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We're as excited as Navin R. Johnson when the new phone books arrive at the news of the release of the achievements that are coming for Halo 3!

The Achievements are here! The Achievements are here! 49 of them, to be exact, covering both online and campaign play for the upcoming first person shooter, for a total of 1,000 points.

Halo 3 achievments

Massive entertainment juggernaut 20th Century Fox has landed the licensing rights to the Halo francise.

Fox's licensing division previously worked on Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power with Microsoft, which paved the way for the Halo deal.

"Those two games established our relationship with them as a licensing agency, and those conversations continued during the same time that a Halo' film was in development here," Elie Dekel, exec VP of domestic licensing for Fox, told Variety.

Fox is planning everything from books to apparel to collectible merchandise, in conjunction with the release of Halo 3 in September.

Personally, TheFeed is only too happy to purchase all manner of Halo merchandise, so bring on the Master Chief branded alarm clocks, beef jerky and doggie chew toys!

Variety.com: Fox taking a shine to 'Halo'

We're guessing that you don't need much more incentive to buy Halo 3; however, that's not stopping Microsoft and Bungie from trying to make you slobber like a dog staring at a steak.

An email featuring some barely intelligible poetic ramblings and a new forerunner environment in the background was sent to the offical Xbox.com mailing list.

Talking about "history circling back upon us" and "the grim tidings this messenger bears," the poem is a direct reference to the new Halo game.

Here, take a look:

Computer and Videogames: Xbox News: New Halo 3 Viral Begins

Post-Halo 3 Beta Thoughts


Posted June 14, 2007 - By Dana Leahy

The Halo 3 Beta was more massive and more awesome than anyone had previously thought. 820,000 unique participants logged on for more than 12 million hours of game play. That's about equal to one person playing the game for 1,400 years straight.

There's no doubt the beta was successful and left Halo fans begging for more. The game, due out this fall, is sure to score massive numbers and Microsoft is refusing to let this marketing opportunity slip by.

Here are some Halo 3 related products you can pick up!

  • Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Controllers, designed by Spawn artist Todd McFarlane.
  • Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 3 Wireless Headset
  • Halo: Contact Harvest the newest novel in the Halo series set to be released in early October.
  • Halo 3 Marvel Comic Miniseries
  • Zune Halo 3 Edition

Gamerscore Blog: Groundbreaking "Halo 3" Beta Concludes

Hail to the Beta Chief, SmokedYeti!

While most of us here at TheFeed were mere privates (heheheh), the thought of achieving a general rank never even crossed our minds. As a matter of fact, we never thought it could cross anyone’s mind, let alone think that it’s even possible.

But, we were all proven wrong. It appears Bungie has found a gamer beneath all the empty ammunition rounds on Xbox Live. SmokedYeti was the first player in the Public Halo 3 Beta to obtain the general rank. Bungie had a little Q&A session with the Xbox Live hardcore gamer.

We bow down our heads to you, SmokedYeti.

Bungie: Meet The Beta's First General: SmokedYeti


No Good TV, a website which specializes in uncensored celebrity news and programming, is unveiling a new show featuring celebrities playing Halo 3.

Ok, great, we get to watch famous people get pwnd by each other, what's in it for me as a male 18-34?

Notice, that No Good TV specializes in UNCENSORED celebrity programming, so that means that the stars will get to speak freely, dropping (hopefully) a lot of f-bombs and maybe some creative cuss words, the likes of which the world has never seen.

They will also be free to make any kind of jokes they want, in addition to all the dirty words their little minds can conjure up.

No guests have been named as of yet, but the show is scheduled to drop on No Good TV's website this summer.

Next Generation: Halo 3 Programming Goes Rated R

FPS fans may love how the beta for Halo 3 plays, but it seems they’re not so fond of how the first next-gen Halo title looks.

Responding to the disappointment of a slew of beta testers and critics, Frank O’Connor of Bungie had a lot to say about the visual appeal of Master Chief’s (supposed) final outing.

“Well to be honest, we’ve seen them [the graphics] praised too. Multiplayer is by necessity a more sterile iteration of our graphical style and will always be tuned for performance and elegance rather than jamming the screen full of pixels. We think that the final aesthetic look of our game will be judged at launch in September and in part based on the more intense single player spaces.

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For a minute, it seemed as if a big screen adaptation of Halo would never be. A first-time director, Neill Blomkamp, was shakily attached to direct, the movie was expensive, and even though big-time Hollywood heavyweight Peter Jackson was producing, the project was dropped by the studio because it was "too risky."

Now, with all the renewed interest in the franchise surrounding the release of Halo 3, Hollywood is knocking once again and, despite all the trouble, Peter Jackson is standing by his pick for director.

When asked if Jackson would keep Vancouver native Blomkamp as director, he replied, "We wouldn't want to do it with anybody else. It'll be Neill's call."

So there you have it, but only time will tell if the film actually goes into production. Keep yer helmets crossed.

Kotaku: Loyal: Peter Jackson Stands By His Man

We have scads of details about the Halo 3 multiplayer beta, fresh from the horse's mouth, and by "horse" we mean members of Bungie's inner circle.

Join us as we talk spike grenades, Spartan Lasers, and find out just what "riding Brokeback on a Mongoose" is.

Also, Bungie dropped word that the final game will contain a lot of  vehicles not seen in the Beta.

Yeah. We're excited.

Whether its for the bus or the earthly manifestation of the messiah, waiting sucks. Happily, if you've been waiting for the Halo 3 multiplayer beta promised to you when you bought Crackdown, your long wait is over.

After some technical problems of unknown origin, a quick update was available for download at 7:30 last night, and Halo 3 multiplayer beta is now open to the masses of gamers who have been waiting.

So go get. Why are you still reading this sentence? C'mon! It's available right now!

Go git it!

Bungie: Halo 3 Beta Downloads via Crackdown are fixed!

Maybe you bought Crackdown for the Halo 3 Beta, and now that the countdown clock has finished counting down you're waiting very. patiently. for. the. DAMN FRIGGIN' GAME TO JUST WORK!!! Sadly, there's been a short delay. We're sure it will be up soon.

If so, may we suggest watching this video from Attack of the Show of Halo 3 multiplayer in action?

Then, after you click "Read More," enjoy gaming professionals giving their opinion of this first look at what will surely be a monstorously successful title. The question on the table: Will Halo 3 live up to the hype?


Watch Larger Version of this Video


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'Halo 3' On AOTS!


Posted May 14, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

The countdown clock for Halo 3's multi-player open beta reads "1 days, 18 hrs, 19 mins, and 43 secs until the Halo 3 Public Beta begins!" at the time of this posting.

But you can't possibly wait that long, can you? That's why you should be checking out Attack of the Show! today at 4PM. Kevin and company will be playing the multi-player, live, on your television set.

You'll need to set your TiVo.

As if that wasn't enough Halo 3 for ya, The Loop on Attack of the Show is going to bring videogaming professionals in to give their impressions and thoughts on the much-awaited game.

Don't miss it, you. It's on tonight @ 7PM ET and PT.

Attack of the Show!

Bungie.net has released the first official Halo 3 gameplay video, and it is awesome. The video was made by a Microsoft staffer, and Bungie liked it so much they made it official this morning.

Make sure you watch all the way through for the amazing laser montage. Mmmmm...lasers.

If you're anything like us, you can't freakin' wait until this thing is finally in your home.

Without further ado: The First Official Halo 3 Video.

Punks who grief on Halo are about to get silenced!

One of the new features on Halo 3 is a vastly simplified Shut Up! button.

The feature will let gamers instantly mute players of their choosing directly within game sessions.

This is a small improvement in one sense. After all, you can already mute people in Halo 2, although it's a little complicated. In another sense, though, it's a big, huge improvement on the actual experience of the game.

No more will I have to be like: "I'm not a noob! I'm totally awesome!"

Major Nelson: The Halo 3 feature you already have

Good news from Bungie: The beta for Halo 3, previously thought to be limited to a minority of people who bought Crackdown, is actually going to be open to everyone... um, everyone who buys Crackdown, anyway.

The beta invites are included in the retail version of the game, and if you must mess around with pre-release Halo 3, you can just hop down to EB Games or whatever and buy your way in. Check the box to make sure it contains an invite, of course.

God bless America!

IGN: Halo 3 Beta for All


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