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On this week's edition of Fresh Ink Online, comic mistress Blair Butler covers Skaar: Son of Hulk, The Goon, Red Mass For Mars, the last issue of Local, and a whopping catfight (pun intended) between Batwoman and Catwoman in Batman: Confidential...that takes place in the NUDE!!!

Watch it.

Fresh Ink Online: The Goon, Nude Bats and Cats! »

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Hey, everyone! The weekend is just about here, and you know what that means, don't you? It means that Blair Butler is here with another edition of Fresh Ink Online. This week, Blair is going to tell us about JSA, The Boys, Manhunter, Kick Ass, and Robin: Spoiler.

It will be awesome. You may thank her later.

Fresh Ink: Kick Ass, Manhunter, & More »

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This week, on Fresh Ink Online, Blair gets really big with it, as we get to find out what's up with King-Size Hulk, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men, and All-Star Superman. She also gives us the skinny on Final Crisis and 1985. So, you can see how it's kind of a big deal. That's why you should watch it.

So watch it. 


Fresh Ink: King-Size Hulk, Giant-Size X-Men and More! »


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This week, Blair Butler might be tired from her trip to Cannes, but she's a trouper, and she's going to let you know what's going on in the world of your favorite comics. Included in this jaunt is The Twelve, Green Lantern Corps, Wolverine, The Goon, and Transhuman. It's a lot to digest, which is why it's a good idea to let the professional have at it.

So, click below and begin enjoying at the sound of the beep...BEEP!

Fresh Ink Online: Wolverines, Goons, And More! »

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This week on Fresh Ink Online, Blair Butler might be out of the country, but still leaves us with reviews of Logan #3, Jonah Hex #31, Thunderbolts: Reason & Madness #1, Buffy #14, and Action Comics Annual #11. That's a whole lot of comic action for you to consider, so, without any further adieu, why not watch what Blair has to say?

Here 'tis.

Fresh Ink Online: Logan, Buffy, and More! »


This week, Fresh Ink Online goes completely Iron Man, as Blair Butler explores two new Marvel comics, Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas and The Invincible Iron Man #1. It's a short, but very sweet version of Fresh Ink, and ol' shellhead has really never looked better.

You should watch the video.

Fresh Ink: Fresh Ink Goes Completely Iron Man! »

Blair Butler is about two things...comics, and movies made about comics, and this week, she addresses both in the weekly Fresh Ink Online podcast. We talk Local, DC Universe, Hercules, Ultimate Humans, and Iron Fist, as well as a heapin' helpin' of spoiler-free Iron Man talk.

Please, take a look. We promise you will like it. Ok, we can't promise that, but we think so.

Fresh Ink: Local, DC Universe, and More »

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This week, comic fans, Blair Butler asks the comic question, "What'cha gonna do, when Hulk-a-mania runs wild, comic book speaking, all over you?" We've got Green Hulk, Red Hulk, and She-Hulk for your pleasure this weekend, as Blair takes on Hulk and She-Hulk, but also, we have Manhunter, Abyss, and Star Wars: Dark Times.

So, what are you waiting for? Blair demands your attention. Watch, why dont'cha?

Fresh Ink: Hulk-a-mania, Running Wild! »

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You know how it is...another Friday, another chance to sit down with mistress of the ink Blair Butler, who flavors Fresh Ink Online with new and exciting spice this week, as she talks about Powers,  Madmen, Wonderlost, and the Eisner-award nominated Infinite Horizon.

In short, it's another slam-bang awesome edition of Fresh Ink Online. Whatcha waitin' for? Go get it!

Fresh Ink Online: The Eisner Awards Gets Infinite »

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On this week's edition of the Webby-honored Fresh Ink Online, Blair Butler skates through Lock & Key, Echo, Fantastic Four, Justice Society of America, and Criminal, and lets us into her thinking on all of them. You won't want to miss it.

So don't.

Fresh Ink: Echo, Lock & Key, and More! »

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This week, on Fresh Ink Online, Blair Butler has a lot to say about relatively few comics, but you should know this...


You have been warned. Now, watch the podcast.

Fresh Ink Online: Kick-Ass, Secret Invasion, & More! »


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In this week's Fresh Ink Online, Blair Butler takes us through this week's important comics, including stops at Transhuman, Atomic Robo, Green Lantern, Drain, and All-Star Superman. One of them is one of the best comics you'll read all year, she says.

You don't have to believe me...listen to Blair.

Fresh Ink Online: Green Lantern, Drain, and More »

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This week, on Fresh Ink Online, Blair Butler gives us Resurrection, War Is Hell, Foolkiller, Ghost Rider, and the purr-fection of Selina Kyle in Catwoman. That sure is a lot of comic goodness. Thank goodness that it's on video, so you can watch it again and again.


Fresh Ink Online: Ghostriders, Foolkillers, and More! »

This week on Fresh Ink Online, Blair Butler talks to comic book superstar Brian Wood, who talks DMZ, Northlanders, Demo, and much, much more. All the way live and all the way from Wondercon.

Check it out.

Fresh Ink: Brian Wood Interview »

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This week, on Fresh Ink Online, Blair Butler has so many notable comics that she barely has time to contain them all. But she does talk Powers, Halo, Justice League, Penance, Buffy, Logan, and Pax Romana. Whew! That's a whole lot of comic bookery for you. We sincerely hope you can handle it!



Fresh Ink: Buffy, Penance, and More »


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