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In a belated holiday gift to the game-playing masses, developer Bungie has announce a couple of new ways to get into the Halo 3 Beta:

  1. Qualifying over Xbox Live and then being one of the first 13,333 “Halo 2” gamers to register for the “Rule of Three” program at http://www.halo3.com in early February
  2. Purchasing the upcoming game “Crackdown™,” which hits store shelves in the U.S. on Feb. 20

Complete info under the cut, straight from the Halo creators

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The Halo 3 trailer that ran during last night's Monday Night Football game was Wow! OMG! Awesome!

Missed it? Gotcha covered. Enjoy, and leave your thoughts below:

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Oh, you're gonna be happy if you like Halo. Sign-ups for the beta test of Halo 3 are taking place on on December 4th. Beginning Monday, American 360 owners will be able to register for the beta at Halo3.com.

It coincides nicely with the commercial that will be on Monday Night Football. I declare Monday "Halo Day."

Xbox360Fanboy: Sign up for the Halo 3 beta next week

Tons Of 'Halo 3' News


Posted November 15, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

Game developer Bungie promised groundbreaking announcements for the fifth anniversary of Halo. We'll let you decide for yourself if your tiny mind is shattered by the following news:

  • Members of the online Halo community are now refered to as "Halo Nation."
  • A commercial for Halo 3 is coming to televisions the world over. On Monday Night football this week. The commercial was created by Hollywood effects house Digitial Domain and will be CG footage as opposed to gameplay footage. Still, I'm pretty sure it'll knock your shoes on their ass.
  • Directly following the commercial, look for a new "making-of" video on XBox Live.
  • New multi-player maps for Halo 2 will be available in Spring. The maps will "cost something."
  • A new Halo 3 screenshot. It's right there, above this post!

Drumroll for the final, huge announcement:

  •   Public Beta for Halo 3 will begin next Spring! You'll be able to play multiplayer Halo 3 before the game is released. Neat, huh?

Bungie.net: Happy Halo Day

Today's not just special because it's Halloween. It's also a red-letter day for gamers as the fourth Halo novel, Ghosts of Onyx, is in bookstores now.

I contacted the book's author, Eric Nylund and got the skinny on the novel, the series, the videogame and all things Halo. Among the interesting tidbits dropped in our interview: Nylund mentioned "Forerunner weapon systems of frightening lethality and flexibility" and, "a new smaller craft, the Black Cat sub-prowler."

Both make an appearance in the novel, but will they show up in Halo 3? We shall see.

TheFeed: How much of the material in your novels was given to you by Bungie?

In the beginning there was a rudimentary story bible (before the first HALO game was released). This contained the at-that-time people, places, and things in the Bungie universe (thanks to Boran, Trautmann, and Zartman for starting this).  There were huge blanks spots however that had to be filled in like John’s personality, where he came from and how he got trained, the missions he went on etc. Along the way I invented a few details about Captain Keyes career, several major battles with the Covenant, and the other Spartans (originally there was only supposed to be John left alive). 

Skipping ahead to GHOSTS OF ONYX, there is now an extensive story bible with about a billion facts and figures to all keep in your head as you’re writing.  The new SPARTAN-IIIs and their struggles, however, are all new.

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Halo 3 Video At E3...


Posted April 28, 2006 - By Stephen Johnson

Microsoft will be screening a Halo 3 trailer at E3 during their May 9th press conference, IGN is reporting.

Although Microsoft won't officially comment on the rumor, it seems to make sense, given the fever-pitch style expectations for The Wii (heh heh) and the PS3 at the videogame convention, that Msoft would want to come out of the box swinging hard, and Halo news is just what the game public is hungry for.

Microsoft Game Studios' General Manager Shane Kim, in a conversation with New Zealand Website Stuff.com.nz  said: "I have nothing to announce now [regarding Halo 3] but expect there to be a significant announcement at E3."

My god, I cannot wait.

IGN: Pre-E3 2006: Halo 3 at E3


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