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Is a Halo game still a Halo game if it's not made by Bungie? That question may get answered with the next iteration of the series. There's a rumor going around the video game world that Halo 4 will be a launch title for the next Microsoft console, and that it is currently in development at Gearbox.

Here's the evidence:

  • A rumor to be printed (apparently) in the next issue of Official Xbox Magazine.
  • A job listing posted by Gearbox that reads:  "I've started a new project. It's big. It's, like, look-at-our-line-up-and-imagine-something-even-bigger kind of big. I'm Directing it myself. I can't mention it publicly yet. When you find out what this is, you'll likely agree that I can't oversell this one."

Gearbox devloped a bunch of titles in the Half-Life series, so they're pretty great, and they developed Halo: Combat Evolved for the Mac, so they're not strangers to the series, but we wonder whether Halo would suffer under their direction, or is this the franchise getting a little stale and needing an injection of fresh, Gearbox-flavored blood? Thoughts?


Xbox Live Rocks The Vote


Posted August 21, 2008 - By jmanalang

Starting August 25, make a difference in your country and pause that Halo 3 online mutliplayer to register to vote on Xbox Live.

Microsoft announced today that they have partnered with Rock The Vote to bring voter registration to Xbox live. "To realize our goal of registering 2 million young Americans by this fall, we need to go where young Americans are, and there's no doubt in our minds that many are on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live," said by Rock The Vote director Heather Smith. Presidential polls and forums will also be provided by Microsoft.

"If Xbox Live were a state, it would rank as the country's seventh largest, giving it approximately 20 electoral votes," said by Microsoft. The state of Xbox Live is currently populated by 12 million users, and is known for their corn agriculture, also endless hours of online play. So go ahead and register, and don't stop making a difference in society--cause we can't stop, and we won't stop. Eh eh...eh eh.


After grabbing this year's G-Phoria "Game of the Year" award, Bungie's Halo 3 continues its award-winning success by also receiving the Edge Award for Interactive Innovation.

Beating Grand Theft Auto IV, Portal, Rock Band, Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Fit, the Microsoft exclusive FPS proved its innovative contribution through its seamless online community - Forge, stats, and much more. Master Chief is definitely smiling underneath that shiny helmet. But, it may not be just be because of the awards...

In receiving the Edge Award, Bungie provided an acceptance video speech narrated by former 1UP writer Luke Smith. The video, consisting on what appears like a PC-mod, ended with Smith saying, "Wait a second, there is no way we're showing this yet." The word "this" could be anything, but we bet it's another four letter word (F not included...also S...). Check out the video after the cut.

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G-Phoria is over and we've got the winners! The past twelve months have been unprecedented in terms of quality games coming out for home consoles.

Halo 3 narrowly topped the competition and won Game of the Year in the closest vote in G-Phoria history.

Check under the cut for the full list of winners from G-Phoria 2008.

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G-Phoria Is Tonight!


Posted August 7, 2008 - By Yodapollo

You played, you voted, and now the results are in! Tonight, X-Play Present G-Phoria, the videogame awards where the gamers pick the winners. Adam and Morgan will be bringing you the results for all categories, including Best Graphics, Best Voice Acting, Best RPG and much much more!

Don't the all the big winners as we lead up to the big announcement of the evening, Game of the Year!

Who will take home the big prize? Grand Theft Auto IV? Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Find out Tonight as X-Play Presents G-Phoria 2008 at 8PM ET, only on G4!


Halo 3's August Title Update will include some major changes to the way players are ranked online in multiplayer. Bungie plans to separate the playlists and give players individual ranks in each playlist.

Previously, in the current #1 Xbox Live game, gamers had one overall rank and individual skill ratings in each playlist. Now, gamers will get an overall skill rating and individual rankings in each playlist.

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The banhammer is gonna hit naughty Halo 3 gamers that are abusing their File Share and uploading content that is deemed "inappropriate non-game content" by Bungie.

Here's the word from Bungie:

"Users who have modified content on their File Share - regardless of who created said content - will be subjected to the full power of the Banhammer’s thrust. This includes some never-before-unleashed technology that will effectively terminate your Halo multiplayer experience online in every imaginable facet. In fact, the ban is so thorough that simply calling it the Banhammer is a complete understatement. I just couldn’t come up with a more hyper-exaggerated term that had the same feel. Banplatform? Banpocalpyse? Banmageddnon? None of those did the trick."

 Also, users that are downloading this bad content should be careful.

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Have you voted in G-Phoria yet?

This is your chance to help determine which games were the standouts of last year. Help us pick the games that came in first in action, sports, and shooting. These awards are decided entirely by popular vote, so your vote could mean the difference.

Voting ends this Sunday at 11:59 PM, so don't waste any time.

Go to G-Phoria now!

Tune in for the results as X-Play presents G-Phoria 2008, August 7th @ 8PM.

McFarlane Toys will be offering a set of two Halo 3 action figures at this year's Comic-Con. An exclusive Spartan Soldier (EVA "HellSpartan" ) will be paired with an exclusive clear Spartan Soldier (CQB Active-camouflage ) figure in a comic-con only pack.

The two exclusive figures have a limited production run of 3,000 each, and will be hard to get: You'll need to go to McFarlane Toys' Comic-Con booth #2601 to receive a card with complete details and instructions to buy them online  but only as a combo.

There will be a limit of one card per person, and one set per card.

So go! Get 'em! Or weep on eBay next week.

After the non-announcement of a new Bungie Halo game at E3 08, many thought the announcement would come at this year's Comic-Con. Sorry, Charlie: No new Halo was announced at the ComicCon Halo round-table.

Although lots of fan questions were answered, no bombshells were revealed, save the fact that we will not see Master Chief's face in a game anytime soon. "Look in the mirror, and that's Master Chief's face," we were told.

Remember how Bungie was going to announce something at E3 this year and then they offered an apology instead:

"For the last several months, we've been building toward a reveal of something exciting that Bungie is working on," studio President Harold Ryan wrote. "We were looking forward to sharing that with our fan community during the week of E3. However, those plans were changed by our publisher."

According to the L.A. Times, the Halo announcement was cut from Microsoft E3 press conference because it would have made the event go on too long (?).

 "We had an embarrassment of riches," Don Mattrick said. "We felt we could do this game more justice with a more dedicated event."

We guess that that long demo of You're in the Movies was pretty important. We'll let you know more about Bungie's game when we know it, of course.

LATimes: Microsoft explains Halo's no-show at E3 game conference


Nugget From The Net


Posted July 11, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

This is video is a little old, but we don't care. This kid makes Halo 3 weapons out of cardboard. He's much cooler than you.

We understand that gamers, when given the chance to create any content in videogames, will always make genitals, so we're not surprised with the above anime style naked lady created with Halo 3's Forge. But we are delighted.

Source (via kotaku)

Dust off those Halo 3 disks and get ready for a new map... for FREE!

In honor of "Bungie Day", which takes place every July 7th, Bungie is releasing a new map "Cold Storage", which was inspired from the map "Chill Out" from Halo: Combat Evolved.

In addition to a new battleground, the Legendary Map Pack will be discounted to 600 Microsoft Points, but only for the 7th. Players will also find "7 exclusive new gamerpics and a Bungie Day dashboard theme for free on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Fans will need to be sure they download these on 7/7, because they will be available for one day only."

Good thing the 7th is Monday so you can enjoy all this great free content over the weekend... Oh wait, you can't! We love tradition, Bungie, but we love long weekends with new DLC more.

Hit the jump for another screenshot from the map.

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'Halo' Getting Board Game


Posted July 3, 2008 - By bleahy

Many a night, as I played Halo in my dark, artificially cooled apartment I wondered if there was a better way to play the game. Sure, the Xbox 360 lends itself quite nicely to a FPS and Halo is Microsoft's established franchise, but there was something missing.

Something cardboard. For almost a year the answer has eluded me, but now I can celebrate as B1 Games and Genius Products have stumbled upon the answer: a Halo-themed board game! It was so simple! So obvious!

How will this play out?

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