The excellent looking Forza Motorsport 3 has a bunch of new features including its own movie-making tool, but it won't be adding a few things that fans were hoping would make the cut.

Forza Motorsport 3 Demo From E3 2009 »

Turn 10 has confirmed that Forza Motorsport 3 will not including nighttime races, weather effects, or rally car racing. Good thing it'll pack in over 400 cars and 100 tracks & variations.

What features would you like to see in Forza 3?


Bizarre CreationsActivision has officially announced Blur, a racing franchise that the company hopes will "revolutionize the racing genre."  Created by developer Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing),  Blur will try to change the face of video game racing by combining the realism of games like Forza with the wacky fun of power-ups and attacks out of the Mario Kart series or WipEout. Add some elements from facebook and hold it all together with a dose of big-budget Hollywood glaze and you have the potential for a truly revolutionary game. 

Up to 20 players can race against each other at once online, racing for glory on tracks in locations  ranging from L.A. and San Francisco to the streets of Hackney, UK and the roads of Barcelona, Spain. The game will feature "fast curves, sneaky alternate routes, hair-raising jumps and fully realized damage models that provide for spectacular crashes."

We're not sure exactly what power-ups will be available in the game, but Activision mentions two: The ability to blast other cars out of the way with bursts of energy and speed boosts. We can only hope that bunches of spin-out bananas and red turtle shells are among the games weapons.

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New Volkswagen Gets 235 MPG

The sci-fi looking car you see pictured above is the Volkswagen 1-Liter. VW's new car features a 1-liter engine (duh) and gets 235 miles per gallon. "Nice concept car," I'm sure you're thinking. But here's the thing: It's not a concept car. According to the company, the first 1-Liters may be rolling out of Volkswagen factories in 2010.

As you may have surmised from the car's profile, the 1-Liter was developed in a wind-tunnel for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. It's 4.1 feet wide, 11.4 feet long, and just over 3 feet tall, it boasts a top-speed of 75 mph and can travel 400 miles on its 1.7 gallon fuel tank. The car can hold two people, with riders sitting tandem-bike style: One passenger in front, one in back.

Keeping the weight down is integral to the 1-Liter's fuel-sipping strategy. This car is made entirely of carbon fiber composites with a carbon fiber-reinforced skin stretched over a spaceframe made of magnesium. The engine is light-weight aluminum, the wheels are composite, and even the seats are spare: They're made of magnesium with fabric covers as opposed to upholstery.  Overall, the car weights only 639 pounds, which is less than some people I've met.

So the question is, if this was priced around what a "regular" car costs, would you pick one up? Personally, I don't think I would. I'd be concerned that the new technology wouldn't be tried and tested enough to make the car viable against other cars, plus, I'd worry about safety. Sure, Volkswagen promises it's employed high-tech safety devices like airbags and auto-stability, but I drive on L.A.'s freeways, and that thing would be demolished by an SUV. So I'm waiting until Volkswagen creates a car that is powered only by the self-righteousness of its green-obsessed driver. 


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David Jaffe Email

Judging from a screengrab of an email reportedly posted on legendary game creator David Jaffe's blog, we could be seeing a new Twisted Metal game at this year's E3. Jaffe, who created God of War, the Twisted Metal series and Calling all Cars, supposedly posted a blurred pic giving some details of a game he's working on (see above).

Because this is the internet, and people have a lot of time on their hands, someone took the blurred out email pic and used exciting computer technology to enhance the lettering and make it readable. According to the picture, we can expect a Jaffe game involving cars and humans that will wow the crowd. Blurry evidence suggests people will be launched from cars. People will be dragged behind cars. It is supposed to feel like an action movie. Jaffe's blog post also reportedly mentioned a big milestone at the end of the month. So, if you put two and two together, it might add up to an announcement of a new Twisted Metal game at this year's E3...

Or it might not. It could be another game entirely that involves cars and humans. Or it could be an elaborate prank. Who knows, really? All evidence of this screenshot has disappeared from Jaffe's website, but here is the purported enhanced version of the screen. 


'Need for Speed': Shift Hands-On Preview

The Need for Speed franchise is going in a new direction and new series developer - Slightly Mad Studios - is definitely on the right track. The game, which will be a sim-style racer with arcade elements, seeks to do some things never-before-seen in a racing game. The team making the game features members from SimBin, which was responsible for the critically acclaimed GTR2 and RACE on the PC.

With EA Black Box no longer holding the reigns to the series, Slightly Mad Studios is free to re-invent itself and step up to the big leagues with Gran Turismo and Forza. The developers recognize that they probably can't compete with those two franchises in terms of pure physics-based realism, but they can focus on other aspects to make their game stand out - AI racers and the driver experience.

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Swerve and weave as Rockstar San Diego shows off their new rides in Midnight Club: Los Angeles - South Central expansion for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Grab it off of PSN or XBLM for $2.99/240 MS Points.

Packing the high-performance wheels of the:

  • 2008 Audi S5
  • 2008 Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG
  • 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

You can use your urban, speed machines only with the download of the South Central expansion pack (It's Free! of course, with an deluxe version also available-- but the free version works) and for you gearhead gamers who just can't get enough, look for Vehicle Pack 2 to launch April 23.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central Vehicle Pack 1 Trailer

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Vehicle Pack 1 Trailer »

Need for Speed: Shift was dated for a September release this morning and to ride shotgun with the news, EA presents the first in-game footage of the back-to-pure-racing entry into the franchise by Slightly Mad Studios (GTR series). Can NFS: Shift with GTR developer in tow reclaim the series' once former glory in an ever crowding racing genre?

Note: This should be how all games are debuted/teased/thrown at your face - As much in-game footage as possible.

Need For Speed: Shift Debut Teaser

Need for Speed: Shift Debut Gameplay Teaser »

'Need for Speed SHIFT' Coming In September

EA has announced that Need for Speed SHIFT, the next in their series of authentic racing games, will hit retail in North America on September 22, 2009, after making it's European debut on September 17th. The game will push the realism of racing to a new level, featuring a set of new cars, as well as some of the sport's most iconic tracks, including the UK's famous Brand's Hatch.

Among the cars that will be in the new game are the Pagani Zonda F, Porsche 911 GT2 and Lotus Elise. Those are some snazzy race cars, indeed. Need for Speed SHIFT's perspective will be that of the driver, from inside the race car, and is also said to feature some brutal crash dynamics, which is really the reason that you play racing games to begin with, isn't it?

Look for Need for Speed SHIFT on the PS3, XBox 360, PC, and PSP in September.

Split Second

Black Rock Studios has come clean with the name of its next racing joint -- a high-octane teaser called Split/Second. It is a frenetic city racer coming to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early 2010.

Split/Second promises to combine two of the most awesome things on earth: Fast cars and explosion. The game's premise involves a "hyper-competitive reality show" where players try to blow their competitors/enemies off-road with huge explosions and be first to cross the finish line in a made-for-TV city built for destruction. Yeah, that'll work.

“We’re creating huge memorable moments on par with the biggest blockbuster action films,” Nick Baynes, game director, Black Rock Studio said in a press release. “Action racing has captured the imagination of video game fans worldwide and we’re going to redefine that experience with Split/Second.”

Check out the trailer below:

Split/Second Reveal Trailer »


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Citroen Making PlayStation Portable-branded C-Crosser SUV PSP

Do you love your PlayStation Portable so much that you want a PSP-branded car? Well Citroen has the answer to your dreams with the C-Crosser Exclusive PSP. This sports utility vehicle "is based on the 160 HDi FAP version and its equipment list includes Xenon headlamps, automatic air conditioning, ESP, the handsfree Bluetooth and a NaviDrive navigation system. The car also comes with a music server that can store up to 2,500 songs." It starts at 33,990 Euros. ZerCustoms reports:

"The French carmaker teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and launched the special edition Citroen C-Crosser Exclusive PSP. The Citroen C-Crosser Exclusive PSP comes with a PlayStation Portable Slim & Lite which comes with two games, a Memory Stick PRO Duo and a 4GB memory card."

I'm not too sure about this one. In my mind, the PSP car is controlled by an analog stick with shoulder buttons that control braking and acceleration. This "special" C-Crosser seems like a version with a PSP sticker on it. If you're going to go with a gamer car, it should be completely ridiculous like thePikachu Volkswagen Bug or the Lugia PT Cruiser.

Any of you interested in this car? Kindly explain its appeal to me.

Source via Engadget

Project Gotham Racing 4

Microsoft's Xbox LIVE deal of the week is available right now. The Project Gotham Racing 4 Premium Challenge Pack, normally priced at 400 points, is available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for 240 points, a savings of 40%.

This is an insane deal! Prices this low will never come along again in this or any other lifetime. This price is so low, I can only see it as evidence that Major Nelson and the Xbox LIVE staff have gone entirely mad with savings. Mad, I tell you!

Uh. Seriously, though... PGR 4 is an impressive racing title and this deal should be enough to make you dust off your copy of th game and get some racing done.



Take carjacking to awesome new heights as Wheelman executive producer Shaun Himmerick, guides you through his favorite mission in the Vin Diesel video-game tie-in, action-title.

For more, be sure to catch tonight's X-Play, when the crew takes a full Hands-On preview to give you the lowdown on all things Wheelman.

Get your baritone voices and gas-pedal leadfoots ready...the game ships to the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 March 25.

Wheelman Direct-Feed Mission Walkthrough

Wheelman Direct-Feed Walkthrough »

X-Play Reviews 'Race Pro'


Posted February 25, 2009 - By Mike D'Alonzo

There are a lot of racing games on the market, but few of them seem to share the detail-oriented view of the sport that can be attributed to Race Pro, a sim that puts you behind the wheel and on the track. Adam and Morgan are going to do a ride-along, so you know what X-Play has to say about the game.

Green means go. Hit the streets!


Race Pro Review »

Pontiac Stinger

The sweet baby you see above is the Pontiac Stinger, a concept car designed and built in the 80s. If you're interested in the Past's vision of The Future, check out this video from College Humor. Imagine a world where the "wild and wacky pretensions" of your neon green dune buggy Future Car include a garden hose, sleeping bags and a "funky CD player." Totally radical to the max!

We've all had an interesting off-roading run lately with games like PURE and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. Codemasters and developer Asobo Studios, however, are presenting an interesting change-up to the fold with their upcoming racer FUEL.

Players will be able to take advantage of a fully-open, no-boundaries world spanning over 5,000 virtual sq. miles (14,000 km+) as they race not only to outgun their competition but to survive a world ravaged by nature. (i.e. Vehicle-eating Tornadoes)

I wonder if AAA covers that in my insurance.

FUEL launches in May on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

FUEL World Gameplay Trailer

Fuel World Gameplay Trailer »

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