When the Los Angeles Galaxy signed perhaps the most important star in the history of soccer, David Beckham, to a contract in the offseason, they probably expected him to actually get on the field and play. Well, after a few months of finishing with his old team, Real Madrid, and then recouperating a banged-up ankle, Becks finally got off the bench and played in the Galaxy's game against D.C. on Thursday.

The result? He played 21 minutes and didn't score, and his team lost 1-0. Still, it was encouraging to see him out on the pitch, and you can only hold him scoreless for so long beofre he, um, bends one for a goal. Hopefully, the injury turns out to be more the exception than the rule.

People.com: David Beckham Finally Takes to the Playing Field

Hot socialite Kim Kardashian is finally shooting something she wants to be released to the public…a reality show for E!

Coming to cable this fall, Kardashian’s series will follow the 26-year-old’s life as boutique owner by day and “tabloid fixture” by night. Ryan Seacrest will serve as executive producer on the show, which also focuses on Kim’s family life.

And who is her family, you wonder? 

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be the cover boy for Backyard Football '08, which will be released this Fall from Humongous, Inc.

The game, which is a kids-oriented football game, features football players when they were kids, playing the game in the backyards of their friends. It has, over the years, featured such stars as Peyton Manning, Vince Young, and Brian Urlacher.

The game will be released in September, right around the time that John Madden begins hailing Tom Brady as a god yet again, and the rest of the world anoints the Patriots world champions three weeks into the season. Glorious!

The game will be available in September on the PlayStation 2, Windows PC, and, for the first time Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.

Helen Slater, who once was the star of a little movie called Supergirl, will be a guest star on this season of Smallville as Supergirl's aunt...and Superman's Kryptonian mother. Talk about messing with the family line. Unless she were at some point to play Lois Lane, Slater will have played as many female parts in the Superman universe as one person could logically hold down.

In the meantime, for those of you who do not remember Supergirl, it would serve you well to forget it was ever made. A blown-out 80's feature with very little in common with the successful, and often quality, Superman movies of the day, Supergirl starred Slater and Faye Dunaway doing a very early prototype version of Meryl Streep's character from The Devil Wears Prada.

TV Guide.com: On Smallville, Supergirl Is Superman's Momn. Got it?

The internet can say goodbye to one of its most popular characters this morning. Bree, the girl who made famous the LonelyGirl15 web series, portrayed by Jessica Lee Rose, died in the season finale of the show on Friday, her blood taken from her body and transfused into one of the leaders of the cult that had been chasing her for the whole first season.

The series, which aired over 200 episodes in its first 'season,' will resume next week, as Bree's friends will be looking for ways to avoid being the next victims of the bloodsucking cult leaders. In the meantime, Ms. Rose will be working on some new web business, producing a comedy series that will premiere later in 2008, and also starring on Greek on ABC Family.

Bree, we hardly knew ye.

Yahoo! News: 'LonelyGirl15' season ends with a twist


Young Obi Wan-Kenobi himself, Ewan McGregor, and his best friend Charley Boorman have successfully traveled from Scotland to the Southern tip of Africa over three months.

They used custom BMW motorcycles and were guided the entire way by a Nokia 6110 GPS phone. The journey will be featured as a six-part documentary on the BBC.

Here's a link to the trailer for the series (QuickTime required).

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You've got to hand it to Virgin Comics. They're certainly trying new things. Take this, for example. Self-help guru Deepak Chopra will pen a series of graphic novels on Indian history, called India Authentic. Each book will take a look at a significant participant in Indian mythology. The first will be Ganesha, and will be followed by Kali, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Uma, Indra and others.

This is a good thing, believe it or not, for Indian kids. Perhaps they'll learn their history and be inspired by it. At the very least, TheFeed thinks it's pretty cool that Virgin is doing such interesting comic stuff. Perhaps they'll buy our idea for Giant Sandwich, a hero who was bitten by a radioactive sandwich and has all of the attendant powers and abilities of a 20-foot sandwich.

O.J. Simpson now claims that a ghost writer was responsible for cooking up the cooky scenario involving what the double murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson would have been like in the controversial, never-released If I Did It, the book that strained the limits of good taste and took with it the job of the head of the publishing company.

This 'ghost writer' apparently imagined what O.J. would have done...you know...if he did it, on the night of the murder. In the meantime, the rights to the book now belong to Fred Goldman, Ron's father, who will now try and make some sort of television or movie project from it to help recover the $33.5 million he's owed from Simpson as a result of the civil judgement.

Isn't this the most heartwarming story you've ever read?

Yahoo! News: O.J. says ghost author wrote flawed murder account

The New York Post doesn't like Uwe Boll all that much, this we know. In addition to a long-standing feud between the director and the tabloid newspaper, the Post is now suing Boll over his website for the movie Postal. Now, the website is designed to look like the Post, and takes some potshots at the newspaper, but what happened to journalists having a sense of humor?

Oh, wait. Nothing happened. Never had it, never will. Uwe should know that you can't rile the serious journalism world, even if they work at the New York Post, because it will make them angry. Angry enough for a lawsuit? At the very least. Still, it's nothing but new publicity for Uwe, who's a modern master of getting attention.

DESTRUCTIOD.com: NY Post Sues Uwe Boll's Website

We realize that the big news in the world of gamers today is the confirmation of Halo 3's co-op mode, but in the world of celebrities, the big news is: Nicole Ritchie is pregnant!

We heard from our good pals at E! Entertainment that the famous-for-something-we-guess hottie is carrying the child of rocker FrankMeyer...uh, we mean "Joel Madden."

"Yes, I am," Richie told Diane Sawyer during an interiew, which will air in two parts on Thursday's Good Morning America and Friday's 20/20. "We are. I'm almost four months."

We're sure Nicole will be a double-super-extra-special good mom!

Read the story... if you're into that kind of thing.

E! Online's The Hum: OMG: Nicole's Preggers!

TheFeed is so happy and proud to tell you this, the greatest news ever. R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet is BACK! That's right. Starting on August 13th, IFC will air the new chapters of the urban opera, in which you will see all of your old friends and possibly some new ones, getting up to some crazy s**t.

In the meantime, since we know you can't wait, why don't you cruise on over to Entertainment Weekly and watch TITC chapter 12.5, which will serve as the bridge in between the old stuff and the new hotness. You can thank us later. Just go and watch.

Entertainment Weekly.com: First Look: 'Trapped in the Closet' Continues!


Jimmy Fallon, it seems, will take over the host's chair from Conan O'Brien when the ginger man leaves it in 2009 to fill the shoes of the golden jaw, Jay Leno, on The Tonight Show. The announcement won't be made until after the first of the year, but the deal is a long way toward being done, and that's something.

Perhaps this is all part of Fallon's plan. It seems he's retracted himself from the public eye over the past year or so (partially due to the abject failure of films like Taxi) and it waiting for the right moment to re-insert himself into the public consciousness. This would be the perfect venue for that.

IMDB.com: Fallon To Replace O'Brien on 'Late Night'

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Paris Hilton, as it turns out, will be inheriting money from her grandfather, Baron Hilton, upon his death. This comes after rumors that the old fogey was planning on cutting her out because she sullied the Hilton name. Oh, puh-leeze. Doesn't he know that Paris Hilton is the best thing to happen to the Hilton name of all time?

Now you have kids that want to stay in your hotels because they want to be a part of the Hilton zeitgeist. Seriously, before Paris took her clothes off and performed her infrared night vision horizontal bop, who was interested in the name Hilton? Very few, that's for sure, except retirees and those who couldn't afford to stay at The Four Seasons.

Now, it's everywhere. That's worth $30 mil, right?

TMZ.com: Paris Not Being Locked Out of Hotel Fortune

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Eli Roth (Hostel) has confirmed that he has put his adaptation of Stephen King's excellent novel Cell on hold for the time being. Apparently, no one has written a script that Roth can live with, so he's cleared his calendar and is moving on to other projects.

What other projects? Well, we're glad you asked! After the hilarious Thanksgiving trailer Roth turned in for Grindhouse, he's working on a feature full of them, called Trailer Trash. As for a Hostel III? Well, we haven't heard anything, but after the dismal performance of Hostel II, we wouldn't bet on it.

Dark Horizons.com: Eli Roth Talks "Cell" Delay

Yesterday's news of the death of great foreign film director Ingmar Bergman was made even more chilling by the announcement today of the death of his Italian contemporary, Michelangelo Antonioni. "We are beginning to see a pattern," the head of the World Police did not say, "as these foreign filmmakers seem to be the target of some greater conspiracy."

So, Roman Polanski, if we were you, we'd hide. That's right, Ennio Moricone, don't think that just because you make music, you're immune. Even Roberto Begnini is in danger...and he shouldn't call Gerard Depardieu for help. Death is coming, and soon.

Hollywood Reporter.com: Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni dies

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