1.31.08: Never Forget


Posted January 31, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

January 31st is written in all our hearts. Today marks the one year anniversary of one of the most pivotal days in American history: The day the courageous police and fireman of Boston, MA saved the world from a Mooninite invasion. Never forget, people.

It began with the initial invasion:Ignignokts stunned the city with his blinking light attack (Note TheFeed's early assement of the danger). But Boston countered with hysteria! The bomb squad was called and the police surrounded the invader from the moon.

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'ATHF' Game Behind The Scenes


Posted October 22, 2007 - By bleahy

Aqua Teen Hunger Force series creators Matt Maiellaro & Dave Willis talk about the upcoming ATHF: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am.

In what is most likely the whimpering end of the Aqua-Gate scandal, the artists responsible for the Mooninite Lite-Brites that shut down Boston have avoided serving time, done some community service and apologized for their part in the mistake.

Those who remember the hilarity of the initial press conference in which Peter Berdovsky, 27, and Sean Stevens, 28 discussed 70s hairstyles with the nation's press will most likely be disappointed in the pair's apologies:

"I deeply regret that this incident caused such anguish and disruption to so many people," Berdovsky told the Charlestown District Court.

Stevens said he saw the devices simply as "harmless entertainment" and had no intention of "upsetting or alarming anyone."

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A final coda to the Aqua-Gate fiasco: The brave police in that Massachusetts berg have once again protected the citizendry by blowing up something harmless.

According to hipster blog boingboing, the above photo shows the bomb squad taking out their explosive frustration on a traffic counter.

Ignignokt and Err were unable to comment, as they are fake cartoon character and thus do not actually have opinions.

Video was released.

Aqua Teen's shapeshifting heartthrob Meatwad has a dream. A dream that is simple and pure. A dream that occupies the hearts and minds of millions of other 12-year-old-girls around America--to meet Justin Timberlake.

Meatwad has the drive, determination and spirit to make it happen; however, getting in touch with JT has proven a bit difficult for?everyone's favorite?meatball-cum-igloo-cum-hot-dog.

Just listen as Aqua Teen co-creator Dave Willis explains Meatwad's plight followed by the heartbreaking message left?for Justin?by the Meat Man himself.

Justin, please, put Scarlett Johansson down for a minute and return Meatwad's call, will you?

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters hits multiplexes April 13th.


Our exclusive interview with "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" co-creator Dave Willis. He talks about the movie, its rating, the new videogame and not Boston.

His nammmmmmmme isssssssss...Dave Willis and along with writing partner Matt Maiellaro, he's created one of the most successful cartoon franchises about a crime-fighting-trio-of-food-that-doesn't-really-fight-crime-at-all-and-just-ends-up annoying-their-poor-neighbor-Carl ever.

Besides the usual hustle and bustle of creating a television show, the Aqua Teen guys have been busy lately. I dunno if you heard or not, but they have a feature length animated film coming out. It drops in theaters April 13.

Then, there was this other thing that happened and it was kind of bad and ended up being a little bit emotionally and monetarily expensive for some people and it happened in a town that rhymes with "tosstin."

But we couldn't talk about it, so my first question was...

Dana: Are you planning on doing any major marketing campaigns for the film?

Dave: Ahhh, meaning similar to the ones that were kicked off in...? No. I think maybe we will try something that is a little more inside the box, deep inside the box and not too far outside it. We might do a billboard and a poster. And yeah, sure we might do an ad, but probably not an ad on TV, and not on any networks that we don't own because that would cost someone some money. There going to have us here all weekend with Xerox machine, making flyers and posting them around town. That's how I imagine that marketing campaign to go down now.

(Click below for the rest of the interview!)

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'Osama Team Hunger Force'


Posted February 12, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Oh, Aqua-Gate, I can't get enough of your outrageousness.

Enjoy the following humorous look at what some people in Boston imagined was behind the appearance of Lite-Brite approximations of Ignignokt and Err on their fair streets.

You work with idiots, right? Sure, we all do. But what if someone you have never met caused you to have to quit your job, just because they were stupid. And what if the job was really cushy, and you'd probably never have to work again if you'd been able to retire there. Welcome to the wonderful world of Jim Samples, General Manager of Cartoon Network...or, should I say, former General Manager of Cartoon Network.

Yes, Mr. Samples was forced to quit his job because of the complete lunatic idiocy of the State of Massachusetts, and their lack of ability to determine what is a legitimate terrorist threat, and what is a promotional opportunity.

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'24,' 'Aqua Teen' Mashup


Posted February 8, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Aqua-Gate update: What was once a panic is now a funny YouTube Video.


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Turner Broadcasting, the multi-media empire behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force, is offering the city of Boston two million dollars to compensate the city of Boston for the panic caused by their guerrilla advertising campaign.

The settlement includes $1 million to the cities of Boston, Somerville and Cambridge along with Massachusetts state agencies and another $1 million in "good will funds" to finance homeland security and other programs by various groups.

Turner will split the cost with Interference, the advertising company involved.

Hopefully, Mooninite protection devices will be installed so that the?proud city of Boston?will not be harrassed by Ignignokt and Err or their lite-brite representations any longer.

Reuters:? Turner, ad firm to pay $2 mln for Boston scare

Aqua-Gate Update: Here's?the video of the construction and installation of Boston's dreaded Lite-Brite Mooninites.? Thanks,?Zebbler.com.


Hey, WCVB-TV, you're an awesome news station, no doubt, but in a recent report on your program and article on your website you name-dropped G4 in the following way:

"Grainy video of teams placing the devices around the city was posted on the gaming network G4 as part of the national promotional campaign."

We're flattered. We really are. And the money would be nice.?But while we did?stream video of the installation of the devices on our website, and we?have been reporting on every detail of the case, we're no?more a part of a?national promotional campaign than you are.

We admit, Aqua-Gate info has been showing up on our site and channel faster than it has been showing up on, say, yours, but that's not because we have any inside information. It's just because we're faster.

We'd also like to take exception to your reportage that the public has "decried" these marketing tactics.?I've been noticing mostly people chuckling.

WCVB-TV: Public Reacts To Scare, Decries Marketing Ploy

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I think?columnist/ Right-wing radio host Howie Carr is angry Rush Limbaugh was too out-of-it to answer his fan mail. OXYCONTIN'D!!!

Carr is a Boston-area pundit with his own column in the Boston Herald and a talk radio show on WRKO, who thinks that any person over the age of 18, but under the age of 35 who likes cartoons is a stupid stoner whose societal impotence is highlighted by the fact they probably reside in a "loft" and list their occupation as "Self-Employed."

Howie wrote an article this morning about the whole Aqua Teen Hunger Force marketing terrorist bomb scare bananza.

Click below for hilarious Howie quotes...

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So we all know that Boston area artists (and guerrilla marketers) Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens have pleaded not guilty to felony charges of planting a fake bomb in the Aqua Teen Hungerforce Vs. Boston debacle we've come to know and love.

But just who are these guys, other than the?superstars of?February 1st, 2007?

Well, here's Peter "Zebbler" Berdovsky's myspace page.?

And here's?Sean Stevens' webpage.?

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In the interest of providing up to the minute coverage of Aqua-Gate, TheFeed is proud to present The Cartoon Network's apology to Boston and the people of the world for employing Light Brights that frightened cops.


Official Site

This same message appeared on the network last night between every show.

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