Uncharted 3 Panel At Comic-Con -- The Gang's All Here For Our Live Blog

Uncharted 3 cast members Nolan North, Richard McGonagle, Emily Rose (or as you may more affectionately know them, Nathan Drake, Victor "Sully" Sullivan, and Elena Fisher respectively) and Creative Director Amy Hennig are hosting a panel at Comic-Con 2011! Don't worry though, you don't have to brave sinking ships or the desert to catch all the details. No, all that's been taken care of.

Instead, just make you tune in by 4:00 p.m. when the panel starts. All you've got to do is click the link below!

Check out the Uncharted 3 Comic-Con 2011 panel live blog!

Mass Effect 3 Delayed Until Early 2012 -- New Screenshots Don't Ease The Pain

Mass Effect game creators Casey Hudson and Mark Protosevich were on hand at the Legendary Films panel during Comic-Con 2011 to talk about the upcoming Mass Effect movie. According to Casey, the true strength of the series comes from the characters. They declared that the Mass Effect universe is as strong as other sci-fi and fantasy films like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, which will help translate the game in to an epic movie. They assured the audience at the panel that their movie will be different from other video game movies.

To catch up on everything that the creators said regarding the Mass Effect movie, head on over to our Mass Effect and Legendary Pictures Panel Live Blog from Comic-Con 2011

Disney Store's John Balen Talks Comic-Con Vinylmation Robots, Pop! Vinyl Collections

To commemorate Comic-Con 2011, the Disney Store unveiled two new lines of vinyl collectibles: Vinylmation Robots and a POP! Vinyl collection from Funko that are available exclusively at the big San Diego Con this week. Disney Store North America director of toys John Balen spoke to me over the phone from the Comic-Con floor (a treacherous proposition indeed) to tell me more about the new lines and what fans can expect in the coming months.

G4: Tell us a little bit about Vinylmation for those (like me) aren’t terribly familiar with it.
John Balen: Vinylmation is a collectible line of vinyl toys. It was started at the Disney theme parks, and Disney Store and Disneystore.com participate in their line. It’s a unique way of branding our characters and artwork in a fun, exciting, and different way. It’s really appealing to Disney fans, vinyl enthusiasts, tweens, collectors of all ages. And the robots line, which is premiering [July 22] at Disney Stores across the country and at Disneystore.com. That’s only the second wide release series that was created exclusively by Disney Store artists. We did Disney Villains Series 1 in January to much success. That was an extremely popular line. We actually have a Villains 2 series planned in the future. Robots is only the second line we’ve designed.

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Attack of the Show - Home Feature Content

Hey, you! Don't forget to tune in for Attack of the Show tonight at 7PM ET for a live look at Comic-Con and a star-studded guest list including Chris Evans, Aisha Tyler, and Mark Hamill! Attack of the Show is taking over Comic-Con, and you'd better believe you have good reason to celebrate long into the weekend.

Captain America is out today, so Chris Evans - that's "Captain America Chris Evans" to you - will swing by with fellow cast member Sebastian Stan and director Joe Johnston to discuss the film and what implications it has for the future Marvel movies. He is the first Avenger, after all.

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 Mass Effect Movie At Legendary Pictures Panel -- Comic-Con And Live Blog Make Dreams Come True

Mass Effect movie from Legendary Pictures is up for discussion at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, and we're traveling to the future to bring back exciting technology that will allow you to know, just as fast as we do, what gets said about it during the Legendary Pictures panel. That's right space cadets, if you tune into our live blog of the Legendary Pictures panel, you'll be among the first to know all the information! Feel free to show off to your friends.

The panel starts at 12:45 p.m. so hurry over by clicking the handy link below!

Check out the Mass Effect movie / Legendary Pictures panel at Comic-Con live blog here!


Jurassic Park

According to the great Steven Spielberg, there is a story for Jurassic Park 4, and he hopes the movie will come out in the next 2-3 years.

Spielberg gave out the info at his Comic-Con 2011 panel for his upcoming motion-capture-powered flick The Adventures of TinTin, a movie based on an ancient French comic book series.

Check out our write-up of the TinTin panel, where we'll be featuring a ton of other exciting, Spielbergian information.

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Resistance 3

At last night's Comic-Con panel for Resistance 3, a couple of small info-bombs were dropped. First off, we learned of Resistance Global, a new PC-based strategy game.

"It's a massive strategy game. As you an see, there's base building. You're choosing your side, and you're working to get the resources to take over the world," Insomniac's Marcus Smith said. "You can link it to your Facebook account in order to login and post updates to your wall."

We also learned that the beta of Resistance 3 will be up in early August.The game comes out on September 6, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Check out our write-up of the full Resistance 3 panel.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City DLC will make Rocksteady's next Batman game an ongoing one, with players able to download future "episodes." According to whom, you ask? According to none other than Batman himself, of course!

In an interview with site Comic Booked, the voice of the Dark Knight, Kevin Conroy stated his plans for future work. "The thing about Arkham City is that it’s going to be an ongoing game," Conroy said. "You’re going to be able to download future episodes of it, so it’s going to be going on for quite a while. I’ve been recording it for a while. So that will continue."

There's really no other Arkham City news, and Conroy's statements, while cool, are also somewhat vague. After all, this could simply mean more challenge maps. But with the recent reveals of Talia al Ghul and Solomon Grundy in Batman: Arkham City, it seems Rocksteady is more than willing to continue pulling from the rogues gallery.

What do you think? Will we see an extended storyline from Arkham City DLC, or would you actually want more challenge maps instead? Leave your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Booked


Nintendo launched its 3D video service for the Nintendo 3DS system last night. To celebrate the launch of the service, in the coming weeks, Nintendo Video will feature exclusive 3D videos from Jason DeRulo, Foster the People, CollegeHumor and the Blue Man Group, plus extreme sports and action videos, animation from various independent studios and 3D trailers for upcoming Hollywood movies. All without special glasses.

“Nintendo 3DS is a unique platform for creativity,” said Tony Elison, Nintendo of America’s senior director and general manager of Network Business. “OK Go and all our partners are helping us make Nintendo Video a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.”

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It was outed by Entertainment Weekly during Comic-Con 2011 that Talia al Ghul will be making an appearance in Batman: Arkham City. The daughter of the villain Ra's al Ghul will be voiced by Stana Katic (Castle). If you're not familiar with Talia from Batman lore, she played a love interest of Batman's and became the eventual mother of the caped crusader's son, Damian. Here's a picture of Talia's character design in Batman: Arkham City.

Talia al Ghul To Appear In Batman: Arkham City

I must admit that after seeing Harley Quinn and Catwoman's designs, I was a bit disappointed with Talia's. What do you think? Also, don't forget to check out the news that Solomon Grundy will also be making an appearance in Arkham City. It seems like just about everyone can make it into this game. Who do you want to see next?

Batman: Arkham City will be out for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 18.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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The Gunstringer

The Gunstringer, developer Twisted Pixel's step into the world of full-on, boxed game releases, has a date. The Kinect-powered 360 game will bed hitting North American store shelves on September 13. The game will come for the low-low, Kinect price of only $39.99, and will will be bundled with sleeper-sensation Fruit Ninja Kinect as a bonus.

Now that I have your attention, click the "Read More" tag for a look at The Gunstringer in action.

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Batman: Arkham City

During X-PLAY Live, it was revealed that the Solomon Grundy is going to be a new villain in Batman: Arkham City. Solomon Grundy is a zombie supervillain who was originally introduced into the DC Comics Universe as an enemy of the Green Lantern. We're not too sure yet on the specifics of Grundy's role in Arkham City, but as we get more details on the undead villain we'll be sure to let you know.

For now, head over to the Batman: Arkham City Comic-Con 2011 Live Blog to catch up on even more from the upcoming action game.

Batman: Arkham City Comic-Con 2011 Panel: Check Out The Live Blog

The Batman: Arkham City Comic-Con 2011 panel is going to happen at 5 PM PST today and we'll be covering it via Live Blog.

The panel will feature Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee, writer Paul Dini , and game director Sefton Hill. If you tune into G4's coverage you'll be among the first to see and hear new details about the next chapter in Batman's gritty, immersive world -- including some surprise game and character reveals.

Click here to check out the Batman: Arkham City Comic-Con 2011 Panel's Live Blog!

The MK9 DLC fighters welcome a new kombatant: Freddy Krueger is joining the Mortal Kombat 9 roster as the final Mortal Kombat DLC fighter for the summer. Freddy Krueger will be available August 9 and cost $4.99, or if you thought ahead to buy the Summer Pass, he's free! The walking nightmare on Elm Street (see what I did there?) looks to be a pretty quick and agile fighter, and his brutality certainly fits the Mortal Kombat universe. Want to see him in action? Check out the video below!

Mortal Kombat 9 "Freddy Krueger" DLC Trailer »

Although the Freddy Krueger fatalities may not be as imaginative or nightmare fueling as some of the scenes in the movies (I will never forget watching a little girl get eaten) they pay an homage to the Krueger legacy in fitting fashion. Next great mystery? The Freddy Krueger babality. Hop to it, Internet!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Comic-Con Live Blog Starts Now!

BioWare and LucasArts are just about to take the stage at Comic-Con 2011 for their eagerly awaited panel presentation, and that means that a tauntaun full of info about the most anticipated MMOs of all time, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is about to spill out onto a crowded room full of adoring fans. And thanks to the dark magic that is live blogging, all of you at home can enjoy every minute of the action from the comfort of your home. Impressive.

But want to know what’s more impressive? The Star Wars: The Old Republic live blog, so get watching/reading now!


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