Geek Out with Blair Butler

In a Geek Out special, we're going to spend the next five days getting to know 30 Days of Night author Steve Niles really, really well. Blair Butler, the queen of the geeks, got to hang with the man over the course of one momentous afternoon, during which he talked about anything and everything we could think of to ask him.

We call it 5 Days of Niles. Clever, right? We thought so.

Anyway, here's Day 1: In the Beginning, where Steve tells us all about his beginnings in the comic business.

Geek Out: 5 Days of Niles: Day One: In the Beginning »

Recently, Blair Butler and the Geek Out crew headed to Sideshow Collectibles to see how they made those amazingly cool toys that they have. They were most obliging, and the fruit of that labor is here for you to see. Check it out, will you not?

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In this new episode of Geek Out, Blair Butler breaks down Comic-Con '07 and tells us what she thinks about Iron Man's chances to become a classic superhero movie, and what those movies are likely to be like in the future.

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Geek Out: Crazy4Cult


Posted July 27, 2007 - By juster

Blair Butler is Queen Nerd in these parts.  She's probably Queen Nerd in most parts, actually.  TheFeed can always count on her to track down the most awesome geekery... like Crazy4Cult; a cult-film inspired art show in Los Angeles.  Kevin Smith MC'd the event, and the work was amazing. 

Check out the video below, and be sure to hit up Gallery1988 on Melrose if you're in Los Angeles.  If not, you can still get prints of the work at Crazy4Cult.com.  A new print will be released each month.

Geek Out: Crazy4Cult »


Blair Butler has now been inducted into the 501st Legion, the organization devoted to the highest quality of costuming for Star Wars Imperial uniforms and charity. They have made Blair an honorary member of the Legion.

Check out Blair receiving her membership at Comic-Con 2007!

Blair Butler: Honorary 501st Stormtrooper »


Crazy4Cult Photo Gallery


Posted July 24, 2007 - By juster

Last week we brought you an exclusive Kevin Smith interview from the Crazy4Cult showing at Gallery1988.  If you're in Los Angeles, you should definately check it out.... it's open thru August 10th.  We're also hearing whispers that there might be a Crazy4Cult book in the works too, check back on Gallery1988's website for more details. 

Prints from the show are just starting to be released.  You can check them out here.

We'll be bringing you another edition of 'Geek Out with Blair Butler' from Crazy4Cult this Friday, but in the meantime, click on one of the photos below to check out some of the work.

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Do you remember the amazing I Am 8-Bit art show from earlier in the year, which highlighted art based on older videogames? Well, those same folks are back, and this time their target is the world of cult film. The new show, called Crazy 4 Cult opens July 17th here in Los Angeles, and, if you live in SoCal or are planning to visit before August 10th, then TheFeed recommends you get out to Gallery 1988 and check it out.

We're going to be there with Ms. Blair Butler, geeking out on the 17th. Come out and hang with us, and check out some amazing art in the process. In the meantime, you should take a look at these pictures...they're amazing.

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You know how Blair Butler is around things she likes. She becomes a total geek. This is when it's advantageous for us to have a camera around, and an outlet for her geekiness, called Geek Out. This time out, Blair is totally into Star Wars collectibles, and she explores all of the cool stuff at Star Wars Celebration.

Watch it, won't you?


Blair Butler is awesome because she goes deep inside the places you either can't, or don't want to, go. Take this for example. Ms. Butler spent a little time on the convention floor at the Star Wars convention last week to see what makes the people who engage in Star Wars cosplay tick.

The result? Well, Feeders, it's another episode of Geek Out, just for you.



In this webisode of Geek Out, Blair Butler is checking out Cartoon Overlord, the world's first improvised cartoon.

"Improvised cartoon??" we hear you saying, "It's not possible!"

Oh, but it is, you of little faith. Cartoon Overlord uses computers, game-controllers, art and funny to create an improv comedy experience like none other on earth.

If you don't believe us, you can check it out below, or, to attend a live preformance, go to the Overlord's  website for a list of upcoming shows.

We're continuing our domination of the intarweb with another installment of Geek Out! Hosted by the beautiful and talented Blair Butler, Geek Out goes above and beyond to fulfill your wildest nerd dreams.

In this episode, Blair goes behind the scenes with the creators of the "Sweep The Leg" music video which is capturing the hearts and minds of 80's loving internet hussies everywhere. It's a slick looking viral classic with plenty of in-jokes and cameos (Ralph Macchio anyone?) and if you haven't seen it yet...well...what's wrong with you?

Watch the original and then enjoy our little Geek Out creation as director/actor/Ass-kicker Billy Zabka (of KARATE KID & BACK TO SCHOOL fame) and Pete Mitchell of the band NO MORE KINGS, give us an inside look at the making of their video.

Say it with me...wax on...wax off...wax on...wax off.

Geek Out: Sweep The Leg »

Check out No More Kings official site here!


Previously on Geek Out...

When last we left Blair Butler, she was interviewing Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and asking him all sorts of wild and crazy questions about the origins of Hellboy and talking about the new Hellboy animated series. (You should click here to watch the video.) 

Well, what...did you think we were going to leave you hanging? Heck no! Here's even more Geek Out where Blair gets an exclusive scoop from Mike about his new novel Baltimore, or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire.

This is a completely original work, so watch the video, get all the news and then click the cut to see the exclusive cover art you won't see anywhere else!

Watch Larger Version of this Video

Now for the awesome cover art!

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Our very own comic guru and all-around nerd temptress Blair Butler recently got a chance to visit the home of Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

Blair talks to him about a variety of topics including his extensive library, the origins of Hellboy and the new movie, Hellboy 2. Plus, he shows off some drawings and talks about the awesome Hellboy animated features.

Watch this video and take a peek inside Mignola's pad and his brain...at the same time!

Need more Hellboy? Pick up the DVD Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms, available now AND be sure to check out the premiere of the second Hellboy animated feature, Blood & Iron, on Cartoon Network March 17th!

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