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The Major League Baseball season is underway and Sony has leveraged their newest game, MLB 10: The Show, to make their predictions for the 2010 season. Using its "Season Simulator" to run the entire season with today's current baseball players' stats, the proof is in the following prediction videos.

Here is Sony's MLB 10: The Show AL West predictions.

MLB 10: The Show AL West Predictions »

To see the AL Central predictions click on the 'Read More' button below

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Starting today, MLB.TV subscribing PlayStation 3 owners will have access to the two most realistic baseball spectacles around: MLB 10: The Show and actual baseball broadcasts.

Sony has announced the release of the MLB.TV app for the PS3 that will give subscribers the ability to watch every single regular season game live in HD. The application lets you access all sorts of ridiculous things, including:

  • MLB Scoreboard – See a schedule of today’s games (and set options to control whether or not you see the scores)
  • Home and Away Feeds – Choose to watch either the home or away broadcast feed
  • HD quality video and DVR functionality – watch a live game in HD (with Live Game DVR functionality that lets you pause and rewind live games of fast-forward back to live game action)
  • Season Archive – Want to re-live a great moment? Go back and watch games you’ve missed from earlier in the season.
  • Scrollable Linescore – Go directly to any half-inning to watch only that portion of the game.
  • Favorite Teams/Calendar Schedule – Scroll through the entire 2010 Major League Baseball schedule in calendar format or designate your favorite team(s) to see the schedule for that team.

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The video you see below expertly demonstrates the rag-doll physics of Skate 2, as well as showing off the variety and hilarity of skater deaths in the game. Me gusto mucho!

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Tony Hawk Tweets New Game:

Professional skater Tony Hawk apparently let a game-cat out of a bag last night when he tweeted about something called "Tony Hawk: Shred."

The tweet read:

"Tony Hawk: Shred. There, I said it. Actually, I named it. Somewhere a PR team is reeling.

Apparently the PR team reeled hard enough to have Hawk remove the tweet: It has now gone to where all premature announcement tweets go to die.

Obviously no other information on Tony Hawk: Shred is available -- there's no word on platforms, date, price, rating, whether it will use the skateboard peripheral that came with Tony Hawk: Ride or not, or anything else. But as soon as I hear anything else, I'll let you know... until then, what do you think of the name?

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Links Of TheFeed: Fat Cats Doubled Down

Who doesn't like a pictures of fat cats? Anyone? No? Good, because we're serving up a gallery of portly felines, the inner monologue of someone eating the KFC Double Down sandwich, and some crazy foosball tables. If I had actual photoshop skills, I would have combined all three above, but alas, you're just going to have to live with clicking on these epic links.

  • I loved playing foosball in college. However, these 10 crazy foosball tables on Uncoached proved that for some people it was an obsession.
  • Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane is set to direct an R-Rated movie about a perverted teddy bear. FilmDrunk has more info, plus a video of Seth address Harvard graduates as Peter Griffen.
  • CollegeHumor takes a gritty look at real life achievements. Even though X-Play did it first, we'll forgive them.

MLB 2K10 Predicts Phillies Over Red Sox In World Series (And Other

As is standard with most sports game franchises, 2K Sports has crunched the numbers for the 2010 baseball season using MLB 2K10, and the results are in: The Philadelphia Phillies will crush my Boston Red Sox in a 4-1 disgrace of a World Series.

The game also generated other laughable/could end up being true stats, which you can find right here:

  • American League division winners: New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers; Boston Red Sox win Wild Card
  • National League division winners: Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants; Philadelphia Phillies win Wild Card
  • National League MVP: Albert Pujols (Cardinals) - .315 avg., 38 HRs, and 109 RBI
  • National League Cy Young: Dan Haren (Arizona Diamondbacks) - 18-7, 3.05 ERA, 212 strikeouts, and 230 innings pitched
  • American League MVP: Alex Rodriguez (Yankees) - .317 avg., 31 HRs, 108 RBI, and 106 runs
  • American League Cy Young: C.C. Sabathia (Yankees) - 20-5, 3.07 ERA, 206 strikeouts, and 234 innings pitched

Be sure to check back at the end of the season to see how accurate MLB 2K10’s predictions really were! In the meantime, what are your predictions for this season?

Should the need arise, feel free to E-Mail me your tips, suggestions, and/or personal philosophies, or follow me on Twitter.

Review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the Xbox 360

This week's Masters' golf tournney and X-Play's list of favorite golf games has me thinking golf.

While X-Play focused on popular golf titles like Tiger Woods and Hot Shots, along with the widely available commercial games, more specialized golf simulators and games have been been developing almost in a separate universe from mass-appeal video games since at least the 1980s. For decades, there has been a range of tech devices and simulations geared specifically at hardcore golf-heads -- a sort of parallel world where video games and tech have a different revenue model and different "goals" than the mainstream game world .

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The Masters Golf tournament goes down this weekend, and tomorrow, a little-known golfer/video game star named Tiger Woods will be teeing off, so X-Play has golf on the mind. Check out their video compilation of the top five golf games of all time, including Super Swing Golf: Season 2, Links 2003, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

X-Play's Top 5 Golf Games »

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Baseball Season Is A Go

Watching the 2010 baseball season open with my Red Sox pulling out a win against the Skankees was seven kinds of great. To be honest though, all I could think about during the game was popping in MLB 10: The Show and getting back to work on my Road to the Show character -- Oakland A's rookie sensation Jack Gaskins. It definitely didn’t help that Sony ran their hilarious Joe Mauer/Kevin Butler ad for the game a number of times throughout the broadcast.

The point is, baseball season is officially underway, and that means, among other things, all those glorious live-stat features built into The Show and MLB 2K10 (or whatever next-gen baseball you play) can finally be put to good use. So if you’re a baseball gamer, please share your plans for your (virtual) 2010 season. Are you a franchise player? A season lover? Like creating a player and watching him rise through the ranks? Prefer the off-the-field minutia that comes from being a manager?

And, of course, what’s your team, and what are your predictions for this season?

While you're thinking over your answers, feel free to check out Sony's newly released opening day trailer for MLB 10: The Show.

Now, say it with me: Play ball! (Oh, and if you have any really nasty things to say about the Milwaukee Brewers, Andrew Pfister would love to hear them.)

Skate 3

At PAX East 2010 this weekend, EA announced that the demo version of Skate 3 will be available on April 15. You might have expected fireworks, a marching band or a troupe of acrobats, but instead, the information was found on the back of a freebie sticker EA handed out.

No real info yet on what the demo will contain, but the game itself comes out on May 11. Hoepfully, the demo will give a taste of the team-building and skatepark customization that the full game has promised.

Skate 3

At PAX East 2010, Andrew Pfister tried out EA and Black Box's skateboard simulator Skate 3. The new game promises to beef up online play, as well as provide virtual-thrashers with a more robust set of customization and building tools. Plus, they've added both a simplified "really easy" mode and a compli-fied "hardcore" mode. So get ready to get totally gnarly. Here are Andrew's impressions:

"Skate 3 might be for me, because some of the new things Black Box is doing with the third game is geared toward softening that hardcore-only connotation. Features like a new “easy” mode, and the ability to turn on slow-motion during trick training so that you really can get a handle on the tricks you’re trying to pull off, with the idea being that you can eventually work your way up to being awesome in normal time. Also, Jason Lee ("Mallrats," "My Name is Earl") plays the role of Coach Frank, your helpful and humorous advisor when you first start out."

For the rest of the preview, click this link.


505 Games goes further into the gritty choice of camera angles they've decided to use in their physics-based American pigskin simulator, Backbreaker. 

Backbreaker Down in the Trenches Developer Diary »

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Bonus Interview

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin dropped by Attack of the Show yesterday to talk about his new movie Damage, and some of his experiences in the wrestling ring. While he was there, Attack of the Blog got a chance to talk to the man himself and get some bonus dirt on his acting career and some deeper wrestling lore.

Go to there and watch the video...because Stone Cold said so!

Much hullaballoo was made up over the Euphoria Engine during the build up to games like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Grand Theft Auto IV. The idea of such a dynamic physics engine propelled gamers dreams of frenetic gameplay into the stratosphere. Now, with the upcoming American football Backbreaker project from 505 Games and NaturalMotion, the imagination is aflame with the idea of a truer-to-life experience of one of the world's most violent real-life games.

To explain the efforts of the development team further, NaturalMotion Assistant Producer Rob Donald discusses how Backbreaker will attempt to be the "first live action video game sports title" and excite fans across the world, even sans an NFL license.

Backbreaker "First Live Action Video Game Sports Title" Int. »


NaturalMotion cuts together a slick new trailer detailing the dynamic physics and features in their upcoming Backbreaker American football game, which looks to take on an area of gaming dominated by EA's Madden franchise. Equipped with the Euphoria physics engine, I'm ever more interested in seeing this David & Goliath battle it out for American football gamer marketshare.

Backbreaker Features Trailer »

I wonder if there will be any copyright issues remaking "The Forty Whiners" from EA's Mutant League Football in a custom team in this game. Oh the possibilities!


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