair Herter, Kristin Adams and executive producer Wade Beckett in a celebration of the show's 13 year history. They'll take questions from the audience, debut a new comedy short, challenge the hardcore fans with trivia, and give out prizes to a chosen few. This hour of reflection and finger pointing is guaranteed to be a life-changing experience! Experience it... or experience someone writing about it in real time, anyway.

Here's the link! Go! Go! Go!

Kinect Star Wars Bundle Announced

At Comic-Con moments ago, LucasArts announced a Star Wars Kinect 360 bundle to go with Kinect Star Wars video game coming out later this year.

The bundle will contain an R2-D2 themed Xbox 360 console with a 320 GB hard-drive, a C3PO-themed controller, a copy of the game, a white Kinect unit, and the ability to make "unique R2-D2 sounds."  All this can be yours for the relatively low price of $499.

We'll have more info as it becomes available, so stay tuned... but until then, enjoy this gallery of photos!

Check out everything that went down at the Kinect Star Wars panel.

Star Wars the Old Republic

BioWare today revealed three editions of Star Wars: The Old Republic available for pre-order now. This means the game is actually coming out! Upon pre-order, players will be granted a redemption code that will unlock early game access as well as an in-game color stone to change your weapon effect. No word yet on a release date... but it's only the first day of Comic-Con!

The three versions, The Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector’s Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition, are available for pre-order today at participating retailers, with digital versions available exclusively through EA's new download service, Origin.

Full details of each edition are under the "Read More" tag.

Read More »


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