And now we present to you, the award winning classical orchestral composition from the Maestros at Volition, a stirring re-interpretation of Amilcare Ponchielli's Dance of the Hours called Saints Row: The Third "Punch In The Balls" Musical. Please sit back and listen to the wonderful music and ball breaking video. You're welcome, internet.

Saints Row: The Third "Punch In The Balls" Musical Video »



March 27th, the release date for the highly anticipated new handheld gaming system the Nintendo 3DS, is rapidly approaching. Today, the Japanese manual for the device was leaked on to the internet. As you may or may not know, these manuals contain hilarious and obtuse pictures of things to do and not to do with your new toy.

We've picked out the best pictures from the Japanese 3DS manual and translated them for you. Now, you don't have to rush out and learn Japanese. See, we did you a huge kindness.

Here we go! Buckle up for funz!

3DS Instruction Guide: Don't Let the Rubber Duckie Kill Your Baby

Click the link to see more!

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The trailer for Dead Island is cool and all, but it's the most depressing thing we've ever seen. To test the theory that jaunty saxophone music and cartoon sound effects can make anything funny, we made a comedy version of the Dead Island trailer.


Funny Dead Island Cinematic Trailer »


What do you think? Mission accomplished?

Yesterday, we brought you a comprehensive video guide to the characters in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, but what about the characters who didn't make the cut? X-Play's investigative look into the audition process for the game continues with Part 2 of the Rejected Marvel Vs. Capcom character videos.

It's below:

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Rejected Character Audition Tapes 2 »

And, in case you missed it, here's part one.

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Based on the hit reality television show of the same name, The Bachelor: The Video Game for the Nintendo Wii gives you the chance to compete for love by playing a series of boring-ass mini-games. Now, when I say boring, I mean, "trapped on the tarmac for five hours without any food or water and all we can get on our TVs is the Golf Channel" boring.

The goal is to do well enough in these games to earn a rose at the rose ceremony and then go on to propose to The Bachelor OR The Bachelorette (Equity Now!). That's it...and when I say "propose" I mean wave a ring in front of his/her face in a cutscene.

In honor of Valentine's Day, we suffered through a game. Playing The Bachelor is an analogy for real-life love, really: you think it's going to be exciting at first, but ultimately, you end up alone and bored, with only your saggy hot air balloon to keep you company. Plus, you never get to bone.

Check it out!

The Bachelor The Videogame - Worst Valentine Game »


Maybe you think being an intern on G4's X-Play would be a a dream come true. If so, I urge you to check out the below video and reconsider your academic choices at once. The vid below is the actual orientation video shown to would-be interns for the video game show. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!

X-Play Comedy: Intern Orientation Video »


Patton Oswalt in Studio & Egypt's Political Unrest on The Loop Tonight

Tonight's Attack of the Show covers everything from laughs to politics with comedian Patton Oswalt who stops by the studio to talk about his new book, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland and his thoughts on the demise of geek culture. On The Loop, Kevin Pereira delves into the ongoing political unrest taking place in Egypt where he investigations how the Internet and social media have played a large role among the massive demonstrations. It's social activism in the 21st century!

Candace Bailey also brings a new Epic Giveaway and we kick off our week of super cheap television reviews on Gadget Pr0n! See you at 7PM.

Each week, we give you a little taste of what it's like to work on The MMO Report. Well since 2010 is drawing to a close we decided to put together all of our favorite bloopers of the past year. May your 2011 be filled with as much laughter as this week's episode. Happy New Year!

The MMO Report: Best Bloopers of 2010 »

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Since Special Agent Bob and Secret Agent Steve had to work on Christmas day, they decided to declare war on the war on Xmas. How will our special agents win against this joyful holiday? Find out in another episode of Bob and Steve.


Bob and Steve: The War On Xmas »


This year, we've gotten a lot of e-mails from you guys. Some good, some bad, and some that have left our jaws on the floor. Since it's the holiday season we decided to give you all the gift of laughter by listing off The MMO Report's favorite moments in Uncle Casey's Mail Bag. Enjoy!

The MMO Report: Uncle Casey's Mail Bag Special »

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Nugget From The Net: Doctor Who Invades Star Wars

Fan filmmaker Rick Kelvington has amassed quite a portfolio of movie mashups, most of which feature Doctor Who poking his sonic screwdriver into the noses of Star Trek, Lost in Space, The Wolfman, and even The Dark Knight. However, his latest work making the rounds on the web would be the (let's face it...inevitable) anachronistic arrival of the Time Lord in the original Star Wars Trilogy. It's a cornucopia of enjoyably-head-scratching moments as we see the Galactic Empire chasing down the Doctor's TARDIS, some weird lightsaber duels, and all the witty quips for which The Doctor in his various forms have been known. It may also be the answer to the prayers of the demographic, (that I'm completely making-up) which, for one reason or another, have always wanted to see David Tennant put in carbonite. (You know who you are, you sick freaks!) Take a look at the video just below.

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It's Monday, and that means more G4TV.comedy, the web video show that makes funny jokes about the video games you know and love. This week is a very special .comedy, in which Mario deals with an unfortunate accident...

G4tv.Comedy: Mario Breaks His Neck »


Even though it's a holiday week, that doesn't mean that Monday is any less torturous, does it? That's why G4tv.comedy is here once again to pick you up on the first day of your work week. This time, we're taking a look at the guy whose job it is to place things like explosive barrels for you to shoot in the middle of videogames. His name is Johnny Placement, and this is what he does.


G4tv.Comedy: Dirty Gaming Jobs - Johnny Placement »

Oh, and if you missed last week's look at the recent 8-bit Rampage sweeping our streets, here it is, for your enjoyment.

In the X-Play Kinect comedy video below, Adam Sessler learns that the Kinect is watching you. Always watching you. Even during your most private, intimate moments, Microsoft Kinect is spying, its red eye is turned towards you, staring while you're naked, or worse...

X-Play Comedy: Kinect and Adam Sessler »

Click the link for more Kinect Comedy, and check out our lighthearted Kinect stress test with porn star Kirsten Price, who settles, once and for all, the question of whether Kinect will let you play nude.

It's Monday again, people, and that means one thing: More G4TV.comedy! There is no better way to counteract the drudgery of the work week. We'll be bringing you a Monday comedy treat every week for the foreseeable future, so mark your calendars accordingly.

Today's video is a shocking, 8-Bit news report about the terrible carnage and suffering that results when a trio of gigantic monsters attack buildings and police! In other words: Rampage!

G4tv.Comedy: 8-Bit Rampage »


In case you missed it, check out last week's G4TV.comedy's laugh-tacular look at Fantasy Football.

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