Always on the cutting edge of auto technology (kinda) and apparently unaware of the debacle that was the Segway, Toyota is prepping a battery-powered single seater ride called the i-Real.

The i-Real has three wheels, with the rear wheel able to extend out back for greater stability and higher speeds. When the rear wheel is pulled in close, the machine stands up straighter and can maneuver in tighter spaces. 

No word on when the i-Real will be available to consumers, but there’s a good guess as to when it will unavailable to consumers: within six months of its debut.

Autobloggreen.com: PermalinkTokyo 2007 Preview: Personal mobility from Toyota, i-Real concept

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Torque.TV Up & Running

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Posted October 9, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Hey gearheads, cruise on over to recently launched IPTV programming service Torque.TV. It’s a rad site for car fanatics, complete with original programming. Highlights include a high-octane driving show hosted by Indy winner Danny Sullivan. Sure, it’s still in Beta testing mode, but there’s much to enjoy…

(...and no, it has nothing to do with the crappy movie Torque...but isn't that poster neato?)


OnStar can already track stolen vehicles and has done this since 1996, but they are about to upgrade the service.

On model year 2009 vehicles, OnStar will offer an optional service that can slow down a stolen vehicle remotely.

The slowdown will only be activated after police in pursuit confirm that they are chasing the vehicle at which point the OnStar will "interacts with the powertrain to reduce engine power, which will [in turn] slow the vehicle down gradually."

Pretty snazzy! This is the next step toward Knight Rider.

Engadget: OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown hits the brakes on jacked cars

One of the above cars is from a videogame (specifically, Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3) the other is an actual car.

Can you tell which is which?

Take the whole quiz here.

Okay, we're going a little heavy on the Toyota news today, but they're newest ad sweep is very videogame centric. It's about time someone recognized that gamers need cars...even if it's only to drive to a LAN party.

Look for the second Toyota gaming ad this week. According to Adweek, the spot touts an "upcoming Microsoft Xbox 360 game tie-in based on the Spy Vs. Spy"-inspired commercial campaign created by Publicis Groupe's Saatchi and Saatchi."

In the commercial, a Yaris drives up to an Xbox and deploys horns to blast open the box, sending "dazed animated representations of various Xbox games exploding onto the floor."

The end card reads "Get a Yaris into your Xbox 360."

Everyone involved is tight-lipped as to details of the gaming initiative promoted by the spot\, but we'll let you know when we know.

Update: The Yaris tie-in is a free Xbox Live advergame that you can download right now. Kinda cool things: Race against other people over Live and a dozen achievements. Read all the details here.


Bugatti Takes To The Skies


Posted October 5, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

The 16-cylinder, 1,001 HP Bugatti Veyron is fast…real fast. So fast that it will race a Eurofighter Typhoon jet for two miles this Sunday.

To be fair, the runway is only a mile long and to get both miles in, the Veyron will need to perform a U-Turn, and the Typhoon will need to climb up one mile, flip, and head back the other way.

Sure, last year the Veyron beat a coupla Cessna 182s....but…a jet?

Well, no matter how ya slice it, this is gonna be one helluva race!

Autoblog.com: Bugatti Vs. Jet Fighter

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Film lovers who buy a copy of Transformers on DVD will have a chance to win a Chevy Camaro designed to look like Bumblebee, one of the most popular Autobots from the movie. The car is tricked out to make it super special and super valuable, and fans of the movie will most assuredly love to drive it.

We're not sure if the winning car will be able to transform into a robot that helps save the world, but there's an outside chance, and that has to be worth something, doesn't it?

Jalopnik.com: Buy Transformers DVD, Win A Chevy Camaro!

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Burnout: Paradise looks amazing. Take the classic Burnout gameplay and mix in a open-ended world with seamless multiplayer and you'll get Paradise.

Check out this promo for the GT Steel Wheels Concept Car, which is in the game:


Burnout: Paradise Steel Wheels »


New 'SEGA Rally Revo' Trailer


Posted October 1, 2007 - By bleahy

SEGA Rally Revo looks pretty cool. We certainly loved the Xbox 360 demo and can easily see picking this one up when it releases.

This new trailer really wants you to know that this is all in-game. You might even believe it as soon as you see it, but they will keep telling you.

Forget about things like Crysis, look at this in-game footage from SEGA Rally Revo.


SEGA Rally Revo: Showstopper »


Check out the Porshe driving controller. For $350 you get force-feedback and an upturned polo shirt collar!

In all seriousness, click the cut for the real details on the steering wheel/gas pedal/shifter.

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High speed chases with cops and robbers may make for great TV, but the dangerous activity puts lives and property in danger, and sometimes the bad guy gets away. The

Taking a page from Star Wars, Terminator, Logan’s Run and other sci-fi flicks, the LAPD is using a new system called the StarChase Pursuit Management System to help catch suspects without putting the officer’s lives in danger.

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'Top Gear Down Force' DS Screens


Posted September 29, 2007 - By bleahy

Everybody loves DS screenshots! They look so good! Here are a few shots of Top Gear: Down Force, which is coming out for the Nintendo DS.

Check out the whole gallery here!

A-Team Van Drifts To Notoriety


Posted September 28, 2007 - By Frank Meyer

Not so interesting: Tom Ford, host of TV’s Fifth Gear, crashed his van while trying to drift it.

More interesting: The ride was a replica of the A-Team’s van from the hit ‘80s TV show starring Mr. T.

Even more interesting: During his maneuver, Ford put the van on two wheels and then crashed into a safety barrier.

Much less interesting: As a teen, I used to watch the A-Team while eating cereal in my underwear.

(The crash will appear on an upcoming episode of Fifth Gear, fyi.)

Autoblog.com: Fifth Gear host injured while driving A-Team van

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In an effort to prevent accidental sideswiping, Mercedes-Benz has developed a new safety feature called Blind Spot Assist.

Similar to a system already developed by Volvo, the new safety feature will debut on its S-class and CL-Class models.

The Blind Spot Assist uses six short-range radar sensors located in the front and rear bumpers that monitor the zone to the side and rear of the car on both the left and the right. If another car is driving alongside in the blind sport, the system will display a red warning symbol in the associated side mirror. If the driver ignores the warning and then turns on their indicator, the red warning symbol with start to flash and sound off a warning noise inside the car.

This is great news! Now, when are they gonna invent an alarm that sounds off every time you make a turn without putting your friggin’ blinker on!

Autoblog.com: Mercedez adds blind spot radar

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Bizarre Creations, the development studio behind the Project Gotham Racing franchise, has been purchased by Activision.

Activision was, of course, the #1 publisher for the first half of 2007 over EA and they are using their new position to scoop up some developers.

Bizarre Creations is now completely owned by Activision and will start work on 2 new titles of the AAA caliber for them.

Hit the jump for statements from Bizarre and Microsoft.

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