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Bungie recently let a few press people into their studios to show off the Halo 3 single player campaign, and Sympatico just published a very in depth article about what they were able to get their hands on. The number of reveals in this article are quite impressive. Our favorites?

The Scarab Conflict (where you take down an actual Scarab in one of twelve different ways), a small part of the 4th level "The Storm", has more enemies and allies involved in it that the entire first mission of Halo 1.

And gay Brutes. Yes, we're serious. Hot Brute on Brute action.

Read it all on Smypatico, and try to keep your tongue in your mouth.

Update: Fixed the link. And figured out how to spell tongue.

A metric crap-ton of Halo 3 details will be revealed in the next issue of EGM, on stands in August.

All your Halo 3 dreams will come true, we promise.

Here's a little taste:

  • New Weapons: Six new death dealing machines will be unveiled.
  • New Vehicles: Three new vehicles to drive around in, and use to murder your enemies.
  • New Gameplay Features
  • New Multiplayer Details
  • New plot and storyline details

The September issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly will be on sale in Early August.

Sorry, Halo fans: Looks like the fate of co-op over Xbox Live is in doubt.

In the latest issues of EGM, Bungie's Frank O'Conner says: "We know that people want it and we're trying to make it happen. I think the biggest problem for us for online co-op is that we have a situation where you can be in a Warthog with five troops, almost a mile away from the other player. That's a significant challenge. And there's lots of design things you could do to prevent that from happening, but they would make it not feel like Halo anymore. If we can make it happen in a way that works well, we will - and if it works badly, we won't."

There you go. Maybe bad news, but you gotta respect Bungie's dedication to the gamer's experience.

Computersandvideogames: Halo 3 co-op heads offline

Microsoft started out this year's E3 very strong with their media event. Almost all the games they showcased will be available before the end of 2007, and that's a rarity at events like these. With Peter Moore claiming that Xbox 360 has the best holiday line-up in the history of gaming, Microsoft has put all their cards on the table with a roster of beautiful and highly anticipated games. Start saving those pennies now, because the holiday season is just around the corner.

Check out the full list of Xbox 360 highlights from this year's E3 after the bump.

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Microsoft has a huge line-up coming to the 360. We've got Halo 3, Mass Effect, Rock Band, and Assassin's Creed all coming to the 360. Only one game can be the Best 360 Game. Watch the video to find out what it is.

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E307: 'Halo 3' Trailer!


Posted July 13, 2007 - By bleahy

The Halo 3 trailer! Here it is! The flagship title for the Xbox 360 has a new trailer and it's spectacular. If that music doesn't make you salivate for this game, then you aren't a gamer.

E307: Halo 3 Trailer »


E307: Halo 3 New Features »

After the news dropped about the price and release date for the Xbox 360 keypad, Mister Moore announced a Master Chief colored console that will coincide with the release of 'Halo 3'. What he didn't show, or mention, is that the Japanese and European markets will be getting pink and blue colored conrtollers for $49.99 each.

As for the US? We don't need no stinking pastels.


Microsoft doesn't do anything half-assed and it's big E3 press conference was no exception.

A lot of fanfare was accompanied by about a million-gazillion announcements that you're going to wet your pants over. Well, ok, maybe not wet your pants, but certainly get a tingling sensation.

Check out the highlights!

  • Rock Band Demo. Bands will include The Strokes, Black Sabbath, The Who and more. Also, players will have the ability to build bands online.
  • New mini-games featuring the Viva Pinata gang called Viva Pinata: Party Animals.
  • Big Mass Effect demo and word the game will be out in November of this year.

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Toy genius McFarlane has released several images of prototypes of their upcoming 'Halo 3' figurines.  Hit the link at the bottom to see all three.


Toy News International: McFarlane Toys Halo 3 Product Sneek Peek

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Look at it! Look into the visor of Master Chief and love it. Bungie has released this screenshot from the single-player portion of Halo 3 and says it is running in-engine and is unaltered.




IGN has a whole mess of info on Halo 3, and lemme tell ya, it looks killller.

  •  New vehicle was revealed. The Brute Chopper. Sort of like the Ghost, but with a front ramming vehicle and twin front-mounted cannons. Mayhem!
  •  New grenade, The Jammer. This baby interferes with motion-tracking, making them go nuts, and screws with everyone's screen, casuing them to flash. It's instant pandemonium, and causes lingering disorientation.
  • Unlockable helmets and armor. No details as to whether the difference are simply cosmetic or affect the game, but even if it's just a new coat of paint and lid for old Master Chief, it's still a cool idea.
  • video file sharing--this was alluded to previously, but more details were dropped. Made a particulalry awesome triple kill? Share the video!

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We’ll let you read the story below to draw your own conclusions…

As for us, TheFeed would like to respond to Mr. David M’s story with a big fat NO.

Although the story did pose a lot of interesting facts and explanations, we would strongly disagree on one point: Halo 2’s hype did not build up due to the lack of information given. If you ask us on what did contribute to the hype? The answer is simple: It’s because of us, the fanbase.

Bungie did their fans a favor by giving us a taste of their most prized project yet. Why did they do it? Perhaps they planned to use the beta as a development tool to test out the system, or to momentarily suppress our Halo hunger. During the Halo 3 beta days, did you notice the loading screen notes on the bottom right of the screen? It read, "Loading Halo 3 Beta", then scrolling up, "Love, Bungie." Yeah, maybe it’s because of that too.

Days after the beta, we still crave for more Halo action. Not just multiplayer, but we also can’t wait to see how the single player campaign unfolds (*crosses finger for online co-op). But hype or no hype, players will undoubtedly grasp their 360 controllers when Halo 3 finally lands in September (if Bungie reeeaaallly loves us).

MyArcadePlanet: Did The Halo 3 Beta Kill The Hype?

A new Halo 3 ARG video has surfaced and it's as cryptic as ever. The text may be referring to the Forerunner race, which fans have been waiting to learn more about. We think we saw The Ring in there, so look out for creepy, dark-haired girls in about 7 days.

Destructoid.com: New details on the Halo 3 ARG; ARG you excited yet?

Michael VanderZand is the unfortunate owner of a telephone number that many, many people following the new Halo 3 ARG thought they'd found as part of the game. Here's what happened. Over the last couple of days, a poster with the name "Adjutant Reflex" has been putting up strange posts on the Bungie forums, saying that he'd reveal his identity soon. Next thing you know, someone found his gamer profile, with a bunch of numbers on it. Numbers that corresponded somehow with VanderZand's cell number.

The result? Hundreds of errant phone calls to the cell phone by rabid Halo fans who are looking for the next step in the ARG. Now, VanderZand is being kept up morning, noon, and night by these guys (and yes, they have all  been guys) who won't stop calling. He's tried to get some help from Bungie, to no avail.

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