In case you hadn’t noticed, we here at G4 had an absolute blast covering PAX East 2010. Not only did we get our hands and eyes on some amazing games, but we also attended and hosted some fantastic panels as well. One such panel was our own X-Play Live, which featured some of X-Play and G4tv.com’s finest, including Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Blair Herter, Abbie Heppe, Matt Keil, Patrick Klepek, and Andrew Pfister, addressing all the issues that you care about (and some that you might not – sorry). 


X-Play PAX East 2010 Panel Of Awesomeness! »


Toxic levels of nerd love await, and we mean that in the best way possible (Thank you!)

When it comes to the virtual world of skating, EA’s Skate franchise wears the crown. For Skate 3, EA’s Black Box studios is “ramping” up every facet of the most intuitive and realistic skating series to date. And as Skate 3 producer Chris Parry told G4’ s Blair Herter during PAX East 2010, this time around, it’s all about the personal touch.

"The big thing this time is you can create your own skate spots; you can create your own skate parks; you can create your own mega-ramp complex; you can create your own street plaza. So it depends on what kind of skater you are."

Skate 3 All-Access Preview from PAX East 2010 »

Blair Herter and Abbie Heppe talk to John Drake from Harmonix about the Rock Band Lounge the company set up for fans of the franchise at PAX East 2010. So rock and/or roll, baby.

Rock Band Lounge at PAX East 2010 »

Breach Code Stolen From PAX 2010

I checked out Atomic Games' upcoming multiplayer shooter Breach when the company was in our offices last week, and it's really good, but it's not worth going to jail for. Sadly, a gamer at PAX may not have gotten this message. Apparently, Justin D. May, 20, of Wilmington, Delaware, was at PAX East last week and tried to steal the Breach code.

Joystiq reports that May downloaded some of the Breach code from Atomic's computer, and then ran off into the crowd. Atomic designs simulations for the military, so they know from security, and guards were able to catch the suspect when he'd only downloaded around 14MB of the game's code. 

"The suspect did admit to us several times, including as he was doing it, that he was stealing the code," David Tractenberg, a spokesperson for Atomic, said. "He said to myself and several other team members, after being caught, that it was not a big deal, he just really liked the game and wanted to play it with his friends."

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Skate 3

At PAX East 2010 this weekend, EA announced that the demo version of Skate 3 will be available on April 15. You might have expected fireworks, a marching band or a troupe of acrobats, but instead, the information was found on the back of a freebie sticker EA handed out.

No real info yet on what the demo will contain, but the game itself comes out on May 11. Hoepfully, the demo will give a taste of the team-building and skatepark customization that the full game has promised.


Pax East 2010

Well, the first annual PAX East has come and gone, and it was quite an eventful little show. G4 had some great panels, we managed to get some hands-on time with some of the year’s biggest titles, and absolutely zero alcohol was consumed during the trip. In other words, win all around.

While the show didn’t produce the kind of tidal wave of game news that you find at your larger game shows, we still churned out some quality news, previews, impressions. So what PAX East content made you all warm and fuzzy? APB preview? Dead Space: Extraction possibly coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? Crackdown 2 rocket tag impressions?

Answer me!

If you need a refresher, check out our PAX East event page.

APB Beta Moving Forward In A Matter Of

APB is the MMO crime game you never knew you always wanted to play. It puts players in the middle of a blighted urban hellscape, and encourages them to join either of two sides, the Enforcers or the Criminals, a/k/a the cops or the robbers. The game design was led by David Jones, creator of the original Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown, and is being developed by Realtime Worlds, so this is definitely one to watch. G4's Andrew Pfister played it at PAX East 2010, and here's the word:

Behind the stage, we got to see a private demonstration of the game’s insane customization options. Nearly everything about your play experience can be created from scratch using a suite of in-game tools and editors, including what your persona looks like, the clothing he or she wears, the vehicle you drive, and the symbols and graphics you can plaster everywhere.

Read the rest of the preview right here.

More Evidence For The Obvious: Dead Space 2 Coming Sometime Next Year

Dead Space: Extraction was an impressive game, possibly the best on-rails shooter released for the Wii. But Electronic Arts didn't release Dead Space on the Wii, so it always struck me as a bit odd they'd release a spin-off on a different console. It's not hard to imagine Dead Space: Extraction working on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 once Project Natal and PlayStation Move launch, however, so I asked the Dead Space team at PAX East if that could eventually happen.

"That keeps coming up," said a smiling executive producer Steve Papoutsis.

Clearly, I wasn't the first person to float the idea past him.

"It's definitely something that sounds pretty cool," he said. "That's all you can really say about that."

I was left with the impression that Dead Space: Extraction arriving elsewhere in the future was a distinct possibility. That'd be a nice little treat before Dead Space 2's released, wouldn't it?

Have something to share? Sitting on a news tip? E-mail me. You can also follow me on Twitter.

If you want a taste of the vibe at PAX 2010 East, and you don't happen to be in Boston, MA, check out our collection of booth tour videos... but imagine it smells like video game fans!

PAX East 2010: Dante's Inferno Booth Tour »

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Crackdown 2 Release Date Announced, First Developer Diary Released

Who isn't excited for Crackdown 2? Oh, there's some of you out there. But you're outnumbered. After reading Andrew Pfister's impressions of his first dive into the Rocket Tag multiplayer mode on the PAX East 2010 floor against a group of ass-kicking gamers, I'm ready to believe, especially in light of nuggets like this:

"Rocket Tag is fairly simple, as it should be: everyone playing is armed with a rocket launcher, and there’s a single gold-glowing orb on the map. The agent who maintains possession of the orb generates points; attackers are granted points for inflicting damage against the orb carrier. Most points at the end of the round decides the winner. There’s a bit more strategy to it than that, as you’ll want to aim your blast radius not only at the orb carrier, but also your fellow chasers in an effort to deny them the ability to get the orb or score damage points themselves. Scattered about the map are glowing blue zones that, when touched, will launch you across the environment – this is how you’ll either get away from threats or get closer to your target in a rapid manner."

Sounds like just the chaos I've been looking for! Read on for more of Andrew's on-the-floor impressions from Boston!

Skate 3

At PAX East 2010, Andrew Pfister tried out EA and Black Box's skateboard simulator Skate 3. The new game promises to beef up online play, as well as provide virtual-thrashers with a more robust set of customization and building tools. Plus, they've added both a simplified "really easy" mode and a compli-fied "hardcore" mode. So get ready to get totally gnarly. Here are Andrew's impressions:

"Skate 3 might be for me, because some of the new things Black Box is doing with the third game is geared toward softening that hardcore-only connotation. Features like a new “easy” mode, and the ability to turn on slow-motion during trick training so that you really can get a handle on the tricks you’re trying to pull off, with the idea being that you can eventually work your way up to being awesome in normal time. Also, Jason Lee ("Mallrats," "My Name is Earl") plays the role of Coach Frank, your helpful and humorous advisor when you first start out."

For the rest of the preview, click this link.


Red Dead Redemption PAX East 2010 Preview

It’s difficult to vocalize just how excited I am about immersing myself in the brutal and stunning world of Rockstar Games’ open-world western Red Dead Redemption. As soon as I start to, I have to fight back a horrific banshee shriek, and while my coworkers certainly appreciate my restraint, it ultimately leaves me unsatisfied and cranky.

So naturally you can understand why I’m a bit frustrated right now, because I’m here to tell you that Patrick Klepek had a chance to get some hands-on time with Redemption during PAX East 2010. Here’s a taste:

"We all tend to casually overlook the fact that shooting thugs in Grand Theft Auto isn't very fun because the rest of the game is fantastic. Red Dead Redemption moves Rockstar's premiere style of game into more baseline competence. Meaning, the shooting is much, much better here and Rockstar has even incorporated some special features to make the shooting even easier along the way."

You can find the rest of the preview right here. And you can keep up with all things PAX East 2010 at our event hub.

Xbox 360 USB Support Confirmed: Coming April 6

At PAX East today, Microsoft confirmed that support for USB devices is on the way for the Xbox 360. On April 6, a 360 system update will be released allowing you to use a USB device with your 360. Flash devices are supported, and USB hard drives "may" work with the 360, but both will be limited to a 16GB partition, so let's not get crazy or anything. Flash drives are "highly recommended" over USB hard drives. You'll be able to have two USB devices on your system at a time, boosting memory to an added 32 GB.

While any Flash drive will work with the 360, Microsoft is partnering with Sandisk to release a pre-configured 360-branded USB drive, for Xbox loyalists. That comes out in May. The system update will also provide some enhanced memory functions to make moving data between your storage devices a little smoother.

This is a step in the right direction, especially for 360 users like me who bought a tiny hard drive model, but I can't help but be a little concerned/angered by the 16 GB limit on the USB drives. I'm no technical genius, but couldn't the "ceiling" just as easily been 32 GB? But whatever; I just can't wait to free up precious hard-drive space by making a Rock Band USB device!

Source: Major Nelson

MVP-winning pitcher, and lifelong gamer, Curt Schilling has high hopes for his game development company 38 Studios, and his team’s next project, the mysterious massively-multiplayer online game codenamed Copernicus. G4’s Adam Sessler recently spoke with Schilling about how his ambitious first title is coming along, what it means to have the likes of Todd McFarlane and R. A. Salvatore working on an epic MMO and what the upcoming PAX East means for him and his company.

“We’ve thought of a concerted effort starting with PAX East, moving forward, to kind of legitimize myself in the game community. Because there have been a lot of people who have tried that crossover…and I don’t think a lot of us bring credentials into the space. When I say, 'Oh, this is a kick ass game,' it doesn’t mean anything to a gamer that spends his hard earned money on games.”

Check out the full interview below. There are sections where Adam’s audio cuts out due to technical issues, so remain calm when it happens.

Adam Sessler Interviews Curt Schilling »

As you may know, PAX East is going down later this week in Boston, MA, and G4 will be on site to bring you all of the happenings from the event, saving you precious airfare and hotel expenses, and informing you at the same time. Neat, huh?

Of course, the Penny Arcade Expo (East, West, North or South) wouldn’t exist without the game and comic book loving duo behind Penny Arcade, Mike "Gabe" Krahulik and Jerry "Tycho" Holkins. G4 recently sat down with the team to discuss PAX East, the absurdity of console warring, and, rather interestingly, their roundabout road to success.

“The fact that we were too stupid to quit when we should have quit. I mean, a normal person would have quit making comics under some of the conditions we invented for ourselves,” said Holkins. “Yeah. We failed over and over again, and made horrible decisions, and didn’t stop,” Krahulik added.

More inspirational anecdotes can be found in the video below:

Penny Arcade Creators Interview »


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