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'Halo 3' Attacks Xbox Live


Posted September 26, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Earlier this week, TheFeed reported that Bungie was tripling their servers for the influx of Halo 3 players. We posed the question: "Is three-times the server capacity enough, or will there still be lag and other problems with online when Halo 3 launches?"

If you bet on "There will be problems," pat yourself on the back; a winnar is you! Posters on Xbox.come reported a variety of problems with Live last night, from friends lists not working, to slowdowns, to error messages. (Warning: The board is very, very whiny.)

We're not sure how widespread the problem was, and we understand this "evidence" is highly anecdotal and suspect, but either way, everything seems to be working fine this morning. And the short interruption of service could hardly be considered unexpected. Honestly,we thought it would be much worse--the fact that the whole thing hasn't crashed completely under the weight of millions of new players is testament to planning and strong infrastructure.

This weekend, though, the real test begins. The load will come from with Halo players who finished the campaign mode and want to play online, people who ordered the game on the net finally receiving their copies in the mail and everyone having the day off work... oof.


Entire Halo Plot Explained


Posted September 25, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

One of the whines we've been hearing about Halo 3 is the inability to follow the story. There is no "previously, on The Halo saga" cut-scene. To have any idea what's happening, plotwise, gamers have to remember the plot of the previous single-player campaigns, and you probably haven't played Halo 1 in what, 5 years? 

But don't despair, plot-desiring gamer: A helpful message board fan over at Xbox.com summarized and posted a rundown of the entire Halo saga, including novelizations. Go read.

Then you'll be ready to jump right into your Master Chief suit and be like, "pew pew pew! Take that Covenant. That's for destroying The Prowler Dusk in Ghosts of Onyx!"

Xbox Forums: The Entire Halo Story Summary

Master Chief At Harvard


Posted September 25, 2007 - By Stephen Johnson

Had enough of Halo 3? Us either.

The photo above is of the John P. Harvard statue in Harvard Yard, defaced humorously last night by those collegiate wags at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You gotta hand it to MIT, when they pull a prank, they pull it right. Pranksters from Ball State would have just stuck a cardboard box on the statue's head and called it a night, but those MIT kids put care into their work, man. Color matches perfectly. Helmet and gun are exactly right. Etc.

(via joystiq)

Teabagging With Master Chief


Posted September 25, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

You know what teabagging is, and if you don't, we're certainly not going to explain it to you in this venue. Still, all those deep knee bends must be worth something, fitness-wise, which is precisely why Master Chief is looking out for your health with this teabagging-oriented workout.

And hilarity ensues.

Teabag To Fitness with Master Chief »

This weekend, TheFeed reported that many gamers who bought the Limited edition of Halo 3 ended up with an unwanted surprise: A scratched up disc.

This morning, Microsoft vowed to replace the broken games, for free, until the end of the year. 

"This program covers the Halo 3 Limited Edition Game Disc and Essentials Disc at no charge through 12/31/07." reads M'Soft's official site.

The replacement of damage discs applies to all Microsoft products, we presume; the site reveals: "If, for any reason, you have a damaged Microsoft® Xbox 360™ disc and like to replace it, please review the information below"


We love it when Olivia Munn licks things, but when she licks Master Chief's head, we need to share it with you.

Check out the grand unboxening of the Halo 3 limited edition, straight from Attack of the Show.

Halo 3 Unwrapping »

A massive outbreak of disease is being linked to blockbuster videogame Halo 3. The sickness was noticed after 9 AM on the east coast when thousands of Halo 3 fans called their jobs to report an inability to work.

Twenty-one year-old file clerk Michael Reynolds epitomizes those stricken with the illness: "Mr. Fleagler? I don't feel well today," Reynolds told his supervisor. "Yeah, I have a flu or a stomachache or some crap."

How the first-person-shooter causes the mystery illness has not been determined, but sufferers report symptoms ranging from headaches to stomachaches to eyeaches, and everything in between. .

Health officials remain baffled as to the cause of this mystery illness. Repeated calls to the National Institute of Health went unanswered, as the agency seems severely understaffed today.

USA Today: Some gamers plan to be 'Halo' sick

You've heard of Red vs. Blue, right? Well, if not, you're certainly missing out. Red vs. Blue is a cartoon that takes place entirely in the Halo universe, and it's downright hilarious. Attack of the Show's Kevin Pereira had the opportunity to guest on an episode of Red vs. Blue, and we've got the behind-the-scenes joy right here for you.

Please watch.


Halo 3: Red vs. Blue »

'Halo 3' Reviews Are In!


Posted September 24, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

You know how our friends at X-Play always give the reviews of the games you need? Well, we've got the reviews for Halo 3, both the campaign and the multiplayer versions, courtesy of Adam and Morgan, who are working it just for you. No need to thank us. Thank X-Play. It's what they do.

Halo 3 Review »


Read the full X-Play Review here.

When you were 9, did you have a job? Were you in the Guiness Book of World Records for anything in particular? Well, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Li'l Poison, who is all of 9 years old, and who holds the record for being the World's Youngest Professional Gamer.

This means that he can absolutely, without question, pwn you and your friends. And he's 9. Eat that.

Halo 3: Lil' Poison »

'Halo 3,' G4 Host Style!


Posted September 24, 2007 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Sometimes, our hosts make with the funny. Like, for example, the opening to the Halo 3 Countdown, where Adam, Morgan, Kevin, and Olivia show us how they plan to help 'finish the fight.'  You kinda have to watch this, because it's hilarious.

Special Thanks to Nate "Veegie" Hawbaker and HaloDev.org

It's Time to Finish the Fight! »


Tags: G4, Halo 3, TV

They'll make a reality show around anyone these days. Take Master of Love, a completely fake reality show in which Halo 3 superstar Master Chief pits a series of ladies against each other to win the affections of the space marine. You won't believe the things he makes them do. Or maybe you will. We don't know you that well.

Master Chief: Master of Love »

Tom 'T-Squared' Taylor is an expert on the subject of Halo. The supergamer was nice enough to sit down with us and tell us all about the vehicles that are coming in Halo 3, and show us a little bit about how they work. It's pretty cool. So, grab your notepad and take a look.

Halo 3 Vehicles »

The first place on the planet where anyone could get a legal copy of Halo 3 was New Zealand, and G4 was on hand when it happened. We got a look at the frenzy from the home of Flight of the Conchords, and saw what the Kiwis had to think about Master Chief and his buddies.

Halo 3 New Zealand Release »

Think it's going to be great to play Halo 3 with your buddies on a great big old high-definition screen in a living room somewhere? Sure, it will, but wouldn't you rather play in an IMAX theater in New York City? We know. Which is why it's awesome, but also a little bit sad that Bungie let some people into an IMAX theater in Times Square to be among the first to play the game.

Yeah, we're happy for them, but we wish we could have been there. Suddenly 60" and high-def doesn't seem quite so much fun anymore...


Halo 3 on IMAX »


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