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Call of Duty is never short on firepower. The explosive might of the menagerie of indomitable weapons available across the long-running series is not to be outmatched. From science fiction transplants to military mainstays, Call of Duty is host to weapons that do some serious damage. With Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the horizon, what better time than now to take a look back at the best weapons available?

Lock and load. You're about to rack up the kills with our arsenal of choice.

Top 10 Call Of Duty Weapons - Everything You Need To Survive The Battle

Ray Gun

First appeared in: Call of Duty: World at War

This futuristic zapper made the scene in World at War, popping up just in time to thin out the advancing zombie hordes. Capable of one-shotting the flesh-eating beasts for several rounds in a row, the ray gun is also useful for nailing zombies and turning them into Crawlers to slow them down. Not only that, it's just awesome-looking. One might think it's out of place considering the setting, but it actually fits the time period quite nicely, what with the allure of the sci-fi weaponry and pulp novels floating around at the time. Getting the ray gun at random from the mystery chest was and will always be a welcome occurrence.

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G4 Extra Life Charity Drive - We Need You!

Extra Life, the 24-hour video game marathon event benefiting Children's Miracle Network hospitals around North America, is officially underway. Thousands of gamers are live streaming their progress towards the 24-hour mark, and here at G4, we've brought a number of our G4TV team members' live streams all under one roof. Please visit them, give them support and if possible, donate to the cause at g4tv.com/extralife.

You can re-watch G4TV's Extra Life charity stream, or any of the following by clicking the links - or browse Twitch.TV for more. Not all streams will be live at one time, and we'll add more as they come online:

G4TV.com Team:

Some of the other G4TV Team Members

Thank you all for doing what you can to help raise money for this charity. Please donate today if you can at g4tv.com/extralife.

Microsoft Expects More Regular Xbox 360 Updates Going Forward

Microsoft has announced that 70 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold as of September 30, 2012. The successful console, which launched in November 2005, has brought about many innovations to the gaming industry like the fantastic social networking service Xbox Live and the interactive Kinect peripheral that makes you the controller.

The Xbox 360 has led console sales for months now,  and will probably continue to do so thanks the steady release of console exclusive titles like Forza Horizon and Halo 4, but year-over-year MS has actually seen a decline in Xbox 360 revenue and shipped units

All things considered, lifetime Sony PlayStation 3 sales weren't too far behind the Xbox 360, at 63.9 million units sold as of March 31, 2012. The family friendly Nintendo Wii, which released in November 2006, a year after the Xbox 360, has already surpassed both consoles, reaching sales of 96.56 million units as of June 30, 2012. We'll have to see if things shake up once Nintendo's new console, the Wii U releases on November 18, 2012.

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Does Away With Facebook And Twitter

If you've already installed the latest Xbox 360 dashboard update then you might have noticed that Twitter and Facebook have both disappeared. That's not an accident. The two social networking apps are done for on Microsoft's console, at least for now.

Microsoft confirmed the news to IGN, noting that the "retiring" of the Facebook and Twitter apps are part of a plan to "streamline" apps on the Xbox 360. Games with built in status update/tweet features will still do what they're designed to do, but you'll no longer be able to open up a dedicated app for such things. Not that many of us ever did, what with smartphones and computers offering a much more attractive alternative for typing out strings of words.

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Ubisoft is bringing Gangnam Style, the Internet sensation from South Korean rapper PSY, into Just Dance 4 come November 2012. The DLC drop will offers all "motion sensor platform"-owning fans everywhere the opportunity to do a horse-riding dance in front of their TVs. This is a world I am happy to live in.

There's no confirmed release date other than "November" and the press release also notes that pricing "will be similar to previous Just Dance DLC." To save you the time of searching for the Gangnam Style video so you can watch it again, I've embedded it up top. Just hit play. You know you want to.


Assassin's Creed 3 Star Desmond Miles Is Into MMA, Apparently

Here we have what appears to be a screenshot featuring the Assassin's Creed protagonist Desmond Miles watching a mixed martial arts bout from the rafters of an arena. The image share comes from All Games Beta and it appears to be the reward for completing the Hacked History webgame at AssassinsCreed.com. I'm assuming it's the reward, anyway; All Games Beta links to the webgame, but that find the object puzzle is too tough for my early morning brain to solve.

Ubisoft has been very cagey on the subject of Desmond's role in Assassin's Creed 3, out October 30, 2012, from almost the moment the game was revealed. This is one of our few real looks at Desmond -- assuming the hooded figure IS Desmond, of course -- during the pre-release period, and it amounts to a real head-scratcher. What is he doing here? Why is he watching an MMA fight? Why is everything in Portuguese? Also, FYI: "Torneio" translates to "tournament" and "há mas para ver" translates to "there is more to be seen."

Share your theories below! And thank you commenters for the corrected translation!

Halo 4 "Scanned" Launch Trailer »

Halo 4 arrives on November 6, 2012, and Microsoft wants to get you in the mood with this launch trailer from filmmaker David Fincher (Se7en, The Social Network) and visual effects wizard Tim Miller (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World). The trailer debuted last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the Internet provides this morning, with the two-and-a-half-minute tease popping up on Halo Waypoint and YouTube.

What's really impressive to me about this "Scanned" trailer is its blurring of what's real and what's a visual effect. I would never have taken any of this to be live-action footage if Microsoft's press release hadn't alerted me. Fincher got his start in Hollywood doing short form work on music videos, and you can most definitely get a sense of that knack for telling a big story in a small space after watching this trailer. The "Believe" campaign from Halo 3 is still tops in my book, but this is nonetheless a damn fine trailer.

Hitman: Absolution star Agent 47 is incredible at adapting to his surroundings thanks to his meticulous nature and his ability to use various disguises to his advantage. In the Hitman: Absolution gameplay video below, you'll get to check out a few of these disguises, and learn how to make the most of them in every situation.

Hitman: Absolution "Introducing Disguises" Gameplay Trailer »

Hitman: Absolution comes out on November 20.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath Premiere Trailer »

The next Battlefield 3 DLC pack from DICE is called Aftermath and it's coming our way on November 27, 2012 (for BF3 Premium subscribers on PlayStation 3), a new trailer confirms. Other platforms will follow in the weeks after, starting with Xbox 360/PC Premium subscribers on December 4, non-Premium PS3 users on December 11, and non-Premium Xbox 360/PC users on December 18.

Aftermath adds four new multiplayer maps to the game, all of them shaped by the aftereffects of an earthquake, as well as three new vehicles, ten assignments/dog togs, Achievements and Trophies, and the crossbow weapon. Also new with the pack is Scavenger, a multiplayer mode in which players start out with a pistol and must scavenge other killing tools from amidst the rubble.

Aftermath will be a free download for all Premium subscribers; non-subscribers are looking at a $14.99 price tag (1,200 MS Points on Xbox 360). For more, check out our Battlefield 3 Aftermath preview of the new Epicenter map. Here's a piece:

Epicenter is set in the Iranian capital of Tehran after a quake has left the city in ruins. On this and the DLC's other three maps, players will have to take on another team amidst semi-frequent aftershocks, rumbling both the screen and your controller as you try to line up your shots. Epicenter is set in the heart of the destroyed city, with the map built around a crossroad. Broken streets and buildings torn asunder provide plenty of added cover opportunities, so the crossroads layout doesn't necessarily mean that you'll exchange fire in a wide open central space.

For more, read on to our full Battlefield 3 Aftermath preview.

Christian Elverdam, Gameplay Director behind Hitman: Absolution, describes what players can expect when playing the Streets of Hope level in Contracts mode in the video below.

"We're showing different approaches on how you build Contracts," Elverdam explains, "Contracts are created by our players themselves, and they share contracts with each other and challenge each other to see who can do best."

Hitman: Absolution "New York Comic-Con 2012" Gameplay Preview »


Hitman: Absolution comes out on November 20.

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007 Legends celebrates fifty years of James Bond films by bringing together five famed movies in to one game. Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Moonraker, Licence to Kill and Die Another Day are all featured in the game, and in the video below you can check out the first 15 minutes of 007 Legends' campaign.

First 15: 007 Legends »



It doesn’t matter how tough you are, Amnesia: The Dark Descent will make you sleep with the lights on for days. Now that the sequel to last year’s cult hit, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, hasbeendelayeduntilearly 2013, you have a few extra months to prepare yourself for the brutally-haunting madness. We chose a few games that you can play in the meantime.

Four Games To Play While You Wait For Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs


Slender is the free game that has done the best at capturing the pure fright of a game like Amnesia. You spawn as an unknown character with a flashlight that is supposed to ‘find all 8 pages’. That’s all you know. It’s dark out and you have a flashlight. Even with the flashlight, the entire view isn’t revealed, only enough to see where you’re going. There’s a haunting tone playing and it increases at random moments.

There isn’t a map, so you’ll find yourself looking around at all times. When you first encounter the Slender Man, he’s just standing in the woods. It is perhaps one of the most frightening moments in horror games. As you attempt to run, your screen fills with static. Only being able to run for a short amount of time, you’ll likely be short on breath in a matter of seconds, starting to panic, and looking for an escape. Only there isn’t one, the Slender Man will again appear and this time you won’t make it out alive. His face flashes on the screen and the game is over. It’s possible to win, and you’ll get some cool unlocks, if you can make it through the game without quitting from fear.

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If you're a fan of Sega's most-loved classics from the mid-'90s, then the newly announced Sega Model 2 Collection is for you. The publisher will be bringing five of its classic games to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, including Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Striker, Virtual On, Fighting Vipers, and Sonic: The Fighters, for individual release in 2012 and 2013.

The trailer you see above comes straight from Sega of Japan, and the clips from each game seem to confirm that these are straight-up ports rather than HD remakes. There's no confirmed release date for any of the games in North America just yet, but the 800 yen / 800 MS Point price for each one probably means a similar $10 / 800 MS Point cost here in the U.S. as well.

The "Model 2 Collection" name refers specifically to Sega's Model 2 arcade board, the platform that these and other Sega titles -- including fan-favorites like Daytona USA and The House of the Dead -- ran on in arcade parlors.

Borderlands 2

The latest Borderlands 2 patch for PlayStation 3 appears to have outed our first details of the game's upcoming second DLC expansion pack, according to a poster on NeoGAF. 2K Games has yet to reveal what will come after this week's Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty add-on pack, though we know based on Season Pass plans that Gearbox Software intends to release a total of four add-ons between the game's September 2012 launch and June 2013.

It looks like the title for DLC2 is Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. There are three PS3 Trophies connected to it and they're all pretty similar to the Achievement/Trophy rewards attached to Captain Scarlett. One Trophy unlocks for completing the "Long Way to the Top" mission (presumably the last in the add-on pack's story), one is awarded for completing all Campaign of Carnage side missions, and one goes to players who manage to find 10 collectible pictures of Moxxi in the DLC.

None of this is officially confirmed of course, but the info certainly suggests that it's possible we'll see a second Borderlands 2 expansion before the end of 2012.

BioShock Infinite Collector's Editions Revealed

BioShock Infinite will be out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows platforms on February 26, 2013 for $59.99, but those among you who are flush with cash will also have the option of spending more on two different collector's editions. A $79.99 Premium Edition and $149.99 Ultimate Songbird Edition are both loaded with extras that won't be included with the standard release.

The cheaper of the two options comes packed with a 3-inch keychain replica of the Murder of Crows vigor bottle, a lithograph by Jorge Lacera, a resin-cast Handyman miniature to go with Plaid Hat Games' upcoming BioShock Infinite board game, a mini art book, a soundtrack download, platform-specific digital content (Avatar goods for Xbox 360, themes for PS3/PC), and an in-game Upgrade Pack to start your adventure with.

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