Marvel comics has said its final goodbye to fallen champion, Captain America.

In their latest release, Captain America gets a hero's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. As you may recall, after 66 years of battling evil, Captain was taken down earlier this year by a sniper's bullet.  

Surrounded by other patriots, the man in red, white and blue was laid to rest by pallbearers Iron Man, the Black Panther, Ben Grimm and Ms. Marvel.

He was buried wearing his very favorite pair of tights.

What? Too soon??

The issue, called "Fallen Son," is available now.

Canada East: Marvel Comics buries Captain America

Here's a recap of all the big news that went down today:

And finally:

How was YOUR day?

When Will Ferrell puts out a video where he talks to that adorable Pearl, you know we have to share.

WWE Superstar Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy, and their 7-year old son were found dead in their Atlanta home Monday afternoon.

According to a statement by World Wrestling Entertainment, "there are no further details at this time, other than the Benoit family residence is currently being investigated by local authorities.”

Tonight’s edition of RAW will serve as a 3-hour tribute to Benoit.

Edmonton Sun: Chris Benoit and family found dead: reports

Widely read movie-star blogger Perez Hilton is having some problems with his web host. Reportedly, Crucial Paradigm received one too many cease-and-desist letter from lawyers who take issue with Hilton's use of coprighted images.

Hilton, whose obsessive coverage of the private lives of movie stars make us shudder then weep for our culture, is being sued by five photo agencies for using their images without payment or permission. He has issued no comment as of yet on the site shut-down, but in the past has defended his hilarious editing of photos as examples of fair-use.

 "It's the first victory, and we put a lot of work into trying to get this to happen," said Francois Navarre, co-owner of L.A.-based X17 agency, a company that has filed a suit against Hilton. "It's a precedent that's huge...His new host is Blogads, and we're contacting them already."

The blog is back up with a different host, as of post time.

Just for fun, here's a video of Perez bashing Jared Leto:

Perez Hilton Hates Jared Leto »

Variety: Perez Hilton blog having problems

Perez Hilton


Only a couple of weeks out from leaving The View, Rosie O'Donnell is being courted by producers to be the next host of The Price Is Right. For her part, Rosie has admitted an interest in doing the job in the past, when she had former host Bob Barker on her talk show. Also, Bob Barker has gone on record saying that he thinks that Rosie would do a good job.

Actually, it's a pretty good fit. She'd be innocuous and able to be funny and cute, and she appeals well to a lot of old ladies, which is exactly the demographic of CBS, the old people's network. And this would be a good place for her to remain in the public eye and continue to get paid without having to worry about sparking controversy. In short, it works. Sign her up!

MSNBC.com: Barker says ‘Price is Right’ for O’Donnell

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Paris Hilton has been fired from her talent agent at Endeavor, because other clients have complained that they don't want to be associated with her and her infinite lack of talent. The straw that broke the camel's back, however, was Jessica Alba, who went to her agent at Endeavor and said that if they kept Hilton as a client, she was out of there.

Next thing you know, Paris is in jail. We didn't know that Jessica Alba was so powerful, but we wouldn't do anything to make her mad. Not with all of those invisibility skillz and all. We'd rather be her friend. A very close friend. One who helps with costume fitting and such.


Zack Snyder, director of 300, has been tapped to adapt the beloved comic book The Watchmen for the big screen. That's old news, but what's new news is who Snyder is eyeing for the starring roles.

Casting rumors for have been flying around the tubes, with speculation running rampant. Turns out Paddy Consindine is out as Rorschach and Jackie Earle Haley is in. Also, Haley's Little Children co-star Patrick Wilson is set to play Nite Owl. Also, Thomas Jane is the top pick to fill the role of The Comedian.

In Dr. Manhattan news, the part will not go to either Keanu Reeves or Billy Crudup as previously thought. The current frontrunner for the role is Jason Patric, who, most notably, starred in Speed 2. Looks like he'll continue the tradition of picking up Keanu's leftovers.

Dark Horizons: Patric, Jane, Haley, Wilson, "Watchmen"

Remember the good times?This weekend in Santa Monica, home of all things strange and celebrity, Britney Spears purposely drove her car by a hotel where Mandy Moore was doing press, in an attempt to take attention away from her ex-rival popstress.

Apparently the frenzied paparazzi were so busy trying to get a good shot of Brit, they forgot all about little Mandy. And Spears gave photogs exactly what they wanted, driving by once and then doubling back for another go.

The end was harried, however, when Spears got more attention than she initially bargained for. The stunt ended up with her and her bodyguard fighting off photographers and taking refuge near the hotel pool.

Mandy Moore and Britney Spears? We're dubbing this "The Battle of Who Gives A s#&t '07 Live!"

IMDB News: Chaos As Britney Stages Hotel Drive-By

Kevin Spacey says he's done with his personal acting career, and is hinting at retiring. When you think about it, it's not a bad idea. Spacey's been in the public eye now for years and years, at least since The Usual Suspects, and is apparently growing tired of being a celebrity.

Besides, what else is there for the man to do? It's not like the world is chock full of excellent roles for good actors. His career is admittedly on the wane, and it would be better to see him go out while he's still a well-respected actor on the top of his game instead of after the inevitible career downfall.

Or, he can always play Lex Luthor again.

Dark Horizons.com: Kevin Spacey Retires From Film?

First of all, the fact that something called Gilligan's Island: The Musical even exists makes the collective hair on our collective neck stand on end. Secondly, the fact that Paris Hilton might star in before mentioned suckfest makes us want to take a razor, and not shave the hair on our neck, but cut our jugular.

That's exactly what's happening. The producers of a Vegas production want Paris to play Ginger, although they can't get in touch with her at the moment. LOLzzz Paris is in Jailzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OMG!!!!11!!

Meh. We doubt she'll take the gig. But what we really want to know is why they packed all those clothes for just a three hour tour?

Seems a little suspicious.

TMZ: Paris to Take a Three Hour Tour?


Jessica Alba wants to have sex in a whole lot of different ways and with a whole lot of different guys. No, this is not a dream of ours, it's really the truth. The super hot actress has admitted that she likes to experiment with different sexual situations and partners, and that she's kind of into one-night-stands.

Oh, Jessica Alba, with your bee-stung lips and delicious curves, TheFeed can think of lots of experimental situations for you to be in. We often do. The fact that you're kinda into new and delightful sexy times comes as a complete joy to us, for we are ready to serve you. Just let us know what we can do.

The Sun Online: Alba wants no-strings sex

In a rare display of good taste, NBC has yanked former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham's upcoming reality series and instead will truncate into an hour-long special.


Victoria Beckham: Coming to America will air at 8 p.m. July 16, and will focus the gal once known as Posh Spice's move from the UK to Los Angeles with her husband, soccer star David Beckham (I refuse to call it football, like those bastard Limeys).

Originally the series was to be a six-episode run, starting in February. But once Beckham was recalled to play with the English national team late last month, problems with shooting began.

…and who on Earth would watch the series if HE isn’t on it? About as many people bought the Mel C solo album, me thinks…

YahooNews.com: NBC truncates Posh Spice reality show

R.I.P. Mr. Wizard


Posted June 13, 2007 - By Dana Leahy

Don Herbert, known and beloved as Mr. Wizard from the popular Nickelodeon television show Mr. Wizard's World, passed away yesterday morning. He was one month shy of his 90th birthday.

Mr. Wizard was born in the magical land in Wisconsin in 1917. His college studies of science and English were interrupted by World War II, where he served as a pilot. Upon returning from the ravages of war, Mr. Wizard realized that he could utilize the new medium of television to teach kids science.

His first show, which most of our parents remember, Watch Mr. Wizard premiered on NBC in 1951. However, for our generation, he brought his special brand of magic and knowledge into our hearts with his show Mr. Wizard's World, which aired on Nickelodeon from 1983 to 1990. 

Mr. Wizard was famous for debunking seemingly impossible science experiments which could then be recreated at home. Who among us, I ask, did not use all of their mother's baking soda trying to power a crappy little aluminum foil boat around in the bathtub.

As jaded adults, we often forget about the enjoyment that can come from even the most simple understanding of the world around us. Mr. Wizard helped many of us, as children, cultivate a love of science, curiosity and learning, the subtle glory of which we often forget in the hustle and bustle of our busy adult lives.

In memoriam, take a moment to think about why you love the challenge of trying to figure out mathematically how many Skittles can fit in a tractor trailer and say a little prayer.

You'll be missed, Mr. Wizard.

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We all know Lindsay Lohan is a little bit of a rascal, but who knew she was something ripped straight out of Pulp Fiction?

Lee Weaver, Lohan's recently resigned bodyguard, is running his mouth to a British tabloid, chronicling all of Lohan's wild awesome behavior.

According to Weaver, Lohan is waaaaaaaaaaaaay more into partying than we thought and even has a "death wish" going on drinking and drug binges and cutting herself with knives. The bodyguard also mentioned several lesbian trysts and Lindsay beating down her dealer after he shorted her.

The dealer had a gun, but Lindsay had her fists and rage. Guess who won that fight? No puny handgun can stop the vicious force of LaLohan. This is new feminism, biatch.

WWTDD: Lindsay Lohan is a Hardass


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