Both The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The Golden Globe Awards were recently denied waivers by the Writer’s Guild of America. The waiver would have allowed for the use of clips and all those amazing presenter jokes that we love so much.

But fear not, as producers of both events have decided to go through independent production channels, using companies that are not struck by the union. So, not only will we still get those crappy jokes, but we’ll get them with second rate production values, too. Can’t wait!

Variety: WGA Rejects Waiver Requests

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J.K. Rowling has already written a follow-up to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last in the Potter series, but you're never going to read it. That is, unless you are someone very, very high up the food chain at Amazon, who purchased one of seven copies of the book, The Tales of Beedle the Bard at auction for a whopping 1.9 million British pounds, or just over $3.9 million dollars.

The book, which is alluded to in the Potter series, is a handwritten tome of wizard cautionary tales, written and illustrated by Rowling herself. All of the proceeds from the auction will go to a charity she helped establish known as The Childrens Voice campaign, which helps provide a better life for institutionalized children. How lovely of her.

Amazon.com: Amazon.com to J.K. Rowling: Thank You

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Wow. Faster than you can say, "I married and divorced Kid Rock within three months,” Pam Anderson just beat her own record and filed for divorce against Rick Salomon, her husband of over two months. Yup, on Dec. 14, Anderson filed a claim for dissolution of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

UPDATE: However, days after the filing, Pam has reconsidered, and recanted her divorce papers this afternoon. A source says they got into a fight and have since made up. Wow. That's quite a fight when the wife goes a files for divorce! But we are talking two insane people here....

Anderson, 40, and Salomon, 39, a longtime pal, got hitched on Oct. 6 at the Mirage Hotel Las Vegas. It was the third marriage for both.

As we all know, Anderson was previously hitched to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, while Salomon is best known as the lucky douchebag that taped and released his banging sessions with Paris Hilton's, made famous in One Night in Paris. Salomon was also once married to actress Shannen Doherty of Beverly Hills 90210.

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Following hot on the heels of his 1985 semi-hit “Party All The Time,” once-funny actor Eddie Murphy has started a new record label called….wait for it… Murphy Entertainment!

The first signing to his label? Why, it’s none other than groupie-turned-model-turned-tell-all-author-turned-rapper Karrine “Superhead" Steffans (pictured above)!

Yes, Murphy is kicking off his label by signing a chick who only started rapping a few years ago and whose claim to fame in a homemade porn showing exactly how she earned her nickname.

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Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy, suffered a minor heart attack in his home on Monday. He is 67 years old. Trebek is said to be recovering nicely, but production on the show has ceased until he has a chance to recuperate. Doctors say that, barring any sort of inhibition to his recovery, that means that Jeopardy will be back in full swing sometime in January.

Trebek has been the host of Jeopardy for 24 years now, after taking over for long-time host Art Fleming. Before that, Mr. Know-It-All hosted a really awesome craps-themed game show called High Rollers. TheFeed would like to wish Alex Trebek a speedy and full recovery.

Variety.com: Trebek suffers minor heart attack

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You know that writers' strike, right? Well, its tendrils are reaching farther than anyone originally anticipated, including to awards telecasts, beginning with the Golden Globes, which writers and supporters of the strike will likely not attend. What does that mean? Well, it means that no one will be writing the shows, which is bad enough, but that lots of celebrities who win awards won't show up, which could mean disaster.

And before you suggest it, it's not possible for them to cancel the awards shows, because there's already too much at stake for the networks and the voting organizations for them to do that. So, what we're going to get are some pretty boring awards ceremonies...more boring than usual, even.

Variety.com: Award shows brace for strike

Vivica "Drunk Like" A. Fox


Posted December 10, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Foxy actress Vivica A. Fox entered a plea deal with prosecutors on Friday to settle her drunk driving case.

Fox pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of driving with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit of .08, so a Superior Court judge sentenced her to three years probation and ordered her to enter a 90-day alcohol education program. She also must pay a $390 fine (which I don’t think will dent her pocketbook).

A no contest plea is not an admission of guilt but means the defendant won’t fight the charges, by the way.

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Will Ferrell is trying to hit two with one blow as he takes it to the road in February with his Funny Or Die Comedy Tour, a group of standups that will be touring to promote the Funny or Die website, and Ferrell's new film SemiPro, which will be coming at the end of February.

The tour will include Ferrell himself, as well as Zach Galifianakis, Demetri Martin and Nick Swardson. Also, a camera crew from Funny or Die will be following the tour, and releasing video on the website as it happens. In addition, the whole thing is sponsored by SemiPro, so it's a win-win-win for Mr. Will Ferrell.

But, then, isn't it always?

Variety: Ferrell sells 'Semi-Pro' with standup

Foo Fighters to Play VGAs


Posted December 5, 2007 - By jrmylmb

The Foo Fighters, whose "Learn to Fly" is featured in one of the hotter games of the year, Rock Band, has signed on to play the Video Game Awards happening later this week.

In addition to this little bit of good news, Rock Band will also be set up outside the theatre as celebrities walk the red carpet. They’ll be able to form bands and jam for all the world to see. We’re pretty sure this will equal a lot of embarrassment for some of the B-list celebrities attending the event, for as you know, you can’t just pick up the axe and kick ass. It takes practice.

We’d also like to imagine for a moment that Rock Band were set up at The Academy Awards on the red carpet and what the worst combinations would be for a Rock Band band.

We’re thinking – Al Gore on drums, Dakota Fanning on bass, Geena Davis on guitar, with M. Night Slamallama on vox.

Feel free to add your own.

Robbie Williams Says Sorry


Posted December 5, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

In a rare example of a pop star war of the words diss-fest, UK pop star Robbie Williams apologized to former Take That manager Nigel Martin-Smith on Wednesday and paid unspecified legal damages over song lyrics that suggested he had stolen money from the band.

Williams quit Take That in 1995 to pursue a solo career, and has since made several of "outrageous allegations" about his former manager.

"Robbie Williams wishes to make it clear to his fans, and the public at large, that he did not intend these lyrics to be taken at face value or as a serious statement by him of the views which he holds of Nigel Martin-Smith," his attorney said. "Specifically, Robbie Williams did not intend to allege that Nigel Martin-Smith has ever stolen any funds from Take That or anyone."

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Speed Racer Movie and Sadness


Posted December 5, 2007 - By jrmylmb

NOTE TO HOLLYWOOD: Stop Killing the Past!

Not everything that used to be good has to be remade into something not good. This is something Hollywood has ignored for decades, but every time it happens, it still hurts a little more.

Matthew Fox (A Token for Your Thoughts and Party of F’n Five) has finished his part as Racer X in the upcoming live-action Speed Racer flick, and we hope it doesn’t come off as awkward as Kevin Frasier’s reaction shots in the linked interview below.

So Hollywood, do us a favor, and stay off our childhoods! Or is it childhoodren?

iklipz.com: Speed Racer on ET


Until this morning, TheFeed was unaware that there was something in the world called a lip plumper, let alone more than one. However, Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher is aware of them, you can bet on that. She's being sued by Hydroderm, a company with which she has a $2.4 million endorsement deal, because she has promoted other lip plumping devices, including one comically called CityLips.

In addition, she's appeared in situations with many, many other beauty products. We're not sure what part of this story is our favorite, but this quote from Hydroderm's attorney is pretty close. "Hatcher's name, image and likeness have been linked to so many competitors' products (at least 17!) that it is anyone's guess as to what product keeps her skin and lips youthful," the lawsuit said.

It is, indeed, anyone's guess.

Yahoo! News: Teri Hatcher sued over lip gloss deal

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Britney Tops Web


Posted December 3, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Oh, in case you were wondering, Britney Spears ruled the top search queries of the year AGAIN this year.

Yes, according to the major search engines, the top searches in ’07 were as followes (and proves that we, America, have NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR LIVES):

Britney Spears
Paris Hilton
Lindsay Lohan
Rune Scape
Fantasy Football
Jessica Alba 

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It must really be cold out this winter, because the Spice Girls kicked off their reunion tour yesterday and to my knowledge Hell hasn’t frozen over yet.

Yes, for the first time in nearly a decade Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell, Melanie "Sporty Spice" Chisholm, Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton and Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown hit the road in a concert tour sure to…well, sure to excite someone somewhere.
At their debut reunion performance, the girls took the stage in gold and bronze outfits by Italian designer Roberto Cavalli and opened with their signature song, "Spice Up Your Life," followed by "Stop" and "Say You'll Be There."

Just hours before the show, Posh’s husband David Beckham gave each member of the group a special bracelet to mark their return on behalf on Victoria’s family.

Isn’t that sweet?

Then on behalf of the rest of us, he punched each one in the face to mark their return.

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Evel Dead Too


Posted December 2, 2007 - By jrmylmb

Notorious badass and really old dude Evel Knievel passed away Friday. He was 69 [ha] and had been in failing health for years. Evel, who had just this past week patched up his squabble with Kanye West, was fightin' all the way to the end.

It is not above TheFeed that there is a horrible, horrible joke floating around this very blog post that involves Kanye West and everyone he comes in contact with dying soon after, but that would be in extremely bad taste. So, we’ll just supply the tools via the facts and a comically cryptic title and let you do the rest.

TheFeed is ashamed but we couldn’t resist. Evel will most definitely be missed.
That rhyme was accidental.

sportsillustrated.com: Daredevil Evel Knievel Dead at 69

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