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Toy-master Todd McFarlane latest round of Halo 3 figures, series 3, are perfect to decorate your cubicle, but they can also decorate your Xbox dashboard.

Starting today, you will be able to download free McFarlane Toys/Halo 3 content on Xbox Live--themes, and a picture pack.  Just in time to gear up for the new Halo Maps releasing Tuesday!

Check out Todd's page for pretty pictures of the upcoming toy line.

On April 15th, Bungie will unleash the Legendary Map Pack for Halo 3 onto the X-Box Live public. Can't wait that long to see the new maps?

Check out X-Play tonight, as Mr. Sark travels to Bungie to get the lowdown on the new multiplayer maps from the designers themselves. Here's a little video to whet your appetite.

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The next set of Halo 3 maps drop next week and Bungie threw together another ViDOC to guide you through them. The artists and designers responsible for these new battlegrounds will talk about the process of making them as well as some new features.

It's definitely worth a watch.


Halo 3 - Legendary MapMaker ViDOC »


Hey, Halo 3 fans, want a look at the Legendary Map Pack that's coming out on April 15th?

We thought you might.

Here's a gallery to enjoy.

This trailer is way more serious than we thought it'd be and it certainly sets the mood. The mood being: getting teabagged by 14 year olds.

Check it out and remember: the Legendary Map Pack releases on April 15, 2008 for 800 Microsoft fun bucks.


Trailer: Halo 3 - Legendary Map Packs »



Mister Chief Invades 'Halo 3'


Posted March 31, 2008 - By bleahy

I was just enjoying some Halo 3 when I noticed Mister Chief taking over Europe.

'Halo 3' Heroic Maps Now Free


Posted March 25, 2008 - By bleahy

Never got around to picking up the Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack? Well you've got no excuse now. They are free. You can maybe get a week or two of Heroic gaming in before everyone moves on to the Legendary Pack.

Take a trip down memory lane with our videos of these newly free maps.



Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack: Foundry »


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Looks like the 3rd map in the Legendary Map Pack will be "Blackout", a remake of Halo 2's "Lockout".

This map is a pretty strict remake, according to Bungie. The differences appear to be stylistic only with maybe a few tweaks to account for some of Halo 3's new gameplay features.

Excited? We are!

More screenshots after the break.

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Time to put on the Mjolnir armor and Hayabusa helmet (cause you're a scrub) and suit back up for some Halo 3. The Legendary Map Pack drops on April 15th for 800 Microsoft Fun Bucks.

Two of the included maps have been announced: Ghost Town and Avalanche (pictured above). The third remains a mystery, but is promised to be a "returning classic... fans of smaller Slayer maps."

Throw a plasma grenade at the break and stick around for the press release. That was terrible.

Check out our gallery of screens right here!

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Analysts are saying that Grand Theft Auto IV's April 29 release could interfere with the May 2 release of the Iron Man film as the demographics overlap.

Film industry folks blamed the Halo 3 release last fall for a slump in ticket sales. Halo 3 raked in $300 million in it's first week and due to the fact that GTA IV is multi-platform and more people now own a next-gen console, some are saying the new trek back to Liberty City will be even more lucrative.

If you've been paying attention, you should know that Rockstar is saying the game will take 100 hours to finish. So, if you buy it at 12:01am on April 29 and play it through without stopping, you could make the 4:15am screening of Iron Man on Saturday, May 3. So, we're not expecting the opening weekend to be effected at all here at TheFeed.

next-gen.biz: GTA IV May Carjack Iron Man Ticket Sales


Hey, remember that kid who had his autographed 360 erased by Microsoft's tech support department? And remember how Bungie promised to make it up to him?

They made it up to him huge.

  • Legendary Edition Helmet signed by most–if not all–of the studio staff
  • Halo 3 Soundtrack (two disc) signed by Marty O’Donnel (with “DO NOT ERASE!” written under his name)
  • Bungie Jacket
  • Bungie T-Shirt
  • Halo 3 Messenger Bag
  • Two Halo 3 Limited Edition Wireless Controllers (one covenant, one human)
  • Halo 3 Faceplate and Skins for Xbox 360
  • Four McFarlane Action Figures (MC, EVA Spartan, Brute Chieftan, Jackal Sniper)
  • Halo Actionclix Preview pack (Target exclusive sticker on the front)
  • Halo Actionclix Game Pack 4
  • Halo 3 Wall Graffix
  • Halo 3: Ghosts of Onyx Novel
  • Halo Graphic Novel
  • Halo 3 Wristband
  • Halo 3 Hackeysack

There's a full-on gallery at the below link!


HawtyMcBloggy:  Bungie Unscrews Previously Screwed Gamer


Grab your Gravity Hammer and Plasma Sword... it's time for DoubleXP Grifball in Halo 3. From Bungie:

"Grifball, the game created by Burnie Burns of Red vs. Blue will be an unranked, weekend-long social playlist awarding DoubleXP to winning teams. We've slightly adjusted some of the rules for Grifball (unlimited round times make for unlimited griefing potential), but kept the game's core intact. You'll be able to go in with party configurations ranging from one to eight people. This playlist will be available from Thursday, March 6 at NOON until March 10 at NOON(all times Pacific Standard). I apparently forgot to mention that the Grifball hopper is being treated like a Tournament hopper -- a hopper where there will be prizes. Tournament prizes."

If Halo 3 sports don't strike your fancy:

"Beginning March 20 at NOON will be the return of Team SWAT in the Social, DoubleXP variety. Team SWAT is an old Halo 2 gametype where players have no shields, increased body health and do not have the luxury of radar. This eight-player maximum hopper will be completely Team Slayer focused with the SWAT ruleset. This weekend playlist will be available from March 20 at NOON until March 23 at NOON(all times Pacific)."


Nathaniel, a 360 fan of epic proportions, had a problem recently. The kid had collected a ton of of important memorials of the gaming world on his Xbox case--original sketches from the likes of Bungie's staff, signatures of Xbox 360 team members, and Luke McKay of Rooster Teeth Comics. See pic above.

Then he got the dreaded Red Ring of Death.

In spite of leaving explicit instructions with Xbox's crack technical support team that his case not be erased, the box came back crystal clean, wiped of all but traces of indelible ink.

Sad story, right? But there's a happy ending: Bungie has vowed to make the situation right again.

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In EGM's April issue there are details on a new game called LEGO Halo, but it's an April Fools Day joke. We can't help but think that LEGO Halo, if real, would be awesome.

Too bad. The fake screenshot is funny, though.

Would you play a LEGO-style Halo game?

Xbox360Fanboy.com: Lego Halo in the works at Bungie! [Update]

New 'Halo 3' Map Featured


Posted February 22, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Late yesterday, Bungie dropped word of some sweet DLC coming for Halo 3.

The Ghost Town map is "the fragmented ruins of a small 24th century water purification complex that geographically lies just North and West of the jungle foothills hydroelectric facility from the Sierra 117 mission."

Essentially Ghost Town is an asymmetric map designed for 4v4 encounters, it’s meant to be a strong infantry map where you get a nice range of close combat and longer range. The spaces are set up to allow two to three person squads a good bit of operating room and several tactical options.

As an asymmetric map it’s designed for things like One Bomb, and One Flag, it also creates a great environment for FFA and team slayer. Overall though, the map is more general purpose and of course balancing is done with an eye towards our more popular game types.

Check out our gallery!

Bungie: Ghost Town Revealed

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