Akon Throws Fan


Posted December 1, 2007 - By jrmylmb

Awards, platinum record sales, sold-out concerts, and he’s throwing it all away. Well, maybe just the fans.
At a show in Fishkill, NY on June 3, Akon was annoyed by a fan who threw something at him from the crowd. Akon had the boy, 15 years old, extracted from the crowd by security at which point he hoisted him over his shoulders and tossed the boy into the audience.
The comedy of the fact that he pulled him out of the crowd just to throw him back in is only eclipsed by the fact that the freshly tossed boy collided with another fan, Abby Rosa, who is claiming that she was concussed and is now suing Akon.
And all this after an April incident in Trinidad had Akon simulating sex on stage with a 14 year-old girl. His now ironically titled album, Konvicted has sold over 1 million copies in the US and we’re sure he’s got more where that came from.

Akon, keep your hands off the teens. They are precious, remember?

cnn.com: Akon Charged in New York Fan-tossing Case

Sam Jackson is Back for VGAs


Posted November 30, 2007 - By jrmylmb


Samuel L. Jackson has just signed on to host the 5th Annual Video Game Awards which will air on Spike December 9th. In addition to Mace Windu’s hosting magic, you’ll also be able to catch game footage and trailers from Borderlands, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and TNA iMPACT. You’ll also get a first look at the new DLC Halo 3 Maps.

Some of the folks performing and presenting awards are Patton Oswalt, Tony Hawk, Dave Navarro, Matt Leinart, some UFC dudes, some wrestler dudes, Don King, and Tia Carrere. And that’s just the tip of the very strange iceberg.

So the trailers and stuff ain’t much, but it could turn out aiight.

On another note, robots have apparently tried to take control of TheFeed, but I managed to escape to this bunker after a long trip to the restroom. I may be the only one who made it out alive. Stand by.

If there's one thing TheFeed loves more than celebrities, it's the exciting and glamorous world of mixed martial arts, which is why we are beholden to Mark Cuban for coming up with an idea that would involve celebrities getting in the ring and mixing it up, MMA-style, in a show hosted by A.C. Slater himself, Mario Lopez.

Can you handle the potential excitement in that particular endeavor? Does it not sound like the greatest show in the history of television? Who would you want to see get in to the octagon and whip the snot out of each other? We'll talk to Cuban and see what we can do...


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We admit it, we thought the new Terminator film, called Terminator: Salvation was going to suck. After all, McG hasn't really done anything since people were worried about Y2K, so why would we hear his name attached to the film and tremble? And yet, good news changes everything. Christian Bale, who saved the Batman franchise, seems poised to do it again, as he's been cast as John Connor in the upcoming film.

This means that McG and the studio people are on the right track. The film will, presumably, be all about trying to bring down Skynet (not a leap, since that's what all of the films are about), and we can see Bale out there doing his thing, and making this a really interesting watch.

Ain't It Cool News: Bruce Wayne is John Connor!!!

Ed Burns has been making indie films for a long time, starting with The Brothers McMullen in 1995. So, when he decided to release his new film, Purple Violets, which stars Selma Blair, Patrick Wilson, Burns, and Debra Messing, via iTunes, it was a major deal. The film is available today, for a $12.99 download, and is the first major full-length film to be released on iTunes only.

We had a chance to talk with Burns yesterday, on the eve of the release, about the film, the way it got to the internet, and what this means for indie film in the future. It's an interesting peek into the mind of one of America's most intriguing independent filmmakers.

Watch for yourself, why don't you? Also, check out the full interview with Ed after the jump.

Ed Burns Interview »


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Bill Murray Might Meatball it


Posted November 16, 2007 - By jrmylmb

Once a film actor has reached unimaginable success both critically and financially in both comedic and dramatic realms, they earn the right and the means to do whatever the hell they want. Which is why we’re praying to God that Bill Murray stars in the remakish sequel for Meatballs.

Paul Newman made salad dressing, Brangelina adopted Africa, and Tom Cruise became an alien. So, we can only hope that Bill Murray in his infinite, quiet wisdom will elect to use his Untouchables status for good and not for evil. *Feed glares at Nic Cage*

Ain't it Cool News: What Do You Get When...

Jeff Bridges in TRON Sequel?


Posted November 16, 2007 - By jrmylmb

dad?Jeff Bridges could be, is maybe considering, and is rumored to have said that he would possibly mull over playing an aged version of Flynn in the announced and molassesly-paced production of the TRON sequel.

Wouldn't it be awesome to see him back in whatever world they throw him into, though? He should get zapped into the internet and be forced to battle LOLcatz and penispill spammers. Well, maybe that's a bad idea. I should just let the writer's take care of - Oh, never mind.

Ain't It Cool News: Jeff Bridges Back for New TRON Movie??

'Saturday Night Live' goes LIVE


Posted November 16, 2007 - By jrmylmb

As a show of solidarity for the writer’s strike, Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock will both be doing live versions of their shows in Manhattan’s Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre this weekend. SNL which has confirmed that it will be the full cast will go up in it’s usual 11:30 slot Saturday night and 30 Rock on Monday,  also with it’s full cast. YIKES.

This would have made TheFeed’s “Watch This” series except that it’s already sold out, presumably to the upper echelons of the New York comedy caste, but hodang what a pair of great shows to see live, in person, and out of their elements.

And the UCB Theatre is an intimate space which makes the possibility of being sweat on by Alec Baldwin even higher than usual.

NYObserver: SNL and 30 Rock to be Performed Live

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Busy...Like A Foxx


Posted November 15, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Oscar-winning actor/singer Jamie Foxx is entering the reality-TV game by producing shows for MTV and VH1.

The actor has two-year production deal and is developing an MTV show called From Gs to Gents, in which guys compete to become gentlemen. A VH1 show is also in the works…

No word as to how this will affect his music career, but one can only hope it completely derails it…

Reuters.com: Jamie Foxx getting real with MTV and VH1

What do you do when there's a strike that essentially renders most of television useless? If you're Entertainment Weekly, you come up with a list of the "Top 50 Television Icons." Though what makes an icon an icon is not particularly well-defined, it would be something you would know when you saw it, apparently.

So who makes such a list? Well, Johnny Carson sits pretty at #1, while other people and entities such as Lassie, Henry Winkler, and the Not Ready For Prime Time Players make the list at various points, obviously between 1-50. There will be a TV Land special to commemorate it this Friday at 8pm.

There you go.

Yahoo! News: A Top 50 list of `TV's greatest icons'

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In this day and age, what do you think being the pitchman in a series of popular TV commercials that make your face and catchphrase household mainstays?

Fame beyond your wildest dreams?

Millions of dollars?

Hot babes?

Nope. How about a gig as a bartender at Tortilla Flats.

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Robert Rodriguez has been rumored to direct almost every project in Hollywood over the past year, so it should come as no surprise that Warner Bros. is considering the Spy Kids director to do their Clash of the Titans remake. Especially since it seems that the Barbarella project is dead for the time being, owing to the casting of Rose McGowan as the title character.

There's not yet any word from Warners on the validity of this particular rumor, but you can expect to hear something soon, especially since the film is said to be on the fast track for production. We think that Rodriguez would be the best possible choice for the film, and would make it great. But then, we also want them to recast Harry Hamlin as Perseus, so we might not be the best news agency to ask.

Dark Horizons.com: Rodriguez Helms "Titans" Remake?

Stephen Colbert has given up his campaign for President, after the South Carolina Democratic Executive Council voted 13-3 to keep him off the ballot. He has declined to pay the fee to run as a Republican, which is $35,000, compared to the $2,500 that the Democratic bid required.

Colbert has called for a time of 'healing,' and says he will remain off the air until he is able to speak about the election without weeping. In reality, The Colbert Report will be going off-air until the resolution of the WGA strike, which began at midnight. So will The Daily Show. So, no Colbert for President, and no Colbert on TV.

This week already sucks.

Breitbart.com: Stephen Colbert Drops Presidential Bid

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UPDATE: Please read the entire article for a statement from the GDC organizers.

Jack Thompson is apparently going to deliver a keynote address at the 2008 Game Developers Conference in February.

This makes perfect sense because Jack Thompson is a game developer. Also, he seems like a well-adjusted, sane person. Of course, none of those things are true.

Jack announced his attendance through in a legal document filed in Florida pertaining to his lawsuit against the Florida bar.

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It's nice to know that Shia LeBeouf is just like all the other young kids with nothing to do on a Sunday night, having been arrested over the weekend for being drunk in a Chicago Walgreen's and refusing to leave. Now, we're all about personal freedom, and at least he wasn't driving a car or anything, but what on Earth could have been so exciting at Walgreen's that you would refuse to leave and get arrested as a result?

We're thinking he might have been into the greeting cards that were there, or just sitting in the aisle, reading the newest issue of Esquire, and pointing out that those pictures of Charlize Theron are really hot. Except that Shia could probably call and have that conversation with Ms. Theron, which most of us could not.

AP: Shia LaBeouf Arrested in Chicago

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