Getting lost with the AVIC-D2

Los Angeles is big.? Really big.? Huge even.? It's not even really a city as much as it is a county.? Los Angeles County is something like 140 miles end-to-end and houses more cities, towns and villages than most other states.? I'm from New York, and say what you will about getting around in that city but at least all of the streets run east ? west and north ? south.? Not in L.A..? If I didn't know better, I would have thought that the civil engineers who laid out L.A. were smoking the good stuff.?

Anyway, L.A. is big and confusing, especially for someone from New York.? So when Pioneer asked that we review their AVIC-D2 navigation system, I jumped at the chance to not be lost in L.A. any longer.

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Mitsubishi cruised into Las Vegas last week to announce plans to sell an electric vehicle in America.

Mitsubishi president Osamu Masuko made the announcement during the annual dealer's meeting, where he confirmed the lithium-ion powered vehicle will be available first in Japan and then the U.S. soil.

Funny that they chose to make this announcement in Sin City, where more electricity is burned per square foot than in other city in the world.

Autoblog.com: Mitsubishi to sell electric vehicle in the U.S.

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The Volve Estate Love Fest


Posted October 6, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

The Volve Estate was chosen in a poll of 4,000 people conducted by the Yes Insurance company as the best car to have sex in. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van came in second, and third place went to the VW Camper Van.

Other funny tid-bits revealed in the poll?

68% of people have had nookie in their cars
10% of people have engaged in sex while driving
6% admit to damaging their cars during a steamy session
1% actually files a claim for damaged incurred during steamy session
Follow the jump for a complete list of the Top 10 Vehicles for Making Whoopee.

Hey, why does an insurance company want to know what kinda car I wanna bang in?

Autoblog.com: Volvo wagons rated highest for making whoopee

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Who would you rather have living next door, some old dude with a peg leg or a red hot, sultry babe who's into fast cars and looking for her big break? Yeah, us too, and there's plenty of lovely ladies around the U.S. of A just waiting to be discovered. With Street Fury Naughty Neighbors YOU get to discover America's best looking girls.

Just send in 5 photos and a bio of yourself or your favorite girl to StreetFury@G4tv.com and we will pick the best two every two weeks. We'll post them?HERE and you can vote on who is your favorite super-vixen. To see all of these bootylicious gals in one sexy area, click HERE.

Pictured on the right is one of the first two contestants, Asia Rain. (And you should see the other one too, Amanda Leigh...whoooha!)

Now go vote!

Pierce Your Ride


Posted October 4, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

People just got a lot stupider.

An entrepreneurial Southern California car company called Pierce Your Ride is offering -- yes, you guessed it -- car piercings.

The large (well, compared to a normal earring), hoop-shaped car-rings come in a variety of different finishes and designs for your whip, and generally attach to the front bumper.

This way your car can look as lame as humanly possible!

Man, don't us Californians already catch enough crap from the rest of the country? And now this? Sheeesh...

Autoblog.com: Car piercing

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VWs Set To Rock!


Posted October 4, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

Volkswagen recently announced the V-dubs Rock promotion, where they will be a custom First Act GarageMaster electric guitar away with purchases or leases any 2007 Volkswagen model or select 2006 models.

Yes, from now through December 31, anyone that buys a new Volkswagen will get a bitching axe to shred with!

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GM Wants More Hummers


Posted October 2, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

No, not BJs! I mean those big stupid cars that look like GI Joe should own ?em.

Yes, General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz announced last week that General Motors Corp.'s Hummer brand needs to double its product lineup by adding two or three more models. GM says Hummers are central to its "central strategy as it moves to cut costs, shore up market share and return to profitability in the U.S. market."

"Hummer needs some more products. It needs two or three more products to give it sufficient market coverage," Lutz told the press at the opening of a Hummer dealership in Paris last week.

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A 3-year old named Jack Neal recently bought a pink Nissan Figaro for nearly $16,000 on eBay.

It seems while lil' Jack's mother's back was turned, the tyke jumped on the computer and scored the whip.

"I had just come off the computer and I thought I had logged off, I came out of eBay," his mother Rachel of Sleaford, England said. "Jack jumped on the chair, (went) straight in, found the page and bought the car."

He can't read, apparently, but knew that clicking on that shiny "Buy Now" button would surely lead to good things.

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Mitsubishi Jihad

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Posted September 26, 2006 - By Frank Meyer

Dennis Mitsubishi of Columbus is the subject is catching a lot of flak from a radio ad that declared declares "a jihad on the automotive market."

The commercial also says its salespeople will be wearing burqas to sell customers vehicles that can "comfortably seat 12 jihadists in the back."

The dealership's president, Keith Dennis, claims that the spot was simply and innocently employing buzzwords from the media as a tension reliever and to "a little fun at radical extremists."


Autoblog.com: War declared on Ohio dealership for declaring Jihad in ad

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Mark your calendars all you eco-loving celebrities and get ready to start selling your hybrids, because the next-gen car will be upon us in 2008.

Honda has announced that they will be selling the FCX Concept car with limited sales in both the U.S. and Japan. What makes this car so special you ask? It is the first fuel cell car to hit the U.S. mainland and the consuming public.

For those that don't understand what this leap will bring, it could make the ever-increasing-their-profits gas companies drop their prices dramatically realizing they are about to be outdated. Fuel cell technology has been touted as the hybrid's future and was not foreseen for some time due to the cost, the placement of the fuel cell itself and the lack of speed.

Honda's FCX has handled those problems by placing the fuel cell pack between the driver and the passenger and technological improvements allowing for it to go over 100mph.

The cost....well, that one ain't fixed, but hybrids started out over-priced, right?

AutoBlog.com: Honda's new fuel cell car due in 2008

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Lotus Flowering

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Posted September 21, 2006 - By F M

Lotus will be introducing three new cars over the next half decade: the new Esprit will be out by December 2009, a Lotus/Proton high-performance car is due in December, and a a new midrange machine whose details have yet to be announced.

According to Autoblog.com, "Lotus gives no details as to what markets will receive the new cars, saying only that all three of the upcoming vehicles will be sold through the Lotus dealer network and are intended to broaden the automaker's customer base." And since Europeans can currently only score themselves a Lotus Elise, Exige, or Europa S (North America don't get no Europa), these new cars will indeed accomplish that.

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Ford & GM To Merge?


Posted September 18, 2006 - By F M

Ford and GM senior executives are considering a merger in the near future, according to Automotive News

Apparantly the two Detroit car companies have been discussing a popssible union since? July, with merger discussions between GM CFOs Fritz Henderson and Don Leclair and Ford's own CFO kicking into high gear by August.

Why bother, you ask?

Well, times ain't what they used to be in the U.S. auto world, folks. Rumors have been circulating for awhile that either company could declare bankruptcy in the futrure, leaving their mutual parts suppliers screwed no choice but to cut off the other from their desired materials.

"It could be argued that both would go down and quickly," says Autoblog.

Finally, the Yugo could make a comedback!

Autoblog.com: GM and Ford rumored alliance

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Bob Seger: Not Like A Rock Anymore


Posted September 13, 2006 - By F M

Rocker Bob Seger, known as much for his "Like A Rock" Chevy commercials as his music, admitted recently that he no longer owns any Chevrolets since he has become environmentally friendly.

After decades of hocking their autos via the use of his 1976 hit "Like A Rock" in TV ads,?Seger said in an interview that he prefers Porsches and Nissans. Yes, ever since watching Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth about the dangers of global-warming, Seger said he prefers "smaller, more environmentally-friendly."

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Aerosmith: Ride This Way

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Posted September 12, 2006 - By F M

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Bruce Rossmeyer, CEO of 13 Harley-Davidson locations, including the world's largest Harley-Davidson dealership located at Bruce Rossmeyer's Destination Daytona, along with guidance of Rossmeyer's personal custom motorcycle designer, Tim Gabel.

Aerosmith has teamed up with Harley-Davidson to design and produce "The Steven Tyler Signature Series," a one-of-a-kind collection of custom designed motorcycles.

Manufactured by Hellbound Steel Motorcycles, the series is limited to 10 unique, custom motorcycles designed to "capture and exemplify Tyler's love for motorcycling and his unique, artistic flair."

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Project Gotham's New Project

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Posted September 11, 2006 - By F M

Bizarre Creations' Project Gotham Racing 4 will be released exclusively on Xbox 360 sometime in late 2007 or by the first half of 2008.

Much like Project Gotham Racing 3, which?featured tons of downloadable content through Microsoft's Game with Fame promotion, Microsoft will?offer a car concept design competition where the winning auto will be included in the game.

Gameindustry.biz: Project Gotham Racing 4 dated by Peugeot

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