Sometimes it's tough being a superstar...

But even tougher being a retarded superstar like Britney Spears.

First she falls out with her hubby. Then her vagina becomes a bigger star than she is. Then she gets turned down from appearing in a Super Bowl promo. And now she has reportedly been kicked off the invite list to the upscale Vienna Opera Ball because Paris Hilton is attending and the two apparently can't be in the same room together.

And get this! Paris is rumored to be netting a cool $1 million just for draggin' her ass outta bed and?showing up! Hey, that's about a million more than ol' Brit made in the last month, isn't it? Must be tough...

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Rich Chicks List


Posted January 19, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Forbes recently released its list of the top 20 richest gals in the business of show, and guess who topped it? Why, Oprah, of course.

There were a few surprises though. Who knew Gisele Bundchen was just under Cameron Diaz in the money making department? Or that Mariah Carey was still in the top 10? And Judge Judy at #13????? Are you kidding me?

The list doesn't include "non-working celebs who essentially live off royalties (Barbra Streisand, for example)." They also excluded "old Hollywood" types like Elizabeth Taylor. So, basically, no old bags.

Fair enough.

Here's the list:

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(Photo courtesy PLAYBOY Magazine ©2007 by Playboy.)

Attack of the Show!'s Olivia Munn is in the February issue of Playboy magazine.


I'll let that sink in for a sec. Let you collect your thoughts and whatnot.


Munn's the "Babe of the Month," and speaks to one of Hef's minions about her love of gaming, computers and other nerdly pursuits.


There are also some pictures; wonderful, wonderful pictures.


That's February's issue, on stands now...or check out the digital version right here.

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GGL recently announced formation of the Hip-Hop Gaming League Season 2, in which 32 hip hop giants "will compete for bragging rights and bling." The competitors are picked by Snoop Dogg, the Commissioner of the HHGL.

Members will be able to get into the game and compete for the chance to play Snoop and other celebrities in the Las Vegas finals. There will also be crossover matches between the celebrities and GGL members.

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It is my sad duty to inform you that Borat Sagdiyev, the star of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is dead. Sacha Baron Cohen has admitted as much soon after winning a Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of the character. Admitting that he is now too recognizable to ever portray an undercover character again, Cohen has decided to kill the character off for good.

Now, it seems that Cohen will devote more time to scripted work, and he has noted that he's already got a few characters in mind, though he would not elaborate on who they might be. Still, given that Borat, Ali G, and Bruno were all hilarious, it's a pretty good bet that the man has more genius up his sleeve.

Monsters and Critics.com: King of the Globes Sacha kills Borat


Last night, Los Angeles was home to the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards, presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. For those who might not know, the Golden Globes recognize movies and television, and is voted on by the foreign press.

The big winners last night included Dreamgirls (for Best Film - Comedy or Musical and Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson) and Ugly Betty (Best TV Series - Comedy or Musical and Best Actress - America Fererra). Kind of surprising was the fact that Babel beat out The Departed for Best Film - Drama, which is usually an indicator of what film will have the fast track at the Academy Awards in March.

Check out the full list of winners here.

American Idol Finalists are liars! We've been listening to them do press for five seasons now and every time someone tries to get a little dirt about what goes on in that mansion it's always, "No, I would never sleep with her. She's like my little sister" or "No late night sexy escapades for this little lady. I just sit around at the mansion, do a little reading and then it's right off to bed with a glass of warm milk."

Nonsense. The real skinny is, Katharine McPhee snuck out all the time for a little one on one with her boyfriend, Ryan Starr spied on the next door neighbor with the most fantabulous ass this side of Vida Guerra, Jennifer Lopez and Scott Savol constantly went out to see if he could scare up some trim with his newfound fame at Hooters.

Licentiousness, womanizing and perversion are all fine. In fact, they're better than that, they're great, but lying is just unacceptable. Shame on you American Idol Finalists! Next time you feel you want to spy on a naked woman or sexually exploit some chick with silicon knockers that would make Pam Anderson's look miniscule, go ahead, but at least have the decency to be honest about it and possibly send the pictures and the videos to me.


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Dustin Diamond certainly has come a long way since his days as Samuel 'Screech' Powers on Saved By The Bell. He was at the Adult Entertainment Expo checking out the babes and pimping his adult film, Screeched, for Red Light District.

Of course G4 has something in common with Dustin, as we both love porn and videogaming, so we took an opportunity to talk about both with him while we were in Vegas. In addition, we learn about his future porn plans, and the fate of his house, which was recently and famously nearly foreclosed.

Check it out...


Rumor from the UK gossip mag The Daily Star suggests that George Lucas asked Harrison Ford to join his wookie companion in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon one more time. And to the tune of $47 million.

Thankfully, Harrison Ford knows when enough is enough. Even though Lucas wanted to produce a Han Solo spin-off film, Ford apparently thought the idea ridiculous and refused to be a part of the project.

Personally, the validity of this story seems pretty weak. If anything, Lucas probably asked Ford to be Han Solo, knowing he would decline. Then Lucas would follow it up with, "Well, then how about Indy?" See what I mean?

Yeah, after the Han Solo Files, Indy 4 doesn't sound like such a bad idea, does it?

RottenTomatoes.com: Did Harrison Ford Turn Down a $47 Million "Han Solo" Paycheck?

Remember Chris Kattan? The other Roxbury guy, aside from Will Ferrell? The guy who played Mango on SNL? Admit it, you always thought he was gay, right? I mean, I always did. The guy threw off more of a gay vibe than a full season of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Yet, it seems that we were all duped. Mr. Peepers himself has gotten engaged to a model named Sunshine Tutt.

Not only is she a model, but she's a smoking hot model. Yikes. I can understand girls like that ending up with comedians who have some talent, but did she not see Corky Romano? Dude deserves a couple of penalty strokes just for thinking of that movie, let alone making it his star vehicle. But, no. He ends up screwing a hot model named Sunshine. Where is the justice, I ask you?

Yahoo! News: `SNL' alum Chris Kattan engaged to model

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Steve Irwin's death won't be seen on the internet, on television, or anywhere else, it seems. The remaining footage of the death of the Crocodile Hunter has been turned over to Australian police to insure it never got out to the public. This was, apparently, a gift from the Aussies to Terri Irwin, Steve's widow.

To be honest, I think this is a good maneuver. It's very classy. Sure, there's some curiosity over the way that Irwin met his death, but there's a family involved. Do we really need to see the blood? I certainly hope not. That would help me lose my faith in human nature pretty quickly. Anyway, it's a moot point. And good for that.

Yahoo! News: Steve Irwin death film given to wife

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Has Miss America gone down in flames, or what? What was once the class of the pageant industry has now become a clownish shadow of the event it once was. Example? Mario Lopez will be hosting the 2007 Miss America pageant. That's right. Mario F**kin' Lopez. His resume? Lest you forget, Lopez played A.C. Slater on Saved By The Bell, before establishing credibility on Dancing With The Stars.

What the hell kind of society is this where you resurrect your career by starring in what is essentially a minstrel show? In addition, Lopez is a jagoff. I know this from personal experience. Once, I tried to compliment him on being good on SBTB, and he told me, no lie, to go 'F' myself. For reals. I mean, what kind of a guy is that?

The host of the doomed Miss America pageant, I say. And the whimper that ends the Latin Hollywood Revolution. Even Ricky Martin hates this guy.

Zap2It.com: Lopez Dances to Miss America Gig

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Kid Rock reportedly tried to attack rocker Tommy Lee in his Vegas hotel room on New Year's Eve after being taunted by the Motley Cruester over his split from Pamela Anderson....but had the wrong room!

Kid Rock and Lee have both been married to busty babe, with Rock splitting from Anderson as recently as November. Rock had reportedly been receiving calls from Lee taunting him about his impending divorce from the former Baywatch star, and tried to confront him at the Hard Rock Hotel.

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Anna Nicole Smith can't seem to stay out of fights. Unfortunately, none of them (the litigation over her deceased hubby's fortune, for example) have been of the sloppy, mud wrestling variety.

Now, she and Howard K. Stern, the alleged father of her new baby, have found themselves on the losing end of a legal battle with Larry Birkhead, an ex-boyfriend of Smith's who is claiming that he, not Stern is her baby's real father.

A Superior Court Judge has given Smith till January 23rd to submit her baby for paternity testing.

Never before have so many men vehemently claimed paternity for the offspring of a drugged up dolt... with big knockers.

Yahoo News: Deadline set in Smith baby dispute

According to her spokespeople, supermodel Kate Moss hasn't tied the knot with Peter Doherty, singer for the British rock band Babyshambles.

It didn't happen on New Years Day in a romantic and candlelit Buddhist ceremony. The location for the wedding wasn't Thailand.

Giant dinosaurs made from the recombination of fossil scrapings and frog D.N.A. who wore tuxes were not in attendance. Aliens did not come down from the stratosphere in a saucer like spacecraft to impart the wisdom of the ages to the newly wed couple.

The earth didn't tremble with anticipation at the hope of the couple siring a young male known in the ancient texts as "The Mosschild."

None of that stuff happened, so stop saying that it did!

Yahoo News: Moss denies marrying Doherty in Thailand


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