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Doom 3 BFG Edition

While the Doom series is made up of some of the most important games in FPS history,  that doesn't necessarily mean they're still fun to play. Times have changed. Games have changed. So how does Doom 3 hold up in 2012? Surprisingly well, according to our playthrough of just released Doom 3 BFG Edition.

Here's a little bit of Adam "Riveter" Rosenberg's Doom 3 BFG Edition review:

Playing Doom 3 in 2012 requires a little bit of unlearning. They just don't make first-person shooters like this anymore. You can't take cover. Your health doesn't regenerate without a Medkit. You can even aim down your weapon's sights. The fact that the newly released HD remake in BFG Edition touts the ability to use a flashlight and shoot at the same time as a major new feature should speak volumes.

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Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC Review Verdict: Fight Pirates, Sandworms and Junk Robots

Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty adds a whole new layer to the endgame in Borderlands 2. The level cap continues to stand at 50, but Seraph Crystals that you collect from the DLC's two new uber-bosses can be used to purchase all-powerful pink-class gear from an Oasis vendor. Farming the Warrior and Terramorphous in the main campaign is fun, but there's a two-attempt limit on Scarlett's Leviathan. The true long-term play value of the new DLC lies with Hyperius the Invincible and Master Gee the Invincible.

These so-called "Seraphs" take massive amounts of punishment and present a steep challenge even to three- and four-player parties. The rewards are randomized, but you can always count on at least a handful of Seraph Crystals, possibly a pink-class item or, as Gearbox senior producer Mike Wardwell told us, a "mega drop" of crystals. Wardwell also confirmed that there's no hidden boss in Scarlett (a la Vermivorous the Invincible), but you might see unique item drops from some enemies (such as Mr. Bubbles....).

While each Seraph presents its own unique challenges, there are a few general elements that apply to both. Most importantly: everyone needs to be at level 50. The reduction in damage potential that you'll see even at level 49 is significant enough to be a problem both of these fights, since your odds of survival decrease with every second you're locked in the arena. Neither boss will attack until after you strike, so take advantage of the opportunity to get everyone into position.

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First Grand Theft Auto 5 Art Revealed -- Pest Control

Rockstar Games have revealed the first piece of art from the upcoming action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto 5. The awesome piece, entitled "Pest Control" is basically your teaser for what's to come soon, as it came with a message from Rockstar promising lots of info coming next month on GTA5. Hopefully the jumpsuits are enough to tide you over until then.

For larger versions of the artwork, check out the official Rockstar Games site.

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblem Location Guide

Capcom has decided to update the camera controls (among other things) in Resident Evil 6, which answers one of the main complaints about the survival horror game.  Resident Evil 6 players will now be able to "adjust the camera to give a greater field of view as best suits their play style." The title update will hit in mid-December.

The patch will also change subtitle options so that English language audio can be combined with subtitles in an alternative language, add a "No Hope" difficulty level for players who want an extreme challenge, and nd will unlock Ada Wong's campaign from the start, so you won't have to complete all three other campaigns in order to unlock Ada’s story.

Below the "Read More" tag, you'll find a couple pictures that show off the camera differences coming to Resident Evil 6.

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Far Cry 3 "The Tyrant: Hoyt" Trailer »

Take a peek at another one of the crazed modern-day pirates that you'll be facing off against in Far Cry 3 in Ubisoft's new "Hoyt the Tyrant" trailer. Preview coverage so far has largely focused on Vaas as the primary antagonist. That may well be the case, but Vaas is also just one cog in a larger organization of pirates. Hoyt Volker is another big cog, and it's his job to run the group's slave trade.


Hoyt was first introduced in the Far Cry 3 Island Survival Guide series of ads. He's the main antagonist once the solo campaign shifts the action over to the southern island, presumably during the second half of the game. This new trailer paints a more... colorful picture of Hoyt's personality. In short, he's crazy.


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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode Screens Shamble Forth

The coming of a new Treyarch-developed Call of Duty game can only mean one thing: more Zombies. The mode has come a long way since its inception as a bonus unlockable in Call of Duty: World at War. Map pack releases wrapped a fictional universe around the wave-based survival mode, with Call of Duty: Black Ops taking things further using an elaborate series of Easter eggs.

Now, Black Ops 2 arrives on November 13, 2012 with an even bigger take on Zombies. Survival returns, but it's joined in the new game by Grief, an adversarial multiplayer showdown, and TranZit, a story-focused mode in which players explore an open world as they fend off the brain-munching hordes. There are still many questions about how this new take on Zombies will work, and while we don't typically go for email Q&As here at G4, we couldn't resist this opportunity to pepper Zombies lead Jimmy Zielinski with questions about what to expect.

Read on for our deepest look yet into what the new Zombies mode looks like and how it continues to service the passionate community of fans that has formed around it.

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Insomniac announced Fuse back in 2010, when it was called Overstrike. Now that the game is closer to actually coming out, we've got a Fuse  preview. Morgan Webb and Creative Director Brian Allgeier take a look at this 4-player co-op game that features various weaponry powered by an alien substance called "Fuse."


Fuse Gameplay Preview »


Pulse Wireless Headset Review -- PS3 Goes Wireless

The Pulse Wireless Headset: Elite Edition is a solid, reliable offering from Sony. It looks and feels more expensive than its $150 price mark, and more importantly, the wireless headset's sound quality is fantastic. It even comes with a number of special features that tech junkies like yourself will enjoy, including preset sound modes and a BassImpact feature that lets you "feel the sound."

When it comes to headsets, sound and comfort are definitely the most important factors to me, and that's exactly where the Pulse delivers. The Pulse boasts 7.1 virtual surround sound, which definitely helps to accentuate many types of gaming experiences. Don't expect the type of quality from a true 7.1 home audio system or anything. But let's say if you're in to shooters, you'll be able to hear your enemy before they creep up on you, so they offer a similar level of immersion.

The sound quality from the Pulse is pristine, and you can even customize the headset for an optimal experience when watching movies and listening to music, as well as when you're playing games, by using the device's side controls. The various modes (movies, music, shooters, fighting, and racing games) use the Pulse's innovative BassImpact technology, which delivers bass-triggered pulses to the cans based on what you're doing. For example, if you're playing a racing game with BassImpact on, you'll actually feel the motor rev. The intensity of the pulses changes based on the mode you're on, and it even works with music if you really want to feel that bass.

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The interactive Assassin's Creed 3 trailer below allows you to choose Connor's adventure as he makes his way through the bloody battle of Bunker Hill towards his target Major John Pitcairn.

It shows off  the diversity that's featured in Assassin's Creed 3, and by simply watching and following along, you can choose to make Connor go in for kills with stealth or muscle, and even choose the path, weapons, and attacks he'll use against the enemy.

The PlayStation 3 version of Assassin's Creed 3 will be coming with some exclusive bonus content featuring the traitorous Benedict Arnold. The PS3-exclusive content unravels over a four-mission story arc during which the new Assassin,  Connor, will work undercover to try and stop Benedict Arnold's betrayal of the Revolutionary forces.

Check out the trailer below for more details on the Benedict Arnold missions in Assassin's Creed 3, which uses dialogue from written recordings of the actual events.

Sony wants to remind you of the epic franchise match-up that will highlight the upcoming 2D fighter PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. A newly released live-action trailer (via All Games Beta) that appears to have been inspired by 2011's award-winning "Michael" ad pits various faces that you know against one another.

The 20-strong roster is filled out by pretty much any Sony character you can think of, from Parappa to Cole MacGrath, along with a handful of popular third-party faces from the likes of BioShock, Tekken, and more. Look for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in stores for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on November 20, 2012.


Medal of Honor Warfighter

Danger Close worked on tuning and polishing Medal of Honor: Warfighter right up until the last minute, with the release of a day one patch alongside the game today. The fixes should be ready and waiting for download as soon as you fire up Warfighter for the first time, but Electronic Arts has posted the extensive patch notes online to let you know which issues and glitch you'll (hopefully) never run into.

Of most interest to multiplayer fans is a tweak that eliminates the possibility of "no scoping," in which snipers can take advantage of soft aim in multiplayer to score quick and easy one shot kills. The fixes span all categories, however, including campaign and multiplayer, specific weapons, menu navigation, graphics, and plenty more. Check out the source link for the full list.

Aftermath is the fourth expansion pack for Battlefield 3. It takes place in post-earthquake Iran, and comes with four new mid-sized multiplayer maps that are filled with carnage and debris from the quake. In the video below, Graig McLeod, Producer at Electronic Arts, gives us details about the maps, a new crossbow weapon, and a new game mode called Scavenger.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath Gameplay Preview »


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Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is all about working together and making decisions that will affect the world around you. In this Epic Mickey 2 "Oswald" gameplay trailer, you'll get to learn all about Mickey's new playable friend, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and find out how Oswald will be helping Mickey with his special remote control that can re-program robots and animatronics.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two "Oswald" Gameplay Trailer »


Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Concept Art Revealed

BioWare revealed some Dragon Age 3: Inquisition concept art  at the Edmonton Expo, but if you didn't make it up to Canada, the pictures are on the BioBlog too.

Three images were released, and they showed of an interesting setting that may be in the game. Little is known about Dragon Age 3, but BioWare has promised they will listen to what gamers want, and learn from the mistakes of Dragon Age 2.

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