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Pixel Lincoln 

We all remember the days of trying everything we could to get our NES games to work and so do the guys behind Pixel Lincoln. At least, that’s what 60% of their video is about. It’s all about the good old days where pixelated characters were all you needed.

Pixel Lincoln is a deck building game based off of the upcoming Nintendo DS title. It’s beautifully retro and adorable at the same time. It follows the path of the 16th president as he travels back in time to catch John Wilkes Booth after he stole his hat. Yes, really. He must fight his way through Skateboarding Sharks, Luchadores, and Laser Sharks to reclaim his hat and make his way back to the present -- err, past.

Reward: You can snag a copy of the game for just $25 or donating $500 can get you a custom character card included with EVERY copy of the game!

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Battlefield 3

For the latest Battlefield 3 downloadable content pack, Close Quarters, DICE went for a more scaled-down take on the series' sprawling theaters of war. There's really no other way to put it: Close Quarters takes aim at the Call of Duty-loving sector of the online first-person shooter market, delivering a set of four new maps and two new game modes that embrace the idea of small-team engagements in tight, vehicle-free locations.

For the hardened Battlefield vets, the DLC pack will take some getting used to. In addition to learning the maps, you'll also need to fine-tune your strategies as you negotiate these pint-sized environments. The core rules of Battlefield 3 are still in place, with squad-based play and class loadouts consisting of more than just variations on different weapons packages, but you'll need to approach them in a different matter in order to find success in Close Quarters.

The Basics

Let's first establish a few of the basic ideas that you should walk into any Close Quarters match with. For starters, the pack's four maps -- Donya Fortress, Operation 925, Scrapmetal, and Ziba Tower -- all support a maximum of just 16 players in all. Similarly, you'll only be able to play in small-team game types on these maps. Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch are joined by the DLC's two new (and no doubt familiar) game modes: Conquest Domination and Gun Master.

Conquest Domination is basically a fancy name for the same sort of flag capture-based control point mode that so many other online shooters offer. Three flags, labeled A, B, and C, appear in static locations for either team to "capture" by having one or more players stand close by while a meter fills up. The more flags that you control, the more points you earn, with the first team to hit the point goal named the winner.

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Gears of War 3

When Jim Brown, the Lead Level Designer at Epic Games, went to the Gears of War 3 beta forums to figure out what was wrong with the multiplayer map Trenches, it was in his words “one of the scariest things a developer can ever do.”

As a former professional gamer himself, Brown was intimately familiar with the levels of devotion and criticism that hardcore gamers embody, and so his trepidation at going into the beta forums to investigate the weaknesses of Trenches was entirely understandable. But what mattered to Brown was getting the map correct, and his act of humility paid off.

As part of the Level Design In A Day workshop at the Game Developers Conference this year, Brown gave a presentation called “The Legacy of Fail” which told the story of how the Gears of War 3 Trenches map was developed. His presentation was a breakdown of the iterative design process that fans don’t usually get to see. We asked Brown and Epic Games if they would allow us to share the presentation and the tale with our audience. The following images have been taken from Brown’s GDC 2012 presentation with his and the studio’s permission.

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Neal Stephenson creates wonderful worlds, exciting stories, and now he wants to make a video game about kicking ass with a broadsword. And you can help him make this a reality.

Neal Stephenson on CLANG »

While many games overlook the subtle art of wielding of sword, this award winning author believes that CLANG will be able to teach you the finer points of taking on an opponent with many of the same tactics used by the knights of old. Their Kickstarter campaign is already past the halfway mark, but with your help, you can put Neal and the rest of Subutai Corporation well on their way to making an amazing game. Using modern motion sensing technology, you'll be able to move and strike as though you were really holding a broadsword. Just try not to break your monitor. 

And who knows? You might figure out how to properly use all those swords you keep mounted on your wall.

Dads: the reason we're all here. Well, half the reason, anyway. That's a reason to celebrate in itself. It's all about the indomitable fathers out there who've done great things for the love of their offspring. They'd go to hell and back for their youngsters, and if necessary even put their own lives on the line. Some of them human, some of them octopi (maybe just one of them), but all of them have one thing in common: they're loving dads. Say Happy Father's Day to five great fathers of gaming. And pick up the phone to tell yours he's pretty swell too, eh?

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction E3 2009

Sam Fisher, Splinter Cell

Lieutenant Commander Samuel Fisher doesn't play games. The ex-Third Echelon member believed he lost his dearest daughter to a “drunk driver,” but that certainly wasn't the whole story. After uncovering some particularly incriminating information that lead Fisher to believe she may have been murdered, it's an all-out war against those who meant to do Sarah harm. Sam's journey is a long and tumultuous one, and isn't completely about his daughter, but you've gotta admit the lengths he's willing to go to are admirable.

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Welcome to G4's Knuckle Up, where we bring you a byte-sized view of our five favorite mobile games every week. The phone and tablet space is filled with incredible games that will keep you busy for minutes, hours, or even days -- we'll let you know what we're playing and why we're playing it. Here are our top five games this week:




Simply put, Plague Inc. makes wiping out humanity fun. This is a game where you’ll feel the exhilaration of creating your own deadly designer disease... and the horror that comes with watching the entire globe get wiped out by it. Destroying the human race has never been so personal.

As mentioned, you’ll be tasked with making a disease, and then choosing its country of origin. As it spreads, you get points to spend in three categories: transmission, symptoms, and abilities. Level up each area to increase the lethality and strength of your biological terror upon the masses, and watch the global map turn red to reflect the infected.

When your disease causes enough of a problem, scientists will start researching a cure, and you’ll have to either build up your disease’s immunity or choose symptoms that are highly lethal (and spread quickly) in order to take out the cure. The simulation is wildly engrossing, and for a first time developer outing in the App Store, Plague, Inc. truly delivers an incredibly fun experience.

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E3 2012 E3 2012 Homepage Hero

We got our hands on the hottest tech, controllers, and headsets allowed by law at this year’s E3 2012. The booths this year flowed with some of the most amazing hardware that will surely be on your wish list just in time for the holidays. But you don’t have to wait for the weather to turn cold to start working on your list of needful things.

Here’s just a rundown of all of the wonderful tech we got our hands on this year at E3 2012.

Mad Catz Accessories Hands-On: Mad Catz brings some of the hottest products around to the show floor as well as a new game, Damage Inc.

Razer Accessories Hands-On: Razer gives you the tools you need to gain the edge in any competition with their new Taipan mouse, headsets, and experimental Mechwarrior controller.

Nyko Accessories Hands-On: Take your gaming on the go with new controllers just for your iPad, 3DS charger, and new fightstick.

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Official E3 Preview of Oculus Rift VR Headset »


I had the great fortune of kicking off my week at E3 2012 with a bucket list moment: a one-on-one chat with id Software's John Carmack followed by some head-on time with the Oculus Rift VR headset that he's been tinkering with.

Let's back up a bit. Carmack has long been a hobbyist in the realm of VR display technologies. The Oculus Rift is only his latest project. When we first sat down in a small room at Bethesda's show floor booth he handed me a Sony HMZ-T1 head-mounted display, referred to by many as the "Headman." The $800 piece of tech creates the sensation of being in a private movie theater, with built-in dual HD OLED displays creating what amounts to a floating 2D/3D screen in front of your eyes.

Unfortunately, the Headman turned out to be a less-than-adequate choice for Carmack's goal of immersing the player entirely within the game world. The display creates the illusion of a floating screen but it doesn't actually fill your entire field of vision. There were other issues too, but the biggest problem for Carmack with the Headman as a VR platform was the limitation placed on the user's field of view.

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Microsoft and Mad Catz Launching Wireless Branded Xbox 360 Headphones

Mad Catz came to E3 2012 with a lot of things to prove to a lot of people. Especially now, with game publishing joining peripheral development in the company's business plan. It's been a wild year for Mad Catz so far, with big wins on the hardware and software side both. That all amounts to a lot of stuff that gamers like us will be interested in.

In the realm of what's coming soon, Mad Catz will be supporting the Wii U with a range of officially licensed products. The literal centerpiece of this collection is the duo of a Wii U GamePad Charge Dock and a new Wii Remote Charge Dock. These two base stations are modular and can be linked together, back-to-back. They've also got a few unique and entirely welcome design quirks.

Mad Catz

On the Wii Remote dockside, you get two protective sheaths for your controllers and two batteries fitted with magnets. The magnets allow your charging Wii Remote to simply attach to the surface of the charger; there's technically no "dock" for your controllers to sit in, they just sort of hang there. As for the GamePad dock, it uses the same charging cable for the device that you'll get with your console. The GamePad itself will also sit on a pivoted hinge, allowing you to angle it for easier viewing while it's charging.

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Razer Accessories

Razer's mouse offering this year at E3 2012 was the ambidextrous Razer Taipan. The mouse is designed to, "enhance gaming prowess and take out the competition mercilessly." On top of its svelte shape, perfect for any gamer's grip, it's equipped with an 8200dpi 4G dual sensor system so that it can accurately calibrate on any surface and sustain excellent z-axis tracking.

The most impressive thing about the mouse is its z-axis functionality. If you happen to be a gamer that plays with low sensitivity and you pick your mouse up a lot to drag it, you'll love this mouse. It keeps your pointer in the exact location you want it to be in, without jerking your cursor around too much. I can see first-person shooter fans adoring the Taipan.

Additionally, the Taipan's got nine buttons and they're all totally programmable. Plus, the mouse support Razer Synapse 2.0, Razer's cloud software so that you can save your mouse settings and load them up on the go on any computer. This is great for anyone participating in tournaments.

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Project Gaems G155 Sentry

You may not have heard of Project Gaems…if you haven’t, feel free to get the chuckles out of your system…and if they aren’t quite on the radar, it’s because they have a stealth bomber. The company claims to have sold over 50,000 units just last year, and their newest offering manages to impress still further.

The company’s baseline product, the G155 Sentry, is essentially an “all-in-one” package for mobile Xbox 360 gaming: a 15.5 inch 720p screen, speakers, and powered case that connect up to an Xbox 360. The screen boasts an extremely low lag-time (approximately 5 ms), and retails for $249.99 over on Gamestop.com. The screen’s viewing angle was a bit on the weak side, and the 3.5-watt speakers relatively unpowered, but both weren’t major complaints. The average player, after all, is playing alone on his or her machine, and uses headphones to amplify the sound.

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Official E3 Preview of Nyko's PlayPad Controllers »


Nyko, champion of useful accessories-we-wanted and useful accessories-we-didn't-know-we-wanted alike, had some new hardware to show on the E3 floor. Let's take a look at their three major pieces:

Nyko Free Fighter

- The Nyko Free Fighter was a professional-grade arcade stick, boasting the added quality of ambidexterity via a compact modular design. The joystick component and button components could be detached and then switched, and could even remain in a separated position via use of an included cable. Extra features included four programming macro buttons, as well as speed-programmable turbo operations. The components were as high-quality as one would expect given the significant asking price, a solid $179.99. You'll be able to get your hands on the Free Fighter in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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The MLG Spring Championship took place in Anaheim, CA this past weekend, where $200,000 was awarded to professional gamers and new StarCraft 2: Heart of Swarm multiplayer units were playable for the first time. This upcoming SC2 expansion isn’t ready for competition yet, so the pros were competing in StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur 5 and The King of Fighters 13. MLG events have included everything from FPS to racing competitions in the past, but in Anaheim, RTS and fighting games were half of the focus.


KeSPA was the other major attraction at this Major League Gaming event. So, not only did this mark the 60th tournament for MLG, it was the first in which the uber-popular Korean eSports Association flew some of its team members to the U.S. to play StarCraft 2. Previously, these South Korean rockstars of the eSports world were staying true to 1998’s StarCraft: Brood War. The eight players who were part of the KeSPA Invitational on Saturday night demoed a different style and strategy than everyone else, bringing their hardcore skills of Brood War to Wings of Liberty. In the end, KeSPA team member Flash won this live-streamed tournament.

KeSPA’s entrance into this arena in Anaheim proves the global reach of Major League Gaming. “I’m thinking our global broadcast from this event will crush [previous MLG events],” said Major League Gaming CEO Sundance DiGiovanni in the speech to kick off the weekend-long competition. “We’re going into China, France, all over the globe.”

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IndieCade 2010 Finalists Announced

Positioned between the main halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center, the Indiecade display was easily the best part of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Here, there were no winding queues, no luxuriously appointed media lounges, no icily smiling PR people to inform the curious that all interactions with the game or the developers were 'by appointment only'.

Here, people just played games.

And what games they were. Physical games that sought to push the usage of peripherals beyond the standards set by Microsoft or Sony stood juxtaposed with games that utilized more familiar mediums to tell unfamiliar stories. In between, there was everything else, from first-person horror to word puzzles to social interaction simulations set in the advent of a certain high school tradition.

Contrasting the rigid formalities of the main exhibit areas, the Indiecade showcase existed in a state of organized chaos. Developers indiscriminately engaged the public in conversation, their enthusiasm seemingly immune to the tedium of repeating themselves time and time again. Camera crews intermingled with non E3-goers. Eloquent volunteers moved one booth to another, readily and competently filling the spaces left by absent creators. Occasionally, there were even developers with games not on the official roster and people, both famous in the industry and not, who were simply there to meet other people.

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Kickstarter Goal: $500,000

Neal Stephenson, awards-winning author behind such titles as Snow Crash and Anathem, wants to develop a game that gives players a chance to learn how to fight with a sword. If that didn’t just blow your little mind, you might want to check to see if you still have a pulse.

CLANG sets out to give players a real taste of sword fighting through the use of a motion controller and the application of real-world sword fighting techniques. Don’t expect to swing around wildly to dispatch your opponent. Neal and the gang at Subutai Corporation want to create a real experience by using real attacks delivered through different stances, grappling, parries, and everything else that makes you look like a badass on the field rather than a button-masher on the couch.

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