We're not sure why, but the entire G4TV.com crew is particularly hungry today. If you're feeling peckish yourself, please enjoy our 420 recipes!

Hot Soft Pretzels

There’s nothing better to make on 420 than a hot pretzel. The kind you used to get at Hot Sam’s in the mall growing up in central New Jersey. There’s even more than 1 step, which is how you know its a real recipe.

1. Obtain frozen pretzels. I’ll wait. Drive safe.
2. Pre-Heat oven to 600 degrees or whatever.
3. Remove 3-5 pretzels from box. Place on counter.
4. Open salt packet.
5. Pick up spilled salt from counter & floor.
6. Wet pretzels.
7. Throw salt at pretzels like Jackson Pollack
8. Put pretzels in oven.
9. Run burn under cold water while pretzels cook.
10. Remove pretzels from oven.
11. Run second burn under cold water.
12. Eat pretzels.
13. Repeat.
--Brian Leahy

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Ladycop: What's buggin' you, Murphy?

Robocop: Drugs. Drugs Bug me.

This post is just here so you can post your comments about it.

Then we'll put our favorite comments in the body of the post so other people can comment on that.

Happy 420. 


Polar bears on ice skates sumo wrestling dolphins on the craters of the moon.

its a ghost lol i swear !

I was looking at the feed, in an existential quandry that took my morals to the next level, when I realized that today was 4/20. Realizing this, I decided to pop the cherry of my curiosity...


There was more to this story... I forget the rest, but your mother's a whore.

@ codemonkeypwnz

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Pee Wee drops some drug knowledge for the kids.

And here's an incredibly funny remix: Pee Wee on Crack Cocaine

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