I just finished our Feedback taping here at PAX, and in between shadowing Adam Sessler through the halls of the show, I've been furiously typing this Feed post. Seriously. We're gearing up for "The Medium Is the Message: Story Matters" panel that Sess is moderating. He's got a cast of loquacious basterds onstage with him, including Denis Dyack (President, Silicon Knights), Joseph Staten (Bungie, Creative Director), Tim Schafer (Founder, Double Fine), and Greg Zeschuk (Group Creative Officer, RPG/MMO Group of EA and Co-Founder, BioWare).

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MAG PAX 2009 Hands-On Preview

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Posted September 5, 2009 - By pklepek

MAG Preview »

Sony is handing out codes to enter into the MAG beta at PAX 2009 and Sony even held a massive fan gathering to celebrate the beta's launch, which Sterling McGarvey managed to attend. Sterling wasn't much a fan of SOCOM, but he's interested in seeing what happens with MAG, especially now that it's becoming a reality.

"As M.A.G. designer Ben Jones gave me a tour of the ongoing public beta, I couldn't help but to feel a sense of loss. Loss for the traditions of SOCOM, which, once M.A.G. drops early next year, is pretty much dead and buried. Instead, Zipper has thrown itself into an experience that's a little bit SOCOM, a little Modern Warfare, and undeniably influenced by MMO culture. It's an ambitious experiment, and I'm curious to see how Zipper pulls it off, even if SOCOM never fully resonated with me."

Read the rest of Sterling's hands-on preview over here. I'm off to PAX!

Back in the Main Theater one more time to watch the live demos of Assassin's Creed II and Splinter Cell: Conviction. I saw some Assassin's Creed stuff back in Germany for GamesCom, and I'm betting that this will be the same thing. But I have no idea what they're going to show for Splinter Cell...can't wait! Follow the blog below...


PAX 2009 Show Floor Gallery

Our Nerd Army has roamed the floor PAX all day to bring you a look at the inside show floor. If you haven't had the chance to visit Seattle yet or the trip just isn't in the cards for your Labor Day weekend, then feel free to browse our gallery.

Also, I'm sure you've already found out Where's Waldo? in the photo above.

More Images...

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Contra Rebirth Preview

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Posted September 4, 2009 - By r_pad

Contra Rebirth Preview
Nintendo Wii owners looking to get their Contra on are in for some good news: Contra Rebirth is hitting WiiWare next week! TheFeed's Patrick Klepek got his hands on this new, old-school shooter at PAX 2009. As expected, it's terribly challenging (he died...a lot), but in that lovable Contra way. Klepek noted that while the game is difficult, it's not as ridiculous as past installments:
"If the PAX 2009 demo is anything to go by, however, Contra Rebirth will be easier than previous installments. There's less bullet hell (where enemy bullets swarm the entire screen) but plenty of cheap, out-of-your-control deaths (a Contra staple). Still, the sheer fact that I made it to the end of the first stage probably indicates the whole of Contra Rebirth has been designed for less hardcore-inclined to enjoy themselves. I don't have time to memorize bullet patterns anymore!"
Check out Patrick's entire preview here

Klei Entertainment showcases the "talk of PAX 2009", Shank, with two new trailers showing off the game's art style and plenty of gameplay to boot.

Check back for Patrick Klepek's Preview for more.

Shank PAX 2009 Trailer »

Read More »

New Mass Effect 2 screens out of PAX 2009 show your potential squadmates Thane and Grunt and some of the weaponry you'll be loading up with in the EA-published sci-fi RPG sequel.

Mass Effect 2 PAX 2009 Screens Are Packin' Comrades

Have your original save files ready when this baby goes live in early 2010 for the PC and Xbox 360.

More Images...

Hey everyone -- I'm sitting in the Main Theater, awaiting the beginning of the Penny Arcade Q&A panel. This should prove to be quite amusing!  It's LIVE BLOG TIME.


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Left 4 Dead 2 PAX Screens Show Off Dark Carnival Campaign And New Infected

Valve continues the trend of revealing new playable campaigns during conventions at PAX 2009 with the debut of the "Dark Carnival" playable campaign for Left 4 Dead 2. For those of you who can't make the coveted indie show this weekend (myself included... /sadness) here's the bundle of images showing the new ICP-friendly chapter and the new "Jockey" special infected character that's waiting to literally ride survivors into harm's way.

Left 4 Dead 2 PAX Screens Show Off Dark Carnival Campaign And New Infected

More Images...

A sizable chunk of the Nerd Army has descended upon Seattle for this year's Penny Arcade Expo. Amidst an ocean of funny hats and men in matching kilts and WoW t-shirt ensembles, we're striving to bring you some of the best panels from the show. One of them entails guns. Lots of huge, ridiculous guns. Few developers nail it quite like Insomniac Games. Between Resistance's high impact arms and Ratchet & Clank's numerous big weapons, the team knows its artillery. Insomniac's Brian Allgeier, creative director of the Ratchet & Clank series, presents a PAX panel titled "Weapons 101," in which he details the developer's BFF status with BFGs.

I'm headed up to the sixth floor of the convention center to secure myself a seat for the proceedings. Come back around 1:30pm Pacific for liveblogging action from PAX 2009!



Your Avatar Needs A Pax ShirtI lead an extremely creepy "clothing optional" lifestyle, but I like my Xbox 360 avatar to keep fully dressed. Just for contrast. That's why I'm happy that Major Nelson and Microsoft are giving away PAX 2009 t-shirts to avatars whose humans attend the PAX convention this weekend.

"All you need to do is stop by the Xbox table on your way to the show floor and ask for one," promises Xbox outreach guy Major Nelson. "It’s located on the 4th floor, North Lobby at the top of the escalators (across from the Penny Arcade Store.) . We’ll be handing them out on Friday and Saturday from 1p – 4p while supplies last so don’t wait until the last minute to score one."

There you have it. Go to Pax. Get free clothing. At lease in a virtual sense.

I'm a little confused by the "while supplies last" part of the offer, though. Are we in some danger of running out of digital clothing?Does Microsoft know something we don't?



Ron Gilbert is finally returning to video games next year with DeathSpank and to help celebrate, Gilbert is keynoting this year's Penny Arcade Expo. I'll be live blogging Gilbert's keynote, which starts right here at 1:00pm PST.

The Monkey Island co-creator left LucasArts in 1992 to form Humongous Entertainment (where he created Putt-Putt and Freddi Fish) before going off the radar. Gilbert returned from the shadows to work with Hothead Games on the Penny Arcade Adventures episodic series, eventually deciding to make his own episodic adventure, DeathSpank. DeathSpank, however, is no longer episodic.

Funcom's The Secret World opens the gates to their beta sign-ups and celebrates with a new CG trailer which continues to illustrate the look and feel of the class-less MMORPG.

The Secret World Playground CG Trailer »

Veteran developer Suda51 (aka Goichi Suda) invites you into a dirty bathroom stall to talk about what else? No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. Hold your noise through the grime, it's got the latest details on gameplay improvements like dual-lightsabers and more.

Check out the new images as well for more Suda51 flava.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Suda 51 Dev Diary »

Pax Photo Gallery A-Hoy!

Our G4 editorial team went to the Penny Arcade Expo and all you get is an awesome photo gallery!

If you can't actually be in Seattle this weekend, you can at least see what it looks like. Check it out, right here. And don't miss the rest of our wall-to-wall Pax 2009 coverage.

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