TheFeed is really looking forward to Project Gotham Racing 4 for the Xbox 360 because there's only so much Forza 2 we can handle. Especially when our Racing Wheels are bursting into flames.

Bizarre Creations sent along a few new screenshots of some motorcycles as well as a release date of: October 2, 2007!

List of new cars and bikes after the jump.

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Those bastard Chinese and their incredible brains and know-how….for years their cookie wisdom has taunted me... for years they have taken American products and copied them…sometimes even bettering them…though usually not. But this is the last straw!

The Chinese auto industry has copied the most American of all American autos, the Humvee.

The Humvee is derived from U.S. military urban assault vehicles so rich white people who would never even consider enlisting in the military or going near a war can feel powerful and better than others. The rush of driving a Humvee is second only to killing a foreigner, for crying out loud!

China's Dongfeng automakers even had the balls to call theirs the “Crazy Soldier.”

The Crazy Solider? Are you guys f----in’ NUTS! We have started WARS for less atrocities! Maaaan, George Bush is gonna fry your ass for this!!!!

Autoblog.com: Chinese release copycat Humvee

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A member of the FerrariChat forum is saying that Lamborghini will privately unveil a new supercar based on the LP640 Murcielago (above) to a select group at the Pebble Beach Concourse this week. Rumor has it only 20 will be made, with 15 earmarked for the U.S.

To purchase this exclusive sweet ride?

A cool $1.5 million, baby.

The car's official unveiling will occur at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Not that it matters to Joe Shmos like us whop can’t afford such luxuries…

Oh…and did I really just write a news story based on info from a Message Board? Jesus. what is this world coming too…

Autoblog.com: $1.5M Lamborghini coming

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Ford Gets ?N Sync


Posted August 10, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Hey kids, have ya heard about the new in-car communication and entertainment system Ford has developed with Microsoft called Sync?

It allows drivers to listen to their digital music players and have text messages on their cell phones read aloud using either voice recognition or steering wheel controls. Consumers provide their own digital players and can build numerous services too, such as safety and vehicle diagnostics.

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Americans Hate TWD!


Posted August 8, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Is there anything more terrifying while driving then seeing some idiot texting while at the wheel?

Well, a recent Harris Poll says that I’m not alone in that opinion, and that 91% of Americans think it's unsafe to text while driving (or TWD for us cool people).

However, even though 89% even think it should be outlawed, 57% admitted they have done it.


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Okay, what’s crazier?

A guy with a track record of leading police on high speed car chases, having his license suspended numerous times, scoring enough felonious driving charges to spend three years in jail, and even kicking a state trooper?


A guy with no arms and half a leg leading police on high speed car chases, having his license suspended numerous times, scoring enough felonious driving charges to spend three years in jail, and even kicking a state trooper?

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Nissan is introducing a vehicle that showcases its soon-to-be-released anti-drunk driving technology. The car’s "multiple preventative features" were designed to curb drunk driving by detecting the driver's state of sobriety.

So how does it know you’ve had too much booze?

Well, how about odor sensors built into the locking shift knob? Or seat-mounted sensors that can activate a voice and navigation screen warning? Or what about a facial monitoring system that determines your "state of consciousness through your eyes."


George Orwell is turning in his grave…

…and so is Van Halen….

[You are required to be over 30 to get that last very bad joke...Ed.]

Engadget.com: Nissan car is anti-drunk

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Any idea who Nick Maslowski is? Us neither.. but he currently holds the record for top-speed achieved by an remote controlled vehicle at 134.4mph.

That's not good enough for Nick "Remote Rocket" Maslowski and he is aiming to hit 200mph with his new car.

The pint-sized cruiser packs a 29.6-volt direct drive motor and looks like a cigarette box with wheels.

Click the jump for a video of some heavy breathing and R/C car speeding. No word yet on this car's inclusion in Gran Turismo 5 or PGR4.

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One Fierce Beer Coaster


Posted August 1, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

UK art and design scholar Jack Kirby loves Mustangs and beer.

In fact, he loves them so much he built a Mustang outta Budweiser beer cans.

Neat, huh?

Well, I love Deloreans  and porn, so…..

Autoblog.com: Mustang made from beer cans

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Japan Gets Wood


Posted July 30, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

How much would you pay for a customized Japanese car?



How about $32,819?

Not bad, eh?

So what do you get for this price tag?

How about a slow moving wooden clunker that barely goes over 50 miles-per-hour and has the potential to burst into flames?

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Death Race 2007


Posted July 30, 2007 - By Frank Meyer


Forbes magazine has released a list of the 20 most dangerous vehicles for sale and the Buick Rendezvous, once endorsed by Tiger Woods himself, topped it

The magazine weighed everything from crash test data to fatality statistics, and safety equipment to Consumer Reports' accident avoidance ratings to come up with the list.

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DeLoreans were horrible cars: Over-priced, under-selling, under-performing hunks of junk. Yet we can't help but love them. The gull-wing doors. The association with high-flying 80s excess in the form of founder John DeLorean. That they go back in time if you install a flux capacitor...and they're coming back.

Yep, new DeLoreans are coming. A Houston company bought the trademark, DeLorean Motor Co, and plan to start limited construction on new DeLorean DMC-12s. They're starting at around 200 a year. The new DeLoreans will probably cost more than $42,500, which is what the company charges to build a DeLorean from scratch with refurbed parts from the original cars.

Wired.com: DeLorean To Re-Enter Limited Production in 2008

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Hey, wanna buy a used car on eBay? How about a Ferrari? Or a Lamborghini? Or how about that paparazzi dude’s SUV that Britney Spears attacked with her umbrella a few months back?

Well, that very '02 Explorer Sport (and the umbrella it was beat with) can be yours for at least $25,000, which was the opening bid when it appeared on said 'Bay earlier this week. 

But one must wonder, "Is it really the actual SUV Brit went ballistic on or just a fake?" 

I dunno. Got 25 Gs to find out?

Autoblog.com: Britney Spears "Umbrella Attack" Ford Explorer for sale

And since we have a reasonable excuse to repost it,  please enjoy the greatest videogame in history:


Blood Alley Death Race


Posted July 24, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Hey kids, ever done the Cali 1-2-3?

It’s a cool new craze sweeping the state. All you need is a car and anger.

Here’s how it goes:

First, you need to have a stretch of road so dangerous that it earns a nickname like, say, how California's Highway 138 was dubbed “Blood Alley” due to the amount of deaths there, and is forced closed by the government to improve safety conditions and widen the road.

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NASCAR 08 Rocks Out


Posted July 21, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Electronic Arts announced today that NASCAR 08 will feature a rockin’ soundtrack of rock and country stars.

Reppin’ the hicks are everyone from Brooks & Dunn, Big & Rich, Jason Aldean, Halfway To Hazard Country and good ol’  boy Bucky Covington. On the rock side, we got Velvet Revolver, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Airbourne and…um a bunch of other guys.

NASCAR 08 puts gamers behind the wheel with a soundtrack that puts the pedal to the floor,” said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing at EA. “Today’s NASCAR has 75 million of the most brand-loyal fans in all of sports, and any music mix must be a real reflection of true NASCAR culture. It’s more than country. It’s bigger than rock. This soundtrack is 100% cars ‘n’ guitars adrenaline that will blow gamers’ doors off.”

NASCAR 08 will blow your doors off July 26.

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