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'Halo' and 'Halo 2' Reviews


Posted September 24, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

You remember when Halo first came out, in 2001? Naaah, we don't either. But we know you remember Extended Play, who gave us the review of the game. And then there was Halo 2, and X-Play was there with the review, amidst the frenzy and the hoopla.

Now, we're going to give you the review for Halo 3, courtesy of X-Play, but, first, why not come back with us to those halcyon days of yesteryear, and we can look back at those reviews. Shall we?

First, the original video for Halo: Combat Evolved.


Halo 1 Review »


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In keeping with the theme of the week, today's Nugget concerns Halo. If you're sick of hearing about Halo 3, how about some news of Halo 4,  Halo 5 (Master Chief and Friends Superstar Adventures In Dreamland) and on up to the final, inevitable Holocaust?

Loading.Ready.Run made this awesome video, "Halo: The Future of Gaming." Click it!

'Halo 3' Diorama Photo set


Posted September 24, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Have we reported enough Halo 3 news today? More, you say? Okay... how about this: A huge gallery of photographs of the Halo 3 diorama that was featured in the Halo 3 television ads!

Also, did you know the game comes out tonight at Midnight. It's for the Xbox 360.

Did you know that G4 will be showing a five and half hour Halo special tonight, begining at 7PM ET? We are. Watch it!

'Halo 3' Diorama Gallery

The final of the Halo 3 live-action shorts is up, online and awesome.

Leading right up to the moment Halo 3 starts, this is essential viewing. Seriously.

Discovery Channel

'Halo 3' Impressions


Posted September 24, 2007 - By juster

TheFeed was amongst the lucky early-Halo-players over the weekend, and while we'll leave the full review up to Adam and Morgan (airing tonight on G4 in the Halo 3 Countdown coverage live starting at 7PM ET), we thought you might like to hear what we had to say about the game so far...

We're going to present these impressions in a randomly sorted bullet point list.  Because we can.  Deal.

  • Let's just get this out of the way..... Halo 3 is awesome, worth the wait and well worth the $60. Its by far and away the best Halo game to date. But Halo 3 isn't the second coming. Its not the best game you'll ever play (though you could definately make the argument that its the best multiplayer game of all time, certainly of any console game).
  • There's no way this game could ever live up to expectations. It could come with free gold bricks and there'd still be someone out there claiming to be disappointed. Because the internet is for whining.  And porn.


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'Halo 3' Tops GameFly Chart


Posted September 24, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Gamefly.com released their rental charts today, and guess what game most people want delivered to their door?

If you said Bratz: The Movie you'd be wrong. It's Halo 3. Surprised?

Click the cut for the full, top ten list from Gamefly.

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How are you burning the 13 or so hours until the Midnight launch of Halo 3? We're staring at our sundial and counting downward at the top of lungs.

Game developer Bungie has to be a little more practical. They are preparing for the launch by tripling their server space. That's what we call wise.

So... what do you think: Is three-times the server capacity enough, or will there still be lag and other problems with online when Halo 3 launches?

GamesIndustry: Bungie Triples Server Capacity in Preparation for Halo 3 Launch

Tomorrow, this gallery of 275 new Halo 3 screenshots won't mean much; you'll be able to play the game yourself. But until midnight tonight, they might be the closest you come to Halo 3...unless you're one of the lucky ones who scored an early copy.

Anyway, check out the gallery.

Pre-Scratched Halo 3 Discs


Posted September 23, 2007 - By juster

Reports are coming in (both across the internet and directly to TheFeed) that some of the Halo 3 Collectors Discs are coming pre-scratched due to packaging issues.  Most seem to affect the "extras" disc, and all reports thus far have indicated that the scratches were not deep enough to make the discs unplayable.  The photo below is from NeoGAF, where you can find a bit more information.


The regular edition seems to unaffected (this uses standard Xbox game packaging).

TheFeed suggests that you check your discs in the store, so that if there's a problem, you can handle it quickly and easily.  Don't panic, M'Soft made a bajillion of these discs so it shouldn't be a problem to swap them out if there are indeed widespread issues.

The game - by the way - is absolutely awesome, and playing the co-op campaign on legendary over Xbox Live with three of your closest friends is EPIC. 

TheFeed will bring you more thoughts and impressions on Halo 3 later today (or tomorrow morning if we can't force ourselves to stop playing it, which is highly likely), and of course Kevin, Olivia, Adam, Morgan and the rest of the gang will bring you 5 and a half hours of LIVE countdown coverage tomorrow starting with AOTS at 7pm ET.

More on Halo and the Halo 3 Countdown here.


New Games This Week...


Posted September 23, 2007 - By Yodapollo

Everyone knows that there's really only one game coming out this week that counts. That's right: Bratz: The Movie, the videogame. Wait, what was that you say? Master wha-huh? Nope. Doesn't ring a bell...

Oh, you mean Halo 3! Yeah, that's coming out, too.

Halo 3 - 360
G4's Countdown to Halo 3

Skate - PS3
G4tv.com Game Preview
Xbox Live Demo Playthru (Yes, it's a 360 video, but Skate is Skate and it rocks.)
Gameplay Video

Stranglehold - PS3
Xbox Live Demo Playthrough 

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The Call of Duty 4 beta has been doing very well in the weeks leading up to the release of Halo 3, but Infinity Ward is going to see just how much Halo 3 affects their numbers.

The beta cap will be raised to 25 next Friday, September 28th at 10am PST. The beta will end on September 30th.

This is all going to happen after the release of Halo 3. Will anyone actually be playing the CoD4 beta at that point?

Joystiq.com: Call of Duty 4 beta ending Sept. 30, cap being raised


When you and your little friends on the internet rag on and on all day about what system you think is better and who will pwn whom, it's easy to forget that, really, the videogame industry is a cut-throat, multi-billion dollar industry run by men in suits who have a lot more money than you ever will--mainly because they don't waste their lives playing videogames.

Reuters reminds us of these sort-of depressing details with an article which proposes that Master Chief's real goal is "rescue Microsoft Corp's Xbox video game business from six years of losses and post its first-ever profit, and keep Wall Street off the backs of management."

It's always interesting to read a different take on your hobby, so TheFeed suggests you check out the serious, suit-wearing perspective on your OMG! COOL! shooter.

Reuters: Halo's mission: save Microsoft's Xbox

This is a seriously cool mini-documentary about the Saved Film and Forge features in Halo 3 from Bungie.

I dare even you Halo-haters to watch this and not think it is the coolest thing coming to a game.

Halo 3 ViDOC: Saved Films and Forge »

One of the best parts about Halo 2 multiplayer was the extensive stat-tracking provided by Bungie.net. Well, the website has been updated in preparation for Halo 3.

Stats and file-sharing should go live on Saturday and those lucky few playing Halo 3 early will get a jump start on everyone else.

For everyone else, the page should be completely live (and hopefully stable) for the 25th.

Gamers rejoice! Earlier we reported that Microsoft was potentially banning players that had gotten their hands on Halo 3 early, but they have now issues a statement on the matter:

"We can confirm that Microsoft is not taking any action (such as banning Xbox Live accounts) against gamers who are playing Halo 3 before the official street date. Any rumours or speculation to the contrary are false."

Pro-G.co.uk: Microsoft issues official statement over Halo 3 banning


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