Nicolas Cage is rumored to be the front-runner for the title role in the big-screen adaptation of Magnum P.I., wielding the mustache of doom as private investigator Thomas Magnum. This is a film that has been long-rumored to be close to production, but might be on the fast track now that there is a strike looming.

No word on who will play any of the other parts yet, though Ricky Gervais turned down the role of Higgins when George Clooney was rumored to be Magnum. No matter. It's still gonna be a fun time, and hopefully just as funny and cheesy as the original television show.

IGN.com: Magnum Uncaged?

Disney In 'Clone Wars' Mix


Posted September 4, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Walt Disney Studios is really, really interested in the broadcast rights to George Lucas' The Clone Wars animated series, which is set to premiere at some point in 2008. They will have company, however, as both Fox and HBO have expressed a serious interest in the series, as well.

The show will be, as Lucas has previously stated, more adventurous than the last couple of Star Wars films, and will harken back to the original, in terms of style and tone, though the series will be animated. Also, Lucas maintains that he will produce at least 100 episodes of The Clone Wars before it is all over.

We don't care who gets the rights. We just really want to see it.

Dark Horizons.com: Disney Keen On "Clone Wars" Series

MC Perez Hilton???


Posted August 31, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

In what could be the most hilarious pairings in the history of TV or hip hop, MTV is launching a new show called Celebrity Rap Superstar where MCs teach celebs how to rap. So who gets paired up, you wonder?

How about  rappers Warren G, Redman, Bizarre, Too Short, Tone Loc, Bubba Sparxx, Kurupt, DMC with Perez Hilton, Sebastian Bach, Jason Wahler, Efren Ramirez, Shar Jackson, Kendra Wilkinson, Countess Vaughn and Kevin Hart.

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Remember If I Did It , the book in which O.J. Simpson tells you what would have happened if he, as most people believe, had actually killed his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman? Well, portions of that book, which the Goldman family now owns and are intending to release and/or make a movie from in an effort to recoup some of the over $30 million O.J. owes them from the civil suit they won, are now online.

Ladies and gents, I am here to tell you that O.J. Simpson is a nut job. In one of the excerpts from the book, he talks about a man named "Charlie," who pushed and pulled him at the scene of the crime and got blood all over him. Now, we can recall O.J. talking about how he would never rest until Nicole's killer was brought to justice, and now we find out he knew all along who the guy was?


USMagazine.com: O.J. Simpson: “Charlie” Did It!

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone have not had an ownership in South Park since they originally sold the show to Comedy Central a decade ago. All that is about to change, as the show creators have made a deal with the network to share the unbelievable successful franchise across the internet, a deal that is said to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 million.

The biggest part of this deal, and completely unprecedented, is the fact that Comedy Central is going to share 50% of the ad revenue they generate because of South Park. This is something that's unheard of in the industry, and a whole new way of doing business for big-time talent on the web.

Good for Trey and Matt. Long may they run!

New York Times.com: ‘South Park’ Creators Win Ad Sharing in Deal


Well, Lindsay Lohan just struck herself a deal with the L.A. courts by pleading no contest to her fabulous two counts of DUI. By law, Lohan will be a second offender so she’s gotta serve a minimum of four days in jail. But the judge cut that in half by ordering her to perform 10 days of community service instead of two of the days. He also gave Lindsay one day credit for time served, resulting in only one actual day in jail for the irresponsible diva. And how much ya wanna bet that will get reduced to about 2 hours in a holding cell before she struts her buns out there proudly?

Lohan pleaded guilty to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance for the separate incidents, and no contest to reckless driving. She will serve 36 months probation and rock an alcohol education program for 18 months. She's also supposed to continue her stay at the Utah rehab center she’s currently trapped…er, recooperating in.

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Sources say Robert Rodriguez has cast his new girlfriend Rose McGowan as the lead in Barbarella. Yes, the former Mrs. Manson has apparently been the subject of test shooting on the project, and is apparently already on board on the project.

Of course, it's possible that Rodriguez is just using Rose as a model, since it's obviously less expensive than hiring someone. But, still, it would be cool to see her as the sexy space agent, and we think she could pull it off pretty well.

Jo Blo.com: Rose Barbarella?

Kristen Bell, otherwise known as the title character from Veronica Mars, will have her own story arc on Heroes when it returns for its second season this fall. Though little is known about her character, there is some information that says that she's intimately connected with the H.R.G./Claire storyline, as well as Peter's death.

This is a pretty good get for Heroes, as Bell has been desperately sought out since Mars' cancellation. Just last week she turned down the opportunity to have a recurring role on Lost. No word on how many episodes she's going to be in, but she will not be a series regular.

Zap 2 It.com: 'Veronica Mars' Joins 'Heroes'

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As we all know, Scarlett Johansson is the single most beautiful person on the face of the planet. This is why it's so great that she's booked another three movies, since it means we'll be able to see her on screen again. The first role is in the adaptation of Wil Eisner's The Spirit, in which she will play a femme fatale kind of heroine, another is as a part of the ensembe that is He's Just Not That Into You, and the third is Scots, where she will play Mary, Queen of Scots.

Hooray! It means we're going to be able to see the amazingly attractive Ms. Johansson in all manner of sultry period-wear, and working on her acting chops all at the same time. How can that be bad?

Hollywood Reporter: It's A Triple Feature For Johansson

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Jim Carrey used to be the man who made more per film than any other actor in Hollywood. He used to command $20-$25 million per feature. Now, he's made what people are referring to as the worst deal in Hollywood, for his upcoming film Yes Man. Carrey will get paid on what's called a 'cash break' deal, which means he won't get paid until the film makes money.

Now, if you've never read any of the infamous stories of creative accounting that take place in the movie business, you should know that, as far as studios are concerned, films rarely make money. That is, after you pay for the production, the other actors' deals, marketing, P/R, development costs which could run into years worth of salaries for people, and much, much more.

Of course, maybe Carrey doesn't need the money, and just wanted to work. That's always possible.

IMDB.com: Jim Carrey Deal -- Unmasked

Amy “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no no” Winehouse left rehab yesterday after staying for less than 48 hours.

Guess where she went?

She took a helicopter to Camden, North London for a brain scan…and then hit the town. Doctors ordered her to have the brain scan after she had a seizure during her overdose.

Her worried parents Mitch and Janis are now considering forcing her into getting help for her problems.

Hey, do you think you can will things to happen if you sing about them enough times. Like, what if Winehouse sang about going to rehab so many times she subconsciously created her drug addiction in order to make it so. I wonder if she’ll soon live in a house made up entirely on wine bottles? Good thing she didn’t write a song called, “Killzone.”

WWTDD.com: Amy Winehouse leaves rehab after only 48 hours


Foxy rapper Foxy Brown was charged with smacking a neighbor with her Blackberry.

The alleged beating took place after an argument in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn on July 30, though the 27-year-old MC turned herself in to police at the 77 Precinct at around 2:30 p.m. yesterday. She was charged with felony assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Brown is currently on parole from her misdemeanor assault charges from an earlier  fight with salon workers over payment for a manicure and is also facing a battery charge from when she reportedly threw hair glue at a beauty shop employee in Florida.

But was it Foxy who beat that poor neighbor down…or was it her cell phone?!?! Maybe Foxy just happened to be the wrong gal at the wrong place at the wrong time when a killer phone with a penchant for bitch-slapping the working class went on an assault spree? My proof of such a phone?

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There's good news and bad news for Rush Hour 3. The good news is that they won the weekend box office with a $49 million take, but the bad news is that number fell far short of the previous movie in the series and short of the expectations that the studio had for their movie. Of course, it could be the fact that neither Jackie Chan or Chris Tucker are as hot as they were when Rush Hour 2 came out, or just that audiences are tired of sequels here at the end of the summer.

Nevertheless, the movie underperformed, and that's not going to be good news for New Line or Brett Ratner, who were hoping for a sleeper hit at the end of the summer season. Still, it could be much, much worse. They could have made Daddy Day Camp, which is, by all accounts, one of the worst movies of all time.

Yahoo! News: Moviegoers in no "Rush" to see latest sequel

Think of it, you're hanging out in SecondLife and all of a sudden you see a news item that there's a disaster in some other part of the game, or a concert, or a movie premiere. This determines how you plan out your virtual day. Well, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are all over it, cuz, as their production company, Live Planet, is heading up a project called Grid World News to do just that for Second Life

That's not all. There's also one called Azeroth World News to provide the same service for the nine million or so players in the World Of Warcraft universe. Oh, Good Will Hunting and friend, you are so thoughtful when it comes to providing the news for the MMO people! Oh, how we love you.

Firing Squad.com: Damon And Affleck Launch In-Game News Organization

The lawyers are out in force in the Google-YouTube vs. Viacom lawsuit, over Viacom's content being leaked illegally online. And the lawyers have turned in their lists of people they want to talk to, or depose, for the discovery phase of the hearing. The list includes both Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart, who will, presumably, have to take the stand and talk about their part in enticing people to spread viral video online.

This is a customary maneuver on the part of the lawyers. If they can get celebrities in the chair, it will make the case more sensational and draw attention to their work. Remember when Microsoft got sued on monopoly charges a few years ago? Bill Gates was on the list to depose then, even though he knew less about the inner workings of the business than you or I do. It's the same with Stewart and Colbert. The more celebrity they can draw, the more their names will be out there, and they can make more money in the future.

Noble, eh?

Cnet News.com: YouTube wants to depose Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart

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