James Bond really loves videogames, at least that's what he says. Daniel Craig, the newest man to don the character of 007 onscreen, tells interviewers that he's really into videogames, especially those with thick storylines, like Halo 3. He's also into games like GTA: Vice City, but can only play them for a little while before he starts to 'feel dirty.'

Just like you and I, Daniel's girlfriend doesn't like it when he plays, so he has to keep the boxes hidden from her, which we would assume would be no problem fort James Bond. Q would have invented something that turns the boxes into C4 or something like that, but he'd be very unhappy to have to do it.

"Really, 007, you young people and your television gaming," he would say.

Showbiz Spy: Daniel Craig reveals addiction to computer games

TheFeed doesn't normally talk about celebrity couples, but we couldn't resist when we read that Ashley Olsen (otherwise known as the Olsen Twin who's not on Weeds) was hanging out and making out with Tour De France legend Lance Armstrong.

Yep. Seems like the hero athlete has decided to skew a little younger than previous flames, such as Sheryl Crow. Of course, he might just not have been able to stand her music one moment longer. Who can tell?

Good going, Lancelot! We approve, especially since you're functionally retired and still drawing the kind of tail TheFeed can only dream of. And we have...except Mary Kate was involved at the same time. Now, if you can hook that up, we feel you should be appointed President of Life...permanently.


Joe Perry, seen here with Red Octane's Kai Huang, is a pretty kickass guitarist and without a doubt one of the legends of rock. That’s why it was totally sweet that he turned out to help launch Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on Sunday at a Gamestop in New York. We were hoping he would hop up and shred, but the second best thing happened instead. He judged a face-off style tournament between players and signed a bunch of games and plastic guitars.

And let’s face it, any actual guitar legend is gonna have a huge learning curve trying to catch up to something like Guitar Hero. We’re only assuming that Mr. Perry would have been blasted by any number of armchair shredders and to see it would probably make America sad. Nonetheless, it’s pretty awesome to see legends endorsing Legends.

Captain Christopher Pike is central to the history of Star Trek. The first captain of the Enterprise, Pike was the predecessor to Captain Kirk, and even appeared in a few episodes of the original series. Now, that role has been cast in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, according to rumor, and the person playing the part will be Josh Lucas, the star of Poseidon.

This production is really cooking now, although this is just a rumor. However, it comes from a source that has been dead on so far when it comes to casting rumors on the project, so you never know. Meanwhile, William Shatner has been on record as saying that he's not been contacted to be in the film, though Leonard Nimoy has, and that he's a little upset about it.

IESB: Is This the Face of Capt. Pike?

Diddy likes his Ciroc Vodka. How much? How about enough to broker a strategic partnership with them that has the potential to earn him over $100 million? Yes, the hip-hop mogul will be much more than a spokesman, making all of the brand management decisions in the company and sharing the profit 50/50. That's amazing.

And how did Diddy come to the decision that he would work with Ciroc? He liked it. Seriously, he picked the vodka because he considers himself to be something of a connoisseur of the stuff, and found Ciroc to be the best on the market. Also, Diddy wants you to know that you need to drink responsibly. Like, if you're a celebrity, and you're drunk, hire a limo. Hear us, Mel Gibson?

Hollywood Reporter.com: Diddy taking a dip in vodka venture


At E3 '06, there was a giant banner that advertised Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the star of an upcoming Spy Hunter movie. Well, that banner seems to be a collector's item now, as producer Jeremy Bolt says that Rocky is no longer attached to the film. The script is currently in development with Bolt producing and Paul W.S. Anderson directing, but there's no star at the moment.

As for The Rock, there's no word on what projects he will be taking on in place of the abandoned videogame project, but he will be seen in the Get Smart film with Steve Carrell in the near future, so that should be good...you know, if you smell what TheFeed is cooking.

IGN: Castlevania, Spy-Hunter Updates!

Albus Dumbledore Is Gay!


Posted October 22, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

J.K. Rowling might be done with the Harry Potter series of books, but that doesn't mean that she's done surprising us with information from the Potterverse. In a recent Q&A session, Jo revealed that one of the most beloved characters in the Potter pantheon, headmaster Albus Dumbledore, is gay, and was in love with rival wizard Gellert Grindelwald.

We think this is completely awesome. Having a prominent character such as this being a gay man, and teaching kids that it's ok to idolize someone who lives a different lifestyle is A-OK in our book. We're sure that the radical Christian groups who have been trying to ban the books since their inception will cry foul, but it doesn't matter. Albus Dumbledore is gay, and there's nothing, and we mean nothing, wrong with that.

MTV.com: 'Harry Potter' Author J.K. Rowling Outs Dumbledore At New York Event

Magician David Copperfield is being accused of raping a Seattle woman.

No, not via a magic trick, mind game, or the price of admission to his stage show, but in real life.

With his penis!

The woman told police Copperfield raped her while she was in the Bahamas, but because the alleged incident happened out of the US, and the woman did not report it until she returned home, authorities turned over the case to the FBI.

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 Hey, everyone! It's Friday, and that means the end of ouf very special Geek Out: 5 Days of Niles series. But, Steve goes out with a bang, telling us a little about 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails, which is coincidental, since today is the last episode of the series.

So, watch the interview, and then watch Chapter 7, or start at the beginning and watch the whole thing. Then, go directly to your local movie house and check out 30 Days of Night, which opens today!

Thanks for watching!


Geek Out: 5 Days of Niles - Day 5: Blood Trails »

30 Days of Night: Blood Trails - Chapter 7 »

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Steven Colbert will be running for President of the United States, he announced on The Colbert Report last night. This after his appearance on The Daily Show where he said he was thinking about it, but would make an announcement on a much more important show some 15 minutes earlier.

Colbert says that he will run as both a Democrat and a Republican, so that he 'can lose twice.' He also is only running in his home state of South Carolina, that's where he will do all his campaigning. He is also considering a number of running mates, including Mike Huckabee, Vladimir Putin, and himself, with the 't' pronounced in his last name.

Should be a doozy.

Yahoo! News: Colbert announces presidential pursuit

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Eric Bana, who you will remember as Bruce Banner in Ang Lee's failed Hulk, has signed to play a villain called Nero in the upcoming Star Trek, to be directed by J.J. Abrams. This is the newest casting announcement from the eagerly anticipated film, which will begin shooting next month, and will be released on Christmas Day, 2008.

Also in Star Trek casting news is the search for Captain Kirk, which has apparently been narrowed to include Chris Pine, (Smokin' Aces) who might be in negotiations to step into the well-worn shoes of one Mr. William Shatner. We don't know if The Shat will be in the film, but considering Leonard Nemoy's role, it's not out of the question.

Dark Horizons.com: Bana Set, Pine Up For "Star Trek"


Will Smith is set to direct a remake of the classic film The Karate Kid, with his kid, Jaden, in the lead role of Daniel LaRusso, and Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi. The film will be produced by Smith with the original Karate Kid producer Jerry Weintraub in tow once again.

Jaden, now 9, has acted before, co-starring with Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness, but this is a whole different venture. He's not only going to have to carry a feature on his own, but it's going to be something high-profile like a remake that a whole lot of people have strong feelings about. Tough draw, kid.

Just remember to wax on, and don't get your leg swept, no matter what happens.

Boston.com: Will Smith's Karate Kid

A thief or group of thieves broke into the production office of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Krystal Skull and stole all kinds of proprietary items, such as production stills and a shooting script, with the idea of trying to sell them to an online agency for cash. The robbers then reached out to those online groups, and TMZ.com helped with a sting operation that captured the criminals redhanded.

Seems the TMZ rep agreed to meet the felons in a hotel room, and purchase the merchandise for $2,000. When they arrived to make the switch, cops were all over the place, and the jig, as they say, was up. It's a good thing that stuff didn't get out. We wouldn't want to know what was going to happen in the movie early, would we? No...we most definitely would not.

JoBlo.com: Raiders of the Crystal Skull?

Jon Stewart is batting 1.000 as a producer. His only effort to date has been The Colbert Report, and that's doing just fine. Now, he puts his perfect average on the line to produce Important Things With Demetri Martin, a sketch show for Comedy Central that will feature the precious comedian Demetri Martin and his views on all things important and/or semi-important.

The show will premiere in the 'second half' of 2008, and will run for 6-10 episodes in the first season. Apparently, Jon has taken a pretty active role in the making of the show, helping to edit in post production and making decisions about the content that will be on the show. So far, Stewart has an unerring sense of what's good, and comedians seem to really like Martin, so this could be good.

Yahoo! News: Jon Stewart producing new Comedy Central show

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Ozzy Osbourne’s disgruntled brother-in-law David Arden recently said in an interview that his sister Sharon has Ozzy on such a rigorous schedule that “she will keep Ozzy on the road until, like Tommy Cooper, he dies on stage.”

He also pointed out that Ozzy has to constantly tour to keep up with his wife’s “exorbitant spending”

Yes, according to her own brother, Sharon is driving her own husband to death!

Of course, Ozzy’s life has been threatened over the years by far worse than hard work. Little things such as cocaine, booze, heart failure, runaway ATVs, fractured collarbones, fire ants up the nose, lung cancer, bad diet, pill popping and oh so many others…,

So let’s not even consider this real news. What is real news though is that Arden also said a Black Sabbath tour with Ozzy in front again is in the works. Okay, NOW you have me interested!

Gigwise.com: Ozzy Osbourne's Wife Is 'Driving Him To His Death'

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