Doug Benson, regular guest on Attack of the Show and stand-up comedian, recently released a documentary called Super High Me onto the 420 friendly public. Something of a parody to Supersize Me, Doug spent 30 days smoking lots and lots of pot to see what happens when you "over do it".

Since this was a smaller, independent film with little to no advertising budget, the innovators over at B-Side Entertainment decided to approach distribution of the film differently. When the movie opened in smaller, art house theaters all over the country, B-Side also launched the "Roll Your Own Screening" project. If you had a projector, a DVD player, and a few friends you could order a copy of the movie on DVD early and host a screening at your house, apartment, or shady back alley. Thanks to this, Super High Me screened in 1,076 different locations on April 20th, surpassing the 868 theaters that Fahrenheit 911 opened in. Now yes, these weren't all theaters, so technically no records were broken, but coming from a film with zero marketing expense and no media buys at all, this grassroots campaign appears to be a huge success.

Even better, there's still time to host your own screening, and now all you need is a widescreen HDTV. Find out how after the bump.

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420 Madness on G4!


Posted April 20, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

G4 celebrated 420
all day April 20th with a collection of the funniest, sickest and most awesome stuff you've ever rolled up and watched on TV.

Here's the rundown:

  • We're kicking things off with Half-Baked, a cinematic masterpiece of 420 humor, and it's yours to watch and love.
  • Then, check out two full hours of the Attack of the Show: Jamaica special, mon.
  • Grindcore takes a look at Troma's classic Class of Nuke 'Em High in a new episode.
  • A brand-new Code Monkeys is checking into the history of 420... starring Tommy Chong. ("Dave's not here, man.")
  • Be the first to check out Reefee's Madness, a re-mixed and re-awesomed version of cult classic Reefer Madness.
  • Finally, check out the beginning of The Block Season 2.  Think you could survive snowboarder boot camp? 

Feast yer glazzies on these sneak previews of AOTS: Jamaica.  You know, only if you want to meet the guys who really started "420" or see Olivia Munn cliff-dive in a bikini.  As if.

The Waldos: Truth Behind "420" »


Cliff Diving with Olivia »

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Yes, you can see our exclusive photos of the AOTS bunch hanging in Jamaica.

Yes, Olivia is in most of them. 

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On this, the 420-est of days, we've decided to bring you a list of the highest people of all time. Sure, we haven't been able to include everyone on this list, but that's where you come in. Feel free to comment below and let us know who we forgot. And now, the Highest People of All-Time:

"The Dude" (aka Jeffrey Lebowski)

Whether you've got a rash or you're just helping your special lady friend conceive, it's always a good time for a toke if you're The Dude. As the feller says, it's comforting knowing the The Dude is out there, taking her easy for the rest of us. No doubt about it, The Dude abides.

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Today we'll be embedding the best attempts at advertising a drug-free lifestyle in what we call TheFeed's Nugs From the Net.

This classic from the days of yore coined the phrase, "Pot! You know, marijuana?"



Doug Benson is one of the funniest comedians working today. You may know him as "the only really funny guy" on  "Best Week Ever" or one of the other brain dead clip shows VH1 pumps out every other day. We at TheFeed however know Doug as an incredible stand up comedian who lives in Los Angeles and performs regularly at the UCB Comedy Theater. In case you haven't figured it out yet, we're fans and we think you should be too.

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We had a moment recently to talk with Kris Krane, the Executive Director of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), to discuss the organization, its goals, and what he thinks of the political climate surrounding American drug policy, in this special 420 interview.

The result is not only intriguing, but below.

Explain what SSDP is and how it works.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a network of students around the country working to bring about more fair and just drug policies that are rooted in fairness and common sense, rather than dogma and propaganda. We have a full time staff working in Washington, DC and San Francisco to organize SSDP chapters, of which there are over 120 on college and high school campuses around the country. These students work on issues ranging from enacting sensible drug policies on their campuses (a good example would be a Good Samaritan Policy that protects a student who calls security to help an overdosing friend from punishment for the underlying drug offense), to educating the general public about the failures of the War on Drugs.

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420 Exclusive: Inside Illadelph Glass Gallery »

To further celebrate 420, we bring you Hollywood’s leading glass gallery, Illadelph.

Originating outta Philly, Illadelph recently opened up shop on fabulous Melrose Ave. and has been taking the town by storm with their original designs, creative ideas, technological advancements, and unique glass blowing skills. Plus, they’ve even made a “water pipe” set out of Chocobo, the Final Fantasy 7 chicken (watch for his cameo).

So enjoy this tour and try to keep your eyes from bugging out of your head. And don’t say TheFeed never did anything for ya!

In accordance with the Equal Time Act of 1983 that requires we show both sides of an issue, we present 4 and 20 (24) things you can do on April 20th besides...um, celebrating in the traditional manner.

24 - Start a spelling bee.
23 - Prank call your Dad.
22 - Write a haiku.
21 - Pretend you're Canadian.
20 - Put stuff in your rock tumbler that should not be tumbled.
19 - Order the whole left side of the menu.
18 - Sell a kidney online.
17 - Hack your girlfriend's MySpace and update her mood to "pissed off."
16 - Walk.
15 - Build a Bear.
14 - Finish a spelling bee.
13 - Kiss your hot cousin.
12 - Hack 43things.com and change everyone's list to "take a Watercolors class 43 times."
11 - SuperPoke Dick Cheney.
10 - Play COD 4 with your feet.
9 - Post something REALLY boring to YouTube and give it a crazy title like, "Man Eaten Alive by Hot Chick!!!!!"
8 - Finish Super Mario Bros. without warping.
7 - Your Mom.
6 - Start a web company.
5 - Issue all the stock to yourself.
4 - Wait to get bought.
3 - Go to the mall and ask people where the mall is.
2 - Attempt to touch Weird Al Yankovic.
1 - Eat fungus.

And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon,
Daddy's a user, Junior is, too.
When you comin home, Dad, I don't know when.
But we'll get really high then.
You know we're gonna blaze all day, then.

People in California can walk to a corner store and buy up to three ounces of high grade marijuana, and take it home and smoke it. And it’s perfectly kinda legal. Here's how it all happened for the left coast...

There are a small handful of states that have passed laws allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes under certain restrictions. One of the first was California. In 1996 voters passed Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act that allows the use, cultivation, and transportation of marijuana for medical purposes as long as it has been recommended by a physician. But what exactly does that mean?

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Kicking back and watching movies on 420 is a time-honored tradition that dates back at least six years. Some flicks, though, just aren't suited to the day.  Like, don't go to Blockbuster and rent Sophie's Choice today...pick up the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup.  Trust us.

Below, please find our picks for the worst movies on 420.

Yellow Submarine
Now, you might think this would be just the perfect film to watch on April 20th, but it is not. First off, the design is a little…how you say….busy. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t make any sense, even on other days of the year. Those are but minor flaws, however, in the face of the fact that The Beatles, in their infinite wisdom, throw the Nowhere Man out of the submarine for being ugly. Nothing harshes your mellow more than discovering that The Beatles are prejudiced, rude, and kind of awful. Also, the Sea of Holes is bad news.  
-- Michael D'Alonzo

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The idea that someone can play a videogame that drives them to kill is the same logic that drives the Ad Council to produce this kind of ridiculous take on Grand Theft Auto.

Anyone looking for a reason to not do drugs should watch Requiem for a Dream. That movie is so damn scary, you will not even want to leave your house. Also, it should be required viewing for every high school senior.

How do you let the world know that you love 420? By paying for an Xbox Live account that directly references your "hobby".

Here are 10 actual gamertags on Xbox Live.

XxWEEDxX 420
smoke blunt yay
Bong69 Sniper7

Seen any other good ones?  Let us know.

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The most famous of all anti-drug ads is the egg frying in the skillet while a voiceover says, "This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs." But then it gets cut off and I can't find the original director's cut where he keeps going. "This is your brain on drugs with a side of toast and some hashed browns. This is you eating your brains as part of a hearty breakfast. Any questions?"

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