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One game that a lot of people have been having heated discussions about around the office is the soon to be released PS3 game, Heavy Rain. Although, some people wouldn't even call it a game, it may be more appropriate to call it an "interactive narrative". In this week's Soapbox, Adam explains that while this game may not be your cup of tea, it's an important advancement in the art of video games, and everyone should at least give it a try. Let us know what you think of this week's Soapbox or Heavy Rain in the comments section.

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We've all played clones before. When a big franchise develops a great gameplay mechanic and becomes popular it's only a matter of time before other publishers and developers start pumping out very familiar feeling games. Adam Sessler was reminded of this while he was writing his review of Dante's Inferno, and some of you didn't take too kindly to his references to the God of War series. So, being the humanitarian that he is, Adam decided to use this week's Soapbox to explain himself to you, his loyal audience. Find out why The Sess thinks that not all clones are bad, just the ones that lack innovation and originality. Like that crappy Bruce Willis movie.

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In case you've been living under a rock all week, X-Play just celebrated their 1000th episode, so it makes sense that The Sess would use this week's Soapbox to look back at how games have evolved since he started working in television. Considering the first game that Adam ever talked about on camera was the very first Unreal, much has changed since then. So take this unique opportunity to peak into the mind of Adam Sessler as he reminisces about his career, the games he's played, and the years that have passed in between.

Happy 1000th episode X-Play!

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It's a bit unorthodox for a highly anticipated game to be released in January. We're all used to the deluge of big titles coming out in the holiday shopping season, but what are we supposed to play the rest of the year?

That is exactly why Adam is so glad that Mass Effect 2 came out this week. To quote the man himself, "sometimes a game just scratches that itch. I had an itch and Mass Effect 2 scratched it." To get all the details from the man himself, press play and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Attention Podcasters: The iTunes feed for this online show will be discontinued as of January 31st. Sessler's Soapbox will now be available through iTunes as part of the "G4tv.com Web Shows" podcast, so subscribe to that, or watch new episodes as soon as they go up on G4tv.com/Soapbox. Check out this page for links to all of G4's iTunes podcasts. Thanks!

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The Soapbox has moved to Tuesdays! That's right people. The Sess will now be spitting his wisdom for you on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. That's one day earlier that you get to hear the pearls of wisdom from G4's Editor in Chief.

On to this week's subject. Bayonetta has been getting rave reviews from multiple gaming media outlets, and everyone seems to really enjoy it. Enter Adam Sessler who not only loved playing Bayonetta, but truly enjoyed every aspect of it. Not only is the combat frantic and fluid, but the art direction is beautiful, the characters are hilarious, and the story is reminiscent of a great, cheesy exploitation film. But don't take my word for it. Check out what Adam has to say about his favorite game of the moment, Bayonetta.

Sessler's Soapbox: Bayonetta is a Pleasant Surprise »

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It seems like everyone is talking about 3-D these days. Between the success of Avatar to all the new 3-D TVs shown off at CES 2010, one might think that it's the next big thing. Will games start going into the third dimension? The Sess doesn't think so, which is why he used this week's Soapbox to talk about his perspective on the expected 3-D revolution. Would you like to play games while wearing prism glasses that make it look like things are flying towards your face? Or are you happy with the current state of gaming technology? Let us know in the comments.

Also, don't forget that as of next week, Sessler's Soapbox will be posted on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. That means you get to listen to Adam's golden opinions a day earlier each week. Score!

Sessler's Soapbox: Is 3-D the Future of Gaming? »

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It's the first full week of a new year, so everyone is looking forward and talking about what the next 12 months will bring. Adam Sessler is no exception, so it's fairly appropriate that this week's Soapbox is about just that; what he thinks will be happening in the world of gaming over the next year. Obviously the release schedule is already jam-packed with amazing titles we all want to play, but what about Sony and Microsoft's new motion control peripherals? How will they change the industry? Check out Adam's predictions and then let us know what you think.

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It's the end of the year. The end of a decade. The end of an era. What better time to sit down and look back at what the past decade of gaming has brought into our homes. Such is the subject of the last Soapbox of 2009. Adam sits down to talk about all the games and gaming trends that have come and gone since the year 2000. Some good, some bad, but mostly good. So sit back, press play, and enjoy the nostalgia. Happy New Year!

Sessler's Soapbox: A Decade of Gaming »

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Well the end of the year is quickly approaching, so what better time to sit down with Adam Sessler and hear his opinion on the state of the gaming industry in 2009. Some publishers laughed, some cried, but all in all gamers had a great collection of masterfully crafted interactive entertainment to choose from this year. Check out what The Sess has to say about the past 12 months and let us know if you agree or disagree with him. Happy Holidays!

Sessler's Soapbox: 2009 in Review »

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The votes are in, and this year, X-Play gave Uncharted 2 their award for Game of the Year. Check out all the winners right here on TheFeed. On that note, Adam has decided to get into even more detail about why he thinks Uncharted 2 deserved the award on this week's Soapbox. Not only that, the discussion about the game will go even further on tomorrow's episode of Feedback, so don't forget to check that out. But for now, let's enjoy this small window into Adam's brain to find out what made Uncharted 2 his pick for Game of the Year.

Sessler's Soapbox: Congratulations Uncharted 2 »

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It's that time of year. All the major games media outlets are posting their lists of nominees for many different categories of awards, most importantly Game of the Year. G4 is no different, and Adam has taken the time out of his busy schedule to use this week's Soapbox to explain how our editorial staff determined which games made the cut.

So go check out the complete list of X-Play's Best of 2009 nominees. To find out how they got there, just press play. Are you satisfied with our choices and Adam's explanation? Or do you still think we missed a game that deserved out attention? Let us know in the comments below.

Sessler's Soapbox: Game of the Year Edition »


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Gamers across the globe always gain a certain level of excitement every time a new Mario game comes out. This year we've all been anticipating the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, hoping it would be a return to form and embrace the 2-D side-scrolling Mario gameplay that we all grew up on. But does the update hold a candle to it's predecessors? In this week's Soapbox, Adam tries to explain why he wasn't as compelled to play this new Mario game as he has been with previous installments. How do you feel about New Super Mario Bros. Wii?

Sessler's Soapbox: New Super Mario Bros. Wii »

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This week, we have much to be thankful for. One thing we should all be thankful for is the fact that Adam Sessler takes the time out of his busy schedule each week to let us know what's on his mind. This week, Adam is going to respond to some of your criticisms about the recent scoring of Assassin's Creed II and Left 4 Dead 2. Many of you pointed out that these sequels have improvements over their predicessors, but got a lower score. Press play to find out why.

Sessler's Soapbox: 4 out of 5 vs. 5 out of 5 »

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It was just yesterday that we all found out about the closing of Pandemic Studios, creators of the Mercenaries series and the upcoming The Saboteur. While there have been a lot of game developers shutting their doors recently, this one seems to represent something larger than a simple financial decision. Pandemic's publisher EA tried an experiment last year by releasing new, experimental IPs like Mirror's Edge and Dead Space instead of their usual stable of licensed games and sequels. But are they really to blame when we, the gaming public, didn't buy into their great experiment? Listen to what Adam has to say on the subject and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Sessler's Soapbox: Goodbye Pandemic Studios »

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Since everyone is talking about or playing or buying extra copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 right now, Adam couldn't let this week's Soapbox go by without talking about the controversial "Airport Scene" we've all been hearing so much about.

While this video is fairly light on spoilers, if you haven't finished the single-player campaign in the game, you might want to wait before you hear what the Sess has to say on the subject. That being said, how did playing through that scene make you feel? Or did you skip the level, expecting it to be gratuitous and offensive? Let us know what you think, but again, please keep the discussion intelligent and civil.

Update: Adam did not go on Fox and Friends. It was his decision, and it was due to scheduling.

Sessler's Soapbox: The Modern Warfare 2 Airport Scene »

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