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The seamless commentary and sharp visuals of the newly released UFC Undisputed 2010 has got us itching for more simulated matches to wildly throw our wages of candy and soda pop around in office wagers. If you're a fan of the game or sport, watch the full-length match between welterweight warriors Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes in direct-feed gameplay.

UFC Undisputed 2010: Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes »

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For generations, gamers have dealt with nightmarish expert-level difficulties. For that reason, we present the first of a series of simulated matches from UFC Undisputed 2010, to not only showcase the newly-launched UFC game, but to squeeze out some gratifying retribution of having the A.I. face itself on expert.

Watch as we simulate a slobber-knocking UFC heavyweight fight between the infamous Kimbo Slice and the loose cannon, Brock Lesnar. Hey CPU, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!

UFC Undisputed 2010 Kimbo Slice vs. Brock Lesnar Bout »

In high school, I never met my target weight for playing defensive end... hell, I never met my target weight to get on the first string of the defense. Thankfully, I can look forward to a second virtual chance of tackling the crap out of the QB with "Aggressive Mode" in 505 Games upcoming Backbreaker. The latest tutorial shifts focus to the defensive side of the ball to teach you how to pummel with the use of two analog sticks as opposed to months of whey protein shakes and Summers away from video games.

Time to reclaim some lost time.


Backbreaker Defense Tutorial Trailer »


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Among the clout of releases of this week, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, made it's demo available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace yesterday. If you happen to not be driving around an exploding race course, shooting a revolver in the Wild West and happened to catch the first taste of the latest edition of the venerable golfing franchise, feel free to take a moment to share you comments in the usual section below.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Demo Direct-Feed Gameplay »

505 Games' Euphoria Engine-based footballer, Backbreaker, is betting the farm on the realistic simulation as the main draw to their upcoming new project. To keep in line with the realism, get to know the streamline controls of the passing game mechanics. 

Backbreaker Passing Game Tutorial Trailer »


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TNA Impact Cross the LineLegendary grappler Hulk Hogan is coming back to video games, brother, and Hulk-a-mania is going to be running wild all over your handheld. Hulkster will be joined by wrestling legends like Sting, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle in TNA Impact! Cross the Line for the Nintendo DS.

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In the video below, Adam Sessler and X-Play give you a preview of the multiplatform Madden NFL 11. Find out what improvements have been added to this year's edition including play calling systems GameFlow and GamePlan, the new Locomotion animation system, and more. It's only one click away.

Madden NFL 11 First Look Preview »



Future EA Sports Games To Require

Electronic Arts has been one of the most aggressive companies in developing solutions to the perceived used game dilemma. Publishers don't see a direct revenue stream from used games, so EA is one of many publishers coming up with incentives for consumers to purchase a new copy of their games. With Mass Effect 2, it was the Cerberus Network. With EA Sports, it's "Online Pass."

"Online Pass" is required for all online features. You don't have a choice. If you don't have an "Online Pass" code, it will cost you $10 to generate an "Online Pass." That's EA's carrot to used game fans.

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In the video below, Blair Herter talks to Producer Chris 'Cuz' Parry about the upcoming multiplatform game Skate 3. Find out about Skate 3's co-op mode, customizable environment, featured skaters and more in this X-Play preview. And shred on, bra.


Skate 3 Hands On Preview with Chris 'Cuz' Parry »


Interview: The Guy Who Won $1 Million For Pitching A Perfect Game In MLB 2K10

In case you hadn’t heard, a man named Wade McGilberry recently won $1,000,000 for being the first person to pitch a verified perfect game in Major League Baseball 2K10. Since the announcement was made yesterday, Wade, a 24-year-old 401K record keeper, and his accountant wife Katy have been on a whirlwind press tour, a tour that included a brief over-the-phone stop with me.

G4: You just won a $1,000,000 playing a video game. How is that treating you?

Wade McGilberry: We’re enjoying it. Trying to take it all in.

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Madden is a fun game, but it's not simple. Even reaching a minimally competitive level of play online in Madden NFL 10  will take brains and planning, so we hooked up with the Madden pros at AskMadden.com and will be bringing you a continuing series of tips and tricks so you can get better at Madden NFL 10. The new game comes out in August, so you should have plenty of time to improve your football prowess.

Today's lesson: Resetting your Depth Chart.

Madden NFL AskMadden.com Tip: Resetting Your Depth Chart »

For more advanced Madden strategies, be sure to check out AskMadden.com.

Madden 10 Superbowl

When it comes to games that people go absolutely ape for, Madden is right there at the top of the list. Electronic Arts’ perennial pigskin champion has a rabid fan base that has helped turn the franchise into a cultural phenomenon. And a lot of this success is due to the game’s competitive multiplayer, both online and off. However, for as robust and popular as the game’s online multiplayer is, EA has revealed online play took a serious hit in last year's Madden NFL 10, resulting in a rather staggering statistic.

As Madden creative director Ian Cummings recently told Kotaku, a whopping 350,000 Madden 10 players played exactly one game online. Sales for Madden 10 were relatively lower than EA was anticipating, so 350,000 is certainly a meaningful chunk of players. Obviously, EA is looking to avoid the issues that caused so many players to steer clear of online play with Madden NFL 11. Guess we'll find out if they've been successful when the game released in a few months.

Were you one of these 350,000? If you avoid playing Madden online, what’s keeping you away?

Source: Kotaku

Should the need arise, feel free to E-Mail me your tips, suggestions, and/or personal philosophies, or follow me on Twitter.

Like the mighty salmon migration in Nature, the annual return of the Madden franchise to gaming resonates throughout the gaming kingdom. Love it or hate it, the franchise continues to return. Reading up on our First Look, you've probably seen the keywords "Simpler. Quicker. Deeper." Today, EA has released three new Madden NFL 11 videos to explain those words even further.

Go, salmon, go


Madden NFL 11 Simpler. Quicker. Deeper. Trailer »


Click through to for the two new developer videos to hear from the dev team on all things Madden NFL 11.

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Super Street Fighter IV Officially Revealed

Online book-maker Paddy Power is expanding from sports in video gaming. The company is offering odds on the outcome of the UK "heavyweight championship" for Super Street Fighter IV.

The match pits Ryan Hart against Femi Adeboye, and is set to take place on April 29 at Capcom's European headquarters. The match will be streamed live on the Paddy Power website, if you've say, laid your life savings on one of the combatants. Right now, the line for outright winner favors Ryan Hart at 1/3, with Abedoye at 2/1. You can also bet on the round lengths and the number of rounds won.

"Video games are as much a legitimate sport as any other," said a Paddy Power spokesperson to Games Industry. "We wanted to offer sports fans and games players the ultimate thrill by offering the chance to win big on the outcome of a Super Street Fighter IV competition. If it proves popular, we'll open further books on other video game competitions."

While I'm always in favor of furthering the cause of video games, I would hate for pro gaming to go the way of boxing, where betting and monetary interests have killed the sport for the fans. That's a long way off, though, so until then, lay your money down, people -- unless, of course, it's not legal where you are.

Source: Games Industry

Tony Hawk Ride

In “Time to Play Clean Up” news, Activision has gone ahead and confirmed what legendary skater Tony Hawk already Tweeted to the world earlier in the week: Tony Hawk: Shred is the next installment in the ironically downhill sliding skating franchise.

In addition to telling everyone what they already knew, Activision told Joystiq that “more details will be revealed in the coming months.” The big question at this point is whether Shred is the sequel to the abominable Tony Hawk: Ride that’s in the works or an entirely new game.

Given that Shaun White is doing a skateboarding game, I’m going to say Shred will be a snowboarding/skateboarding combo title that will require two board peripherals to play, because the peripheral-only requirement was so popular the first time around. And what’s better than one? Two, of course!

Source: Joystiq

Should the need arise, feel free to E-Mail me your tips, suggestions, and/or personal philosophies, or follow me on Twitter.


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