Pam Anderson Free At Last


Posted February 2, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Hey, all you single dudes ready for action, there's about to be a new single gal available on the meat rack...

Pamela Anderson will officially be divorced from Kid Rock on May 28!

According to the divorce filing, Pam and Kid avoided a big money battle by maintaining "income and assets separate and apart from the income and assets of the other party," and agreeing to split any joint accounts down the middle.

Get yer condoms ready, boys!

MTV.com: For The Record

It's hard to follow in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, but Jordana Brewster of The Fast & The Furious fame (but who played a sexy, lesbian criminal mastermind in D.E.B.S.) is strapping on her f*#k me pumps and giving it a go anyway.

She'll be playing Mrs. Smith in the pilot for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the television series. The show picks up six months after the movie's end and is about the exploits of a duo of seemingly docile suburbanites who are, in fact, highly trained spies.

Mr. Smith has yet to be cast, but who cares? Jordana Brewster is hot... HOT!

Darkhorizons.com: Brewster Is The New "Mrs. Smith"

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows might well be the most looked-forward to book of the past 50 years or so. The seventh and final installment of the series has had fans on tenterhooks since the first book came out in the 90's. And now, the final Potter book has a release date. It's July 21st, 2007.

Yes, on that date, you will see adults in wizard hats waiting in line at?Barnes and Noble. Children will weep, as they will experience loss for the first time in their lives, characters will die, stories will end. The New York Times Best Seller List may well shatter for the volume of books purchased. It will be, in short, awesome.

Yahoo! News: Final Harry Potter book due out in July

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Paris Hilton's Porn Court


Posted January 30, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Paris Hilton filed a federal lawsuit yesterday to shut down the website that is promoting personal photos, sex videos, diaries, and other belongings once kept at a storage facility.

You'll recall that she didn't pay her bill and her stuff got auctioned off. The site promises if ya pay a fee of $39.97 you can access her passport, medical records, legal documents....and yet more homemade porn!

In her suit, Hilton said she put her stuff in storage two years ago when she and her sister, Nicky, moved out of a house that had been robbed. The heiress-turned-pop-star said a moving company was supposed to pay the storage fees and was "shocked and surprised" to learn her belongings were sold at a public auction.

Um....a moving company was supposed to pay the fees? What moving company does that? Sounds like Paris is a little sloppy when it comes to the details...not to mention her vagina.

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Remember how, a few months ago, I told you that Daniel Radcliffe was going to be getting naked onstage for a British production of Equus? Well, in case you didn't believe me, there are pictures. Yes, semi-nude pictures of Mr. Potter. Personally, my virgin eyes are burning, but you might find something you like here.

Again, I'd like to reiterate my position that naked pictures of Hermoine would be about a million times more satisfying, but these should at least make foe good conversation. Also, in case you're wondering, Equus is a brilliant play, and the role he's playing is difficult. And he was really good on this week's episode of Extras, so perhaps Mr. Radcliffe is trying to branch out. After all, there are only seven Harry Potter stories in all. Then what?

This Is London: What will Hermione say, Harry?


Michael Imperioli, the actor behind the Sopranos' junkie mobster, Christopher Moltisanti has joined the ranks of celebrities like Scott Weiland, Duff McKagan and Danny Bonaduce (well, not so much with him) by turning his life around with martial arts.

The actor honored his sensei, Tae Sun Kang at a private party on Saturday for not only training him, but his entire immediate family. "I was in terrible physical shape. I smoked a pack a day... Tae kwon do has transformed our family in body, mind and spirit. It has changed us as human beings... I have more focus, concentration, confidence... Tae kwon do teaches you that you can overcome any obstacle, that you can tackle anything."

His Flying Crane Style has become most excellent.

Yahoo News: Imperioli: Tae kwon do changed his life

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Lopez To Speak Spanish!


Posted January 29, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Como Ama Una Mujer (How a Woman Loves) is the title of Jennifer Lopez's debut Spanish-language album, which hits stores April 3 through Epic Records. "Multi-media onlaught" is the title of the marketing campaign that is about to unfurl to promote the effort...

To promote the effort, J-Lo has is reportedly striking a deal with the Univision TV network to produce a five-part miniseries inspired by the album based on a treatment she wrote. Tough the series will feature the album's music, the curvy thespian-singer-dancer will not act in the series. The deal will also tie-in with a major retailer, and provide opportunities with other Univision properties in the digital and mobile arenas.

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Awww, snap. You didn't hit-and-run Shaq, did you?? Bad idea, dude. See, the guy is a reserve police officer for the Miami-Dade Police Department, and he will follow your ass and make a citizen's arrest if he's in the mood. Don't believe me? It happened the other day, partner. Some 18-year-old jackass hit Shaq's car, and then tried to drive away from the scene.

You know ol' Shaq and his bodyguard followed the dude to a gas station, and then called the cops to arrest him. Probably, though, you'd rather have the cops come and get you than have to deal with Shaq when you hit his car. The guy should consider himself lucky.

ESPN.com: Shaq pursues alleged hit-and-run driver, flags police

Kelsey Grammer, X-Men 3's Beast (who also did some show called Frasier, I think, but don't quote me on that) and Everybody Loves Raymond's Patricia Heaton are in talks with 20th Century Fox TV to take leading roles in the pilot for a new comedy series, Action News.

The duo will play a pair news anchors who reunite at a local television station and I'm guessing, bring the funny. That was just a guess, so you can't hold me to it.

Perhaps the funny will be brought by one of their as yet, unnamed co-stars or by the show's writers Christopher Lloyd (from Frasier) and Steven Levitan (creator of Just Shoot Me). I don't know. All I know is, it will definitely be brought by someone.

Zap2it.com: Grammer, Heaton Could Return to 'Action'

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Eric Roberts is a Hero

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Posted January 24, 2007 - By Eugene Morton

Eric Roberts is joining the cast of NBC's Heroes, but don't expect any heroics from the veteran actor. Roberts will play Thomas, an ally of HRG (the sinister character known only as Horned Rimmed Glasses).

Expect displays of superhuman ability, drama on an epic scale and perhaps some taunting, maniacal laughter.

Zap2it.com: 'Heroes' Expands Universe with Roberts

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British Director Guy Richie has plans to move into the realm of TV. He will direct and executive produce (that's 'pay for' in entertainment speak) a new pilot of a procedural crime drama titled Suspects for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

Besides being the Material Girl's husband, he is known for writing and directing two colorful caper dramas; Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.? Now, it sounds like Suspects will be something of the same sort as his movies: multiple characters who are all suspects, intermingled plot lines (the whose done it?), and maybe even a cockney accent or two just to ensure that the audience won't understand what is going on.

Looking at the ABC line-up, they could use a crime drama to compete with the Law & Orders and CSIs of the world. And I don't mind. Excluding his attempt to woo the original Pop Princess with Swept Away, his movies have been good and he does a damn good job at casting!?

Yahoo! News:Guy Ritchie lined up for ABC "Suspects"


Holy Guacamole! At this year's International Toy Fair in New York City, K&M International is planning on unveiling the 39-piece Steve Irwin Wildlife Adventure Series. That's right, the Crocodile Hunter has an action figure now.

You know, when I was a kid, I had my fair share of action figures. I had all the He-Man toys, Transformers, G.I. Joe's and I might have even had some Gobots and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I loved every action figure under the sun. Is it just me that something just doesn't feel right about this?

Regardless of those feelings, the toys are a go. They have received the approval of Steve Irwin's widow, Terri. The units will be available in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and France. The series has already been available at Irwin's zoo in Australia for the past year.

The action figures also feature Irwin's own voice, as he offers up a series of his most memorable quotes. The toy line was planned long before Irwin's tragic death in September of last year.

Yahoo News: Steve Irwin action figure on its way

Connery Returning For Indy 4?


Posted January 22, 2007 - By Yodapollo

Momentum is building up fast for Indiana Jones 4. Now that the holy trinity of Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford have all agreed on a script, other possible cast members are starting to speak out about the project. Sean Connery, who played Indy's father Henry in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, spoke with UK Teletext about the possibility of him returning to the role.

He mentioned that if the script were good enough, he would consider participating in the sequel. "At the moment there's nothing decided. I haven't got the script. Everything depends on the script," Connery said.

While this is far from being a sure thing, the prospects seem to look good that Connery may indeed play a key role in the film. At the same time, in a move that feels vaguely threatening, and at the same time makes me wonder what they will do if Connery doesn't like the script, uber-Producer George Lucas told a TV talk show, "We are writing him in whether he wants to do it or not."

You hear that Mr. Connery? You're being written in no matter what you say. And George Lucas is telling you to deal with it.

Dark Horizons: Connery Talks "Indiana Jones IV"

We've all paid to see a stink of a movie in one way or another, whether it be the $12 bucks shelled out or the 2-hour hellish running time, but finally there is some redemption.....the Razzies.

It's that time of the year when actors, producers and directors can be dragged through the muck that they put out. The Razzies has put up their nomination list and here are some of the highlights or lowlights if you please...

With seven nominations, topping off the worst of 2006 with everything from worst picture to worst actrss of the year, Basic Instinct 2.

Hanging in there for runner-up is Little Man with a worst-pic nom and nominations for worst director going to Keenen Ivory Wayans and a worst actor shared between Shawn and Marlon Wayans.

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Fishburne Deals a 21

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Posted January 19, 2007 - By Eugene Morton

Laurence Fishburne is wrapping up negotiations to join the cast of 21.

This filmic adaptation of the best selling "Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions" by Ben Mezrich will also star Heroes' Masi Oka and Kevin Spacey.

The movie will be shot in Las Vegas as well as Boston and filming is scheduled to begin in February.

Darkhorizons.com: Fishburne Likes Them At "21"


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