Links of TheFeed: Angry Birds Is Evil

Angry Birds destroys lives. As the war between the birds and pigs rage on, countless of our avian and swine brothers are senslessly killed for our enjoyment. But no more. This week's links is about ending the suffering caused by these Angry Birds. No longer will we stand idle as thousands of boomerang Tucans are sent to their death by twitchy fingers. Check out this week's links for the heart-wrenching PSA, featuring such notable faces as Big Bird, Miss Piggy and Donald Duck. 

  • Angry Birds: together we can stop the violence. [CollegeHumor]
  • The least intimidating pictures of Ice Cube. [FilmDrunk]
  • 25 Emasculating photos of male celebrities...with cats [SuperBooYah]


G4 Is Heading To GDC 2011!

Hey, Feed faithful! This year’s Game Developers Conference is just around the corner, and we here at G4 are in the final planning stages as we prepare to bring you all of the breaking news, interviews, previews, panel discussions, rumors and videos your precious game-loving brains can handle straight from one of the year's biggest gatherings in the games industry.

GDC 2011 officially kicks off Monday, February 28 and lasts through March 4, and G4tv.com will be all over it like some kind of incurable developer conference fungus, only…you know…not as gross. We’re expecting to see plenty of big name titles at the show, from Battlefield 3 to The Darkness 2 to, perhaps, the new game from Epic Games that was previously rumored to be announced at the show. In other words, lots of good stuff.

In addition to the countless number of fascinating panels and roundtables, another big highlight will obviously be the keynote presentation from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, in which he may or may not announce that Wii Points have become the official currency of the universe. It’s more likely that he’ll stick to the keynote topic, “Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future,” but we’ll see.

So keep your eyes and ears glued to G4tv.com starting next week for all of the latest updates from this year’s big show.

The child in the video below may be the luckiest youngster on earth. His parents made him an Angry Birds birthday cake... that actually plays Angry Birds. Must be seen to be believed!

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Wins BAFTA Game Of The Year

The 2011 GAME British Academy Video Game Awards nominations were announced today, and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood led the field with seven nods, followed by Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops, both of which received six nominations.

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Is Apple Planning A Game Streaming Service?Apple may be moving into the television gaming business. An Internet tech-head at Engadget noticed some code in the beta of Apple's iOS 4.3 3 firmware seem to suggest Apple plans to move into bringing games to your television.

According to Engadget:

"Several references have been found pertaining to 'ATVGames' and 'ATVThunder' that point to a controller of some sort, leaderboards (think Game Center), a way to schedule games (multiplayer?), and a store front (think App Store, iTunes)."

The code suggests to Engadget that Apple TV may be posisitioned as a game-streaming service, not dissimiallr to OnLive.

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NBA Jam Iphone Gameplay Teaser Trailer »

Electronic Arts’ high-flying basketball reboot NBA Jam is heading to the iPhone, complete with all 30 NBA teams and the biggest names in the bounce-the-ball arts, as well as secret characters and plenty of hidden goodies as well.
After you’ve watched the above gameplay teaser video, hit the jump to check out a couple new screenshots.

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Ever wanted to fight dragons and battle across medieval lands with a cardboard knight? With Cardboard Castle, you can actually mount up and rescue damsels in distress while fighting baddies through the clever use of cardboard, some tools, and your imagination. It's now out for the iPhone and iPad from BulkyPix, and is worth putting your fingers on.

Cardboard Castle Official Trailer »

EA Revenues Down $322 Million; Mobile, Digital Sales Continue To Grow

Despite solid performances from a number of catalogue titles and a boost in digital sales, Electronic Arts reported a loss of $322 million for Q3 2011, with total revenues topping $1.05 billion, the publisher reported to investors today.

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Angry Birds Rio Coming In March

Angry Birds Rio, the next installment in the Angry Birds saga, is set for a March release, and it's a tie-in to animated feature Rio. Cross promotion FTW! Rio will include 45 new, Rio-themed levels, with Rio-environments, Rio pigs, Rio birds. Rio, Rio, Rio! You should be very aware of animated film Rio!

This screenshot could well be from Angry Birds Rio, but who knows at this point? It will all become clear in the near future, I imagine.

Whether the game will be free or whether gamers will be expected to pay to watch a game commercial (gamercial?) remains to be seen. I hope for the former, but expect the latter.

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Angry Birds 2 Screenshots Revealed?

Is the screenshot above an early look at Angry Birds 2?

It comes from a German news report about Rovio Games, the people behind the game/cultural phenomenon Angry Birds. The news segment is about upcoming add-on, Angry Birds Seasons--due by Valentine's day-- but the screenshot above is not from that game, leading to the speculation that it's a very early look at the full sequel to Angry Birds.

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GameSalad: 3 Percent Of iTunes Apps Developed With GameSalad

We love GameSalad. Not only is it an awesome way for everyone (even idiots and lowlifes) to develop iPhone and iPad games, it also provides employment for beloved ex G4-ian Jon Hunt (long may he wave.) GameSalad is doing very, very well, too. According to the company, over three percent of all iOS games are developed using their drag-and-drop game creation tools. December saw GameSalad developers design, build, and launch close to 300 original titles, comprising more than 6% of all games submitted to the App Store that month.

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Gameloft does not have the best reputation for making completely original games, and their next title isn't helping their case. The game currently only known as "New Gameloft game" appears to be their own take on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  T

he trailer has similar graphics as the N64 classic as well as a similar vibe. The tree, the forest, the landscape, the fairies, the horse running, the soundtrack, it's all very Zelda-esque. "New Gameloft game" will be available on the iPhone. Other than that, the Gameloft Facebook page doesn't offer up much information but does say "Gameloft present a new legend." Nice choice of words. Do you think this is will be a Zelda knock-off?

As a Zelda: OoT fan I will probably buy this, does that make me a bad person?

No word yet on whether or not they will be taking their "inspirations" to a new level to make their own version of Capcom's Maxplosion

iPhone 4 Coming To Verizon February 10

After years of rumors, speculation, and moaning, Verizon Wireless announced today that it will begin offering the iPhone 4 February 10. The long awaited phone will be available for pre-order to current Verizon customers on Feb. 3.

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Apple iPhone

The iPhone is coming to the Verizon network. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Verizon to make the announcement at an event Tuesday in New York City.

This development will shake up the entire cell-phone world, as the monopoly that AT&T has held as Apple's carrier is set to end, leading to competition for iPhone users' plans, as well as, hopefully, lower prices. Smaller players in the market will be affected as well -- the two biggest players in the industry will be offering the most popular phone, essentially freezing out smaller players, for the time being.

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Angry Birds Board Game Coming

Even on an iPhone, Angry Birds sounds like a stupid idea. Flicking birds at wooden structures to kill pigs? Seriously? But then you play it and you cannot stop. Angry Birds as a board game sounds like an even worse idea... but it's coming, but will it be as addictive as the iPhone game?

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood is due from Mattel in May. It will cost $14.99, but doesn't require an expensive phone or tablet to play. Here's a brief description of how to play:

Player One pulls a mission card. Player Two then builds the structure shown on the card for Player One to attempt to knock down to score as many points as possible. The first to 1,000 points wins.

Sounds interesting, but slightly messy. Do you really want to clean up all those tiny pieces that will inevitably find there way to the floor.

Source: Electric Pig


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